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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 13, 1909)

Commision upholds the S. & C. officials,   p. 14

Henderson withdraws request for license,   p. 14

"Hired Girl" strands; manager offers plan,   p. 14

Page 14

14                             THE SHOW       WORLD
Charges Preferred Against Chicago Agents by Harry Mount- Former Booking Agent, in Letter to State Labor Commis-
ford for Alleged Discrepancies Not Sustained   sion, Says Prejudice is Too Strong
by State Board                              Against Him
Robertson Defends Position.
h , In   I   lo om l   >  it <
un         oilm f  tli  chiefs  in  1),
I hi go ofle of the Sullivani
o ii  oiit   licewho, with Gas
ten   nuon aIniother S. & C. of
lcil,  had   charges   preferred-
allinst thimr Iy Harry MolintforI.
attonly for the White Rats 'of
America, for alleged discrepiml -
ci s  of the   staLte  , mploynent
agency law of Ililinoi, and viIl I
the state  abor coimissiol up-
ild at a public lering Noven-
I- ,I] ;I reply to Mount-
for charges, and] in wvinding up ,
his  1 -ttor  lresident  Robertson
Ik il  xcerti>ns to   Mountfoid,
I-oiplaint I-i foillows5:
Viirst. it is not founded upon
fat .
Se oind, 11uat it is not made in
I  faith.
TiIl. Ithat same is not made in
lor  rui~vi red by law.
I itthlat you[Ir luiornhI"
I'ltrl  IIneeIming hstaLteula bor  comi-
liSSiol)  is  witloit  jurisdictioni.
Respectfullx subnitted,
I'resident Internaitiimll Tiat-
rital Co.
A s : res ult or ;minther Iconferenceat
tliw  stat. labor ciommission  regariidingi
tIe charges preferrid against th  alii
cials of the Chicago agency of th
S Illivan & C onsidint, company by i ii
ry  li oi 1ttoid, secretary to the loii~il
of direct'or  of tlio  White Rats of
America. Illitng certain violations If
the stit- irmployment agency law, It.
C. Robertso itplirsident of the  ntni
na t ion;il 'I'lviinCa  comnpany. and  ,LiS-
ton GoLuiron, another S. &    C. chitf
heret Nin dielared to he ecomplXn'
1vX1th tin. law iii every respet and tli
case was lisnissed.
Harr \Ioint ford. who went to Ncwx
York the week lfore and wxas detain-l
there on some important business mit-
ters, was not prescnt at the confer-
ence, and  iif I inispctor William  It.
Cruilen infomiied the commission that
he had tiphlioned Bobby Gtylor at IhII-
WIhite Rats. and was told that Mr.
MIoiuntfoII was in New York and would
be unable to atti nd the meeting.   I!,
S   lie  iihonel to the Low-
enthl IIaxw office, but was told by S. I.
Lowefntial that lie (Loxentlial) didn't
know ainthing about the, case.    Mr.
Robertson  and his attorney. Edwatdl
Heal,. app-ure in iiurson, and witi-
o0t any ircminit frIm the other sid
of the cns,-, th scssoin proved a very
quiet one.
Letter Is Read.
After Air.  ruin ll told the boardl
the details 4if ti visit l   an   Mr. Ros.
,ini maile last wxeek to tha
office of Sunlli-In & Coisidine here, and
that tiey Lad found the law being com-
plied witx, a loer was reid lr. MR
Crden  to ioie oiird  from  Piesident
RbicIrtsonn.Tre               ombnetication  was i
repl t      from   r  ad f r den  onc
garding  the comnplin  of 'M  Moint-
ford that the InternattoSil &leatricf
comiany was disnarlig the enploN-
ment agency laxx of lnis. Mr. Robi
ertson wxrote that the ngeniv kept reg-
islers as requtired 1)x Si ctiois I of the
employment agency lawx, sixing that
theY rx-are suoxited     to Messis Cii
ten Mrn  Rms Iin their recent  isit to
his office.  In addithim  Mr. Roleitso
sfil ist office lonIit an criiiieo file of
all contracts, advaxe hooking sheets
cha      hCrge sses or receipts given to ap
pieans for heltp tihrio index sstem,
reports from managers aixd ihpo ts- i
acts; also accoun~it bonks, in whlichL sepai
rate accounts wlire kept vith exttll and
ec rv  liai for lo'ITndii tIhe xmount
nf fees teid lix- hilms to the S. & C". of-
fce and for    that enmployes and per-
forniter-all of which erc sliiilitel
to \rt. Cr  tion andl iar. Ross hn iheir
ippoietino.  Mr. Boa ratsn craier  ii
onfice niit i    byx It-iii ono record accord-
in to laxm  Iut ai1 it least fix-n Lf-
fri I 1d1anilhistinixt ,ovahis.
