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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 3, 1909)

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Shubert after more houses?,   p. [3]

Greenwall holds chain of theaters,   p. [3]

H.H. Frazee secures three popular shows,   pp. [3]-4

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IVolumn IV-No. 15
WhenaVaudeville Manager Wanted to
Cut His Salary He Concluded Com-
binations Were All Right.
Ray Raynd has reined The Can
Kid. Iereturned to hisformer part i
e Kiroy-Britton musical comedy this
Ray amond originated the title role
thisly 'and hsapart which lust
st   He portrayed the role all of
stsnolnandtntil afew weeks ago Was
eatured by the management.
Suddenly Raymond became dissatisfied.
Tere was somenmsunderstanding.  Tte
vlierecagnswith drew from theotter
dturned to audevile goingout under
ne tgeent of Jake Sternad.  The
audeville enture was not successful.Ray
ay-mond was clever enough, the sketch
*as god enough, but time   as not avail-
le in the cities where Ra ond isknown
id small city managers werenot willing
'pay the money demanded for the act.
he end came whent a manager withfour
ouses asked Raymond to cut ris salar
0 a week. Upon meeting witha refustl
hie act was cancelled.
Raymond ret urned  to  Cicargo  and
Irnal to thetafaIozenmtnagerswto
ad made overtures to him  n the last few
ears. The time for a starring tour  ws
.otopportune and e forund nothing doing.
All this timne TueCandy Kid 1tad h ern
iaig isine aidmatkinggrond with  Wil -
iaid Frasin the title role. When Ray-
niswith   le       sishowitisatremenidous
-uccess. Wiithot him the play went well
1i thosemicalitte seen tie real Candy
ia remet satisfiedtwith Francis.
go and Kilroy needed him  with Tie-
andy Ki, it did not take long to patch
I the dlifferncres and as a  result Hay
layisu IitTe CandyKid isgoing along
ilingrp profits for Will t0ilroy, which
cirexpete titotal $10,00iythecoil of
ie season.
Salt Lake City, April 1.
A. I. Pelton, of Pelton tand Smutzer,
ent tile week in Salt LakRe, and an-
nouncedanolicv for the Grand theater
at will take a great change in the
,Cal theatrical world ncxt season. The
Shubert attractions Will ie booked at this
else after September 4, when Mrs. Fiske
ill Open the season with Salvation Nell.'
iring the sumrner the Grand will be
itirel renovated and resented, the stage
Ill Ie rebuilt aid enlarged, and every-
inz done to make it an up-to-date
*ayhourse. The Arlington  stock  com-
Tl has been eneaged to appear there
rseveral weeks, and their initial bill is
t Cripple Creek.  Te house was dcark
*xlst eel.. -JOHNSON.
SuSandusky, Ohio, March 30.
ilson and 0. G. Murray, the van-
r ilee oltinrgergoreto lide theater- mett
.Ct lereae teitx-, tand coniferred
Set lca mee efiie to their estalt-
lne a fnew vaudeville theater here.
These een have made repeated efforts
rav ae   vie udeill le ous  erected
h iadtcsrcnin   are- still on.
Ihtteitsstatementto make at pres-
tsid ntle' Sin "but I can say tht
tfter ourrieeiting e-th several tnen, tlt(
.ecspels loksere encouraging.'
Buffalo, N. Y., April 1.
It is reprted that Michael Shea, pro-
fIi01 Shes t,   eter, a Buffalo vau-
plesbe 1   hase, las  ought the  Central
f rbhe.treiae site here-. His plans
hnuilint g n I t site have not been an-
rater"  The William  Morris interests
laeeG  ad tie otion ont the property.
Cancels SouIthern Tour.
1 acon, Ga., March 31.
ilandatt Nor"li"n' Who was booked for
acgeettithe Grnltheater next
can h1as eancelled hor engagemelt in
iand ell otilScutherin ties,tencitrnt
New York Magnate and Cincinnati Congressman Go
West on Secret Mission.
