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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Correspondence,   pp. 18-22

Page 18

By N. S. Westbrook.
ALTOONA, Pa., April 4.-The Mishler (I.
C. Mishler pltt' Gl      s Direy, bus. 1s.
-A line srudciile trill slis wieek ith she
exception  od :oiv       hi ess Ia   ii
pi ai t] to good hrouses mtieie aund nigItt
with Frstl   DesIho nes leadin"  toinedii.
Iire I.,andeccilrl inclucies Brawntii tire misi
of mystery , Clark & Bartell Carsin 1roth-
'is  the lisicTo I ts, lorries c is ya ndt
iggi   Lo C'ar & XXitsciccai  ran's perform-
ing beats anti trittnkei
coming: 6i Adelaide Thurston; S, Pati-
It phill\'incent, ngs.).-
The vaudeville bill this week includessFritz's
I,.gs, Tvalter Danils, thei Musical Ciraigs,
liar Tip &' Co          ,,        i. . Whitl, Marron &
Heins, and XWelIh Fanis &, Ci.
l rand  (Silli Itita l1ros.,  t sit  )  hi
\rotise is ding tire tral good buiness tris
in ek, with  the  foli'icrn ,  viz.:  Se ntinilla,
Wil Meade and Erd-ucated Dogs, the Great
Barboro, and D cssa Lykens in illustrattcd
lie Casino (Julis Baron, nr-). Businees
continues good despite the hard timies. This
wecek's bill comprises the moving pictures.
ToniC' Voge, Hoiell &  Webster, ani illus-
trated songs.
By Wmn. Sidney Hillyer.
BROOKLYN, April 4.-Majestic (W. C.
Fridley, rugr.).-Witne, Woman and Song, to
excellent  business.  Next  week, Beulah
Poynter in Lena Hiters
Fayton's (Joseph   layton, ngr.). - The
stock showed tictir ability in comedy by an
excellent rendition of Mrs. Temple's Tele-
grati. Next week, Ingomiar.
Orph      i (Firank Kilholz, engr- The
Pi-'et' G. Xiiiinsrtuil s  as follocws: Ce-
,ilia Loftus, Richar Golden, William Rock
aimid M),aud Fulton, O'Brien-lavel Co., Jack
Ncrwo mh Bigiti F'oui, l      c  lliniig-
t'ir, ant ickFv    Clifsaris anci  -loici
Ti o.
Keeney's (George Sloane, mgr.).-A very
-od 5tregrii iWas offered in the following
a ods p     nid Shl1dts' Hr-Ao Life in Tell;
liltti nitn  1ta Dil Nobcles, Zscais' Trio, Clif-
l ] onl c  tiIe;O'antt  germ and corn-
ftn  in i "i  Geslias Drean, FosLo anci
I, Gate, and Blkec and Mrs. Dan Mc-
A Viat
fi ni (,Tanes ihyoc, Igr.).-The juvenile
ant om', .1chili St-ili please t imaense auci -
(-Ites ns illyth ie leit] Next steele, Fourc
1olly (IT. Kurtzman, mgr.). Broadway
(   l to te0celent patironage.  Next
ie, It tit, CSpooner.
Coluinibia (Chitinrs H. 1Vuerz. mgr.).-The
to Orphans did good usiness.
Oltscmpic  (Nick   Norton,  ingr.).-The
Greate~r Neiw  Xoilk Stnts ptit  cmi, a s-er]
crooaI grie of etertainirit an  business
is aidedr 1y the aprtian'e of Lalla Sel-
his arca cxtra featuli
liar iE aid Betiman, ncr.)-The Balch-
clor Club w ith the usual qulota of buirlesolu-s
and a good o l  in whie Chairmion was an
rii it--set,
added attractionet dit a tr mndlous business
Perk(J. H. GilfIllan, mnr.).-The XVasl-
inglomn Sectmety Gil Initmrim NIhe. Inlooni-
in   nstrlvin  ant stulinns plcetii la linge 1cni-
Gayety  (James    Clark,   ngr.).-Clark's
Runacay Ginis ias the attriclion here wit
Edwiard Blondehi & Co., as nnrr extra act.
l31anv's  (1. J. Williams,  mgr.).-The
Russell Brothers (lid i  capacity business
with a Hired Girl's Nillions. Next week
Flaning Arrow.
