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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Patents Co. answers charge of inactivity,   p. 10

Live news topics of the week,   p. 10

Page 10

It Iwo% utlld  scCini,  ;c ringl   to  mIII,  fol-
lowing bulletin, that the Moving Pic-
toi  I tatent  l Company  exteiil  a"n
anple rfuitation of the charge heard
it many quarters of its illactivity.
- lawsuit    gainst  an alleged  in-
frilgeinlent of tile Edisol Camera pat-
ents, the caniclIation of the licenses of
foir lin exchanges for averred breach
of theii license agreellelts, the licetns-
ti o cx c exchianges aind a plan to
permit   eitanges to give sipsillodic
\xhibitionis fir special occasions, 11pon
paymen It <fa two [WOllar1M  weeCkly ro- )
ill v, arc eI aimngi the accomiplihmeniyits
of tIt  eimpany withini the past few
I'ihe mein  helil iii Nci  ork last
licik was librly attenidlcd by mitanti-
hers of tihe coipanyv and the ieeiised
mlanuIIfactuitrers,  anld  whIile,  no  auithori-
tatlce s';telent couild he gained from
ally onle ipresent, it is generali agreed
that IticI enilthusiaismii was showli ly
ill preseint.
The billetil of the leettlig. as is-
siid bv the press department, is givei
ill full:
"That the Motion     Fictuire Fateits
Coiipaii   is  itl  earnest  itt  its  iterilil-
ation to protect its own Patent hold-
ings igainst infringement, and ini pre-
venting any violation of its agreement
with licensed film exchanges, is made
clear byidl all questiii by Certain
itteims in the report of the ieetinr of
the Patents company board     andui  the
licensed manifactirers.
"Sit is beet filed in the Siupremne
(lurt  Cf i lh  I  i -1trict  of  C iilibia
Sues Alleged Infringer, Cancels Four Exchanges,Grants Another License
and Has New Royalty Plan.
iaiinst tilt Natcionail Nlmsc-e Coni-
paiv, of Okilh)a. The camera tsed
lIv the NlItoscene company is an inl-
irinc'elletlt on the Edisot pateit, the
validity of which has be en11 affirilled by
the L. S. Supreie Cotirt. ieavy damil-
a-es v\ill be demilanldedI
Four Licenses Cancelled.
FourGhn  xchages Three inl Chi-
ote and tie ill  cilmphis, Tic ei., had
ticir  licenses  c eticlcd .  Titi  tiotli  is
an1 assuranlce to) the  (other  hieensed
exchianges ihat they w\ill h~e p etd
atiaiist the jugghlinit ald tXecianniig
of  thusll  h)r  unlso-riupulouis  Comlpet it)rs.
hli  Sciiller Finli  Excianige  was
dripped becatise of its failire to keep
its agreetimenit xvith the Patents com-
paniy, for its failuie itt co-operating
wXith the Patenits coInpanyv. anld its fail-
lure in meeting rcItiiireients in) the
condict of its exchange buisiness.
lOne of tile principal cautscs of coim-
plaint  gailst the Schiller Exchange
was that it hall been exclianging films
\\ith] other offices, ill direct violationl of
the agrccment uinder which a licensed
excliige is alowed to utse oilly tiliis
thait it has leased from  the manutfac-
"The Star Fihin) Exchange f Chi-
cago had its license Cancelled for fit-
iishitip licenised filns  to tlIicentsed
theaters, and for havitig failed in its
agreeeit l'' i      -c- tl in thie paY
inlent of a penlalty whlichl had beenl im1-
posed   for a   similar offense tI few
weeks igo.
"The United States Film     Exchange
of Chicago list its licentse for failing
to observe the terms of the       license
agreemient, aml the Nomnerican Film Ex-
chanlie  II  ciphtis\: was ldroppedo for
(110 samle cauise'
"Th'e GuiVcerninig lillarid of tile itit-
enlts compal)lNy inl cofrec      ith the
licensed   mlanutfacturler's  wenCt  over l
ntainieruti  repirts ihich hae riecctitiv
coilie to the Patenits coimipaiiy's olices
alilegin that other licenised exchaniges
are exchaigiig reels wvith oie another
to save theniselves tile    necessity  of
keepintt a complete Stock of their own
on   hand   for   the  benefit  of  their
The "Borrowing Habit."
