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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 10, 1909)

The Shuberts secure two Wittig theaters,   p. 7

H.R. Jacobs insists he will build house,   p. 7

Stock companies to form a combination [continued],   p. 7

Page 7

MLNEAPOLIS, July 4.-All the-
aters report capacity business July 3
and 4. Both the Bijotu and the
Dewey, whichhavebeenrunningmov-
ng pictures and vaudeville for the
surnerhave closed intil the open-
ingothe regtilar season in August.
H..--The management of the Miles
announce their opening for August 2
and they will return to the four-a-
day policy and to the ten, twenty and
I  thirty prices.    The Wonderland
Airdome has discontinued the Mor-
ris bookings and the house is being
I   booked by the Northwestern Agency
- here. They report good business.
Spessardy's bears is the free outside
attraction this week.
Forest Park, with plenty of shade,
is one of the coolest places in the
it city and is drawing its share of the
C. crowds with a free vaudeville show.
The popular Little Gem, down-
town, is holding its own, while most
of the bigger houses are closed. Will
H. Fields, who has been seen here at
both the Orpheum   and the Unique
at higher prices, was last week's
r  headliner, and Billy Wells and Mrs.
t  Wells fill that position this week.
Manager Koenig, of the Lyric, will
put on another musical comedy next
week as the Rounders was so suc-
cessful. "The Mayor of Tokio" will
be the offering by the stock company.
Belasco's "Sweet Kitty Belairs" this
Dick Ferris' players are offering
Ade's "The College Widow" this
week to big business. "A Milk White
Flag" next.
The La Maze Brothers, who have
recently finished a tour of Europe,
are a hit at the Unique this week.
G. E. Raymond, manager of the
Orpheum, has just returned from a
two weeks' motor trip through New
York, Long Island and Connecticut
as the guest of Martin Beck.
A force of scenic artists at the State
Fair grounds are finishing the "pic-
ture" for the feature spectacle of the
next fair Sept. 6-11.
The principal piece of scenery will
he 626 feet long and frotn 19 to 31
feet igh,representing "Minnesota at
The Milo, opened by J. F. Garner
on Hennepin avenue last winter, is
closed and offered for rent or sale.
The Novelty has discontinued their
vaudeville and is offering straight M.
P. only.-BARNES.
William Morris' roof garden will
positively open July 19. The head-
liner will be Grace La Rue.
Mildred Flora is in New York rest-
ingand purchasing wardrobe for next
season, as she is booked with the
Western Wheel.
Eugene and De Mar are new re-
cruits from the West who have joined
the army of those looking for fame
in New York.
McConnell and Simpson, another
Western act, who made them sit up
and take notice since coming to New
York, has met with much success
Mr. Rockaway of Rockaway and
Conway is a big booaing agent now,
as heis in charge ofHaDavis' office
inthe Long Acre Building, but the
team will restme the road again in
AErnst openingin Detroit.
Charlie Burke and wife have   re-
ttrned to burlesque, after leaving it
foryears, and have signed with Al
Reeves' big beauty show. Mr. Burke
will he principle comedian and the
team wBek ho    cameill tthe olio.
Ernest Griffiths, dramatic editorof
theFarmersand IDroversJournaland
ChicagoSunday Sun, ispending his
vacatiotin New York and was awel-
come caller att office ofthe Show
Martin Beck has cancelled hisstate-
room oi the steamer   sailing  for
Europe jtilv 14, and has postponed
tltetrip intdefinitely, as his business
here demnands his personal attention.
It isaldsovery oubtfttl whnether Pat
CaIsey will'go ornot. The vatdeville
sttatiatonisnow at avery important
Alhambra in Milwaukee and Lyric in Minneapolis to bein
Independent Column the Coming Season
MILWAUKEE, Wis., July 8.-The
Alhambra will play Shubert attrac-
tions next season and Ross Behne
will be local manager, W. W. Wittig,
proprietor of the theater, retaining
