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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   p. 9

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will lieAttrction at I  iresin'sBenev-
)lenit Ass0cialiosi Benefit en
October Next.
tor some tie f1he Chicago Bonevotent
ASSOciation of Firiemen have been carefully
searchinogabout for a big, reputable amuse-
soit enterpiise as a suitable attraction for
leiriniterpise bonefit this fall. After look-
inth field over most carefully and  iih-
in   te merits of the various attractions, the
Cia Hagenheck and Great Wallace Shows
wrere finally considered to be the most de-
sirarbl, which, owing to its well kniown
poplularity, would le a drawing card irs Chli-
Ngotiations were immediately commenced
with un I. Wallace, sole owner of this
icr)e,   art  dis rable tinee iwas consumed
t  Ca tioinoe tire dial. wich was closed
and contracts signed on March 26.
S!how to Comle to Chicago.
I anr ir       oii et  repr eotatire of
THE SHOWV WORLHD,r. Wallace saicd.
it is tris the Iagenhck and Tal-
Io, '.i'n oem            hicago for a
laceShos wIll come into Cinofra
two rwcks' stay, the dates selected being
t  1, incLsii-. Contracts habe all
le   1      p   'rho big astnow e  wi 1b  10
er.  i, 00-, PicOier Parilion at Forhty-hirri
mlHlstee sItre s, where the great shows
haii r  .l-s 1een held. We found that an
place, and I propose giving the people
iiicaO  ir ecut performance and a me-
Isp`1)lay that illt be rworith rhilit.
"I e   , hord in havin   our show  so-
t1 1y te fire   iimen of Chicago as the
most diral-e amusement attraction obtain-
al III all my <eahirs nrithn to fir-men's
1001 uteco I foundr tlem a most ipleasairt
Ind of men0 to do business witl.
Will Make Big Jums1p.
We will hrave to make a big railroad
jtii  followilig the Chicago engagement to
rn   li our outlhernr territory, where we will
1il ,),-icI-ire foll season.''
v. t. Franklin, who, along
witl  hleds E . Corce, associate manager
it ilt ItCiente-Walaes Shows, also ex-
ir  d mue rich 0lsure over tire Chiago
nc--iemInt. "It roouirei considerable fig-
Iri." said. "to straps our route to come
on i-       r fiourst tti rioets in October
Q1 '-nic oIf sue, corltlorn tour-. ThIls has
rte li-     C1a, aid  with one big plunge.
(ftile (lein ic 0e, ri-   will be in thre
(lI or coton. rihere the season will con-
u 'resient McNjeDonnell Talks.
President J. C. MeTonnell, fire marshall
1s' inslector, also insideit of tIe Fire-
ici  touevotlint Association, for hritesIf
iril,t lii  colrorlite.  said:W    'e
We found  is Tot ltabck and   Wvallae
Cicus rftler carefully looliig about, is the
oIli lig indeprncint cirlcus in the United
s11(11. Csn mecit it Iras grown ineto air im-
111, Si   nI brilliant xliiition of all that is
mtire e crc us, rsd.  110 feature-s arc th''
,Oiillll-st. this cleanest and decidedly costly.
Its acts are differont and novOl.  'he vr
a lames of ITagoho-ck eli TVallace rre fond
ug-eOsted t he crre  of circus fen anret. 'ie
tiained animal departmen"rt is to0 gicaiest
i ile~ coillitry-
q cioel's troie   old t o positions
it i mot sl--sful    aod sinarcot ol
1,i   T1 IE. Wallece rei  for  eers theS-
hid of the Gresat Wallace Shows, an agpre-
gatini Ilt toue( the icoultry from  one
-n1 i the 0(th0r, ani won royil praie on
all sid-s. H is oi of the cirCus Iings,
-rOcr-elf el'i 11slierii  ace state'i ovrr
)Il mto !f aneril  omed m i ith reis bigsion
iC onu immns- 1wnefit the comling fall.'
Fire Chief Horan Pleased
Fie Chrief James A. Iloran is enthusiastic
CC th11 selection of the Hagenbeck-Wallace
- antexpres ol ths opinion tha the corm-
1-li lt wieldhthe best in the history of
0 Uinovnl-t organization.
1    !'Imnlets lit of the committees will be
bll1-1 <I in a comning issue of THE SHOW
un1li1ous Siory Van Vill Contribute Artiles
to The Show World.
Wllar I). Coxpyv tire famous story man,
110 rcently resigned hli nosition as ierss
rCsntative for fli   arnum    - Bailer'
III il    n  th   unmer in England.
