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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Missouri breeze, vol. 4, no. 18,   p. [13]

Page [13]

1jisoutW        w5       4.
Vol 4
E. E. Meredith, Editor.
(Office under the editor's hut.)
('The object of The Breeze is to enter-
ain without making its readers fighting
Ch)  I   l tsort  Clutlionl  appears  to  hi. %
tlispended( Duiblicntion. _
If von are bored with onle-nlight sau
The itoI  Wat toi work it
is t  lite 1i (hicao  nd t
W\ill Reed Iunrttoy is now pttss agent
for C. Jinitajadasat, a Hlindoo lecturer,
tiso is seen at tlie Whittmy opera Itouse
-very Sundat afternoon  lII-ox has got-
tn 10 Ile i-anl spell the( Iliiiuo namre
withott getting ito an extra le.g  The
loaei-till lie ttsed fot- a itilege vell.
The Girl from He tori' isrS mote than
loldtiltg its own itt Wetoer s theate. This
Yew lk  Int  Ii  lilalolgal (d  tir bothitit ties
.nstegisteled an ephiatic success.--Ren-
nold Wolf in The Suniiday TelegraIph.
01ll, no. , Renlnold. Chicago will nlot stand
firtsalaious shows.
ligltift pietiti's if Ethel Bttiiyttouiti
lo~isfittl'lltyitt,'i-Powers th-ter ilt thti
strt of it' stts, thtee sit- t ttid ig1t
sheets. 'I'Te whites of her uyes tre s
p minet  thlat  a  (1 t1k  ctull  lit tI rty  get
)t 'st an eight sheet (Ii North Clatrk street
muday.   I1 li aVasser' by  inu'ired whlat
lie was looking at th  eight shoit for ilt
is ietieved-   The lsiur tiought it wts
ac-seifiiJeliiits tremniits.
Louis A. Elliitt was slutglhaied into
tending Iar tihe Ottor day'. It was ite
Iepresentatie  oif Essanay hvio prussed
'ttiott Il serke it t ittug picturtes
tI Iltt turtiiti lookted thle partt anrd gets
t little hot untider theit collar if any one
itinates that th  Essan-ty people tre
,oo  at  selecting  "types." 'Ih t b i
ili cas,, The Hrize would not suggest
sluch a tiling. -
The call of the ciiui  wai  to stronut
for James )e Witf to resist, so tie has
resigned its pIositioni with lKeith & Proc-
tors teater in New, York ainid joined the
pressstaffof the Ringling Brothers' show.
When the circus opened in New York De
Wolfe began to show evidences of break-
ing down adt he takes the road ono the
advice of his phYsician. The press staff
will be greatly strengthened by the en-
augemeit of Mr. De Wolfe.
Walter Floyd shoul    receiVe it  edal
flnt the So(,ity for the Frexention of
('ruelty to Animals. I, lhis done more
to mak  me poor old plug happy than
aiany folls who hae tieti honored fot-
lLik ItIeaity sympitli. Tle hortseo which
is used inl Inry Janse Pt is the einilo,
Inl queostiOn, ando whlile' tll( hOrSe is gettinlg
So fat that, the stage piCtulre is not quite
so effective. Floxd to     n  feeding tit,'
rorse uitil Henrx W. Savag   ' tis li'l to
iit iplaint Inl retgaod to tititsii set down
ill the, weeklyV sumimary as -oats,  11ay'
etc., for Salom. Mr. Fitoyd pi-ked np the
anlial att the public mtarket and paid $8
inl coin of the realm for the right of pios-
The "tag  xxhli'ich brings to  t cos- the
third act of A (Gitentlan frot MississiPpi
is said to be the restilt of a stidden in-
spiration of William A. Brady, and if that
is true he slold hang aroundi xtwen the
limax of tih fouirthi act is being reached
and see if it cannot tie inspired again.
When the manuscript wits subilmitted to
Brady the dialogue enoded xxith the veiled
threat, "tomiorrow at 12:30."  \VhIenl re-
hearsals were in progress Mr. Ildy asked
Thomas A\. Wise, who is one of Ithe autIt-
"What ate you going to do  with the end
of the third at? WThat is going to hap-
Ien  at 12i.U-.
