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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

New film subjects,   p. 18

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I  011,
Write, Wire or Walk To
Alamo Film Exchange Co.
We do not belong to the Crust and, therefore. do not charge exces-
sive prices. Shipments arrive on time. We guarantee no repeaters
304=306 Conroy Bldg., SAN ANTONIO, TEX.
;y :i  .     Fo  n-,-t  litlm  subjt'i s r----- ntinti -s F 1  shmit5 tpi-,
Mc  nin  i b- y t  th nin- rting  pitur.... roid-atni-htt'r Miss" Fruit ti iiress. twitk
inuifactuit's last wvi. SNiios's of   and act stylish.   Soon she is tranlstfitrmed
the lettrrs are pi senlti iwith:itl       int  a stylish young lady with all the cil
Puirsit of a Stilt.             irttit
Ilaziig.-The country girl ait htr room-
tv-vi and futty fliml isSu-  br S. Lubin  inatu ore taken out in the dead of night and
   'f hiladelhia is ettitled The  'rsuit of  tade to take college secret society oath
a Sui. The story is that 11r.  mli..n uit s   t efore a grinning skeleton.
a    id lite1 $S suit ott   I igior, outsile of  Itivals-Te 1ountly  girl soti sIcomes
hsStiin', It the reducedt prite oF $7.Su   thle belle of the collvge anid tiu  th   a f-
Two tough characters, needing tew suits, fetion of hiet rival's sieethat' it
decide to pla' a trick on Mr. CbieI. Ote      Stoleni Intrview.-Climbing out of sv'ond-
of thein staIds in the place of the dummy     story window with a sheet rope. The city
iwtile the other catrris tie dumoyt away. gil its lIer lover. They quarrel and she
Is accomlice follows shortly aftur writh    decids to get even, ithti country girl ri-al
hat which Ito stole front a farmet.  Th     Thi lnitation.-Totn receives and accepts
farmer seeinig the ditaummy run awvay calls   iniittttation to the basket-ball gamce.
out Mr. antd Mrs. Cohen.                        The Basket-till tamt.-During the prog-
tnd ttow  starts one of the livliest and  rss of the gaine, our heroine spratis iii
futtiest chases ever seen it a uing plc      ankle, but h-toically decides to fitnis  the
tu   photograph.                              I t rame- in the imt-eantiite her city rival rotas
Frei at  last the   two   criminals  are  the girl's lockers and lays the blame upon
cuIgit, they are strilptd of their clothes    t    coutry lass. 'The real thief is 11tally
oln1 tttiirtt paper boar-S ate substitutted, artd  i oeiiccc a" t I -plcltot h   ole
ty  are then marched to jail.     (Lengtt     The Fire.-The college catches ire thoiugh
Suit feet.)                        ilits carelesstres.i of thre disgraceil girl.  co
 Girl Across the Way.            t   eare s   i itrt is oliirce. dOr Ieroine,
Aoiter comcdy subject of laugh-gaiin         l caught ill the flaies and unable to escape,
possibilities is The Girl Across tire Way.   falls unconscious to the bed.
Ain Irtist Ilirts with a girl across the     The Rescuc.-All is excitetent. The girls
street  uing Iiis wite's absetnce. Thu youne  come pouring out of the burning building.
taciy is trigIy indignant. The artist's wite  ()u  country girl is missing.  Tom  to the
coting along tIe street catches her lius-      rescue.  Into the building, through flatire
band in theicI ac't ot tiroliig kisses. Enter-  andl smtoke.  Hie  soon  returns  with his
ing th1e 11Iiou  site encouunters the maid, with  swo-tltart in his arms.
a gusting note addrvssed to the  oung lady,   Back to the Old Ioit.-The countty girl
asing   trie to  -cone  U-er.'  Mauam   is  returOs a cultured toun ladl, but realizes
stunid, btot resolves ott a Couse which    "That homte hearits are   bet afitvr  all.''