ES0ITOlW   WORLD     lis arranged  with
i Coxov foe a s'rics of artietes eoverninr
his expeteriree on the other side of the
lir. Coxey- onjoys the reputation of being
One of the be-t writers in Amerien, and his
orticles in THE RTOW  WORLD     will un-
11u1N 1111r- li~ers of great luterest Is Ihln
itestild reith the profession of entertair-
(Sent is general.
Preparalionb  for  Opening  at Ponca  City
April 15 in f1rogress.
Wi ailler Bros. with their  01t Ranch
W111ll' est Shsiw ovill be oe of the big
slllesci in the circus woeld the coming
1i-lobe is a Coniceded faict by showvmen orho
roe watched their present arrangements.
Pire firsI insallmrent of their train. coin-
siStine if tienen-tsoc ars, arrived at Ponca
Cite. filTa., March 21, where  the  show
0P0n1      15ci -i These cars reeroc rebuilt
aid ierhaulel by the Penn sylvania rail-
nlK tnt i Jersey City shop. The train
010slops at Buffalo, Cleveland. Chicago.
ansf kansas City', picking up men and ma-
terial.  The remaining consignment was ex-
pected in Ponca City not later than the
28Aririving with the first train weere all the
bosses aed abot 10 employes in tufie   if-
ferenit depiartments, wein are nose busy as-
sonrbling the show. Several novelties in the
Wild West field will be introduced during
thic their second tour of the country.
Th  Alillers have arranged two camips-
performers at their ranch, and      working
forces at Ponca City, while the staff is di-
vided  between the two camps.     An arena
has heln erected at the ranch       and re-
icarsals are being held daily and are wit-
nssid Iy hundrells of people. Each Sunday
sees thousands of people in attendance at
the rogular schedIuled polo matches between
the  Ranch   and   Show   teams.   A  strong
rivalry prevails and close exciting games
are th- rule. Beautiful spring weather is
prevailing and shirt sleeves are in vogue.
Important Department Will Be in Charge
of Ediward Raymond.
THE   SIO    VWORLD    is pleased to an-
nounce that Edward      Raymond has been
placed in charge of the Park and Fair De-
iartiernt of this publication. It is the aini
of THE    ITOT W ORLD to male this jour-
nal the best medium    for all purveyors of
r    li11Dts.u air particularlymfor those iden-
tifiel wvithr outdoor entertainment
Tlre current issue of this journal contains
a reliable list of fairs for 1908. Additions
will be made to this list weekly, and to
this oteeie solicit tie co-operation of fair
soelolorico  in furisihirgis iwrith dales of
tileir ricetings. We shall be pleased to pub-
lIsh news items of value to our general
ren'iers, and which will tend to promote the
interests of outdoor amusements.
Sun Brothers' Show.
The date for the opening performance of the
qun Brothers' Greater Progressive Shows Is
schedluled for April 7, at Central City Park,
Man, Georgia, Band     rehearsals start on
ach M    and th g     performanes wvill be
rehearsed. starting April 2. The opening per-
formeance at Macon, owill be given under the
auspices of the Macon Tribe of Mystic Shrin-
erS. The event will be especially attractive
on account of the fct that the Shriners will
take part in the performance, acting as rIng-
coter  clowvns,  freaks,  candy  butchers.
'spelers," ticket sellers, sten The bShrners
1ays arranged to run special exursions from
the neighboring cities of Savannah. Albany.
Columbus, Augusta and Cordele. Two capac-
ily atdicene  are alsea ts' practically assured.
The work a t the shops in the winter on ar-
ters is finished and the show is ready for the
road. A splendi ne nelephantactwith orlg-
inal matlee bar been prepared during the
winter months by William   Emery, who will
hanlec thre act on the road .
St. Louis Amusement Co.
'Il  St. Iouis Antahnnert Co.. uirder the
irirronement of IS. '"'. Vioar'er rwhich is
lOt05g rolith grcqt solees on it o 00111emn
tour. presents a strong jegresation.    The
Choi- circus. rithi E. IKirk, Adams & C o.
forturins Larke & AdemS. is exeellent. Th"
old nlantatio  ow. somosed of 14 colrecl
rorformrs under tli  management of Col.
srcs'Triro1a- is tratti0  the tooei. CaIl.
f'l0('ie Nilslleoiit. the, r-lesl riren in the
<     is th farocie orithethe larie  and
Oilccfiio.  01heri fet110  o-tlli ace peso-ing
.onlar ae Samiepon. ti  his snalsen Floe-
ln's bi- steltis shorw: Telshn's 1a01e  of
illlins: nietorie1 sheo", prsenting siniinz
'-d 1n11i111f. The Itliano 1an(  of it nioes
0iites fovorall -onoent.nid slnio'slosr
it is , ecan!. meor'al a-n ilito-do1te -lri
e1. General Maner E. 10'. Teaver in in
hiilneso on a business trip. Iosn  Dove f
Polloetc in charge back wiih thte sho'.
