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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

Meredith, E. E.
The Chicago theatrical colony,   p. 8

Page 8

July 17, 1n0o.
9 , I0
J. Raymond Barrett, who managed
"The Cowboy's Girl" for Perce R.
Benton last season. has been in Chi-
cago for three tweeks past. He has
signed with Martin & Emerv's "Parsi-
fal" for thecoing season.
Little Items Concerning People or Attrac-
tions Now in this City or
Out of it.
When George Nicolai was in Chi-
cagor ecently he is reported to have
mua de;in effort to see -\,ax Webher
with an idea
o )f patching up
the differences
which led t>
\Veber  with-
drawing  his
houses  from
the  Stair  &
IHavlin circuit.
Weber scorned
the peace over-
tures and when
discussing the
future of the
Alhambra the
other day, inti-
mated that lie
considered  it
unprofitable for theater or producer
to be associated with melodrama as
it has been handled. Weber sug-
gested a line of thought which is
worth following up. The number
of producing managers who have
been associated with melodrama and
are now down and out is quite large
and men with a desire to be a blood
at thunder king and the where-
withal to put out the shows can-
not be   found  on  every  corner.
There are few new shows going out
which are intended for the Stair &
Havlintime. It looks like theBijou
and the International would be the
Chicago houses devoted to this class
of amusement the coming season.
The Academy and probably the Al-
hambra will have stock companies
presenting a similar class of plays.
Weber wrote a letter to Martin Beck
lastweek asking whatahe thought of
vauideville for the Alhambra but it is
unlikely that such a change of policy
will be made.
* * *
William Morris will book the Air-
dome theater at Danville, Ill., next
season and Oliver
Labadie Gets Labadie, who will
Danville   manage the house,
House.    is down there this
week arranging for
improvements in the theater. A Dan-
ville newspaper says: "The Airdome,
whichehas been closed for fiveweeks
has been leased by the WilliamnMor-
ris Musical Company, of New York,
and as soon as the necessary pre-
liminaries can be arranged will be
opened with some good performances.
G. G. Mabin, who represented Mrs.
J. L. Lawrence in the deal, says the
lease was signed a fewdays ago,and
that it will expire inl 1914. Two
months' rent has been paid. It is the
intention of the Morris company to
make extensive improvements on the
house, including a steam heating
plant and a new and handsome ceil-
in1g. It is said that these improve-
ments will cost between $3,000 and
* *
"The Lady Buccaneers," Hary M.
Strouse's bnrlcsque show, will open
the season at the
Harry Strouse Empire in Chicago
Opens at    on Saturday night
Empire.    August 7, and after
eight days on the
West side goes to St. Joe and then
Kansas City. Strouse thinks lie has
the best comedian in burlesque and
is certain that lie has the prettiest
girls and the best singing show which
will be found on either wheel. The
show will be advertised as a "'girl-
esqie burlesque" and has a tine line
of paper.    The  plot hinges onl
-%vManis rights and "The Lady Buc-
cancers" are females who attempt a
lifeaspiratesonthehighseas, con-
tendilng that the sexes sld have
equal rights.
The camera man for a motion pic-
ture house must be brave as well as
ingenious to stic-
Camera Man ceed. Harry Kelly,
Must Be a    who is employed by
Hero.     the Phoenix Film
Company, went over
to Toledo recently to take the maneu-
vers of the Military Tournament held
from July 4 to 10 and while he got
some splendid pictures it was at the
risk of life and limb. He stood with-
in forty foot of a calnon when it was
fired and lie confesses that standing
in front of a big gun is an undesir-
able experience even if assured that
there is no real danger. He was in
greater danger when he took the
cavalry charge for lie stood so close
that they struck the leg of the tripod
on his camera and he had to climb
out under the tripod to make his
getaway. Tl pictures takenn i July
4 and 5were shown atthe Valeltine
theater in Toledo last Sunday aile
Kelly says the people raved over
**    *
"Gus" Schlesinger, until recently
treasurer of the Colonial teater, ad
'who has presided in
Is to Manage box-offices for a de-
Cohan's Own cade, will be travel-
Company.   ing manager of
George AL Cohlan's
company ill "The Yankee Prince" the
coming season.   The letter which
closed up the negotiations arrived last
week-and Schlesinger will assume his
new dutie shoIrtly before Labor Day,
wxhichl is tlle date set for the open-
ing of the company. "Gus" Schles-
inlger is a brother of Morris S. Schles-
inger, traveling  representative for
Charles  E. Blaney   and   another
brother, Leon Schlesinger, succeeds
'Gus as treasurer of the Colotial.
