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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Correspondence,   pp. 19-21

Page 20

delite  h lfc tl             (;"I   )1
ci le   1ix 111   11''Hhe  a l x  <>ga   ln,
lii,  past Le ret   oin ts a ii  r oesa  tie Robi
Star         n  theater, tis       t
'ili  1111  ii -lix        li xi  In-
atlxilis  yibiixl comaniixx;  Ai n  theAi ter,
Kueli appeavxred blxfori aii ilaradin
atn onvention Iacl  I'c-is  W. Mxi Ia, of
Bufe a,. wl maeri ofi teco-nceti  x
bud      By i Yullu tA xBi  ling-
IlTlTE eoner March  uxii wIiikc
riitviewl h w  littlck   dit ngi  tl ii  trvelin
iomx bi-osina tins  thex  ti l  theater - i  ,ter
atplxasci l o  seaLIil " iin xre ix  auIes. toa o
Bhsovn pictur Aose Bilingwll Ue
If Ith  lterf hully  his ll xcl l t ,  uavi ia
wil fi.Br i- to e  xx ue : n lla- c  tienw-
t   le   Knte  Tods e atInsx  ichx  clse' xx
aftii  lire elefrune   d ltl   eod
t    orand  theater.,This  week's  lill inhcluded
ail Leighx & Co, Eugenlc Tio, ThriexMu-x
seal BaIllboys, opnrt M.  allr  n the
aghing-Horsc, Itpreeiic b laxxis Glv, i
Miton, Sisters  Claixtcinx  &  C,
xis is heavywxight week tt the Family
thieate, wit ecery ac a gal once. ictlu-
AgMs. Pet Mahcr. Stianleu A.   Saninx,
rl Everett Silvinxi Mocris I Ca., anid
xcF IHn nexator's lights ai-e ciimnwdci un-
xilafiter Lent
ir E 'Taft foormxri- i thei   Granx or-
ofeitr,  d  later tat the  iulu, lhas  1emox 4
co it Lake Cilx, whxre he wiii continue
hS     xltetilcxexccntlv  sihoxxexi a  bnlutiful,
lnx ofat Niagra Falls xiexs, atd a ceries
cihoing  Ptesidenxcti'allii-rvs of Firance  vsit-
ig  tCir Icolanial exihiibiton
Dreamdlani apenedis ceic witlh pietues
ontle  Bxi3ur  M0t&o  icli  Trcenitl,  iecild  n
L Ial  egor oy  teest ix  F,  11  n 1 v(  r
asoe wichi dioes things;c George Dtonxahue,
Iti prcsilv, nox antiaunecs a nrtict forx
sil  txtx  inaxG' A le n   h e  en a
T Diroide iti teiaters here xwith  argra .l
Thextictal D'lo'ings anunaiee dfini utely
thiii it lies cxuspendedi lfor thxe preent sea-
dio,  but  xxil  prolxly iume  ltrn  o
15yClarence E. Runey.
(INCINNATUI, Marc         ix.alnt-Geoirge
ioe   itr a I els  was  oi t  liked  lu  thed
worSat pLae ofthe seon Niex week, cothne
s     t  x-e s  era  com n te
mrshotixilxim- r Leeie "ieiich.  i  tea10ift
iGran-Thetici Da xiymaidxiwilixiJulia Sanc-
ariof Rabyxi  a ls cietys, and  Nxtwes
TheoMn ofesthen Hour- ~ oFrnevst
iin. tcx ir-c-oia 0exxibitin
eopl'-Pa Wh       xxxit exr  mqaxny iune
xf tcst he l  oa of S li  was   xceto enl,  'io
indon the  M a  t ro e e o  a t o
xe honrst wde seek, sTaial d ne  T.
OiixilxmiAi s ctocracy, Nex.(-tweeke Oli-
Lvoum g  Atiof  ithe aold Crobra  oea xt
wiek, Moidnt non.
