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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Plays and persons in paragraph,   p. 4

New Gottschalk play produced at Duluth,   p. 4

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November 7, 1908,
I -
T     I. An.. ii-six theaters in Seattle
In Ivi'y oe of them are reported as
making money.
Charmion is playing the Orpheum cir-
cnit. li Los Angeles they called her the
Stlone of the Air.
Harry Houdini, the handcuff king, is
filling a month's engagement at the Ox-
ford Music Hall, London, England, where
he is meeting with great success.
J. H. McCarren, for many years the
Keith   stage  manager in Boston and
known to the profession everywhere, is
going to Portland, Me., to manage the
Keith house there.
Two other recent importations for the
Orpheum circuit that are well liked are
the Cadets de Gascogne, a French sing-
ing cluartette, and the Four Orans, a
sensational aerial performance.
George Ali, an American animal im-
personator, who has long been successful
as the dog Tige in Buster Brown, will
play the cat in Dick Whittington, at
Drury Tane theater this Christmas.
Frank Mostyn Kelly, who achieved
some little prominence in the east a few
years ago as a cartoonist, is appearing in
the west in vaudeville assisted by Albert
Green, presenting a comedietta, called
'om and Jerry.
George Primrose and his dancing boys
open in San Francisco Monday. On the
snme bill Hope Booth. the dainty comed-
icnne, will produce for the first time her
new sketch, Cleopatra. by the late Ken-
neth Lee, author of Billy's Tombstones.
William  N. Famous. author of the
Colonel Crook stories, will write a sketch
for vaudeville purposes, using the Colonel
as the feature part. He is only waiting
to run across an actor who can create
the part.
Gennaro and his Venetian Band are out
on the coast. Signor Gennaro was ni'k-
tiamed "the eccentric" in the east, but
in San Francisco one writer said: "He
has Sousa and Creatore lashed to the
mtusic rack. Compared to Gennaro they
are marble statues."
May Tully insists on making vaudeville
"Ston, Took and Listen." Now she is a
ilrodlor and Miss Tully presonts, At the
Semind of the Gong, described as a one(-
act episode of  te prize ring. It openedl
in T~ouisville last week, aind is said t'
hie a real success.
hMissl Bosuhes Morrison has beinn ai
starring tour, appenring as Marguerite in
a Production of Fa:'at. in wh~iih ier
talhier. fie late TLewia MNorison. avon
fameo and fortune As this Is Viss ATtor-
rison's home town a large audience at-
tended the performance.
Burt Haverly, once known n11 over the
country as a minstrel and comedian, and
a brother of Col. Tack cTnverlv. droppo,
dead- inl a Sap Francico Calfe last week!.
Tfnverlv came into prominence a minrter
of a century ago. TIe was assoiated
illi Reed & Emerson and later appeared
i Hoyt's ocimedies.
William Norris: will tlow essayi the role
of Timifer Mnpilstoni w in The  otKiss
lnving in Boston. wlich. iil the Ill-
,'oss of R. C. Herz. has been plaved by
Iwo others. !\Tr. Herz is now in a Boston
hosnital, and the doctors say it will he at
lhart a mouth before he can return to
tile  east.
Miss Violet 'Inck  as siiedo an 01-
'li"t"m connt. at  nd opens  ithl Tn itll
',eh     at St. Pali Nov. q. This i, Miss
'l'ine:'s    kiw ske'th SOO  reonl' 'i lb"'
12, iN ,onm,. it isacannds skofh, 1,v
I121''*r  111o'  TW oolf  e ll,  Tn  i'e ip .-.