Richard Carle is himself again.
Withtile revival of"The Tenderfoot"
lie once more en-
Richard Carle tered the ranks of
Is Himself   those who contrib-
Again.    ute to tie amnse-
al f         mentof the public
aiforsook  tilat great body  of
"attempters" which bores the theater
patrons under the impression that
they are providing entertainment. It
is said that "The Tenderfoot" ias
been so well received here this sun-
ier that ie will cling to the play
uttil Christmas time at least. Carle
will go west again this fall and will
take about the same company lie now
has at the Colonial. Carle was 38
years of age one day last -week and
the occasion was ain excuse for many
floral tributes and assurances of well
The employes of the American
shov print at Tilwaukee had their
annual otuting I ast
Great Time at Saturday and from
Show Print   the reports made by
Picnic.    those w110 partici-
pated in the enjoy-
ients it was one great time. There
wvas baseball. athletic contests, and
everything which goes with a picnic.
Among the well known people of the
Chicago theatrical colony who at-
tended were: The    Lvmlan  Twins
who camne from their summer hone
in Michigan. Will Kdilrov who came
from his summer place ill the same
state, "Doc." Gardner who was re-
lieved from duty at Canmp Palace at
Muskegon for the day. E. H. Jones-
Fred G. Conriad's right hand mail,
Charles Rigos, Ralph Riggs. Carl Mc-
Vitt and Frank and Adolph Win-
lineer. The part-tyweut out from
Miliwxaukee in two hig tallyhos.
The National Opera Company ar-
rived in the city last Saturday morn-
ing and it is learned
Opera Companythat the organiza-
Closed at  tion closed its sea-
Saginaw.   soil at Saginaw,
Mich., very sud-
denly July 7. It was not the fault of
the company that the eight weeks was
not played. There was some differ-
ences between V. A. Rusco, mana-
ger of the park, and the street rail-
way company. The disagreement re-
stilted in a split up and this termin-
ated the engagement of the opera
company. Mart Sheely says that the
organization will be appearing at
another park near Chicago ln a short
time and will remain in the summer
amusement places until the opening
of the regular season.
* * *
F. Mo Shlctridge, best know l for
hlis list oftle 50 "best agents" wicih
xvas compiled a few
F. M. Shortridgeyears ago, brought
Has Closed   the tour of the
His Show.    Shortridge  Greater
shows to anend ot
July 5 with a fizz boonaan bang.
He concluded that the best way for
lim to evidence his patriotism was
to end tile season of a tent show
whiic haa been unprofitablefromthe
start. 1ea show got $80 on July 5
aind tllis satisfied Silortridge tilat
toere vas no money in the proposi-
tionl. Harry Hopping, another xwell
knoxvn agent, was in advance of the
James Lackaye will head the com-
pany which will present "A Gentle-
man from Missis-
Jim Lackaye sippi" in the west
Comes Into   t he coming season
His Own.    and this part will
gi'e him te oppor-
tttiitv 110 lhas lonlg deserved. James
Lackaye is one of the good actors of
America and one night stand people
found it out in the days of "York
State Folks." The Chicago public
came to realize during the engage-
ment of "Cameo Kirby" that James
Lackaye cas an exceptionally clever
mailtI atld tile metamorphlosis xvhichl
transformed him from a recognized
one-night stand star to a recognized
actor at any point was evidenced
when tile dramatic critics ceased to
speak of him- as a brother to another
well known Lackaye.