DNEcil  iM  Sue     Thxei ithra fn-
ManrS ftrhe Arn theusie alf akerc, is c ds
lttrioI tar , thea Boeaarie iGxrcie Grs
uixoe xin Divtorns.  N e  xeeknii-
At1 th Thr    rnd   fthe, ist Leae-
uI 1e ;L   it   ha   Cim ls  rw it 11
The, stoc cNoay at the Baer. ee-
v     int  nny sicatras i llte.  Nex
fortsNAT of Hrne
tella, Myho1 is the fatured neof thet
Or 'ph '  i  -iram  The- list i  ce -ic-
ainu  aroe  ls IN G11a  ario Pss   Eld-te  '
ridge, Jrdan , Hve, Fere l al trohlrst
at  h  Mufi it al  lme xxias  tixiloery,  is ll-
for 1:ti he  cil. Vlodt Howil.i  1o
HinociI nii Hixo nd  terSqDiwricke
Athixer' Deioa thEeans, Disse &iMar-
xxcxric-S a1 lre  Op-eraiicoipxi  o lixrx-
de ix   , nNdc trse  E
i lT,    ect  was  11ie   Bxll is  thei
Grand  th     fornils  ofthe Julia
Deh   Ralex is Ro ndig otc hxte oee at
That  lay hOute  'x    c    l l   '
Francls-a Wilson t pla fred hn Knightsl-
1Vor Boldts aT Poct,) Frida nighttio   For-
cltii File Milines ro i Boaa i'r-as   t-
tralti  oiih tlacr  Next icli Ocir
Ox dle i- oegthn  O c thei lei  x 1
z o ntaieo . ne   n  tah       o,
Irt )            FEix  Ida-s' 'Mrc  Atari-Th
.lani,  cirs Jxci te m siaxile  ,N  i  h
BL (c ,I  l  (isarlx I' Buil
ti t i-  Tchie reie xxaxd he Dill i t LIv
xlx-xxirIc tlx  ixs  lxxxii" alixinIntD a l cii  xxct-
Iues is uxgelit  xx d.   iu  cxcxxi
he  Aale is compainyx a  hakierxci.i
t  0tlii  Aunnyax Siu xin i A l  l  Iixxl
iy-t ixn Mthesxotiioilxs the at1
trctla Iigx
Maxx   hov nix tv  ea tured loii  of iix
0lixirt, Arorm hitinclue OgesMix i cx
ixixieer:A '(xvi  Ilixlxx Three lxao ivs Ja e
Paradoxical Altruism of a Money Lender Shown in
Iow beautiful, and yet how rare
is ulostentatious charity. It is the
luinouxits, oxintixilant ray iii the
axini-lla if lxxixi avirtue  The por-
tratal aof this laudable quality is
the thi' Ime of this Biograph story.
A poor xvocman lies ill with fever
in her a'Iualid apartment. She is
attendced by her six-year-old daugh-
txr, who    goes  to  the   Charity
Seci'ty for aid, and the best she
gets is the cheoring intelligence
that the' xxould send investigators
;unxdl inx a xvevk or so. At length
the little one goes to the pawnshop
Iith her dollie to get ax few pennies
xwitii xvlich to buy at least a few
sticks of xxood, when    the kind-
healted  old  awnbroker becomes
ireiited a  n at once aneliorates
fIc pear xxanax'a aoxdition with
food, clothing and medical atten-
ion, sh,  ittng the sunshine of hope
over the little home.    While the
story is of alt apparent lachrymal
natlli, there  is enough  of the
lighter shades to reliee it, the
lIawnshoiir  sex-s  affording  many
)its of gooi, clean comedy.
969 FEET
- -'-'-5~5xsnu'sxw-
"Caught by Wireless"  . 969ft
SHer First Adventure" - 509 f.
TheBoyDetective"    - 497 ft.
"TheYellowPeril'   - - 542ft.
The Snow Man" - - - 717 ft.
Bobby's Kodak" -- 518 ft.
Classmates" - - - - 800ft.
Lonesome Juncion" - 574ft
Falsely Accused '  -  . Sit
Professional Jealousy"  609 ft.
Mr. Gay and Mrs."     762 P
"The Elopement" - - 693it,
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' -le Denin  eleoit  cxx afn
alTheaoroarnattnd tilosquerselvithina ifine
ol-- are the attractionat the Nex  Empire.
By Robert Isaacs
FRESNO. CAL., March 24.-Barton Or)-
era house (Robert G. Barton, mgr.-Grace
George in Divorcons to a fair hose.
Novexltv theater (A. K. Hotchkiss. mgr.).
IEd. Resiinond  company    in  ove   and
Empir-e theater (E. A. lionx iter..-
Marie Nielsenx eornpa0> in A 'ontitr Here.
It. G. Barton has ineerpox-aleil his jIlter,-
-'S (Potty thxeaters) and wuin hereafter he
knoxet as tlee Br1txix Amxusetti Co. Tie
incorporatlii  is  for  $50,000.
By Lawrence Senoler.
INDIANAPOLIS, March       5S - Englihx's
(AdI. F. Miller, in-gr. ). -Madamn Butterfly
.-)l Chaunel-  Olcott in 0'Neil of Derr-'
1.)-G; Minie Dupree in The Ro aId to Yes-
terdayv 27-2S: heavy business all wx x .
Park (Dickson & Talbot, mgrs.).-MontAna,
12-25: The Ninety and Nine, 26-2S. to q. R.
o. all week.
MaJestic (T. E. Lawrence. nr.)    Fore-
liaulgh stock company in The Firt Violin.