nvi   wihi rhis  i  niinilli"  so ',  being
a:no1 in Nesw York's iud''i'grnontd tun-
iol of traffic "The Tubp"
Ai iTarror of the TT-rvrv f"llmil" of
'ri',alifs,  sacis  to  hv-e  'hieve'l  a
vsitb e r-vation  lit  Ito,  Cole  No~i.  in
(illcilnnti. w"o  that fsrmlon, E'ro'enP
1'ncre toade it, Aniericnn dole"t  A1,0"d
tills notie and hniodsome atlolet'a mi-
is coiisilored on of the "'not 'sfli'clivo
ld"e rformers i" fi1e rli'll' ,"ll   1 and
iorin is naonlhy renrlv to indorn
41,-f  ninion  ijd'iing  from  the  t1i'ipnsatt
l1'e Tinod  'ill ndoni tle c'owinal
"'"   of 1e tlOp 1h't  -e 1  t-
fot of Ethele TVlitesid -'o --' O 1,;
hi' -t a Tnnilon ",si, 1-11 'Tiss T1-i
has  oe r .'too  t ie  T ,) i'on  rgio ..  ''-
rn-'ent th'e su  of HOt0 to rertn ,,o
''nio''''whoO ah" O'010 oen himnin a
domestic sene."   Tie nrovi51nn of lhe
hnn  stionilals lt ibe is 'f to be  I_
Inwed to ,orf.n n1 11', 1   m
Is  under  Miss  1I1 '  c ive.
('n c s Frointinn!  is  (I" rnainll'  to  stick
to  hS i  iabit  of  umui o ll\  iNiving  l'-tr'
Pni at tie Duke of Yotk's thater, Lon-
don, alnd although Barile's TVhat Every
W1oman Knows is packing the house at
i'ery performance, it has got to give way
at Christmas for the bov who wouldn't
grow ip). Mlr. Frohian is making ar-
rangements to move Wthat Every Wo:nian
Knows to another theater during the run
of Peter Pan.
Henry TV. Savage has disposed of the
English rights in The Devil to Robert
Courtneidge, who will produce it in Lon-
don as soon as the necessary arrange-
ments can be made.     Oliver ITerford's
version of Ferenc Molnar's masterpiece
was played for copyright purposes at Bir-
nlingham as far back as April last, and
Mr. Courtneidge announces his intention
to guard against any infringement of the
rigilts thus established in this country.
B. A. Rolfe, the vaudeville producer,
sails for Europe Nov. 17 to open offices
in London. le is taking with him his
Colonial Septette, which is called the
pioneer musical act of America. This act
at its production was tile first one of the
so-called big acts in vaudoville, to cos-
tume itself elaborately and to carry a
car load of scenery. It seems as if the
English field was going to lie invaded by
Americans, as Joseph    Hiart sails for
Erliope the same week.
In at offeial statement frot the offices
of Villiam Morris. ITnc., in refeene to a
poliev on Tautder's life for £13I3G, it is
statd that Mr. Morris pays Lauder
,100.000 for twenty weeks, the Scotchman
diawing a salary not only for wlen lie
plays, but diuring the time that he is on
the ocean coming from Enland and re-
tining. Despite tills, it is Mr. Morris'
ieliof that he will clear a sum equal to
the salary paid Latder on his American
A European not reconilv imported by
Martin Be-k, which is making a good im-
piession in the west is The Ravlons. who
present a novelty. In the Realm of tile
Alligator. which foreign writers enthusi-
astically arccliirl as something entirely
new ill the contortion line. They' anpear.
as the title sugests. as alligators in tile
depths of a tropically climatic forest and
Pierforll some  really  mlarvelous  con-
tortions without being in ant' way in-
sightly or unattractive.
The next European novelty to be sein
The Love and The Law Sggested by Guy Wetmore Caryl's Novel,
The Lieutenant Governor, Has Political Aspect, But
Lacks Knowledge of Politics.
Duluth, linn. Oct. 2.
Love and the, a politial dranima
vritten ba Ferdinand Gottschalk, 1had its
first 1ublic presontatioi liee last n ight
fit t1:he 'etim thealtet hut the shock cot::-
pin  i at that house. The criti's agre'
that it was swell staged and finl I: pla*'yed
ha' tlie excellit resident  timpaiy, but
that 111, manuscript is hualY ili need of
The programn follows:
'hle lMack-L~eone Coimipait Puesent
First Prodution n .\nt\ Sig, of Ferii-
flt]i( Gottscihilks and H; u  Tlegruie
Cowt'lis Political IIralm,1
"LO''    ANI) TH     LAW."
