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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Summer activity in city of Cleveland,   p. 20

Page 20

20                                 THE    SHOW     WORLD                                May22,1901,
Our Minute Picture Machines
Are the Greatest Money Makers at Fairs and Carnivals.
We ivant exclusive agent.  to represent us in  '. S., (tnttia anod
Mexico.  Write for full particulars.
American Minute Photo Co.
Dept. J, 269-277 W. 12th St.,    CHICAGO, ILL.
Beulah Poynter in Stock at the Lyceum. Stock Burlesque at the Star.
Amusement Notes.
Cleveland, 0., Ma  li.
The Cleveland and the Lyceum have
already closed their regular seasons.
The latter house on Mondav of last
week opened for a season   of ten
weeks of stock with  iieulah IPoynter.
The Cleveland will remaincliosed un-
til the fall season opens. O)n  thc .
twenty-second the Empire will close
the regular season; moving pictures
may he run here during the sumnier
though   to the present time nothing
has been decided.
The Star opened with stock bur-
lesque on -Monday for the summer.
The Colonial after Mildird iHollantd's
engagement, which enls Juine 5. will
have Dave Warlield inteMusic Meas-
ter for one week after which Mliss
Iall  will run  stock  for  teo  weeks.
1,111tb  Par~k  opeoUS  INktxV   T11  (I  di-
-.ettl  \\iii tll c loin  -  vith \lii
Stock Company Disbands.
Winnipeg. Mlay
The Wiinipeg stock colpanyiryke
up1) toniit iand the thater is running
Iranid opera, hlwiner1 e\t \ e k
the Blostonl Grandit ()u Conilpatil
opening xwith 11 Trovatore. Amelia
Hiighani, who has in)ii playing lead,
will braich into vaudeville and opelis
in the Dominion under \\'Il. Morris
ill a  sketch, supported  bv  Arthur 1111
aitd Lloyd linghlamo. Miss Gtieviexe
lint, who has made a great success
as second xvoimtain, \\ill return to her
home at San Francisce, for the siui
toier.M.ITI F R.
Mlusical Stock (  iEmpaiiy. Euclid( Gar-
dells, tinder the management of Wm.
J. Vilson, late producer at Keith's
Ilippodrome, will open May 24 for a
season of dramatic stock.
The New    York Dramatic Mirror
predicts a clash between the stock
companies at the Eclid Gardens and
that headed by Laura Nelson Hall,
hut to those ott the ground this view
does not appeal. Each has its own
following. One is located in the cen-
ter of the business sction and the
other is 55 blocks away.
These iinerous attractions, togeth-
er xith the Industrial Exposition to
le held here for several weeks ini
June, should provide sufficient amuse-
inieit for all through the slimmer.
The 101 Ranch Wild West Show
xviiilxv he ie Mxltx   4  aiio  27-
`'(~)tl'NI( ".
Architect Lempert Dead.
Roceii-ter. N. Y., Mlay 19.
on    I. Ienpert, born ii Cincin-
nati in 1842. died here. le designeil
w) theaters ini this country, andi whio
taken ill recently was directing xwork
oil the $500,000  TIemple theater iere
aid Shay's Toronto theater, lie \\iL,
long the scenic artist of the old low-
halo Acadeiyiv, and later   came    to
Rochester andl~  designe11d sevN-I then;-
ter's.  lie was aisociated with iraik
Mlayo, Clinltonll an11  ld I ach lkroth-
Cl  as  scetie  artit, i anid  ill  is."  i ok
lil) thea  ,ter a ,rchitecture.
_If You Don't
Show World
=-You Don't
Get All the
Flm News
XWeshall be pleased to enter your
One year, $4.00; six
IRonths, $2.00; three months, $1.00,
in advance
The Show World
is for sale on all
news stands every
Cents the Copy.
Grand Opera House Building, Chicago, Ill.
DoYou Want the Best
Film Service
obtainable? We can furnish the best Independent
Service for the simple reason that no films are shipped
out which are scratched or rainy, having our own
plant and process for removing scratches gives us this
great advantage.
We purchase everything good including Inter-
national P. & P. Co.'s goods. Write at once for prices.
Olobe Film Service Co.
105=107109 E. Madison Street, CHICAGO
Branch: 210 Enterprise Building, DENVER, COL.
Cow Boys and Lady Bucking Horse Riders
Lone Bill's Wild West
C. F. RHODES, Manager.
For the Summer:
May 22, 109

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