"The practie   as recprteI seemns to
he for one exchanige to oiit purchas
ing certain   pictures, depending oti its
tbilitx to iiorroiw  from   another  ex-
cianige. If the horrowing exchange is
uitnsiccessfitI itn gettiig the picture ask-
ed for, tile resilt is that the cstomers
of that excliange   are obliged to   do
withoutt such pictures.
"The Patents company will take vig-
irous steps and go to any extent to
climinilate llhis Practice.
-A],)h(.v inm11 or iltlr- Inlied
ill  tIle  rcport  (of  th 1i fr
IPatents  comlpany     baa     \i
!iecnsed niitiufactuitrrs Ia thc grant
itig  of a license to Alitchell's Film
ExItiChan; e  of  Little  Rock  \rk., to
OpelI ahraich office inl Memiiplhis, Tei
"The   report of the     iany reoni
anti improements tade      byn the Pitc
of the ta1iti   piettii  tl i     iiici l-
il(,  1h  1b a il    (f  fit(  il  a ilut
itisitira   ae  for  exhibitat. til aIdeptt
itenlt of ITspection   Ilhich reports ill
the conoditions of all liccnoi pictullr
theaters with    a  \it\ to  til  better-
inttil of their c  diition  il a t
veiitilationi ,  fire  safct    t h il  elfe
tionu  of a sYstcil wihchti  theitters nue
iie keit light dilring pertorlimaicce ;1inl
the silndid work doic h the Bo<l
of Censorship   ild so Oin was receici
ivith itch favor.
"The    mtanlifacturcers dlclteil thei-
selves mitich gratified by the work o
the CelinSorship Board, and lieartily in
acerd with its activities.
George    Kleine, who hi  inst ie-
tiurtued from  av  it to all of the ceit-
ers of film   <istrthilitioll NWet of Chi-
cao, incliuding  )en-ver,  Salt Ltake
City. Sai 1raneisco. Los Angeles, ani
Seattle, reportei that ie foniid ieti-
less conIiditions with the licensed eN-
changes imch improved, aill that coii-
plete  satisfaction   with  the  licenised
service was veer     gCnerali  expressol.
*Mr. KleilnC   further statei that the
(old 111s iueiid prior to Fel. 1st are
(continuieaI nnPage22)
Sterling.-Pauitl  V.   ixt cr  hs
opciied a nlew vauldeville and moving
pictitrc  theater.
Joliet.-John Whittle, of Goshen,
Tid., will ()pen  a  ioving  picttire  the-
iter herec.
Rockford.-The Lyric theater, 1o-
catcd ill tile Woolriuff block, is to be
-rctatlv etliaro-ed.
Peoria.-Thomias II. Webb has ptir-
chased the Weat theater oil Fulton
Lincoln, Ill.-Chris Marker has sold
his ive-cunt theater here to Jesse
Chillicothe, Ill.-J. F. Lynch andi
son, Fored, have purchased the Or-
phctin theater here of 1). Nlcekel.
Peru.-Anton Schlatgh of Wyaiet,
has t>Iinpleted arrangements for the
openiig up of a new Imoxvillg picture
theater iln the Germania park.
Marion.-The New     Roland, uiler
the iliitgetietlt of A. L. Blyers, repi-
res<i1tatic of the Vesterl tulexil e
.\ssoeiaittlt  of Chlicalgo, htts blein
doitig tice business each tlight. The
Caterlin players iave been makiiig
good, giving a complete change encil
eveniig, hoth int the vaitdeville act
and in the moving pictiires. The bill
for this week is the Lasalle Trio of
Acrmbats and Fraiiz. Gilmore, the il-
hIsionist.-JEINKI NS.