\i\I gite hiubby enough anitusuetnt.         (Length 1,000 feet.)
hic cilts oIi tIet object of her husband's       Selig Issues The Swashbuckler
adiii tion arid givcs her the note.   The                       *e
gl rhas alrcady told her brother, who In-      A splendid film of general intest is The
tds to pay    `it'. 1lint' wcell for his pre-  SilasihbuckIvr, recently issued Fit the Sulig
sunttio.   After linitig that she has a      lulyscope company.     The finery and air-
Ilutile ally il   tire broliter anrd sister, the  tilitity of the costuimtes and stage sttings
iI  dlvtumieics to confront 'Iubby" with  add remarkably to this production.
the gir, tit biother sees a chance tor sote    The first is i tavern scene ihere several
fun ais Iwell.                 t              mit   are at a table. SwN aslFbuckler enters'
He suggestS that    ttifey  pot on a suit   his friends join hinit in drilik.
of his etilcs and wig and go wvith theim.     Next sicti showv whee a villaiious Cap-
Tiey itert th- aitist's house, the girl act-  titt ot the Guard is beating a bit frl soure
ig as if she Tias quite in the mood for a  slight offentse
loiiiitttti.  'Tito ,ls itiet Fctitis So roittaitie  li Thto knoin~g Srvriurtvtlr ito be rc'
that the otlhe tollcs tltik it abutci unt to  sr ntulls oillinw  c ...tis in c  tei-ts hi I.
call a halt. The lesio li1e rcc-eivs from   Catain and suldiers follow. Sw-arsIbuclIe r
iit I-ill prev  t  any more strange coni- and   Captain    argue re-tedly and a duel
quests for some time . (Length  1i, ctet.)  cnsuts in which Swashbucklr picroes t mas-
Her Iirst Adventure.               te sitlt tire siird ard Fills iis oiipoluiet.
His Iticends dicperse thre soldiers, whort latcI
Her First Adventure or Kidnapped with       irturn and take Swashbuckler by surprise.'
thi uid of a Stret Patio is a new Bill-      1Yith nially guls leveld at him, his sword
gauht SitaujectI  t  sceione shotn at tire  is of no further avail.
uelitrig  t this Biograph iii     tyicat     The subsi-uiti  scee shois Sirat-bucI-
tiw of chtildlent ,iowaltig about an Irtrtlaia  lFr in prison, where the bot- cotes to tell
organ1-gindcr.   One little girl, more sus-    liit Ie ti-ill take the bullets out of the
ceptite tian the others, becoies so abso-   so(liers' guns and save him    from   death,
Iutely obessed writh the alluring chrmrits of at the intended execution. The buyv leaves
tire mirociro tIhat sirs tollowrs it circuntai- and a monk, acc-ompanidt Fit guards, on-
bulaitly fruint stand to stand  until finaIllt  tors the prison cel and reads the con-
ste is unable to retrace her   teps.   Tire  dlctm..nation.
org an-girrcI  and his bizarre-attilced wite  The follotring picture ishowrs the boy out
pretnd to sitI lr the tar, but ii1 reality' ill the prison court remoovings tit h  bullets
lead her furterI oil,                       and replacing tie guns where he fiound
At the hoimre of the little otin her ab-     then. The soldieis (ntile after their ritis
settee is  soon  discovered, and   agonizing   and  th lead  Swinsh-huckler out to be
inguish claws the hurttstrings of ma and   shut. The aim atid fire at hint iith the
pa.   Happy   thought!    over, the babt       tlank  loads, he  falls as though   killed.