The   uthttitors iare iudeb'td to  uN W citore
(trit's nosel, "the Liutinaiit  io'-
oilor" for the( foluldation l- 
the tplaY.
The Players.
oliuHamiitmn Uniclas, tih, lieutenant
govern-or   - .I.....---1enry  \I. [hicks
S' n   C  i'vendlish ,  a  dentist............
........................... W illard  31N nek
Elijahu  Abbot.  ie(  governor............
.........................  .F r n cis  .1 'ioier
INiier Ruthbawi, a mill owner.........
...........................  E -1rl  M etcalf
Col  Brou ndtstle,  U-.  S.  Ainn...........
......**...  ............  U\nrsh all  Farnum n
Mlichael MlcGath, a politicl bisi......
... ... ... .. ... ... ...  J y  O uip po
Clerk. at the eapitol......nRolmert Pueston
'illiam, the  buttons  at  thiie  club.......
........................ TNvni l e Ross
iMlaid. at Barl'ay' Cleveland
Natalie Ra1thwne..........MAlaude Leoneo
.CT I  I-  1  'Nn   : i]  1  ''',mu int '  C l'b m
'i nna,  Im gl.
ACT II-Rirelay's sitting room. The
iinie of power.
ACT' Il-The governor's room   at the
cit; 1'l. The instriment of fate.
An'T It-Tbe saie    A eruistioi tind
lifnne-Th present. Place-. S. A.
(line resiester sid:
'e i'l5-lydealswith the labor problem',
lvet and politics. So filr as the plaYers
ate concernl, and so far as the sceni
:tffects go, 1-t evening's attrnctioi was
tie of ti: list produced by ihe corm-
"'1r. fottshlialk's lines tre gond. but
lois ile'cimhl im knowvledg' if politics
ml( political chnaadr drnwingt. Also hie
llot, a few thnsto l-111n anut the labor
pro lm  li'efore  ]w  (ini  t hils  ihi'uructers
to 10Ik out oif its dopth .
. 1  in, e  xi's'o   gu-i o i through  itlioit
u  kis  until  the  enl  if  the  piece  is
reilied and tl  nl ienii'e finmilla' imiade
intare that it is li' aong 11io of the
p'lV, titow  oNor1 sWho  she loves, 'ind
Iut  th1'  imh illie  fliend  for  wh11om11  at  all
I'e'vious tilies l' shows'd mtamked prefer-
eice. But tlhe loi' inter'st nver flags.
"Mr. iMack had tle" role of anl auslithe
fi1 fin agonl oif fate  through   th0
1'edium..cI of  mur'lr to  bring  aboulit all op-
h'ortunily for the hr to send alit troolps
no1d ssin a strike nal miake lhimaself u
polil poster. Mr. MAck'S wek dbe1i-
cistrat'aes ain hIls filu enpelit' forc 'har-
titter delinention. Thile lie nppea nri  inm-
ketirnt and hiagnail., poorl v a' d  nidi
wietched. mmonill,'i aware of his pliqht.
hei wns the pivail lurnair cif the piece.
"TFonr'  TI.  ITicks  lia  th"  role  of  liu-
ennt  go'eir or,  n' d  pla ,sy it well.
'I"heie is Ineed for sol" prniv'nii  and
itenm  this  is i niuml-.  i I'  will  1''  1-  1-
l -I    ] :  I .   in I '  l  1  :  n'
'ni  i  i  I  fHIS Hliii
I' us Frni i i'lianu   who iiiight i
i    a                  Tiimtil.  g'nius.  He  is  ri
claimed as Europe's most accomplished
z*lophonist and concertinist; lie is a jug-
gler of continental reputation, and an ac-
robat of note. Iilagine a novelty con-
taining these three achievements, and ain
idea is gained of Francini-Olloms offering
which has been a much-talked-of success
in Europe. He opens here in December.