Elgin.-The opera house, Temple,
Star and Glhbe theaters are all play-
ing to capacity. The Colisetiim skat-
ing ink has been made inito a palim
garden xxiwere soft drinks, ice cream,
etc., are served. A  few  conctlession
booths have been installed.  Bach's
Nilwatiukee (rchestra of 30 pieces
xwill men the season May 20-22, as-
sisted Ibv Carl Woempner, flite soloist,
and H eniry Tetzncer, cornlet Soloist.
liugo Bacli  will conduict the orchestra
and Herimn Kelbe wiii act as con-
cert master. Mr. Ad-rich, the pro-
prie-tor atid iimnig-r, has arraniged to
have different hiis aiid orchestras
I'l  :ppea11-  t  I ii-I m  i ni   th1e
iiNu.H:WI.1 TT i
Vincennes.-- The R(c   Nill, accord-
inip to aiuinnouncelleilt two weeks ago,
oipeled in vauideville -iay 17 to ca-
pacity buisiiess xxith Lmiise LaBooth
singer and dancer, Ierr Schmidt, the
hitimani pillar and other attractions.-
11ELL 11'I
Washington.-The Airdome opened
in xtIuideville  1ay 10 to cood Iisintess
xhich contiuied all week -HELL.
Evansville.-)ig   btusiness  is  re-
ported at the (rp11tii last   xeelk.
This w\eek's bill iiicudes Earl ani ti
lBartlett, Tom Ileairon Hansom anld
llinnt, anld -label _Moore. The Air-
d<ine openled oil May 9, with Iloving
pictlecs and vatdeville. For the first
wtck biusiness ias nly fair.-B0111R-
Logansport. - i_\iessis  1\rctz  atnd
Riog a- :it   kigt arl<n-ic-its to opeit
aL liex theater here. It xill e known
as the Grand. Tom      Depew of the
Depex-B1turdette stock compaiiv has
bi-ught his wife here for the similimer.
Mrs. Depexw is very sick and Tom
says lie xxas obhliged to cancel all Ins
slrnelt en eulptic-eilnts Out accltD
Ilis xxifc-'s illness. Ti~s i-sx~s De)-
peuw-s Iioill-N xD.
Elkhart.-Fred   S. Timmins, w   h o
1has beent resiieit lailager of tile
incklIl thettr since the lease of
Ilarrv G. Sonrunes weit into effect
ibginninitug xxitl tihe fall of 1000, has
finilly  definitely  resi nted,  and  will
su-rcinder  Ilie  p)isitioi  the  latter  part
of Jiuie or the first of Jtly, siuitilg
Mr. Sommers' coiveniice.
Hammond.-J. C. Matthews, wvest-
cri boookinig repisclitative for Will-
.iaii Morris. Inc. hia  closed a deal
with the Towle Oilra house here to
firinish  vaiudevilic l okil s.
Cameron. -    N        1r 1rowil  antI
Slhaw iiaxe ipened a niew Crystal the-
tcr ill the Woos billding.
Springfield.-Capt. George iI. Pea-
hady has leaised tihe  uilding at 307
CoilIege stre-et mtid \ii reimoele it inito
nI mlov-in icur theater.
Sedalia.-  Air  Janm,-  . .  p nii  Is
peneda I I Imovin g picuiure thititer
,)]  i-E t  ioiuirth  trv t.  It  is  ktlowni
;i  the Lvric.
Gallatin.-A. C.        of Iamiil-
toll, has purlchased thle mloving pictulre
lhcater iere from \W. L. }lare.