Other Charges Answered.
Iii aims\\v in, Ln siioii climigo. Mr.
Riliiitsiiii said hI it he hail( tie necoes-
s            alii s un i -oitr-i  l  the  s t ito
hntlH 11 Hn  1100  I,  ii a i l for   the  con-
itsstion"  itispii io  Regarinig  tl.-
thiirid tli'ii-  if AliLuitmforil'-.. thte presi-
dent  iif  IIIe  ILntirtioiix l  'l'l itrii-ii
conmpsii  sid thiai time cisniuiixy leiol
sitlimittiii coies of letter heals, conx-
- --       licects.  Lily  itci  hxikici.v
and iecipts to applicantis for help.-
ports firim tom     inixi reporstsii
a c ts ai.ild tIhe filoxiLiii xxiii., xvere fill-
prini,(         itL- allfor , -a  foillows:  "This
ageincy licimns-0iii il te siuie, hoard if
lahor coimnissioixits iif Illinols. Spring-
fielid. Ill., LfIc- if chiet inispector of
nV4cils. 111 i;tiasli lIvilLec, Chicago,
Ill.'  N Mr. illectsoit sniii iliat ili S. &
C. ~     i of  it,,  llsii--ss   to II(
I  f    luoh ciharge, hw claimd that the
01 ~  il(, ,  ote f in  cansp su
iii-c~-ii ii.  bis ii Lt -gcilc y Cop-
io f  *si      c4ofll  i  as  reiiire-d
I tile stLute int this casi. He emphIat-
i<oi Iiel ii    oniitimatix to artists.
Assignment of Contract Labor.
In I    iit i lft  iie, th i company
s-ivs tlit it nxvir his andi undoubtedly
x   wi will eingage in the assigning of
contrct labowieis outsidi the city or
elsewlwe. as tiit is entirily foreign to
its  busincess.  R-arding  the  sixth
chalge. Mr. Ilo hrtson says his office
dons  iit  (oi  its  littir  heads,  receipts
itlnd  plrinted  0l11niks  stati  tliit  such  1i-
-isid person is or conducts in em-
i<oNmient agenc. He says that ie does
in .11 such imattirs iomplx witi the m  ax
1-         I -r  aiito ii  uotaes ,f
all such letter lads, receipts priixl d
Ilanks  in  iimmuncitins thIt ar-
use'd in th  c   I.c of tw company's
Says It Was White Rats' Scheme.
Mlr. Hohertsonl sall thoe  enip.  ntwts
(t  m le  in  good  fIit.  tin i t  w;xs  ai
Iart  of   ii s m  ofl i  )I  th,  W hit,  IL I.
To  o-  Ip, I  the(  <,  IIII ,11 ..   Sh 8.
I                  'i.i~t
j                     ~4L.'~
&- C'. iiiIlhiiiiy ti, alnoh  a sliki i 1 1 form
(litein     by the      m\\'itm its m ssociation,
land iii proif it ths cmirge madeii lby time
Mrt. oHiot-tsui ucl r~eiftme boiaiii to iii
dlsisosit  imilii Ixv thei ciiniuissioim iif
the Complaint against President Karl
I-Ihulizo,-hi- Lid I,. S. Mltclseniitss ot ths
Inti-istuiti' Aiiiltseil ilL siimiilLx. tl
lic:mtiig ofi 00cther `!J tihe imittiL  imit
called to thw aIttenltion of the b~oard by _
Harry Mlountford, soecretary to thi   i board
of dir-ctors of the White Rats of Amer-
Iiai  who si that L letti Xv a  s uini II-
which contained the agreement of the
compiny to use the newx contract. Mir.
Mountford imniediatliv  withdrawxing his
Robertson Hits Mountford's Charges.