friend aIri guardian, is put ott the sceut. 'Mtrmks (arrt'  hit awcay ott a baiter for
Ot and ail Ito goes, leading the pisuing    d,         r-ul.  AftIr they ha e arrived It their
Farty lthrouglh streets, laes and lields I until -iation,  shsII-buckIsr ii, toiri  iIntense
Ie IIIitn y surprises the fugitives ill a lonely surprise  arises and  tates thI  out of
twood, whre tit  hae atled Fr icticefresh    li  sht.a l Brig greatcly frighteneI 1t-)
Meritst.  'lie  titiitrcatit litictlirunaits  ac  willintgly attn] hutnc-cu- toniiii  'hfir utlec
setzed by the pcilet, and the child is re-   shows Swiash-buckler and the boy making
stored  to the arms of ete now     ilicitous  good their escaoe.
paretts, wh ile Htover frisks about with par-
donable egotism.  This 1i11m is exceedingly           Pathe   ilims Worth While.
beautiful  inl incident  arid  pitographY.    Late films issued lit Pathe       Frures that
(Length 575 feet.)                            should attract tie attention are The Avar-
Caught by Wireless.              icious  FaIItier,  The  Iler  and  Sredish
A thrcilling draiatti suiject, slowirg tie  )ances.  The syopsis of The Avaricious
etlicaIcy of the Marcottigrrii, is Cauught Sy  F~ather' is:
1iirles s, atress'  loi l   irccd  arid col-   Anold t:rian living ill asquailid room hoards
trolled bt the American Mutoscope & Dio-      awayi a fortune wihici he keeps under the
gin copan.        'TlTe opeting sceics ate  ittressi of ris tumblec  ioIn oldi  cTe
lard in I~reland, thre first shoinrg  thte int  screnelitungyit to tre htotme  itt his sort,
I-iot' of tin Irish  cobin, att wh ichn a dos-  hosite trie is ill ii both tand irlioce etil-
potic land agent calls to collect i-int. Find-  dInit are crying for food. The son, lin de-
ing the husband absent, oITcrs insult to the  spiair, goes to his father to appeal for aid
if-.  Tlit timely arrital of tire liusbana  in tIe faint hope that he might le able
resl ts iln the thrashing of the agent. The    to nid himt, but the old manl phads pov-
agent swears engeance and returns later      eity and turns his son from the tinor. After
wtith tIwo policemen, to arrest the husband, he lIraes a burglar gets busy, and climbing
but tie trio get a warmvir reception, and in O) to the roof of the building enters the
the skirimlish tire husband escapes and 15 mtdietr's homle trou-it  inidow. In a few
advised later by a friciel to leave the coun-  mrments Its  Ief locates the htard and is
ty, which lie does, after a tearful adieu    sorn clintg back to the ranf. but his foot
to his trife and children.    He takes the    slips and   the thicf with  his ooty goes
First steamer to America.                     hurtling down to the stre t, wh-lere he Is
The land agent prot-os himself at ui-    d    vshed to death ott the stone pas-emnt.
conscionable vaili, who   not   only casts  It noiw happens that the con cI omes alon
isiic Iris faithful wite, but tiro years auter  anti inds the troty tii a ipiol of F (ct. tF-
1Frtiittlizei  his tithloter's sate turd  le~s  fltticll  rt'cigitizi  tile plrse lt-ittg oit fiil
uniterclted on a liner    bound for New     ground   ttd  soon  surmiesit all.  Finti-'
York.   lie ioould 1c uie gid his -s-       tat h tis fat   is nt at ntioit    he tarr
crtpe hut for tire miercutiral ceolcritt of tite  fir', tirtse, coutsti its conitets  atti  gtsi
Mrcroti ccontrivancie, is-iit wisich  thre ship  a\\rr1ty.