Next week. Carmen.
lrtxni (Chafer 7nglr             h
I dex le  Ilie hlli inelt'ixe  'ilxc Piatno-
'loodxis, Zeito. Jotdae & Zoe  ieTice
IWestors. Charles Ledger. W4 illim  Macart ,
Itfsx  Dumot, niherto, Haves &  obirts,
iiii Chxas.-Waxre&Co
Empir (HenrY K. Portenn. tilr.)--road-
at     rls, tx fl 2-x , hlided bv john
oeer    lancho  TVaxilburn. Bennington
,:oS.. Grahbam, & Dceshall. Comxford & Cheix,
are0ce Marks. Beatrice Hayns, andi a
t    of rotti choru s girlI: Star ShOw titlrs.
'nt   all q xisi a  nands a iIuse has 1e7 ca-
a     t     Is e          .    t     man-
astiitxdi          ir Dinte5    xeti
,Nxoving plture Shows are all toing a fine
liniines  initgiiic twxxo cIanges each  leek
, lith nmtioeics liat atracI. Thi folloxring
11a xxnitiif (Frilx except Suiclas.
4tIcltt  (TIixl,.  Fenti  1,~i ,, 1)   xxlxti at-
In  and  LA ric  (B. A. Bartln,  iron.): Tiiou-
lTrenrin, Bjou, Mystic, (FT. C. Soutlierlan.
nrop.0: Annex (SIwain Eroe..
By E. I. Stout.
LITTLE POCK, Ark.. March 2R.-Cap itl
'heater (Chas. T. Taylor, (nI_-
liln in The Man on the Box playi I thre
-'rfoirances to qootd hsiniess. (4-10: Dic 1-
rd  k    x Pi le's  colored  iminstrels,  -l,  to
inlestlie theater (Saul S. Harris, 'mr..-
Ilie lill this week is exeptionallx good and
iiiudes Hannlhar BroIxers.   etli Sttni.
'alecrr aid Stanton. Codfroy and Hender-
onl  Hlry A. Shpingoll &  Co., Majestic
Trie and te Buckeve Trio.
LOS ANGELES,AMarchl     2 t--'ix  featnre
of the past xvck it local theatricals wats
M1irs. P'atrick Camelxcl at Ithe Macan lit C
repertoire of The Second Mrs. Tanquerey,
The Notorios Mrs. Elc1xsnith, Hedda Gab-
ler, and a double bill of The Flower of Ya-
niato and Electra.   Drewster's Millions is
the bill this week.
The Los Angeles has Mary Shaw in Mrs.
Warren's Profession and Ghosts this week.
TIhe Belasco Th1eater Stock comlpany gave
Tfile Secret Orechard to gaod tenses.
The Burbank Stock comecany' in      TWhy
Siii Left Hotie, did cig bisiness.
Tie Dclieii  stood 'elx six xxiih Ibntet
Devay axid companty, Kaora, Freres Diega,
I(as, F. AMacdanald,  Eicaxxr Failte Fetch-
Ig Bros.t Armstrong & Vorne, and       the
Curzone Sisters.
The Grand showed the Ulrich Stock com-
pansy in Tony, the Bootblack, to good busi-
Erigar Temple is organizing a Summer
Opera  company  for the Auditorium    and
,vill open April 8.  Eleanor Kent will be
soprano: Edna Mason, contralto: Laura. AVal-
lace, soubrette: Alfred MacGahan, first text-
ora  Willard Clawson, baritone; Elliott Bea-
Incer, bass ; Lw   Fields, first coieIian;
Harry Cashmann, second comxedin: Grace
Aarvin, character; Fred Eustes, musical tl-
-ector: John W.   Ailson, stage  manager.
'There will be a chorus of forty, a '"pony"
bcallt of six and an orchestra of sixteen.
Louixe Royce       caracter xnltamn tit txc
Burliatil  reeedcr  ixotice of Icr mxothexr's
dat iii 'xxi Fraxtcisco, 19, auid left at
nce. aet pix cxn tile comxxlpany being filled
liy Carie Clairke AWatdc.
Geo. Barnum is ill with sciatic rhouia-
tismi, his place in the Belasco Stock being
taken oi short notice by Geo,. lebb.
By J. S. Shallcross.
LOUISVILLE, March -8.-Maenule's the-
ater wae dark this week. May Robson In
unt Mar is the attraction next xweek.
At the Buckingham the Brigediers is the
Ittraction. The show is a good one.
A split week at the Mary Anderson the-
aler: for the first three nights vaudeville
xilod. viitht lhe folloxxinr  Thee Aoeserii
IRed - Lex's-  Grace Alitoe   It ieenlt-exr ,,,tci
anseln. Evans and Evans, and G. II-erb-
"et Mitchell.  The last three nigthis, Mrs.