Montank   (Edwand   Trail.  migr).-obert
Edeson in Classmates    Nt   week, Maude
Adas inn The Testers.
iy Ernest L. Wait.
BOSTON, April 4.-The right of XVay ii
lin  npitants neIwtnmer of tice  tet  at
t In hotlis  Ethl  tarcynire is presenitinig
11, Rister at the Clonil.    The play is
tooe-jointed and lighlt-I,-iglt. The Top o
'lih' itolh is dointt  excellent bushness at
tin l1ajtc  a  1 ihe Choits Ladyat the
P'trk trnceiopili' ivy at neatly every
The Sign of the Cmss is in its second
weiek at the Boston and Miller's players at
the Castle Siquare are offering A Midnight
Bell. Kellar and Thurston are in their sec-
and week at the Globe and Pan-Handle
Pete is offered at the Grand. The   ain of
the Hour continues to pla to hrg business
at the Tremont. The Bowdoin Square stock
company is playing Her Double Life for the
first tince in America.
're lit of entertainers at Keith's this
sweek includes Belle Blanche, Seven Yiul-
nns. Bijotu Pertiinee W~ila Iolt Waike-
u3,'id Inn- lacatniy aii] F'ed Bay & Ca.
'he Baomanyp Opera cosiac  ted the pro-
gratis  t the Orplhnnm.  Tulius Tanntn and
iicrm sceli the list.
By Victor Bonaparte.
BALTIMORE, April 4--Anna Held in The
1'aisia Model and a Ir<y of show girls are
the attraction at Ford's. The piece is caus-
ing a furore. His Honor the Mayor comes
'The Clansman is at the Academy and will
Ire followed by Jimmy Powers in The Blue
At Albaugh's the stock company is ap-
pearing in Thelna. 'Tice revival has proved
proliar and will 1,e su ode l by Just Like
Cuni, Grt nI ol itgs is causing inrgls at
tit  Eirinri  mi  Nexl, hIunn1 ily  t  the  ins
'h, Scunnyn gile of Pritinetc.
Aprl il, 198
lida   rt    er Mad Marriage is on view
at            Frank  B. (Cart's Thorough-
l)a-ode1 ale gorng through their paces at the
N reds Monumental an1 tie Mardi GrasBeau-
ties ate at tlte Gaiety.
Crace Van Studdiford is the feature of
the   i at the  rMa uland  Iiertainig atts
ale ol-ol 1by IIlet & Htaight, tire Fie
nglisih lajrsr Bias Circus, the Wil-
ston Brothers rind Icreat.
By W~ilbur A.E.Billings.
BUTTE, April 1     The Virginian, with W.
l  1slI't ti  tit title  role,  ave  an  excellent
itt-secltiiii at the 1Stsatinay2-8,t
neaily illed auditolrium both evenings. Natlt
ing cIoig at this theater until April 4-5,
i 1  P un tIu Gilmoir  comes with The w'heel
of Lo. .
'ice  uliu has been dark for nree than a
itetk,  tire  iitiia-nnt  having  ag-airs
caitged its policy of presenting a two-pee-
night vaudeville showN. It will be opened
I'riday, April 3, for amateur  night, and
wiilii a. couple of weeks Dick I. Sutton
iill rreupr the theater with a large and
oipretnt stock comntpany.  He announces
that some of the former favorites will be
I-tciaaed to complete a permanent reper-
relie organizeation.
The Gr'ard presents this week Wilson,
trioe citlista Hale and Corbin, scienitihi
1bnrioiss Canard; Dotric Four, arid Robert
liotge and company, besides M. P. films
and an illustrated song by Claire O'Donnell.
At the 'aiily this week are Bert Page,
contortionist; Earl Sisters, character change
artistes; Notrian Margeson and company;
Polk and Martelle, two picture reels and
cora Morris with song sheet.
By Edward Frye.
CLEVELAND, April 4.-The Great Divide
was the attraction this week.