In conixlusion. Ar. Itobertsonl ha:1  the
following   to  si     about  Mtountfoids
complaint algainst his oftice:
"First. it is not found-i upon fact:
sei ind. that it is nmot imile il good
faithI: thuI thtIao tt is nt  Imae ini  form
riiiir  b   I;i: fourth, that our ion-
rils hilrt is without jurisdition."
tr. 1nhertsont   maile a lingthiv talk
to  tI !  c''nnin1ission  <'11  ti,  wn ki gs of
In the face of a storm of protest,
which was turned loose by Arthur Bur-
rage Farwell, chairman of the Chicago
Lawx and Order league, and Clifford G.
Roe, former state's attorney, William
F. Henderson, who appeared before the
commission on Oct. 29, and through his
attorney, W. F. McIntyre, applied for
an employment agency license, sent a
written communication to Chief Inspect-
or William H. Cruden. on Nov. 5, giv-
ing the commission official notice that
tie withdrew his application.
When it became known that Hender-
son was after another license, Chairman
Farwell and Attorney Roe immediately
took steps to prevent the granting of
the license on the grounds that Hender-
son was an immoral man and wholly
unfit to carry on a business wherein
the welfare of young women were con-
Flood of Letters Offer Protest.
A large number of letters wx-ere sent
to the commission and Messrs. Farwell
and Roe appeared in person before the
board and offered strenuous objections
to lnderson's request for a license be-
ing gramied. Attorney Roe told thecom-
The Late Milt G. Barlow,
Iierowit- i is published an
x--iclient likeness of Milt
. Einrlow. Jr., and his wif-.
%ho    in vaudeville formol
he team of Barlow & Nich-
dson, the death of the for-
nwr being chronicled in Tic
o N"  World  last  week.
he team appeared in     ni
t styled "The Tramp al
-  ' Soubrette." and Barloxw
Nicholson had scored :,
iiumph with their work.
-Iey  had  been   playin
*ites just prior to the de-
iise of Barlow, which oi-
-urred at his apartments.
-10  North   Clark  street.
Iunrlow  &  Nicholson  dl
plaved  many   houses aind
Iitring  their  vaudeville
ravels became widely ni-
iainted with the members
. the irofession. Barlow
isis the only son of the late
lilt Barlow, the famous.
iiinstrel  man.   Barlow's
imother is at present living
iL New York. and a sis-
ir is iI viutdeville. bhn-
Ie of tie Two Sidoiliss.
nLIe . & C. ifices the anitiOd  ow tesi -
ng. ec., an t comieted oni te md111r-
in weich trie artists  iake the diffor-
ent jimps, and how     they iere closed
miy tie managers of the -ariits hotses
where tiey siere hooke . He also con-
fmni-teon the  eeer and  arr  xtes.i-
nihn     e f the first conference a d re-
glulig the telegram    and contracts of
tae, fomi-r. lie c'laimeid tlint timey coulid
tutP  etis-I inthes proseitcase. asf o the
xxerie 1:tcidpriiortothie teie employ-
mcent  Lavengy laH xeit ito effect
Commission Upholds Robertson.
Foftlli g te remiOng of the letter
mei   MIr. Robertson'   personal   state-
ments. it was    Yoveii ad seconded by
thn comission that tie case e erased
friit  thie leilger and tmat time S. & C.
iciis, agist whom tie charges xe'e
iTcfcrctl, hue dismissed. On Octobier 29
xvhii- tihe case first came tip for a
liLhilic healringl. Attornmey Healy and
Ptc5iiett Ruicrisoti wxithdirexx fronm tlte
smie,  leaximg  Harrxy  \tiintfiir(i in
coiiiiihti- -onmtrolh llzviinc had tie bietter
i-f  III,  arguixilxt.  Oit  N"ox-enihic  - .o
Rosss. belxrisonx ani (I  I alIv.  wxitht
Muitfoiri in -Nix Yok hadii time upper'
biliii. litti counseuetlyi tihere xxere no
li~v liiglh tilts, ti  imticr hixetg set-
,!,.( xvitl'oltt fiithii, adiii
II,            [no ..  No    " . I-"   ni ts  in   order  to  1 Iq Th t  t ul  t
tlild  Girl"  co1h iImp ly.  wiich  shoxed  eLLough  to  git ouIt of  t . They  lia
I  (I x Ii  hiitaii ei t  pI o -(clitg Ps  lit  - t t
iere  hIst  SaturdaY  night,  stranded  in  iittliIist  th-in  ftr  tilt ehe rd  and  other
thiis city a~fIt Liii Ierfimriimice. Thiey h)ill s.
tic hite still and nst 'hired   vet.  'l'i- NIlson lida dark house all week,
Stiitiig  next week  Mlanlert Silp,  f thi'  hut  thIs  x k  it has  seveil first iass
\%ea l ay  ill  put  o11   a vernllI '  of 10  i  i lt i il . II\ I ;)  IA A R D .