Maros pnies civ From   Scot1and Yard, sion   Niit the old mier cntr' Fis room and
donr, a imessage for his app1rrehsi it s  cI Is  ( i (oirs that it has been rinsaked. Fran-
flashc  tto  the  sterrin N'c iteIlI  is  fit  torn  tin  ill  he  fcels  ot  rhis  ttiensir, Fuit  t  III
ilashied to the Nt-t Yolki (urnitce hreadquarte-rs.  tnttit  lutes nit tilt(  Ft. aund seeingr tthr
Fortitoiusly, ot the sant boutt there are  tutu ininldoi  Fits its rirt uteiteuluim'
as passengers, the wlife  nt el  rulinlic  of tie  lits ctsit inis  it this ointl, rtu  ter i
)cottig  It shiiin  stir,  Irr ntg  sutcti- e ti  it,  ir'l i(rutinturiutt  Fnu'texrilr-tlY  "itr-ts  111"-
gettiug Irimlnted uni tIne police force of   ei sitr his gold. The old mtain Ieomtes jFt
Ntem  oul,  lidi( sI-it for his dear ones to  fil anr  git's I1, young  iniait  sti-le hil.
jtin hit. The villinit is re-cigized by the  witCh the litt r neFettr tn  witlh t shrtug: Futi
wife ilile ott the ship, so of course his     his father apparently thinks Fott r, and
eapture is anl ecsy marittr wihen the boat    pre'Snting flue entire amount to lin   o r
touchdIn tine iock ait New York, wihisre the  te tin  F         i     nticwi  s is hayousl\i
hupp)1)y reunited fauuilt hre th  sttisfaction  r-entl ru  the s  os wif  Ind childrini
otf  ei    th    ivr sevutor run  to earth.  (L ngth, 410 feet.)
Length 96 ftett-                                   The Idler ' Funny Film.
New Edison Subject-                Tl- 1li v asslums tine proportions of a
\ late Ildisoni stle t is - CountrY Girli's  iumorus  iujet
Sinrt Life ainI lxperinc-s.     The synt-     The chief actor in this filtim is a vrc'
opsis of scnes is:                            Iz fellto. -    a1I nrises from  his bed and
The Old Falrm--,   ucutr   girl, leaving  his witt' Iitlnish s fim  Fltt -his room
hlmIe for thu si-innit .  tit'n rti rod-is to  i.list  li cle n 1 n  t o Bitt ihe ni she bts-
((it: o ptl tfo ts  ans ti e int  s 0itit e  t I i s tlittF FH '  ills  iltihi  tin 'rai. n e "
Iti-ceittiuri  Il . tnt  itin ul Of  thne  iuiiittt9  thur'  andlutu  l ip  j1tt 111 ittitt  ittirt  otnt
b'u''tF  nrittn  the girls gotitbhi'  Asignt-  itne lie'd, F1nn dirt onn FInn- florurn' sisrpr i15'V
iung thre girls to their resietie rooms.      into a  the chairs anld other furni-
't',  i'ltrttcinir'  'T'het  cott ryt   gutrF  met s  t5 liii   tire  Ints  pIiin  of  ilt ir'  mutt  ar'r'otc
a i ch it-lle   Fins  B--itrites  thn-  Faus ilt  rtti l Flu entirt  'l <oi glittlsef.  nehln-
stock rf tt    olcegc oi account of her odd  his shoes come ton1  him, slip on his feet:
country clothes,                               his coat gets on, his tie ties itself, and
tter old Iat whirls itself into position ott his
.acnuiunt. But his trife enters, warkcs himl'
tit and he fiuds that hue had oiyh been
<linuting, the runi bting still in wsild dis-
order.  Shie finally dispatches hin to his
ituiientrui  sout,  n1 ore  agtin  lie  falls  asleehi,
Lus   ootdi suing, cuttiung, Itltnnigt anu
and th tools, of their oNn accord, run ove
niurongur  lithout hum1nnu  aid.  But againr
Fhe bs ainoh cmed, onlyt finhtd his urk unl-
Ione, stibt waiting. 'When his tiife next
snds hitt marketing tue falls asleep near
a post and the basket and utersils in it
take a trip to a store, purchasing then-
selvesi to full ealacit, return to this basket
and shuttle back to the lamppost. But two
drunkards happen along, and taking charge
of the basket and its contents, go sagging
ff sith good prospects for in feast. Tte
ccift, t-anwile, becomes suspicious at the
Incg ab)sence of her better ialf, and goes
out in searhi of him.    Soon she comes
upon himu, asleep at the post, and a rough
eceptioi followrs.