The tadlinerrat Keith's this see is Eva
Tetouart Others on the bill are: MiisCox,
1t ran  Byron  and  Louise Langdon,    the
Sandivinas Henry Clive, Belle Davis and
her pikiniinies, Sebini and Gorvini.
Te Ol.eting at the Majestic is The Sign
oftire Fsotl'
As ti e opcning spectacle at tihe Hippo-
dionie thrs iweek Feast of tire Thousand
Laiterns   still continues.  Other features
are Will F. Denney, and Albert Bellman
and Lottio Moore.
soloial--The u1thcre of Us, withi Mr. Gla-
sec arid Fay Courtnrey.
The Phantoim Detective is at the Cleve-
land. Moving pictures are continued at the
By Clarence E. Runey.
CINCINNATI, April 4.--Olyipic.--Oliver
dlii    res large audiences.  Next wceek,
'lie Chitiity Fall.
Heuck's.-Jack Gordon, Tire Gambiler of
the West, and Marie Pav,-y as MAicel Gra,
were well reciced. Next week, Black Fat-
ti Troubadours.
Lyric.-Mrs. Fiskce in Iosimuirholmic. Next
iweek, Mty Robson in Aunt Mary.
< eicd's. Maci-I by Telephlie lroved 1
ridittiterus tito-act irurietta. 'Tie stiedes-il11e
srt    s   iors.Next wceek, Thue World Fa-
ions Bri"gadiers.
Crand.-The Man     of the Hour.     Next
ieek, Williami  Collier.
Stondart..-Yanity Fair. Next week, Bos-
toril Btlles.
X'alnut-In New York Town, with Jen-
late Austin and her sister Clara, scored a
lit. Next week, Billy B. Vican in Patsy in
By S. Beaument.
DENVER, April 4.-Grage George is ap-
pealng at tie BrotIay this < t ik ve i-
s-oreosi, a chiarming coedyecs. Na si eek'
F ancis Wilson in wvhen  Ktnights   r c
Atd the Tabor Grand dainty Grace Cam-
eron is playing tier latest musical cut-up,
iitile Dolly Dimples. The Virginian comes
lilts. Templce's Telegramti is the tbill at
the BaTer.   Next steel, 1c 1he Palce of
the King.
The program   at the Orphour this week
includes:  Empire City Quartette,    Alice
Norton, Violet Dale, Ilary Allister, Doro-
ity Kenton, Petching Brothers and lar-
velous M'Clure.
Minnie Middleton heads the bill at the
Majestic.  The list includes: 'fThe Great
Nello, the Three Musical Keltons, Bowen
Brothers, Arthur Beaurais, Clenroy & Rus-
sell and Janes M'Duff.
By Charles r. Byrne.
DES MOINES, Xiiiil 4.    r'exas Ianger
stas offer-d at the Grand the first part of
ie week. Rufus 11i11 and a supporting comYi-
pany of sixteen gave satisfaction.
Jan Kubelik appeared ti Foster's Mon-
iy evening.  lanche TValsh in The Kreut-
Zer Sortiate ws  the attraction WXVednesday.
and A   Knight for a Day charmed local
music lovers Thursday evenicing.
A truly excellent program   is offered at
the iMajestic.  The bill includes: Rice &
Cohen, Gus. Edwards' Schoolboys and Girls,
Pauline Hall, ToIn Jack Tio, Carb-rry Trio,
Ilerbert Mitehell and Charles MarvelIle.
The  High   School Girls are frolicking
through the week at the New Empire.
By h-arryI'. Ililiiigs.
GRAND   R          tPIDS, \ il 1  er q thnter
lin             itt'l rimer.)  t  ai  1rsin ii,
It, Savage's English Grand Opera company
in Madam Butterfly; 31, The Great Divide.
Majestic theater (Orin Stair, igr.).-The
Mayor of Tolkio opened, 29, for six perform-
alice  to turn away business. Shadowed by
'Three, 2-2-4.
