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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

International Alliance Bill Posters and Billers of America,   p. 15

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The fastest racers in the country use our
Boxwood wheels. There are none better.
Our Rink Skates have captured Chicago.
Write for catalogue.  ..
CHICAGO ROLLER SKATE CO.,"nanagan                 o
Premier Roller Skating Attractions
Riinks, Parks, Viudeville
Members American Association of Professional Exhibition Roller Skaters
Executive Offices: Tko Show World, 61-65 Grani Opera House Bldg.
Prof                A his. >.  MisslBessic      ...The...
TheMati eeGirlrandthe              America's Accomplished
forof essor                 TricK and Fancy Skaters
A Refined and Skillful Rol'er        Introducing Coast of-Death
Skating Production            Ending with Flying Leaps over 12 hairs and2
Aloress, The Show World. Ch icago  men. Address, Cara TheShow World, Chiago.
A mosa wonderful All-round             ROLLER       SKATER
Skater, Introducing               P    L  E      K   T
HEINE.     GABOOBLIE            actned renowned arti-t. travels on1
First timeconskates, the laughing hit. Changes  hoflestIv iron laurels. Is astar of high
orprogramiandostumesduringweek. Meets  orde-r. Pirttsburg Herald saIS. "Amar-
U ,ylocal speedska ter fc,rImile. Furenish own  \el o f _i-ace and skill.' Pc-rlrufflnt ad-
paper. Address. The Sh ow World. Chicago.  dross. The Show Worl. ('Iicago.
Skaters of the Highest Type         ---- The Dancing Skater,
Introducing their famous Waltz and  Featuring his famous Racing Dog. Major
nianit otieroigiiialda0n1ngstol>s. Both  Duke of Hearts.and traeeAyers, 11-yeardol
skating during entire exhibition.  Qjasen of the High Rollers. Dog c,,autstels
'VHFSHOW ~  ~     ~     i XXIDCi-g. Ioriginal. novel and unique races. Meetseall
T1HE SHOW WORLD, Chicago.        oirs. Furnish on paper Permanent Ad-
Address. 1632 Fills St.. San Francisco.  dress, The show World, Chicago
Notes Fron No. IT-Roston.
Past National PresiethIt Francis Lloyds
sutrrr  residence at Nanitasket is being
male lea"IY for his -art  occupancy for the
51111I ieI se isoI.
'it 1~ ll is Clubi, -orilroserl of young Ia-
dies enrrI'l   i tre diffteront theaters il
I1,Uston are to give a dance April 29. The
proc,-ds of the affair will be given to Mrs.
Trautiller, ife of cur blind brothern1
.  Peter Trauti teril. Several of the
rrirribers of Local 17 will act as aidis.
'ards are out announcilg the marri age
ofill:arlI u O'ur-l to- Rtobtent P. J1a1e1ttI,
... lriger of the Glob1)e tIrbetter.
F. ocsenbaumr, of Follies of 1907, and
\%'it. Jorthrn of tire Texas comlpany, were
it tl-n todIilg theio  a  stractions.
Ilic, D II0 Supr-io, of rho, Fifty Miles
rtr ,       P , is    ill town rient wing
1'1100. - leaul is rorw mianager  of the
'fl, Ala1 o~f the Hur C'o. t'rlc has flt-c111t11-
I ers  of  tis  local  doing  country  billing.
A  ol  cLt-v Musieal Comedy Co. will
:ii grr':re aln entire chrange of plolicy' at the
;itl, tirttr for the sumnmer. Brcts. Sanl
'13- 3ll asil hsary KvesCInnar have been
. ai    .tIlIl a11 publi ity department h
hic, Jimn. Gamrmon of tire Paloce Itre-
at, is a hous-boat enthusiast; he has a
tIlitl Thanes river home craft in whichr
ac ists in the Scituate bay from July to
'rThe Tlyler C71111 las chosen Dontinickc
scliTlol, rpresident; Riclhard Arstron,
i%-e-presidnt; Harry  Peyser, secretary-
rt-asurer; Oscar Kievenaar, master of cer-
- rinis. The annual outing of this club
in April 2) at Squamton, Mass., is expect-
I to be an1 exceptionally good time, as
, 1 ,rt  init poIl t of tie sportilg
Ivaternit h1ave S1inifi-t  thir  intenioll to
'"'n . L. Malley, manager of Thlomas Jef-
ferson, is vesting at his honle here in Bos-
President pro tom   John E. Lyons was
mlrried March 21, the bride being Miss
MalwI F. Henderson of 1,aurence. Mass.
'ie  ... lion  congratulated  3r. and  Mrs.
t~yttil 011,2 forwarded rosolulions.
