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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Games of graft,   p. 4

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January 23, 190,
ii    I
Manager Tried to Fool the Iowa Folks
but Tucker, the Detective, Caught
Aebstr City, Imn , Ian . 18.
The trutihh is oui. Desnite the adver-
IisenwIn' t's  aInd  managei; Trial  staitolinents  to
th  coitrr' it is Dissy King and not
Grace C"1owon who it. nppourinlg In the
title  role  of  Iittl i ollI  Dilou 's.  Aiss
Ninir  is  Aliss  (inrttion's  xo-mger sister.
Thlis  statomnitt  wa~s  prIinted  :1nIdo<10 ied.
The e)itImIllymangerwa very indiguttit
ilout ,l!II l  'report  sliould  have0  hiiin  ci '
(.1lated.  III,  offered  theo  newspaper  alds
it pitxe 11tt it was  r       nwron ler-
self, ha] piograts wiit   het tacie ot
heni an     the showx  x'eit So well that
ninell W"r" (.nnvinlevll
A New Yorlk ptir ianmo to WAelster
Cit'. howiee, and iII it caut le founu
wiere trac' Canteroni is plaingi withi
The Queen of ilit' Aoiulin Thutige. So tut
effort of luuisy King' linagnir has hoint
inl Vain.  Now httx'  l ll iut r utclhil is  iloxxi
w xho'ixill setui it to fteu i'tiititic plmIics'?'
110wli "\Aul whoi are( you?"-G'EO. C.
Lake Charles Notes.
Lake Charles, La., Jan. 1 1.
Nl. It. Atoods puseid thrui hucue on
the  i'oui 'tl ' 1' iil  ('11  rout to  Tx ''x
- " '.1) -in s.  In  all  iII Ni   N tI
a  S1lliAN  AN(1,1  rt'ti'usettliii'  Air1.
N'iais s )i     Ii'  hoii   nuore int-
t resled  in) t1  soutl  ni LIN': t isouthl
is  hl ou'uit'tu  uontaI''  sioil  't i "x'  i St
tit  the feclii e i't'Iirneal. The notth
tint]  hiard  to  lktil  iioliti'ii  altogetier
tis setson. u fitI which is irrpt>' tut-
<lsl In the lieu    til   uie soth lls
i'i'1ordieui Phaiehit AN'\,uisli iti 'Phe Test.' I
like Loiann aer  iiull. Newi'x  Orleinns
is  espicIall'  pleansingr holl  is  r  eit  attd
fr"o  a     ei'"'all ' tnduoint. Thi is a
Cnmbined  ui siness and Ilanstce trip. but
I do not 'nre to six tor just now.''
Tuck DConstillo, one of tile most popular
ntors in this "entio' of the country, is
seniding a ftw wooks 1wre as tle guest
of Airs. AA'. F. P'lins whoe son, now
"aeat. was well known in aniusement
crls as notor aud musician. Alr. Do-
Castillo calls this eit' "homie" and says it
is otne of the liveet inwx'ns ont the iiip.
Ie, is  iI  excellent 1w-ilth  and  as  jolis  as
exer. 'Hhi tunu  fritntis hrn, nre  ainIng
life pleasant for him.-TUETIM.
Rahab Given its Premier.
Alinneapolis Ainn. Jan. 1o.
I~itah, the initial daatic effort froin
the pei of Dr. idinrt' PBurton. wts given
its premier at the Aetropolitan Aonday
afternoon, under the direction of Don-
ali Robeltson, who also played a minor
rolt' in th1e cast, wxitich was as follows:
Iihab .a wmoanl of Jiricho, Aarion Red
lih;Asotei. her sister. Anna Titus;
Amotinhi, her imother, Vida Sutton; Na-
tuiIiai. actr fitlir .lDonIIll Robortson;
Ztleitka, her hanmnaidcn, Alice John; Ana-
mon,  laxner of Rihabi. Herman Lieb;
Saluton, a Prince of Israel sent by Joshua
us a spy, A\na. Owen; lHoreb, a companion
s,  lat is      TIl   Soothsayer, Frank
1harjilti Alesseug r . Ralph Bradley;
Zetant ai silciti  fIiiclio, Toa Hauties;
A Singer, Geotle Kennicot; Lela, a Harp
Plha  Virginia  Broohs; First Woman,
Frane,-s Poll: Seiwd n      Ab31Al Bil-
ling"s: Third t man Ioutise Hiotchikiss.