J. J. Shubert atnd Congressmnan Joseih
I. Rhinock of Cincinnati, who represent
the financial interests which are behind
Lee and J. J. Shubert, left Chicago Sun-
day night for the west. Their probable
destination is San Francisco. Their er-
rand is believed to be the securing of more
When in Chicago to witness the opening
of The Great John Ganton, Mr. Shubert
denied that he was here to participate in
any large deal.  "I did not come here to
gobble up any enterprise," le said. "We
have now over fifty-four troupes on tine
road, more than any other company can
iboast of. There are no tew assimilations
in sight. I am here merely to attend the
opening performance or the dramatization
of Arthur J. Eddy's book."
Some time since it was erroneously an-
nouneced that the Shuberts had secured
the Chamberlain, Kindt and Harrington
Circuit. Ii this connection it was stated
that they were likely to secure the Green-
wall and John Cort circuits. This visit
west might possibly be to confer with
Cort. The failure of Sidney Weis to se-
cure the Greenwall circut as told in an-
other column, may mean that the Shu-
berts have no chance to secure these
theaters at present, or Weis may have
represented other interests which were
(!esirous of loldicg the Gireenwall circuit
in line.
Deal Was Not Consummated and the Published Reports of the Trans-
action Were Premature.
Scmit Antonio, Texas, March 31.
Sydiey II. Weis, of San Antonio, will
not acquire the interests of Henry Green-
wall in tie Texas theatrical circuit just
at this tirne. Mr. Weis has returned from
New Orleans, where lie had been in con-
nection with the matter, and states that
the deal is off.
"When it came    down   to the actual
transfer, Mr. Greenwall backed  down,"
said Mr. Weis. "He is rather old and has
been in bad health for many years, so he
made up his mind it was time to retire.
I Was ready to accept his proposition and
acquire his interests, and my father came
from New York to be present at the con-
summation of the deal. However, when
we met in New Orleans he said Ile had
been connected with his present interests
for 25 years and  that he    thought le
would stay in a little while longer."-
New Orleans, La., March 31.
Messrs. Weis seced oatn option oit a
10-year lease entriefollowing: Grcettwrll
theater, New Orleans, $'18,000 a year; Dal-
las opera house, $15,000; Fort Worth opera
house, $12,000 a year, Mr. Greenwali's itt-
terests in Galveston, Houston  and   the
American Theatrical Exchange in Nev
York, $5,000 a year.
Mr. Greenwall, who is president of the
American Theatrical Exchange, is quoted
in this connection with having said:
"The terms aid conditions of the lease
vere that the 10 years' rental should be
paid i advance. State for me that the
properties are not for sale."
Dallas, Texas, April 1.
According to a telegraim received here,
negotiations which have been pending for
the purchase of the Greonwall circuit of
theaters in Texas ani Louisiana are off.
George Ansey, manager of the Dallas op-
cta house, receiv,el te following tele-
gr-am frontNew Orleants:
"Deal tIll off. Greenwall in charge of
iree-iall theatical circuit. -   Henry
Will Organize Two Time, Place and Girl Companies, Two of The Girl
Question and One Girl at the Helm.
I. It. Frazee secited the rights to three
!opular musi-al comedies the other day,
arranged for live companies to be booked
cand organized, and once more buried his
head in the sporting columns of a daily
TIe-i  musical  comedies  secured are
among the most popular oni the road this
season. They are The Time, The Place
and The Girl, and The Girl Question,
which were secured from the Askin-Singer
Company, and A Girl at the Helm, from
the Princess Amusement Company.
Mr. Frazee announces that he will star
James J. Corbett in the eastern The Girl
Question. WTho will have the principal
roles in the western Girl Question, the
two Time, Place and Girl companies and
The Girl at the Helm has not yet been
positively determined.
The season just drawing to a close has
proven a remarkably successful one for
Frazee, in whose hands everything seems
to turn to gold. His companies have
continued to make money when other at-
tractions of the same caliber suffered
Of the companies now en route, but one
will be sent out next season. That is A
Knightfor aDay.
James J.Corbett, who is at the National
this week, will end his season April 18 at
Hammond, Ind. A Knight for a Day will
close at the National April 17. The Royal
Chef will end the season at the National
April 24. The Isle of Spice will complete
its tour April 11 at East St. Louis. The
Flower of the Ranch, in which Frankie
Drew appears will end the season April
25 at Fort Wayne, Ind.