It is annotinced that Elsie Ferguson,
leading wornan with Edgar Selwyn in
Pierre of the 'lains, was married several
months ago to Frederick Toey, the son
of the late John toey, vio was the presi-
dent of the Adams Express company.
He is exceedingly well known in New
York, although his home is in West End,
N. J., where lie is an extensive real es-
in.te operator. Mr. Hoey first met Miss
Ferguson shortly after her graduation
from The Liberty Belles.
S. A. Grubbs, known in the vaudeville
profession as Onnip, has applied to the
Inited States court in Boston for the ap-
pointment of a receiver for Onaip, incor-
Ierated.  Inm his petitioni Onaip states
that the other menbers of the corpora-
tion. Messts. Patterson, McAfee     and
Morris. have retained the funds of the
concern fill] refuse to pay salaries and
legitimate 'xpeises of the act. Onaip
incorporated himself and the others last
sumimer in order to produce his 1ypnotij
and illusion at. wilhl  made a sensation
in vauimideville. He is playing at the ait-
nlial Fond Fail-, Boston.
The present craze of dancing is not con-
fined to the east aecording to reports from
Orpheum houses in the west, where Am-
erican and foreign dincers are received
with reomaikable sucess and apilna.-
There has ieen no d1ind apparentl .y for
lh  Saloie or near-nude type, but the
really-too-goodness steppersseem to be the
most proinliar of aill the iets. Among
those wl are aclieving ntable suceesses
are: The Four Fords, 1rtia. De Haven
and Sidne', Agnes Mair. Bissett cad
Scott. Vini Das. Johnny MeVeigh. Los
Slivaggis. The Roonev    Sisters. Bertie
Herron 1nd tile Reiff Brothers.
When TTarry Lauder goes to Boston
Novemier 9. he will receive a greeting
such as has never before been extended
10 any vaudeville star. Suottisi societies
in kills will i'e oil hand whlein his train
eorees in and all the Scottish societies
ini Greator Boston have bouiglit blocks of
Fi'nts, reqouests for reservations coming
t, t1i   ph -u'a um management f':
hsfr diant is Montreal. I    it, f(,
tle first time Lauder will I'    ien an
official awelcome by the city anild state
officials. Alexander MacGregor, president
of the Scots' Charitable societyi will ban-
:ruet Lauder at the exclusi\ il-gonquin
CIlub and Governor Guild and aTIor Hit.
bard have accepted invitations to attend,
Announcement was mlade 1,\ the Op-
Ic nheimer Brothers in St. Louis that Miss
Julie Ietne, who has been having su,
a  marked    success  in  the  vaudeville
sketch, A Mountain Cinderella, has been
signed to open the Suburban Garden thea-
ter of that city next year in a new play
of her owrn. Its title is MaaingSylvia,
and it deals with the experince of a star
actress whose manager and leading sup-
port are in love with her at the same
time and importuning for iaiable con-
sideration of their suit for hcr hand.
Managing Sylvia will le present d in four
acts, if present plans i' nried out,
and after being trieI - i in St. Louis
will be sent on tour.
James McDonald aid V        i,  unting-
ton are two Americann i           arli artists
who have won unusual distinction and
popularity abroad, aid thei ruirn to
re-oen here November 22. after a long
en-ngement in Britishi ousic halls. The
I indon Sketch recently described their
ofrrill" as follows: "A distint novelty
in its was is the Ameri-an entertainers.
icDonald and Huntington. The: are a
iei'sical couple, and introducc both Irish
itird  Am'erican songs.  Their repertoire
tfries from Am11rican raq-time to Kil-
Inrnes love songs, and ther also give a
ciuraeter song as a New York newsby
and his sweetheart.    Ihely ilanee well.
too, and thre is huior as isell as senti-
nient in their entertainment."
A big New York tobacco company with
a chain of stores is offerig to redeem
cigarettes and cigar coupons with orders
fitr liee ihighest prieerl tickta if tertain
uhcato's il flbpelt:. TIhe lii'titosti1,
v Hicl this offer npilies are the Casi.