Rniab is a Piblited play, and is under-
stood to ie for sale. The company left
for Chicago iminuediately after the mati-
Meeting at Youngstown.
Touinigstown. Ohio, Jai. 14.
A ieeting of theati`al notables will be
Iteld in tlhis l O iitv  'itonr  when George
AT. Colin , tone  o'f  thu'  iint'iin1 owners  of
the Purk thnir. will plaI in the city.
The neting will be attendi by Abe
Eulanger of Nlaw   and   ELlanger, Sain
IInarris, of Colin  and  larris, Aose
iaise,  of  111  Atoss  liise  ciruit,  atid
titu1 ctoetkoil'r' of the theater.  The
meeting will be the first of the kind to
he held here since Colian and Iarris
have beoniw interested  in  the play-
house, and is called oi acount of the
fact that the young    iuthor-actor-nan-
ager will be able to attend.
Cincutinuti,  Jal. 1i
Thelo  Itinl  y-Z;Irml  'olni un.,  :oi%(.rtisin~g
ug'tents,  tout' iIIto..rpor ld  unider  the  lawx's
if  ith u Stn  if Olhin, in  thr  stli of $3.5,000
ciipit il, fuill. Daid lup. anld Tile now oc"
'lullip i' ;t buiildilto'  f1 thc'  'ner  of High-
land and Do'histir Ivniu'es. Ini whiti
thi '  lix'e  u wx of' s   i i ,0o  feet  of  floor
s"In'  giic thIm IhIl is periaps the
igest nintii if its kiost m'voti'd 1 news-
ipiir and poster Jointing. Aside froIIm
111is  liiI,  the  toallinY  Its  ai piarnffine
stoul  ilitt---a  ima hin  3t  ff'et  ultug,  of
nalNy tolls auresiure, muldr hoiling wvax
whui''h is sil  to 1  ihue,  ni'x \ inchinie iof its
lind  it)  this  vicillity-   hilllisting  plant'
ianl   in n   oostllcliog  phlnt. capable
If tuiling  vert'tx i  in the aimusemtoent
ine for parlis, theatrical and lodge equilp-
Cnu i'um' u '. Ittiey.   u  head of the
tw corporaliol, is too well ktinoin tothe
orofi'ssion of ent'rtainment to nend fiat'-
 introductiin  toe. At. Riuniy has
li'     a th,  I uininati  representative  of
THi   ShOWN WORLD since its inception
tut]11  will truntinue  in  that  capacity  wixith
a      'iics  at  this  n w  addr  s.
New Theater Named.
Kalaanzoo, Mlilhi., Jain. 18.
Ni!tin  wiih the consu'ntt of Stair &
hnilin. u Incal paper has hteeta conducting
1 iolntest for the tamuoinig rOf their new
'',. The untnu set    , The Fuller,
is iII hIonor of the foundr and builder.
lltraii  T. Fuller, of this eitY.   Sam
t r  h  ini  ,''iNt'l\  I 1orn  ,inus  to  the
Am oty .1;nn.  _12. followed  bx  The  1 inn
i,] i hl  'Nouse,  Ju.  2:1.  Aijestic  the-
Na' l10villio i  tir d i    <~(   1 il~ s
ari'' iso" lie tliii utitiltuls. Oakwxoodl
fullk   sit,  wilt a piize contest for
h  1 1t   l% it r,  is  tunin  111im  awty.uN
Better Place on Bill.
()It t inh Putt' \xIit, uxteo List seiii in
Chicago at ther ajestic last June, were
on the bill at the Olympic last week
and the reception given them is shown
by the fact that they opened the show
MNonlday afternoon and nt night were ad-
vanced to the fifth piace oti the bill. Air.
Fe'nl's conedy is vers' enjoyable. When
lie uses the rope portieres to burlesque
bamboo chinies he miaRes particularly
wool with those who like clever travesty.
lie   ti daughter. Dorothv Fern, made her
first appearance ot the stage at the Faim-
ily theater in 1.afayette, Ind., last week
ani hie is ver' proud of the fact that she
won the prize. Little Dorothy is three
iand a half 'erts old and sang "Srnarty."
Spencer, (Ia.) Is Dra stic.
Webster City, ia.-The city council of
Spencer, la, has passed drastic ordinances
forbidding public dataces aiid public skat-
ing rinks anid also forbidden the cit' to
chnirvoyants and paltaists. The penalty
has been fixed at a fine of $100 or thirty
Iays in jail. Spencer is the town 'where
the AW. C. T. UT. a short tine ago got
every drug store license revoked. The
placi' is chiefly noted for having fourteen
churelws and a population of less than
3,500--GEO. C. TUCKER.