his residence in Minneapolis to have
supervision of the Lyric theater there
as well as of the Milwaukee theater.
Mr. Behne's   promotion   is  an
acknowledgement of faithful and satis-
factory service rendered the Allham-
bra for the last five years in various
capacities. Five years ago he was an
usher. His attention to his work and
his uniform courtesy soon won him
promotion to a position in the box
office as treasurer and elevation to
the position of manager followed.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 8.-
The Lyric theater will be the Shu-
bert house in Minneapolis after Sept.
1, when the regular theatrical season
of 1909-'10 opens. This deal, which
has been hanging some time, is said
to have been closed.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., July 8.-Deals
and rumors of deals fill the air in
the theatrical world just now.
There is more speculation, perhaps,
over the probable entry of the Shu-
berts into the local field than any
other single thing, and it seems pretty
certain that the arch enemy of the
"trust" will throw down the gage of
battle here next fall. It is stated on
reliable authority that the Shuberts
have definitely decided to come into
Louisville, but have not made up their
minds as to whether to use the Mary
Anderson or the Masonic Theater.
Present indications are that the
Masonic will be leased by the Shu-
berts for their high-class attractions,
while the second-class shows may be
given at the Mary Anderson.   The
reason for this would be that the Ma-
sonic's seating capacity is several
hundred more than that of the Mary
If this is finally settled upon, the
Anderson-Ziegler Company, now the
lessee of the Mary Anderson Theater,
will take their high-priced vaudeville
to the Hopkins Theater.
NEW YORK, July 7.-Work has
been begun on a new theater which
is to be a monument to the art of
Mme. Alla Nazimova. It is located
in Thirty-ninth street, just off Broad-
way, and will be known as the Nazi-
mova Art theater. It will be under
the direction of the Shuberts, making
sixteen theaters in New York under
this management.
May Build in Pittsburg.
PITTSBURG, Pa., July 9.-A re-
port is current in real estate and the-
atrical circles that the Shuberts have
bought, or are about to buy, the
property at Penn avenue and Tenth
street, across Penn avenue from the
Fort Pitt Hotel, and will erect a new
theater upon it.
Says Work Will Be Commenced Shortly So That Syndicate
Will Have Albany Theater
ALBANY, N. Y., July S.-Ray
Comstock, representing the Shubert
interests, has taken charge of Har-
manus-Bleecker hall, recently leased,
and which for many years has been
under the management of H. R.
Jacobs. Harmanus-Bleecker Hall is
the only house devoted to the legit-
imate in Albany and it will be con-
tinued as such under the new policy.
The theater will be renovated and
several improvements will be added.
The stage will be relaid, a new cr-
tain will be provided and considerable
decorating and painting will be done.
The theater will be thrown open to
the public for the first time under
its new management on Labor Day,
September 6. It is not known as yet
what the attraction will be. All of
the Shubert productions will come to
Albany next season.
At present the Snow Stock Com-
pany is filling an extended engage-
ment at the hall, which will continue
until the last week in July.
Manager H. R. Jacobs still declares
that he will build a new theater which
lie says will be ready for occupancy
in the fall and that his house will
also be devoted to the legitimate.
Klaw & Erlanger attractions will be
presented. According to Mr. Jacobs,
the plans have been approved and
work will begin shortly on the site,
which is on Clinton avenue, in the
business section of the city.-CAR-
(Continued from page 3.)
Jane," the bill in which the new com-
pany will make its first bow next
Monday night, will be selected.
Among those who will retire at
least temporarily from Milwaukee