"Damtilo." said Mr.    i-     You   see
R~hodes--"                             .
"Never mind Rhodes,' said1 Mr. Brady".
'i've gixen me the answer.' Ande( that
t lt "tag" ts the play now  m idofs.
Disappoints His Admirers.
(Next York Press.)
Clyde Fitll fast is taking rank as the
most disappointing of Am,rican drama-
lists. It is oilY t few years since Fitch
watshailed ;is the, headI of hlis craft in this
itrt. Ite seemed onii the rise to great
tings.  .iiy were the propliecies that
('ilar of Fitch's maiturity would give
iuitest pag, It lite history of toe
ftnt if iiivNewx Woin,  Ne, htoweexw-
it would be hard to fitnd one of those old-
Iti1e Prophets whose optimism  has not
given itait t    i ieSSimi u, Insteasofptrlog-
iest, F-itis tettogt,-ssttg. Ii,'istoottile
itresiv figure today that h, was when
le wrote Tliim Climters, or still later. The
dirt wnil te tti 'Etns Tile Fitch
10'lay istm' iii,  iiie hits sil seems to
iSetting, iId thfough    oloe s fault
"xWept his own  .   -   1
Along the WX hash it, watherts finte.
I'i.u otart (l own, -,h1 linle,
I    itlt,  is ia  n iiit   lte tof gn t..
Andi ii-king ''lr iti--tlt, stiuti told stoirv.
Mr. 'T all we can t he found,
I lough ( ol. Johnsonl's onl the( grounld.
I  ct I n l x   le  fo d  tir-
\  sliooin' Ilit his  cast  ehiri.
If yot want sonme voin it s t,- stiiii old
Youl 11 lue to i hunt ip Chairle ('tir.
You tyi look  ot hin both near and fil,
I-at  I'night YOU'll ind  him  at liii   hir.
ihe (1(1tne ld <hl wfithbutnie dedbtut
It-i lii   it  i rliti a t in  isi -i.
Haritr    utits  is  onl his  way,
Traveling alliend about at (fit\'
<FIxi 11h1 lots andi bil>{i othle l ed'
Jimmy Davis it lthe same old stand,
Always there withi the big glad hand,
inth,,t et ArtIr is ill the wst
AidI ing fitn- uts yout have giessed.
)11d Billi A nrict 1still leais itlhn band,
A tooigit gvocuI feller yort Incst titiiv-tsittttdi
ltlavs- the corniit and brintgs the mutils,
D liers it promiptlY al Ind  never  fails.
.Joe Frank, Hou.t v at the peanullt rock,
A sellin lemonntItlte and clackerjack,
Mf',k, is  hics'  t it1ic   1). \l ain I -kill <-t li l  t  I,
A\X' lt -  tlltllvuolx  itd i l ti,ti oi  -ialie
Give,( us a mromlent, pllease, we bwg.
For. here milnes jolly Ch1arli, sprogue :
lias at new stitl and a niew\ lid
\nd hiiniing now "Where Is; thle kid?.
Whitey Ola1knowv at thle stake and chalin
Works the saimc- inl the suni or ritit.
Neiin him  uff Teiry c'ant h1 i seen.
1rinking Tom Diniis gasoline.
Of John lelliott yoi get a flash,
Ho trains the( anlimals with aI big mou"Ls-
On-,e last season he shavd it off,
liUt Sat inl the( draft an~d got at terrildt
.Joe ichelt closes u itihis store
And rushies around to the front dloor.
Alounts his horse and atys out the route,
Ihut-is bitck andil th' taiad sitrts out.
Knocken 'em  a tiwistor it Peru,
Everymtie said that the liw"wvould dot.*'
ILeft Stiunday night for Kokomo
A pile tlt's good to t-e Hoosier show.
.(To be conitinue'd.)
Al Reeves' "Hone-Coming."
Toronto. ()nt., April 28.
Tom li-nr  itmgeI' of tlw Gayety the-
ater, has gottenl out at special lierald for
thle Al Reeves show, whiech comnes to that
iuse next week. The handhill calls at-
tention  to  tlii  fact that this  is Al Reeves'
native  townl.  lie  lixi  lere  t tit  lie  xas
past 17 eiis of age.
tiffalo, N. y., April 27.