Melo-Dramatic Stock Company.
Thc Grand at Winnipeg, Man., is closed
this week.  Next week a new      stock
coiparny begins  an  engagement in a
series of melodramas.
April 3, 1909
State of Michigan Selects the Clever
Woman Press Agent to be its
Punblicity Promoter.
A rare distiection teas coe to Nellie
Revell, former cireonsite, specilrs  corre-
spondent, vaudevillian, authoress and pub-
licity promoter, in that she has been se-
lected to be the press agent for the state
oIf Michiga n. This is the first time in
historytht rawomnbhorbce-nselected to
performe so ai-duonts a task . Miss Revell
Wil begin her duties ane 15M exploiting
the mines, timber and agricultural re-
sources of the middle western common-
It is almost needless to comment upon
the fact that Miss Revell is an unusual
woman. The circus world claims her be-
cause she was born on I circus car-was,
later, a performer, and still later, a circus
press agent. Springfield, Ill., claims her
beCause she graduated  there.  Indiana
claims her because site is the owner of
the big Peaceful Valley Stock Farm. THE
SHOW   WORLD claims her by right of
discovery, for this journal was the first to
afford tier nationil attention through the
medium  of the clever  special articles
which she contributed to these olunmns.
It may be recalled that it was during her
association with this staff that she ac-
crpted in assignment,-dared the conven-
tions and the naval regulations and car-
nied THE   SHOGW   WORLD    aboard the
Pacific fleet whtile it wvas anchored off
Seattle. Sice was cI feature of too a-rl
lan-deatdattended theNcvalBallwiih
followed. She also nailed a copy of THE
SHOWW'"ORL atrtetop of Pike's Peakt.
Tier cootribtionit, sr-Iicle ee eilenS it'
ar witty laid familiar yr-in, wete eagerly
looked for front week to week. Following
her staff connection here, she entered vaut-
devilie with an original monologue and
puroved to drawsineg card whtereversite cop-
peareiyn Wihen J.i.. Murdck opened tis
new 0lympic MusicHcellsite vas selec-ted
to be press agent for the house, a ca-
paocity which she has filled with rare dis-
So great a favorite has she become in
Chicago among the newspaper fraternity
that Richard Henry Little, president of
the Newspaper Men's Club, appointed the
entire membership of 278 to be her press
Her duties for the state of Michigan Will
occupy her before and during tie course
of the state fair, which will be held at
Detroit from September 2 to 10 inclusive.
June Moore, aged 19, a chorus girl With
The Burgomaster, got a fall at Los Ate-
geles, Cal., which may leave her a cripple
for life. She was unconscious for nearly
two hort  and the examnining physician
stated that her spieehad been wrenicedt.
Miss Moore had been married the saine
orning and in her hastetojoin ernew-
ly made hunsband she tripped at-d fell fit
comingfrom the dressingmeatm.
She was more or less excited as she
luat informed the managem-ent thact site
voulid:close-withthe comtpanyat night
citirthemn-ctagerlead insstedntitherots-
tomarry two weeks' notice.
San Antonio, Tex., March 30.
It is runored that Etmtma   t Bunting will
be starred by Sidney Weis nad that her
first appeairance will be mnacrid Easter
Studav at the Grand opera house.-WILt-
Ow-ing to the pressure of late arriving
advertising matter, THE SHOW WORLD
is prevented from publishing a review of
the demonstrations of the International
Projecting  and  Producing   Company's
films in Denver, Kansas City and other
points. A full report of these meetings
will be given in the next issue.
On tie front page of this issue appears
the likeness of Tom Waters, a truly funny
musical comedian, who wrote and made
famous The Mayor of Laughland, which
for two seasons toured the country under
the direction of Nixon & Zimmerman, and
who starred the present season in Coming
Thro' the Rye. Mr. Waters is now in vau-
deville and will be one of the features of
1th bill ct the ettteistit tleten- eu-Nt week.
TH             SHOr TtORL
publishel at 87 South ClarkRStreet , Chicago, by THE SHOIII lORLD Plblisbirng Co
E1tered as Second -Class Matter  WARRENA.PATR/CK ,-NA/RAL  /RECTOR,  at the Post-Office at Cica6,11inois.
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