Henderson's Letter to Cruden,
AV. H. Cruden,
Inspector of Employment Age.
cies, Chicago, Ill.
Dear Sir:-
Your letter received contaning
copies   of   letters  of protest
against the issue of a theatrical
contract to me. I will say I am
willing to, and do hereby with.
draw my application for license,
as I am convinced the board
would be governed by the inflt-
nce which would be brought to
lear by those prejudiced against
mie at the present time.
mission in plain English the details of
Henderson's trial before a jury on a
charge of conspiracy, and while Hen-
derson was acquitted, Roe asserts that
his acquittal was due to a bare techni.-
Henderson's attorney asked the c-i.
mission for a little tiime in whii. -,
carefully study the details of tlw ac-
iand ie was given a week in which ,
pielpare his side of the argument. WAn-
Ih  state labor commission met last Fri.
lay to take up the matter of Hender-
si n's license, a letter was read fron
11ii, and as a result of his withdrawal
tle entire matter was dropped.
Sensational Echo of a Marriage in an
Opera House is Heard in an Iowa
Town This Week.
WEBSiTE-RP    CITY. loxta. Nox'. I'-
TilfE sensatinal   denouncement xi
siirtling marriage ceremony in the
opIiura ioise at Akron, la., in which Rev.
Mr. Lemon. a former Christian pastor
in a number of lowa towns, figured as
groom, had its setting in the distnc
court at Sioux City, where the wife was
granted a divorce on the grounds ofi
inhuman    treatment and statutory of-
fenses.   The marriage took place in
1904. The groon was 40 and the brid
just 16. The pastor's congregation was
iopposed to the marriage, owing to the
difference in ages and many threatsof
molb violence had been made. It was
to defy thtis element that the ministe
rented the opera house for the wedding
and invited the whole town and country-
side to witncss the ceremony. Leion
has since left the ministry and is no
in Missouri.-TUCKER.
Decorating Club Rooms.
The wvills of the club rooms if I
Chicago White Rats are being decoral
in livers wxays and durinxg the wie.
mai  aisome pititrex xere artist
ally hutig. Photograis of wir tl"l
memibers ae etrominent ni thIe R<
hound     to attract mch attention  i
the visiting Rats.   One irte itlIv
ticnilar that of the 1khite Eatsof Lin-
don, time metmers critteui nicely F,
-ether. witn   Fred  Nituz e and H i
Lander in the matk roi   i also tnI
of srtutiny.
TO e presence ofatrry Lauder in
cago this week recalls the fact tvat h
ix ne of th e biestknstoc Ahitefla I
lie conitr   He i e-ax diin wo 0oli
gicetitiiliv1   it is  Cixiclioo  fraisav
beentcrcu     .Bthrfsda
Fanny Hartz Married?
MILWAUKEE. Wis., Nov 9.-Atre-
port of the marriage of Miss Fatty
Hartz, daughter of A. F. Hlartz Ofili
Opera House.and Art    iFreund, owner
of the Milwaukee stock compat.
ic"tMissHartz ileadinglmrsan tat
hbeen  circulated.  Both  refused nbs-
"Itly to talk  aoutit  oldaco.
Th'is is timesecoindseason.\isHarti
has been leading wvoman intheFmrend
conmpany.   She is plain-   now at til
Shoert toeaterMilwauckee    in sto .
Elmo," the                         halay 'aughan Gsaeritt'
lng to ewjoitn fur infringentalofrights
ho claims, to hiolid.
"I thmink nmy dlaughter wouldtcout I
tim  if she nmarried." Har1,tz said AOnda-
Freeman     Buys NewWardrobe. o
cI'miehti.  t actor at tle  liaix twio
xk    spetnt $7.50 ionday for a ta
Tv~itdrobe no replace otie stolen in Bf
I lls sketch, "Tony andthe Str, has
to iioxwithx an American ized tala~i berP
acter anixi F-reemain, a realist, insssi
costitnlex thlat actuailly itav-e een05Or"
byv peole of thtpe he reparesents,
F-reer ai1 fotr,(d lxis needdgarb in an
Tilia steox-lianrd elothivIig slte.-
lifl _i-a
C 11
te h

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