stock at the close of the present week
are George Henry Trader, who will
probably beseenin one of he New
Yorkc productions this fall; Ralph
Kellard and Gertrude Dallas from the
Shubert; Adelaide Keim, Beatrice
Nichols, Thomas MacLarnie, Allen
Murname, Chauncey     Keim, Olive
Oliver and Julia Blanc from the
Business was not good at either the
Davidson or the Shubert July 5.
Mort Singer's "The Golden Girl"
had big business at the Majestic,
which closes at the end of the week,
leaving the new stock the monarch
of the field.
The stock company at the Lyric
theater in Lincoln. Neb., will end
it season Julv10.
The stock company at the Lyceum
in Toledo, Ohio, closed last Saturday.
The    Cagnon-Pollock   company
closes a ten week's engagement at
the Oak Park pavilion at Dallas,
Texas, June 10.
COLUMIBUS, 0., July 7.-Elsie
Janis was arrested in New Rochelle,
N. Y.,Sttnday for violating the auto-
mobilespeedlimit. Accompaniedby
her mother, her maid and chauffeur,
she was trying out a new machine
when she was gathered in bya con-
stable who thought she was going a
bit too fast and taken before a justice
of the peace, who fined her $10.
Simgo Imamura and Toku Nagaya,
of the Japanese village at Olentangy
Park, were married Sunday morning
at the Tenth Avenue Baptist Church
by Rev. A. E. Isaacs.
John J. Jackel, of the National
Park Managers' Association, was in
Columbus last Friday and spent the
day at Indianola Park, where the as-
sociation's attractions are now ap-
Zema Randall, a young Columbus
dancer, will be on the Morris circuit
next season with the Harriet Kos-
mer Trio.
Incorporated: The Buckeye Film
and Projecting Co., Dayton, $10,000.
Richard D. Hanish and others.
The Vaughan Glaser Stock Com-
pany comes to Olentangy Park The-
ater July 12 for a seven weeks' en-
The Week's Attractions.
Colonial-McDonald & Huntington,
Ishikawa Japs, Pauline Moran, George
W. Day, pictures and songs.
Keith's-Pictures and songs.
Southern - Ruth Mason, Harry
Ehret, Wasmuth & Ramsey, pictures.
Olentangy Park-Last week of the
Weber Travesty Company, Powers
Military Band.
Indianola Park-Thaller's animals,
Collin's Garden-Mons. Le Hirt,
Musical Aromalds, Bernhard & Sief-
ert, Methorn Sisters, Violette Lan-
German Village-Younger Brothers,
Rodway & Lavery, Slater & Finch,
Famous La Croix's.
SALT LAKE CITY, July 7.-Man-
ager R. A. Grant, of the Colonial and
Bungalow theaters, announces that the
following stage folk will constitute the
company next season at the Bunga-
low: John Ince, Jr., V. T. Hender-
son, Harold Kennedy, Bertha Creigh-
ton, E. J. Caldwell. Frances Grant,
Thomas Pawley, Walter Craig and
Florence Craig. The opening date is
set for September 5.-JOHNSON.
Goes to Schenectady.
WASHINGTON, D. C., July 8.-
The Shubert stock company that has
been playing in the Belasco theater
will remove to Schenectady July 12,
opening the Van Curler opera house
in a new play entitled "The Awaken-
ing. "  The members of the cast in-
clude W. H. Van Buren, Beatrice
Morgan, Marion Ballou and others.
Engel Succeeds Edwards.
ST. LOUIS, July 4.-Joseph Engel
has been appointed by Wm. H. Swan-
sontostcceedJ.R. Edwardsas man-
ager of his S.Louis Film Exchange.
Engel has previously been associated
with Swanson in Chicago and enjoys
his employer's complete confidence.
He is fortunate in finding the ex-
change left in such thorough good
working order by his predecessor. He
hasalready succeeded in making him-
self very popular with everybodythat
he has encountered and it looks as
though Swanson's choice would turn
out to be a singularly happy one.-
Edith Talliaferro, playing Polly,
opened tAsbury Park onJune 30in
"Polly of the Circus." The company
jumped to Salt Lake City and will
tour California and the far West.
G. E. McCune is now in charge of
the Keith & Proctor publicity bureau
in New York.
Charles Gano has been re-engaged
for John W. Vogel's minstrels.
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