Al I-eves was givei t oyal reception
hert, this week ls this is his home town.
He was born hiere and resided Iin Buffitlo
unltil he was 17, ycars of atge. A reception
will he given o lis bollood fricils oni
Friday nlight.
Rochiester, N. Y., April 27.
A speciall hwrald( was gotten ouit here for
the tritimpiit hoine--oning of Al Reeies
next wcek. Hi- was born and raised heie
at hias iany fiiends wtho have knowtn
hi since childhood. He left iere whe
17 years of age.
Cleveland, Olio, April 26.
Al Heeves, who headed his own show it
the Empire last week. lived in Cleveland
itil itoo was 17 'tears o t age, and diting
thit tim-e joined seeral secret organiza-
tions which turnied Out to do0 lhin honlor
last week.
When Al Reeves playeOd the Trulide'O
inl Chicago recently lie stated that Chi-
eago was his home town and was ap-
pilaudtidii for some tasty jokes wiltCh iiiili
hlve been hlissed had he not ben  horne
Public to Be Benefited.
(Philadelplia Ledger.)
Strife between the "Napoleon" of a
great hooking association and an oppo-
sition backed by such powerful forces as
at present engaged     must inevitably
mean a competition to produce the best
entertainments by the best performers
in the best theaters throughout the
couitrv.  Itn every city where both
forcce  have a foothold the quality of
ftilighlt  are is hond to be improved.
No 18
CI,  9\
KE 4
HenryI ,v  Dixey, George Fawcett. F. N.
Wilde, Fred Le Colintc, MVargaret Pitt I.
Fred Wildman, James S. Huttonl, John N.
Young. Mose Wolf, Lee Purvin, H. J.
Wallace. O. 1R. Henkel, D). E. Rice, Harry
C0iappcll, Sam  L~eavitt. Pal  Gtoudronl
Toby L 1yons, Eddie Play  Burns, John
"Chine,, ' Leach. B~obby Gaylor, .John Grit-
hamn, Max Mlillian, Louis A. Elliott. Ab-
iter Alit, Harry MW. Strause, Charles A. Sel-
]oin, Charles 11. H-awkins, NA'. J. Mc~lraw,
G'. C. Goudron, Frank A. 11. Gazzolo, E,. A.
Hliggins. George Cochranle, Royle, Woolfolk,
W. E. Raynor, Th'lomas J. Richards. Lew
Sihles, Fred 0. Conlrad, R. E. O'Colnner,
NEd iR. Whelanl, Chalhes E. Hfuntingtonl. WN.
H. Quigleyv. Gettig(, i. Hunit, Bee Rutten-
herg , .John E. Young, [I. Sylow. James 1..
Mci'enhe. Jack Gie  Oliver Mlartell. Fred
Lcinnox. C. H. Long, C". P. Sauni, R. A.
lilnks. W. T. Gaskell, E. 11. Jones, Karl
(;. AlaeVitty, Ted F, Griffin and( Jacek Kenl-
yon and Alan K. Foster.
Thle natr wvins the youlng girl's hleart,
And reillY has a tile' fatt part,
I'ntil thle act where lie( gets killed
And trouble in The Family stilled.
Iin Carle's song show anl actress grand
IHas ever 'ything at hler command,
And heads of both comiedians whirl-
The fathers of The BOY and Girl.
A better chft."s of actor man
Comes under motlher's cruel ban,
But wins thle girl in spite of ma
Though helped by Mary Jane's ownv Pat.
Actor As An Educator.
(Sacramento Bee.)
The main drawback to persuading
famous actors to act for the camera is
the fact that the cheap theaters will
get the pictures, and that fact hurts
their vanity. But, taking a broad view
of it, such a use of the films tends to
educate the public to better acting, and
what actor is there who will not admit
modestly that hie is an eduicator?
Talking abouIt  Ihgo-AI It. Wood'.
i-trlanging tliigh Europe-Sam IItiris.
Spendinig it week With his famil IH11rry
Iresiding at the cash register-loi  X\il-
Flirting wxitih tle syndiiate-Davi  lie-
ituoking for billing pIlces-"D  In-
Itegatining his good heatlth-JIiS li,
Compiling an occasional lIwornid-Tomo
tt citing Casey at the Brat--lie XWolf
ILughing at a Breeze cartoon-George
Confer-ing tihe title of 'Clonl' WXil
A. Dudle v.
Doing the press wo k for ells-Floto--ill
1I. Ttummnet.