Grant Gper a huse (Davis-Churcilc  Cir-
curlt, icigr.).-Seyriorr & Durpre hearted a
good bill; Jack Broiter, Alden Jeweell and
Gtto Brosvr, local high school bays, mcade
tir tet ilc a siteitoh entitled Belief in
Man, written by Jewel1, and were given a
rousing reception. The sketch is a good one
and well acted. This week Geo. IV. Bandy
ani ktieXisoc, Johnnyus, Jr., &Ca.
oti   Bz eEoli ~    uscl,      _ mC1(o.-
Glenn Burt-Lizzie Eltet, Cole & Cotemcarn.
By Laurence Scooler.
INDIANAPOLIS, April 4.-English's (Ad.
F. Miller, igr.).-May Robson in The Re-
juventation of Aunt Mary, March "0; The
Girl Question, April 1; 1Villiam  Collier in
Caught in the Rain, 3-4; Montgomery &
Stone, with The Red Mill, 6-7-S.
Park (Dickson & Talbott, mngrs.).-Geo.
prinrose's Minstrels Mar.   30-31-April  1.
Barney Gilmore in The Irish Detective, 2-
Majestic ( . B. Lawrence, mgr.).--Fore-
ir)ssi 1Clonek coinpany irs Carmen all wteek.
Grand (Schafer Zigler, nigr.).-The head-
liner this week   is Robert Hilliard and
company.   others are Diiond Minstrels,
Iiskizumia Jap Troupe, Kipp     &   Kippy,
Kemirpe Tales. Foster and Foster, and Dan
Burke and his High     School Girls, and
esta Victoria.  Business heavy.
Empire (Henry K. Burton, mgr.).-Jolly
Grass 1Vidows, including Anotte Wiltse, the
'Thiree Musketeers, LeToy Bros., Falk and
Coo, March 30-31-April 1. The Toreadors,
including Bobby Harris, Al Bruce, Olga Or-
1off, and a bevy of pretty chorus girls, 2-3-4.
On March 14 B. V. Barton, manager of
the Manhattan Picture theater, transferred
this place to Mr. Overton, who succeeded
inc getting possession of the room by paying
niore rent. o3r. Barton sti runs Thn Mys-
tic ard doing a big rsines.  Alni ving
tieciure stratis irc-cite encjoying good pa-
troitrrce.  Tire 'tt-7,'iit Sicairi Brine.
onSouth Illinois street, has been renovated
arid is doing a fine business, having sect
nouellis each week to attract the crods.
By B. J. Williams.
MOBILE, April 4.-Mobile theatter (J.
Tannelaui, mgr.).-Mrs. Leslie Carter in
Zaza appeared Marcho 3, and Minnie Du-
pree ii The Boat] to Yesterday, 4. The
Mobile theater has followed the lead of
other theaters and is showing moving pic-
tur-s Sunday afternoons and evenings to
goad crowds.
Lyric tieater (Gaston Neubrik, ngr.I--
This sweek's bill includes such star atrac-
tions as Eddie Clark and his Six Winning
TVidows in The Piker and Grant Simpsoni
and Miss Lulu Simpson present A Storniy
Hcur.   The usual good bill of vaudeville
was supplied.
Moving picture shows all report good
business and several of them are enlarging
for the summer. The summer theater at
the Park will open next month. Summer
opera at the Lyric will be or shortly.
By Robert Blui.
MINNEAPOLIS April 4.-At the LIceum
theater the Lyceum Players are playing to
big business in Forgiven. Next week, All
the Comforts of Home.
At the Dijon the attraction this week is
Thorns and Orange Blossoms. Next week,
Lillian Mortimer in Bunco in Arizona.
At the Unique the bill for the week in-
eludes: the American Newsboy Quartett,
the Uyeno Japs, Adele Purvis Gnri and Flo
Althrope, the Sharrocks, the Bennet Sis-
ters and the   Great Barrington, Herbert
At the Dewey this week the attraction is
The Merry Maidens company with the Or-
iginal Cherry Sisters and the following oliot
Lewis and Thompson, Patti Carney, Clayton
and Drew, Some Quartette and Lulu Bee-
At the Orpheum ice bill includes: Nellie
Forede and the Six English Rocpers, Get-
trirde Mianisfield & Co., Litlera Apet, Agneaa
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