Olendorf's Arrangements.
Springfield. Alo., Jan. 18.
AIliger Olirf has arranged to play
the best of his bookings at the Diomer,
tlte stock resting on those nights.-FU7-
Ellery Band Concert.
Columbus, 0.. Jan. 14.
Nearly $600 for Italian earthquake suf-
ferers was realized at the benefit concert
given at Memorial Hall Jan. 7 by the El-
lery Band.   This organization  is  now
making Columbus its headquarters.
Pulfftlo, N. Y., Lin. 20.
rominent managers of Buffalo play-
louses met recently in the office of Dr.
P. C. Cornell of the Star theater and
formed an organization to be known as
the Buffalo Thtatrial tanagers' Associa-
tion. The following officers were elected:
John Etnughlin of the Lytic, president; Dr.
1. C. Cornell.  vice-president; John R.
Oishei t If th' Toek, secretary and treas-
urer. Pegilar imeetings will be held, at
whih ibtsinesS 1tertaining to the theat-
i     l business  wNill be discussed
It is blieved thit the orgariiz ation will
exercise a potent influence in the theat-
rical field in this rity and victinity.-
Extraordinary Acrobatic Act.
iaston.  Va.,  Jant.  19.
TIhl    t Alinan Acrobatic Troupe, con-
sisting of six poile appeared at the Or-
phoum Ist wrk, ind is here conceded
to lie one of the cleverest, cleanest and
most extrtordtinix acrobttic acts that
Ilis ever appeared on the local stage. It
was the star attraction of last week's
hill. The lady aoiralist-the only one that
has ever tpp' ared in the house turning
i doubt(l sotierstilt from ai improvised
seeo-saw to the shoulders of Mr. Mangean
--luis youth, charim of manner, and imod-
osty of demeanor. Her performance is
dotte with suth  'race and apparent ease
tlhit the tot i made all the more thrilling
and astmisltng. The catthing mtd som)-
eiault throing of Mr. and Mrs. Alan-
git is wioithv of ite highest commenda-
tion, while the other people in the act
1lt  pritt'iti s  ITo iting'ins  are  hooker
or lII, Now York Tlippndronie from the
-al1      llIut to thc end of the
H. F. Matthews Made Him a Hanoome
Offer but the Manager Cried: 'Tik
Back Your Gold!"
Iflintington, `,Y. Vil., .aInf.
.Joe  inrl,  mnat gpr''  of  lt  III  -
ton thntr'. lhts a sofia pilloic on  I
are hundreds of signatures of Ixell  rin
actors  anld  actresses.  It  III,  loll,- n
it soure if g'r'e'tt mlile to li 
atitractel more attentioii tain itn,
artile  in  his  ba elor  apaIIIIItment
It. F. Matthews, nianagir of Fifti
ftro  Botton, saw the itllow  wh  x
show  wv is here laist w\eekt and 1]  to)
tmpt   a er Gincor to ell it,  isi
off'its were useless.
Eight  or.  ten  aittrneti' it l
here i tlie noXt two weiks and tr    -
i    t Tit tent  is purci  it oil t ri  'I
tnotable as he is a gteat fa'olil
this  sectiont.
Biliposters Cause Excitenr t
Kalamazoo, Mich., .J
The Porltllo Stock comlpan he
boards  at T'lt  A a  tili tis  ,1, ,  is
plaing to fair busintss contsidit  hi
"sulliici'tncx'" of repertoire shows I,
11tonll local theatergoers this seasone
Alajestic prsentts a ''ol roi   '  ill
Iteitliid  witht  the  s!ei tol'
This ar-t    oedno littlewo
amog the natives. list week  %on
effor ts  of  space-hungry  blilly  stel  [it
do .(  Juiled  upon  fthe  town  onle  nli,  1!'
plust''d ierY dind 'ixill  oad      .
tin  i t th  ity  iith  the  word,,
dat,  is foot-ili  typ.  Theti orlt
doitn  e c  I l t i t j osl s.  Il
beTotter  class  N oudev ill-
ltrengthen  their  bill.- t  tiolL Tii )N
A New Lyric Smith.