Springfield.-The Fairbaiks theater
is  giviig i ve  and  tetl cent vatideville
andI o  picture,  dutring  the  sumnmer
lmnths. Hfarry Ketchaml, the m1anla-
g'r. is being con)Vgratuilated uipon the
fact that the past season showed a
SmoIt.   Ieet(ofore the theater has
been  a losing investlieit.  At the
Graild the Latiiore & Leigh stock
coipaiy appears this week. The New
Slip will continute thlrough Iout the sunk l
eir tm1onths.  It always has big
Bowling Green.--Ernest Hodgsoneis
miiLtl tirraiicteilleiits to open ti ltlx
7tlnvintg pictiurc iiowx ill the Brown
Sioux City.-The Auditorium will be
iopenei June i5, probably by Reed's
t   li tte a   l ca   rg al ia il .  I ta1 1  I
iiianiled to ptit teilt, itplttyhouse oil
til ii ttulitoeinim ciircutt wxiith Aimneapo-
his  St. Pail, Cedar Rapids. Des
hies. St. Joseph, Kansas City and
Mason City.-A. A.   eltz and H.N.
Necell wvill erect an alirdoie theater
Lisbon.-MNeessr-. Markham & Ter-
rx. of -Mt. Vernon. have leased the
Iex-h htilcilp here aldI w-ill open a
moil-iigppitctue teter.
Fulton, Iowa.-W. I-'. aitlun of Sa-
hubI~ has, puirchased thle Finlch bulild-
il(  aild  wxill  ope  a  newi  thcato rinlln
Ogden City, Utah.-The Progres-
siVe Moation Picture  Comuipanuy  has
plirchased the Globe theater here ott
Wiashitm avc-ulie.
Tacoma, Wash.-The Princess Tile-
ater Company is    making   arrange-
ileilts to open a new  oillviig picture
estaiblishniit at 007 C street.
Valley City, N. Dak.-The      iini
Miving Pictuec  tlc-atc-er lhe,-  wia-
hady amagedc~ by Fire.
Turlock, Cal.-Charles Juhulan. -
Idaho Falls. Ida., Iwill crcct a tnew
imovin   picturec theater here oil See-
ondil street.
Walhalla, N. Dak.-John Piler, pro-
prictor of the Bijoii theater at Grtf-
toll, is planniling to Open a new imovlg
picture show here.
Auburn, Neb.-Ed vlay has opeail
a iew nickel theater here. It is known
as the New Lxric.
Pocatello, Ida-.NV. Ilodkinnii.
of OpdeIn, Ctah, is making arranigc-
tit to (ipen a new moving pictiue
theater herCe-.
Tempe, Ariz.-G. S. Nvieder anti
L. Harden, if Iloeiix. will install a
loviig picture shlow ini tile Goodwin
Mitchell, S. Dak.-C. D. Adamslihas
soid iis inteest pi    tile  Standi (
lliltseilleltl Coilptillv.veicelOwnthe~l
Olympia imoving picture theater, t<
Frank Welch and Joseph Hopp, c-
Ainsworth, Neb.-Dr. G. D. Shi-
herd is lkiiipt arrali1geietto otc-1
ti moxiutp pietort-theaiter here.
Auburn, Neb.-I d ol. May, of Fal
C Ity. has pitreiastci tilt Elitttheater
here ft-lt) Til Baileyx aiti Nill soiLt
taki-e pomssession.
Nebraska    City,   Neb.1iuiraik  t
Morse has pturchased the Fairyltin
theater here, and is nuumow ini charge
Sioux Falls, S. Dak    C. D. Adan
1has decided to ipte  a  icw  iolig
picture theater in the Gleyx bildui
out Sooth hiilips aventie.
Ovden,    Utah.-The      progressive
Nlotion Picture Coipany, of this cit
xxiwicht xw-tis fornlerlv knwn as t
-oth Centiture- Film Coipaiiy,IMaS hal
forced to seck larger Iuarters a1Int
locatecdt at 2:-19 Nashington aveilt
where   their floor space is 1ea1rly
11oubled. Miatnager Wil. N  Hollii-
soil. secretar a d nl tiuiitc.uis partici-
laly gratilled tthu ie ut  for suti
licer lind fall huisiness
St. Cloud, Minn.-      tiew moo
pictiro- theater oicned hcre Ny
It is located coppomsite the 1ith Ace
nutle theater, which was the riiist th0
toritill in the citx  Thue nleI\ homtl-
ises independentfilms and thle pul
lic i  wvonderingf whIichl houIse Will wl
ovl- ,
ill      _
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