Toillmx- Smith and Bonnie Arado.
acomllpanied by Miss Thelmla Bernice
Smith, aged four
Why Smith    months, were in Chi-
Found a     cago the first of the
Home.     week en route for
Muskegon iwh'ere
Slith has bougllt four lots with the
Chicago theatrical coloiy. He has
been working alone for the last few
months but out in two weeks recently
on the Sullivan and Considine time
doing the old act. It went so well
that lie was given 26 weeks' booking
for next season. Smith will see his
real estate for the first time this wek
and will know- how it feels to ownr a
piece of mother earth.
* * *
\tr. and Mrs. Rat Rax-mond are
back in town and "The Candx Kid"
is said to be well uleased with his
part in "Dare Devil Dan," in which
lie will be featured the coming sea-
* * *
Tlhin s are a little quiet at W. F.
Mann's office. Hlarry Mack loafed
for two minutes last Monday after-
Klint & Gazzolo will open their
stock conmpany at the Academy on
Suday, July25, and forAthe opening
week of the season will present Ben-
lah Poynter's "Lena
Klimt Players Rivers." The house is
Will Open
July 25.    peted and painted and
will be a cosy place
when Klimt's Players take possession.
The company will be about the same
as that seen at the Bijou and will in-
clude Anne Bronatigh, Margaret Ne-
ville, Nellie Holland, Edna Hibbard,
John Lane Connors, Lew 0 Hart,
Guy Coombs, George Fox and Charles
Payton. The company was well re-
ceived at the Bijou and the Academy
engagement is expected to be still
more successful.
Irving Lee and Hampton Durand
have written two songs for "The Fan-
tastic World" which they think will
prove big successes. They are "Girl 0'
Mine,"  published  by
Numbers forThe House of Laemmle,
Fantastic and "Grand Baby and
World. the Baby Grand," pub-
lished by Will Rossiter.
Both songs will be used as numbers
in The Great Star and Garter show,
which goes into rehearsal on Satur-
(lay of this -week-probably at thed
Bush Temple theater. The first pro-
duction of "The Fantastic World" is
being looked forward to, because it is
a departure from the average attrac-
tion ofthe kind. Some gosofar as
to say ittx-ill be as meritorious as a
"Folly" show although, of course, the
production will not be by any means
so expensive.
"Bill" Rice, who handles hypnotic
attractions. put one of his sleepers on
exhibition at Kewanee, Ill., last Sat-
urday night. Reportihas it that Rice
accomplished the feat by
"Bill" Rice phone from Chicago. At
and his   any event, Dave Ander-
Subject.  son, wvho is nowil the
city, began a 52-hour
sleep and expected to beawvakened on
the stage inxthe tent ofbteGreatn ri-
fith show. Instead Anderson woke tip
Mlonday night at a Red men's picnic
a   a more surprised hypnotic subject
has not been seen inl a decade. Dr.
Horace Grant, agent of the show. had
taken the sleeper to the park when it
twas learned that the Burlington re-
fused to  atila ca*nvas showaaathe
idea of playing the town wvas abaix-
dotled. Grant concluded to profit by
the fact that Andersonwas asleepua d
hlad him remloved to the park. Andl~er-
sonis kicking. He says hewants to
know    hohe is sleepingfor.
H. E. Rice is no longer manager of
the musical stock company at Sais
Souci park and other changes are
likely.  Ravmond    Hitchcock - this
week's star, is seen in
Changes at"The Yankee Consul"
Sans Souciand while business has
Theater. not   been    wonderful
Hitchcock   is  drawing
better than alv one previously fea-
tured at that theater. When this is
written there has been no announce-
inent made of the bill for next week,
although it is rumored that "The
Mikado" is in rehearsal. It is barely
possible that the Sans Souici compaY
will be made a permanent one nd rutn
on the satie style as Savage did the
Castle Square Opera company.
'Mary M\Tontrose is expectitnc her
iother to come to Chicago this week
and pay her a visit.
Joseline Rogers left last week for
New   York and would not c-v ott
"This is so sudden" if some m1analger
offers her a fine stock engagtlielt.
.*  *  *
Jack  Williams' Stock    Coipany
opened at the La Crosse theater at
(Continued otn p::- `a.
-   I

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