Fargo, N. D., Jan
IL. E'iLr  Simiith, soni of the  wel-  in
iluettist, has rirnetrl  fomi as n  .
cesSftul writer of IYri's of sverl  u -
lar songs. Ar. Sinith as, for sotn  ae
past, been the advettising inagiii,  Id
press agent of the Orphlicuin  thl  in
Spokane, Wash., and was, for i        irt
time, the telegraph editor of Th   go
Daily News.
Several of Mr1% Sanith's songs at  'ig
used by "hi, acts" ti tle OrphI   it-
cuit, the printipal one being "T;],  le
Down to Loig Beach," which Lint     nd
Lawrence are using with gri         S
in the ANrst. The ltter song is   ilie
sumninir i ti  'ariety, aLnd is i  led
to lie a big lit
Alr.  Smith  w11l  s il l         on
inl  l11  genleral  ofli-e         ila)
circuLit in Ciao
Actors Take Si 1      d
Seattle. \
The Alskani, a coni,   atic' T l 1 I pil
Eletheta atid I-tortv Gitt, tht"T
one veor awio and has Id iao
caie back hme last week and IIpl  t
big hoiuses at the laoore  The n  r
of tie chorus had eal snox  atid
a lug alert garbiedin tlit taittI~ id
acotmanied by the teddy lear,       of
the hits of the opera, rode over tI  II-
cital streets of the city. Alth     i
oxi'ter, 'ilthn Cot gaxte titeo
one iight's pierforinance to tiI    ty
of the lt\' Namtie. SEFRET.
Miller and Hitner Disag,
I  amiltonl,  010i,.
Samuel C.   iller is ot of th  ,v
stock company, which closes ,       t-
dlay engagemietit at Smith's theato n-
da' ntight. Owing to ditsensio   ur
and D. Otto 1litiner, who haid IrT  the
Aultrex tontt dt    liig tile   0!-
soitrigreed to distatree  Millrn1'
and Hitner, with the assistanie of  ''lus
mn'iimbers of the company, took mI  tle
cornIpan>'s property pla's and tt  it-
ner has also a part of the s ,       nd
rights of the late lIarris-Parlk n   ekV
comopany and has adde(d tl,        the
Aubrey company.-LEITER.
H. C. Young Gets Theate
Hartford, Conn.,
Spitz & Nathanson's tnreit' lit'   tic
theater has passed itito the IIIi I   it
foiner nanager. Ht. C. Young  II xas
assigned to 1nanage the hotse in Pi I and
has lieeti for 12 'years at tire Pito\ ice
thteatet' of the firtet. Att'. Y'oug h't'ol 1oee
planning to pitrchase the house f'  Imte
No Animals Cross Border.
Carlisle's pantomime dog and talkcing
pon' were booked to open at 'innipeg,
Atnitoba, Feb. 8, but oxxing to th  fact
that sone disease is prevalent I   hat
section which prohibits aninils fir  ip-
Dearing in that city, the date      the
opetiig of the act on the Sitllix', atgd
Considine time was set back to Feb
15, and it will optn at Duluth, Muin.
Noodles Fagan at Home.
Altoona, Pa., Jan. :7.
Clinton Fagan, the now famous Atoona
boy and known the world over is the
chanpion newsboy, lecturer and 'aude-
ville artist, is back in tie oild hotn town
and is doing his x'audex'illo tutrti :i the
Orpheum  theater. le is seoring  big
tit with the large audiences. Siti.  his
last v'isit to the city 'Noodles" has en-
teretd the vaudeville world and has at-
reard mtade a decided hit with his songs
and witticisms.-W. S. WESTBROOK.
Roof Garden Planned.
Okhblomla Citv. Okla., .Tun. 2.
An  up-to-date  i'iof  'g'rdet  is  tnitii-
plited for the now tlitlit to the till
holl huilding whic.h is now  uinder~goin
constructio. It is cIte Itltton of u1 lig
to itise the builling to unit' stoties aInd
to estlish the garden on the tenth floor.
Aisriuds of ittututlesti'ttt lio'lts wxill lie
,  it 1 ag1  tof  sittltl  stu'  fill' 1 tiud'vile
will1 be rooted. ,1alin sinlopoullo fil., gin
oidris to his arcihitects to dra  plans for
an  litr  tine  ti i C Ot $10.0t  'iitl  a  seat-
iit  toleait' tif  2.000.  It  is  titi' fitentirit
S> ope vith stock and xiudexville about
Aay 1---NASIt.
Carl Ahrendt Dead.
Atetritiliis. Trltit., h in. 12.