'Tohe lt,1tio n of officers will l<he place
clIntt a ". Ap~ril 19, svith tire folowing olem-
5~i Oil the ballot:  For Presiliont-Frank
)onoluio, John E. Lyons and Richard Arm-
strong.  For   Vice-Prosident-.Tohn  Tracy
ani Go. Eown. For Financial Setretart-
I-,101. Spellman  anI Geo. Hackett.  For
'ireasuror-Sandy Munro and Nick Panfilli.
For Business Agent-E. . Curin. For  Se -
For Corresponlding Secretary-Harry Poy sev,
For Recording Secretary-Daniel -Messing.
geant-at-Arms-John    Ells, James Judge,
Chris Wite,
'ils.  . B. Tyler, secretary of Boston
Lodge T. T. A.S. twenty-five years and past
granl srotrtary, diedlat his rsidence onl
l",rbil1111  stceot April 3.  Intermlent svas
at For-st Hills cometery Sunday, April 5.
Bro. I'has. Spear  is ill town, having
clOs (I ln  season  ith Bennei and Moul-
ton clolrpalry,-EH. RY ASt. PEYSER, SEC.
Notes from No. 30, Jersey City N. J.
Bro. Walter McYimsey is now billing for
the Bon Ton in place of Bro. Grecnberg.
ilro. TX'r. Hinkley is agent of the new
bu'rlesique house iwhich opens at Bayonne
March 23. He is still agent of the opera
house and will have both houses for the
rest of the season,
Bros. Volf and Moran will again man-
0a1- ''T1e Coe' this sumlier and sill 11ave
it  In he111r of local billevs as assistants.
Local No. 30 is making arrangements to
tliko in the billposters of Hudson county as
Washington Park will open again and
B1o  incklev wvill 110 agenlt
Sro. Al Fielding swill be agent of one
of the local houses next season,
Notes from  No. 13. Omaha.
At ou~r lrast yegular mleetinlg a large aot
tendance was noted. We received our new
buttons and they look swell.
rotither Dawson left on the cushions a few
daysgo to join 101 Ranch Show at Ponca
City. Okla.
Chas Nelson   goes  this  summer   vith
Paine's Fire Works.
1.1111-z Tovin, orur president, will he this
com I ngsason general adjuster for Breed &
Win, Swan, our treasurer, Is visiting Hot
Springs and the south.
Ravmand Arthur Pesto may go in ad-
vance of his own big spectacular Uncle
Tom's Cabin company with ten billposters.
All nembors of this Local are requstd
to communicate at once with Bro. Owen
Connelly, secretary.
Notes from No. 18, Newark. N. J.
At our last regullr meeting Hr. HarI
S,  M\,,  ,r  un :, l ,     ted c rr p n in s cr -
April 18, 1908.
gq to the rnthunsiastic manner in \whiolh ruiniint Rink throughout
ted State., ha- been calling for an organIzation that will enroll and co-
:      all the Roller Hinks a foAnation has resulted Of the American Rink Man-
s' Association wiith headquarter s in Chicago.
The Association plans  are to reach all Rink Managers through the columns of
Show World, and have then select seveni officers !in each state as follows:
lie President, six Vice -Presidents, one State Secretary; forminmg a separate orgai-
tion in each state, with general headquarters fin Chicago for the present. Official
alquarters to be votedI for and decided oin at first general election by the officers
each state. Votes will wveigh according to number of members controlled by
h I state.
1he o A soci ation ofl Icas hav ImT a (14 ocial arr IangemIlent s wNIith TH I .ISHIO W NTOR~ II
the( North Amer-iian Acillent ins, '0). in conjunictio with the Amnerican Rink
Hu~ger  Assn.,\ hercby mrnn Is  iiirolling before July I recoiNve the fullolv ing
i nefit No. 1. 1Hink nutnagoirs, cimployes orI skaters who ar e not already membh, 1
hle "nIthl to) a p'olicy In the North Amnerican Accident ]ins. Co., of Chicago. i
of the Associatio  Reforence and Hland'-hook, and mem11bership to thle Associat;i
ne year upon Dalmen of the regular nwnihership fee of $1.00. Pulicies pay ti,
ving indemnities.:
,r  loss  of  life,  $1.000,00; both   bos .m)0;h th  humis.  $,,00.00;  both  feet,  $50 ....
lisability -$3.0) per week dil litl Of disalemennt, andl other features I,-,-
,rous to mention here.
,nefit No. 2. Includes all oif Ben, fit N.1 inel THEl SHOW WV(ttlAl -Tnt to y mn
n1-s for one year, on Iaymln ,I' i~i l
,,1  Till  coonuuien~itions  10   \\'  A,  1.:,  1 1          ( x T e s . +  m l ,  jir  Ilf us
A. i.,DUQUE, Sec.-Treas. 63 Grand Opera House Bldg,
Dear Sir:                                             Cicago
Enclosed find $1.00 which please accept for one year's membership in the
lease send me member's card of honor boy return mail.
ofte ROLLER RINK             u IT Y        W14ATEb
Yours very truly .