Fislie in Rosmorsholim was tbe bill.
The Dajah of Bhong at the MAsonic the-
-'tee diid a fairly good business. Next veel,
Hopkins theater is croxded at every per-
rrmance. The notion pictures are pleasing
xh people. Manager Dustin is miuch pleased
l-ith the business and Outlook.
'lhe Boston Amusement comipan- ls beeln
ncoirporated here. The ilda is to tike over
Hopkins theater and conduct it as a Ger-
mnan theater.
Geineral AManager TVilliin If. TANssmxan of
the Cr-stal circuit was itthe city for sex-
-ral days this xweek.  H-i navises that his
enipany coiltemplates opening several new
iouses inl the south shortly.
By Rbeiert Blum11.
MINNEAPOLIS. Marell 2l.-At the Ly-
-xrm  the Lcelitt Players, with TesalIll
Rodgers. are   drawing large houses with
Gerlnleislanusen.  Last half of the week,
At IIhe Bijou Opera house. Ben   eltdricks
is plasiine the 'tudiences with his clever
xwork as  Yon Yonson. Next week, Thorns
aind Orenge Blossoms.
Ait the tnique the bill for the week is as
Polloxvs:  Mis. Tom  Thumb. assisted  hI'
CouInt anutd Txron Magri, Raclel Acton and
company , tl  Great Keltet. Movt and Mc-
Doxlx, Tierney and O'Dell, and Eugene
At the Dexvy theater, thie Migh School
Girls comepany this wxeek. Next week, The
This department ta designed for the
benefit of managers seeking help and mem-
bers of the profession seeking employment.
To the latter we extend our classified col-
umns at a rate so low as to barely cover
the cost of type composition. Under the
caption SITUATIONS WANTED the rateIs
FIAVE CENTS A LINE. averaging sevenl
words to each    line.  Under the caption
A LINE. These rates are for stogie Inser-
tions, and no discount ilii be allowed
Cash or money order must accompanyecpy
in each instance.   Advertisements for in-
sertion in the classified department other
WANTED will be charged at the regular
rate, FIFTEEN CENTS A LINE, subjeet
to regular discounts for long time contracts.
Amusement Booking Association (Inc.), J.
F. McGrail, Pres. and Gen1. lgr., 167
Dearborn St., Suite 712, Chicago. Book-
ing high-class vaudeville.
A. E. Meyers, 167 Dearborn St., Chicago.
Cai place good acts on all of the big
circuits. If you want the good time, see
AA ONlxD   ally  erfor1-exes Pirtne 1ROAD-
WAY BELES xviitx the C. All. PARKPER
St-OON.    Gold Sisor Tiexams; Ladiy EMg-
inchers; Singers; Dancers; Mausical Acts;
Attractive Chorus Women; Pianist and Musi-
cal Diirector.  Tell all first letter.  Prefer peo-
le with Carnival experience. Address, E. L.
haIpot, C.  T. Parker Shows, Abilene,
ii as.
Revere House- European plan, under new
management. Remodeled and refurnished
throughout. Three minutecs from heart of
city.  Telephone in every room. Corner
Clark and Michigan Sts., Chicago.
Experienced moving picture machine
operator awho   nt invest few   hundred
ic tirst-class Vandeville and Movinlig
Picttire House. State particulars. Ad-
iless P. A. H., Show     World, Chicago.
NVNTED, Quick-Opera       House, Conagate,
Okla., has some open dates in April, MAIY
and June.   Big money for first-class Pro-
ductions. Population, 3.500. Town has pay-
-oll of 10,000 at month. Seating capacity,
400. Price,, 75c, 50c and 25c. Good show
aliays plays capacity. Write immediately.
Address. OPERA HOUSE, Colgate. Okla.
An Experienced I.P. Operator and Else-
tri'ian-Cangive good references; would like
tolocateermanently. Address, C S.W . HOL-
SeIil 701 MarionSt.,Alattoon. Iii
alo ted for Sriner Skating Ri lI- A ood
Park loctciontihra nxnagerxhoxixottted
atid successfully operated tix nks and
has a fine ritik equipmxeni. Adxdress at
Skating Rink. Jackson ille. Ill.
Mrry Maidens.
Orphoum-'le (till this    xeek inludes:
Tlius Steger & Co., Elizabeth Murray. Amier-
ican lieauties, Earl McClure, Initai's In-
ihitables, Doroti  Kenton, Hlutchilson  &
IBainbridge. and the kinodrome.
ly S. I. Heller.
NO10    K aret 2l.-Cooal (Wn'  . T.
Kithi, itegi I The hill chic wveek inlutdes:

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