(tiklt  .\lu','tt  t  xehktixt  :wor'  atir]
it',  'i'e' l otititls  ettg'i'  titiutaer  of
Jamelos K. linekett's cnniawny, dtied Inst
Ili-lht ;it GrIeenville, \It's.. oIf pnecumlonia.
Mr'AlieItnt xis takn ill i Atlanta.
11 htd ptlyd x'ilh Fotest  ooth, Me-
Cullougi and othiers of the oll school,
and  sevd    throughloil  thI,  Iivil  wiar.
During Mrl. Clvean'sOst namlinilstra-
itt  Nhrtint  r'preseted  the United
s-tair's  is'ciisul it Beit. T Is hotne
ats tit Tltiliri.  Iits   the seconld
death ilte   m'ipan' sinet tihe southern
trip begit.
Surprise for Haber.
OkI'liinma City, Olin., Jan. 18.
A pleasant sirprise was given P. 1).
liher. 1Fttrolnd d  Tin  Atis., who was here
attenruinthg foflthetiet p" iflt, Nitiotal As-
sieialtion of Piltiooito  whin Alt'. and
Alt's. C. F. Bryan of Clevxland Ohio, gave
uin informal  ,inner party in honor of his
Iirthday  Carnations, toses aid ferns
x''eitsedtithe eror'ti"' see. Cox'-
ers wete Iid for Alt ad Atts B. Don-
i'lli' y,  'titont A  atid  Al\to.  Johit  St'tit-
tutr, NA'oltti~on1). C. At anir A\Ir's.
Charles Barird, Chiago, Ill., the guest
of hionor and the] host and hostess.-
May Play Vaudeville.
Lexington, Ky.. Jan. 18.
The Alajestic is making extensive im-
provemrents and it is said it will have
vudeville before long. IEither Sullivan
or Considine or   TiVilliaim Aorris will do
the booking. A   halen>' xwill be put in
the theater which will give it 400 more
seatirg' npicity.  aitdevillxxiill be given
six is a wieetk with moving pictures on
Controversy Over Rent.
Al tooa Pai., Jan. 14.
Alanager Robison, of the Edisonia the-
ater, recently dismantled by the owner
of the building. John Eiert, on account
of a controversy over renit, has sued AIr.
Elhiert for $10,000 damages and the case
will come up at the next terim of court.-
THE SHOW WORLD Invites All Members of the Profession of Entertainment to
Contribute to This Column-An Accepted Article Entitles the Writer
to a Six Months' Subscription to THE SHOW WORLD
and Permanent Membership in
Game No. 18.
This littl,, gini, i, to bhplye between the opera houso tr~easurer, with
tie assistance if the opera house door man or ti'het collIetor, and the show
'nialinlger. tidel by the show advantce agent.
iev''l'il  conditions  as  to  the  qualifi''tiolns  of  the  phltYers  ttist ie  consid-
ire'1. To 1gint with. tle adanc" ian, who must he a rattle brined, whirl
witdl talkri  N always looking for "lady friends' and never attending to his eon-
plivirS itirsts. nust opein the gaime by considering it not  oith while to
-stiulint  or.  to  epolt  the  seating  capacity  of  the  hous'.  It is  essential that
he fail to inforin his mtianiag'tr of this point. The tinager of the show imust
iit'i hi  ''"tn the mail since the '60s and mnust know it all." The hous treas-
int t 'Upon the night of Ihe show informs the door man that thet't' will Ie a
1h11  ou't on  this troutp'.  T1e  il'o rmint  during  the  first  till  gets  tli'stv  aitd
gets  tttt  tisher  to  stiild  tor hima  whtile  ho  nttk's  a  1et'  line  for t h1 tt off iee-
nI eleriv turns ill ttt or twenty 'dillm' seats. This optration is repcat'di
is the attildanlce permits. The nan ter in the nicanti' h:ts Peit properly
flatk(, it o , h iatitulde  of  *'take  your  Word  filr  it." 'I'The  statenwlnt  i"  I I
shlowo nothing of t1w seat held out but shows thmt there ale tickets left fo ,
very insold secit. Tie tiasure may n  livid' up1t i'vt'tly with his econtfederate'
hlt thris d lis dl.rJl  upon howB. ree  the       is. The manager must
,"i]g  "Iles  :1  I'll11  good  fellow-  Wh1,n  speak ing  or  thIe  hlouse  troeasurer.  T e
imnager is (Iketed.-J. G. B.

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