\House addresas
no ah
tary of Local No. 18 to finish the unexpired
term  of Bro. A. H. Maher, who resigned.
In the future all communications for Local
No. 18 S hould be addressed to 119 Woick-
life stret Newak, N. d. Allrod 010111-
trs s case vrite Harry S. Hecer record-
ilig Secretary.
News From No.0-Denver.
Local No. 6 gave a mask ball March 14
thich slys  a  grand   success.  Ever one
ltlorougirly  enjoyed  themllselves  anrd  all
0rorked for the interest of the local.
Iro. C. E. Curran, 011 accountI of all op-
cl'ti,,, Ias becn laid up for tie past three
NN esk S. lie is lmlriulire, lrOttever and se
asre Ii hropes that lie Vill bie about very
slnortlh Brother Lw si ngr ras reco vred
fro  his long spell of rheuatiSlI. hrd. is
agair at wsorkc. Jonnic Elague is slowly
recoverin~g but as yet is unlable to ivork.
Bro. A~illialn Redfield Iras just takens over
Ill oadscrtisilrg ofl'ire Baker threater. Tis
ill addition to his Other theaters, will keep
"Billy" humping, but ie is well able to
takie care of Iris osrn,
Busin:ess i good  rrd all other brothers
arc gettilrg along fil line shrape.
Br. Ni. McCornick of ariladelplhia ar-
ised in Colorado 6prillgs a tew wceeks ago
1.ith a bunch of money.
All rollrberrs are requeted to wite See-
relary Ed, G. Hamrblirr, poStolicc box 24,
Tale the Autumn Leaves Told.
Stirring scenes of "Ye Olden Tyne in
Merrre England" are depicted in rite Edi-
son Manufacturing coimpaly's new film, Tare
the Autumn Leaves Told, length SLU feet.
A synopsis of tIe scnce is as tollors:
Gathering Autunmn Leaves-histress or-
othry  of Elmhiurst MIairor  mneets  yong
Squire Douglass,  He picks sorre leaves be-
yond 11Cr reach.,
Sir Varney of London Town.-Her father,
Lord Havenhood, has pledged her hand to
Sir Varney, who is distasteful to her.
The Trysting Place-The young lovers
secretly meet, Her father and Sir V'arnley
discover them. A quarrel rusues alistress
Dorothry soot asvay in tears. V'arn~ey chal-
lenges the0 Squire to a duel,
The   XVarnirg.-Giles, the  Squire's son,
tarns the lady of the proposed combat.
The Duel at Early Dawn.-The opponents
fire.  Mistress Dorothy arrives to save her
lover's life. Shle is wrounded instead.
In the Gardon. - The    lady   recovering
from  the accident,  Giles, disguised as a
bird peddler, brings a message fr-om1 his
master. Lord Ravenhood discovers the sub-
terfuge. Imprisons Mistress Dorothy in the
Love's Messenger.-Giles brings the news
to his master. He pens a note to his lady
love.  Ties the missive to a dove.     The
message deliserede   Mistress Dorotry  re-
turns an autumnr leaf as a love tokenl,
The Tower.-The lovers plan to escape.
Tie lady unravels her gown. Lowers the
thread to her waiting lover. A rope, pulled
up. She escapes.
The Gretna Green Marriage.-The lovers
escape on horses. Discovered by Lord Ra-
venhood. The runaways cross the boundary
into Scotland. Stop at the shop of ablack-
Smith. Wedded and forgf-en by Lord Ra-
Interesting Melies Fillm.
A new film of comedy is Long Distance
Wireless Photography, by George lMelies.
An aged couple enter tie  0orkshop of ai
inventor, where thbe truly wonderful coii-
trivance for wireless photography is ex-
plained and demonstrated to them,    Tie
inventor persuades the old lady' to sit by
the transmitter and    have  her   likeness
throan upon the curtain. Her face, con-
ically altered, is cleverly cduplicarted. Thelrn
hei Tusband puts his face befoe ltha tans-
mlitter. A  hidcous iIonly' face aplpears
at the other end of the apparatus, resemb-
ling in general outlines the sitter's fea-
Tlhe old people in a rage srie to vreck
thle machinery, b~ut the wife is most lu-
dicrously caught int the big flywheel of the
engine. Tire old wOman is rescuted by her
faithful spouse and the two beat a retreat.
Oriental and       Antique      Jewelry
Ladies' Tiffany  eIght
prong ring, set with Orien-
tal Pearl, highly polished.
14 Karat Gold Filled Stock.
Special price, eachr $1.50,
Sent ;.01. D. ondeposit of
50 cent,.
W. D. STELLA & CO. Designers & Importers.
42-44 State Street, CHICAGO

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