Ike Shupe, better known as' "Scoit."* who
for t-ars has been ont the GrIaI Iark
Shois fin various capacities, went uudd'enl Iy
insane in Camtern, Tex., last Iweek   i1l
1,as plated under the care of the local
authorities and  overything  possible  dn "II
foir' his wrelfare and comfort.  Efforts to
tin- his  relatives  were  made   by the
Islirrms before leaving Canteni, but it wtas
imtpossible  to  locate  111Itnn,.  lie  wrill  he  sent
1n the State .5sylumt at Austin.
Shreveport, ,a., tiill have a number of
ainuse5nut enterprises  the  coming year.
'flue Erlisch Bros will run vaudeville in
the Grand. The Majestic mwill have a per-
ianent stock organization and the Park
theater will also have a stock company.
In addition recent efforts were made to
build ait airdome, but the fire laws were
mvih as to prtvent its accomplishment.
An undertaker in Texas was talking to
one of his pall-beanrs at a burial which
htd just occunlrrhd. The pall-tearer itas a
tpical polite Southerner. "You are i good
pall-boarr," said the undertaker. "I horit-
su iIll oficiate nit that capacity fir ni."
.  -itl  the  greatest  of  pleasure," r'  plied
the polite pull-hearer.
Arnold Wants toller Racers' Names.
Al Flatil, wO   has successfully handled
om-of th l1.-ret roller race m tis in the
country, and Frank B. Arnold, of tie Chu-
cago Hollr Skate company, expect to hold
roller race rneets throughout t1ne  ountry.
tint) tine anximus tnt hhi y ev  Onuttiuni tutu
lent sinntl seuni thneir ntamits alu addhrress
to'Frnk Bi   Nrnold, care the Chicago Hol-
Ior Skaite conpany, 65 S. Canal street, Chi-
cago, Ill.
At the Folly, Chicago, Fast week Joe Bar-
tutu anti brother, coniedy cychiets, swene the
bit of the bill.
Artjio nt o itilroads will he costly hr IRal
Shiow Mlurngers.
ht,,  run  agreetm it  ihin   eth-  railroils  o -)
iting west of Chicrgo, entered into a I est
das ago, the alloNance for haggat for
innnhers of th-atrial conpanis will In
rnluct1d r trm. <.  is50 to 1,00 piuids. For yi's
it  huas  Fr nn  th  rule i to  alow  rn  xita  10h
pounlds lotr 'ach pirson in theatrical troups.
It nas considered inaiiisthle owsing to thu'
inw  to  enitinue  this  practice.
T'1'his will s le a more serious blos to the-
ti     itr t ts  11auln  mtht 1is sI. uppoe , at
April 18, 1908,
Irifyou alread are al Operator.learnhon
to pass all examinations. Send for LIN-
Price,oF.0e C E.eLNDALL, rhHirbM,.
Also forsile bs thy Socubhn bxthange,3I A,
lautic St., Norfolk, \a., and theN. Y. Moti
Picture Co, 10,8 Golden Gate Ave.. San Fran
the extira 100 Pounds is a big itt with
the showr ptohie.   As the excess anount
iras usually taken off the total additioait
Iagrage, it still mean a big expenditu
t the managers of amttuseient comipanr-
ST. JOSEPH, Ail 1I.-Tooti tlheter
(W.  I.  Pili ley,  nig h)-Lillian  Russell, t;
Field's  Minstrels,  7;  race  G orge, t; L,,-
man a  Howre, 10-11, to good busins.
Ltcum   theater (C. 1. Philli, ugr.).-
High  Schootl  Girls,  2-3-4,  blui   goodr:
tIn(  Clothes  ia ,  -S: M us  Ma iis, 9-11.