Iyric. Dnla's. Lew Fields'. -Terald Squar
TWest End, T'ajestic and    lippldrom.
Ac'ording to the list '0vents-fi c certif-
en:tes iay 1 e exehianged  at th foiu
'protit-siiring statins  of t  anmpani
for an "order for $1.50 seat fo' :n Mon-
(1s night performance, legal holiclaysex-
cented, at any of the followin" iheaters:
ietst  End. H'tpnodro'ao    or Tliestic.
"sonis 1 Oi-t  "  For ome hundh'is ece
I Icates the Ptdir comin pmuiles 
"use n   ' orde tom his e2 seat icrais
plasv     "_lit i~orfornnanc le noul lislinaY
cII1t -1. ant an  of thi  andtllinlru o
,Ia: 1.ess Fie(,lls' Herild Sm::amc. tic.
i':su Pr Dalvs a season Itil A"
Tease V . I askys the  mosr i-mircel
-1 inhid ]'ucus oile.of tme nt-I icees-
fin producert in saweile. i "ing ing
-irntheproducing fied ofi  sica ar-
ed:' accordig to his elocint npraise
'cnthe Orli hum aoiuit The tille ltz
iedi lewib i Tn,  B  ai'sl trinthof
lisFt -li" sdlii: 1s 10 lie 'Ilced isa:'e
Thit" rest  acorelins' to  11 inik0tes
wii h Insa   ha onst  i3. i   - ui aid
"'uds'ill ellos  a cli am' eiii Of
Isv Mr I isk's halft ( o1 lmaiilsl'
Fatin   are siill noin   The Sinmning
fo'enadutht Tle FTmlrteln 1irkTissrS
1lie  iniara  Octette. Tkech IUsp Qh'
Icte 'The Filt Hlbes Ali Nlit ol the
1luseboit 'ie Pinnitsiieof  ate allis
o ii tiletirpillnl  inciitoime  1scoit,
A5t the C1iinrs't Clim. Pit.lln il ad The
'11sil Illt: is a c,'ilcsm  Sc brsio Of
flie l  hoolnnt'tula'.are o' the  I'cis fthet
NStlo'li  nhot hs i porn       cfurent
pe rstign  l'nd  C~ lsiv  nss.  1.  wa, s thor
evN- 'omacr~ihat thet liii ,n    Fran- i
ltn f      M i(lliti tT l ladTI tio thet
ie' lst stni   rlist" M  fl it, aIithl
f th ,  i   iiieone  oft  ta  trll  u
:  11i: F10,d onis a m i, te  of ,I Zeor
it   . Onell  m o  the tsi'rs. tl"'li
W. 'rid EIi .Tiil. nni nt  Dr.i H1
liar Iolinr MeAlihter't'S ,1:.i1tr O
T   liux'sm thuewn foinls' t of "semi MTOb"
I  C0  lie  i-d.  uni  )f  flei  j1'lie:.  tile:''
pol11 M :011icthe 1rmpothrl Alfroer
i'o ano t er s  ll'r  Isse s  ,  lis  1rr1
exlisis"  set.  Mrs1, . M  tlstm Hal
-    fmo  t'wis ome of thr HMrm i. P1i-1
.  '.. 1,''sitif  Sit  Uprim:h   of  NStts I-'
I'"'is. fnie of thle ac'ors sislc'5s ,\larlsa.
.........iedl  F. V  Wie. am(  1:1m l0: H nty
11*tm of 'Sn,: Fraiicis:'o  Edith mat'
ci  i iiitr Ncalainds; Tlim".  Iiaift'
ATi Depest'a mo1ther wsa:s a asiemr ofIrs.
Tjm  ' lislot'.  hem'   .\le ltin's  eN
m',:narr'ied  liU'- palii 'f atis
'iii another, of iUnll'* sistemls 1"Imarried
ac'si  T  ,I  Pm  ii,:    5rIm'
i A..

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