Teachinug the gtirls to call litn 'Jackh-
Jick Hessey.
Engaging peopt- fot th Follies of 19ll-
Fh Ziegfeld.
l'iusuutg  i  thu-, tuctit,  itt  hutls'  tie's])-
Pr pa in  ro n  11  ri in  vlu  I  illell e  -
tan 'Iinmergor
Extending ti-e glad hiand to ctl friends
-.Jimmy Davs
etlottug tat lishe used t hatpinututi o I ho-
i-il l k-, Xt
Soio<rni ill 11.1)Patifu~l eity of Nash-
, [iungti hght ito Chingo--The Queen
lof the .3liit Rouuge,-.
Sending suutNnir  postals  to  'u t,'s  I.
Ilurnuting ul111h mIt' Itails-Hteibert D)uce
;nd A. Toxen Worm.
ClIlting <od hitti-ts fot the serap book
 ieting  i tilt t tpilot the  Toronto  hase-
itthi  ( tot -Itnt  I-'  Ileut.
C'reating a    sensation at the New York
flippodrome-Bird illmanl.
ReCeiintg coniugratulationis utuont his noutr-
Iowit  ic- p--Frederic Thomlpislon,
Pltuttit,  the  (.lose  itccent  tt  tIhe  etd  of
Atgista Glovs niaie--Her IHutsbtid.
lroditting that A Gentleman ftoli Ats-
sissippi will nun another year it New Yok
-Jo-spl It. Grismer.
Whlieu Geoige 1aker did a tnih  t?
'Tlen J. 1'. M,-Sweeney slng -it opeu-a
Xhen Miaizi RitChie Was with A Breeze
When LouIt Elliott was agent of Louis
When George Goett maiinaged The Spln
(of, Life?
When Iarry Holden plaiedi Falstaff ilp-
Whlen Arline Schrade was one of "The
Four Schirades" ?
Wlien Otto Henkle w-s elevator bov it
th Revere house?
Xtenl Tommy Hanks was a hell boy at
Itho, Demting hotel?
When Joe Pilgrim lost his railroad ticket
it Aason Cittv It,.?
\h-en Big J-k Mahara was a steve-
d-re at Milwaiukee?
When Harry Fern was a real messenger
toi in Philadelphia?
When Iou Elliott was a painter at tihe
Moline wagon works?
XXWhon Ja Smith sold collars and cuffs
ion North Clark street?
Whun 1)ot.  uilrdner was selling medicine
for Di. A. i. IHopkins?
AViln \. C. Fields was It commission
imerchant in Philadelphia?
When uilliam Nekirk ran a steam roller
iiuring the sutmmer mtonths?
When Otto Koern'r was in Nova Sco-
tit with Neighborly Neighbors?
AX1enu Will Deming was with Lincoln J.
Caiter's The Tornado it England?
When Adelaide Keim played Jouliet with
Proctor's stock in Albany, N. Y.?
XNlien TWill Reed Dunroy was editor of
the Plattsmouth (Neb.) Journal?
X'Whenl Joseph Medill Patterson resigned
as coiimissioner of public works?
Wh'ien .1. M.W. Clayton played the heavy
i, The Queen of the XVhite Slaves?
Ahen Will Kiltoy sold Sagwa with the
Kivkapoo Itodian medicine company?
AVhen Riiard F. Carroll played at the
Chicago opin house in Arabian Nights?
When Chtirles '. Stummti piloted  lto-
tyre and Hcath and the Ifenrl BUrieStte
I'utTopall y?
A'Iun Frn d AXitson was xxiti Mitr' it
Mattck aut futtoi fltart-S. flooppitng platyitug
the piano?
When Charles E-h. Huntington and E. A.
IlHggit sitog together it a pirated version
if Itrmutohie?
Awhen ienry Sylow vid a contortion act
ot the streets in Texas cities and then
passeud thueht'!
pAls  I t I' ' nex promotel the com-
pilly whic- took 11 Ranchnu-l tu it, Jm'Itotos-
toxwn hxosition?

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