I ric theater (J. H. Rent frow, tgr).-
Itntfiow stock company continues to drawt
good business.
V Crstal theater (Fred Cosman, igr.) -
l aud t ille continues to good busi ss.
Fohiopls's theater (J. i. McQuigg, ugi.)-
T iola Allen to Try New Ihy
(lit  tut  c ii  t k   ril  iin  1It  Gltraitd  Oh-
t-i-a  huse,  Chictago,  itniol  Allen  inll  pr-
sent for the first time it Aricna a newt
play  entitld  Illusions.  It  is  a  play  uc
some importance, being an adaptation if
Henri Titrnstin's Le Hercal. B'rntein is
the troirung Frenchman I ho i the author cf
The Thief. the contsicuous success of tlw
pr se-nt rrason in New York, wherit its be-
incr played by Ktrle Bellev and Miigaret
Illinton.  The new   play  has just been
placed in rehearsal by Miss tiltn, under
thi direction of Hugh Ford.
Ade's New Comedy.
QG orge Ade's  neest   nus ioni m ned'y,
which ie wrote for the    rlcin n lub of
I'uldue university, and wthich is  id TI
Fair Co-Ed, is to be staged bc h- -olley
toys i  Lafayetto  onday    d Tuesdai
units,  April  20  and  'I.  G;o-,  Timber
lIns  been  dirc ting  rehearsals, a i  th  pient
ItI  co'rsidered  of  sutlicient  imupirtanice  to
warrant the attendance of Madiison Corey
and  William  F.  (.ti'n or  thtitrwi al i atl
ae-rs   lThe music has been nritten 1, Mr,
Ade's nephew, George Ade' D' l S is, and 1. H.
.in'lskt, Pucueli grads.
John Murdock Goes to New York.
Tohtn 81urdock. general manager of the
W\V!st'rn Vaud ville Managers' Aisuoiation,
Ift Chkigeoc for Ntw York April 1S.
Koster Signs wvith Cohan & Harris.
Chas. ('Kid") Koster, the well known
theatrical and circus agent, has signed with
Cohan & Harris for next season. Mr. Koster
i, at present resting at Columbus, O.
Jonesboro, Ark., Theater Sold.
The Motoue threnter, Jotestoboi  Ark.. has
F-eu-n purcchatsed Fcy Wt. 1i, Patck~  ndni Jesie
Sinecair, utnder the firm  natue of Appltuegates
& Sinclair. 'Many    improvements will be
made in the house,
Indianapolis Skating Rink Burns.
The skating rink at White City, Indian-
apolis. Inc., burned to the ground last week.
Quick action by the rinkc employes saved
other of the Wh'Fite City Fnuildings threat-
'cn 1 1-v the flaimes,
-   i
The nature of your work renders you subject ti
Nervous Breakdown, Impoverished
Blood and Chronic Constipation
taxo mleo Nervoan Ethical Voriula. the new nerve tonic and sedativI
IBlo Puriiter and Corrector of Constipation is not a Temporary Ielief. such as
brought about h drues that create the drugit hait but is a Permanent ('tre. a,
contains those ingredients intended by nature to nourish and build up broken do'
nerves. enricltiimpoverishedblooandcorrectconstipation
Especiallv indicated in Neurasthenia (tire A and broken down nerves) Insom
(inabilitvtosleep).Neuralgiathe drug habit.sexual debility,female disoirc
Prescribed by a prominent phvsician with marvelous success. With his I,
missionwe IoI offerit to the public.
FLaxo leno Nrvo is not a secret remedy and does not contain injuriousdru
Giuaranteed under the Pure Food Act of .t ne 30. 1900.
Samples and formula fIurnished to phYsicans o application.
Put tip in tablet form. conenient to carrv and easy to take. Two weeks trr
inent put up in plain package and sent postage prepaid.
Price      =      =            $1.00
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded. InVestigation solicited. Addrs-
65 Grand Opera House Bldg., Chicago, III.

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