Rinling       w in Chicago.
Ringling Brothers Worcd's Greatest Circus,
unolets  with  noow  sets and  offering more
01onational features than in pr'viou1s years,
iriligur tos its seassl at th  Chicago Cob1
"ll".00  Tirsdno'. Anril 2.  Tbe berry and
Inistle of orpalation was noticeable at the
cileos hcdiquirtjs lIswt wrel  its coming has
1rro-l tlllcoilsst-ny hecaldsdc in the neovsparvers
ind on tlo billboards. and eveyonse is looking
eel-iac-i, to - tenes-I srrceesfiil enagement
in 11  histor'  Tire opesnire  of thin mo--
nifloont ocecation of cntertainers will be
soverie  ina n enmnalve         nner in the
niext isire of THE STTOW  WORLD.
Sti'lson in Chicago.
Trstce IT'. Stillson. who -ill h- nt the
fr-nt Coe durins the Rigline      Brothirs'
e'le"ment at the Cotiseum. Chicago, ar-
rived in Chieeao lost veek.
Join Robinson Show.
Stick and Norms Dovenport are with the
John Robinson 10 BiDi Shiows.
May Davenport Considering Offers.
lay Davenport has received some flatter-
ins offers fir the coen  nseason, but she
lean not 0-st made a decision.
All Performers, Musicians, Side Show People and others engaged for
Cole Bros.' Greatest World-Toured Shows
Are hereby notified to report on Show Grounds in
Side Show People immediately acknowledge call to J. E. OGDEN, HARBOR CREEK, PA.
Musicians immediately acknowledge call to C. H. TINNEY, HARBOR CREEK, PA.
All Big Show Performers and general attaches acknowledge immediately to M. J
Workingmen in all departments report to Harbor Creek Winter Quarters not later than
April 14th. Show Train leaves Harbor Creek, Afternoon, Tuesday, April 14th.
N. B.-Can use alimited number of first-class musicians. Address C.H. Tinney, as above.
Nothing but money. Factories have worked full time all winter. Booked
solid until 4th July week. Write for route. Following privileges still open:
Lunch stand, will sell. exclusive; knife rack, and a few legitimate privileges,
and any novel show that don'tconflict. For privileges address Frank Arthur.
Shows address the Guy that has never failed to make good, Doc. Long.
Until April 5th                        Until May 9th.
One Private Pullman Car, 6-wheel trucks; 1 Advance Car, complete, 55 ft. long; 8 stock
cars each 60 ft. long; 9 flat cars each 60 ft. long; 4 trained Elephants-do 12 to 15-minute
act and gentle as kittens; 8 Siberian Camels, broke to ride; 18 Tableaux and Parade wagons;
25 baggage wagons, all lengths and sizes; 1 Wild West canopy complete; 1 100-ft. R. T.;
6 30-ft. middle pieces; 1 60-ft R. T.; 2 30-ft. middle pieces, in use only four months.
Care Pawnee Bill's Buffalo Ranch, PAWNEE, OKLAHOMA.
HIGHLAND PARK.                                         EASTER SUNDAY,
Quincy, Ill.      will open with a blaze of flash on  April 19th, 1908.
All Privileges are given Free of Charge for one week on investigation. Want to hear
from the best free acts. Wisest show people and live concessionaries immediately.
Show people and free acts address JIMMIE ROSSITER. Concessionaries address
H. A. GREDELL, Highland Park, Quincy, Ill.
HigTheQuincy National Bank will vouch for all contracts signed by the management of
Highland Park.
De TWolfe Heads Show.
James DoWolfe will not go with the
"white tops" this season. He is now doing
effective advance work for The Morals of
Marcus and will be transferred to another
Frohman show as soon as the season of that
company closes. This will keep him     busy
until the middle of June and then he will
hie to the wilds of Wisconsin and fish, If he
never gets a bite.
CTTE                    TIO
Wanted for              European Wild Animal
Campbell Bros.' Side Show                   Trainer
Men capable of making openings. Woman
Buckand Wing Dancer. Lady and Gent Is ready to sign Engagement
Musical Team. Address             Experienced Veterinary for
J. C. O'BRIEN,                  Wild Animals.
2342 W. Filton St., Chicago. 204  .
Until AprilI1I., AlIItuiia t l( r  rr   I  eb0  E. 8 1st.  New Yorli.
Rosio Lloyd has had her American engage-
ment extended twelve weeks and will appear
over the Poli and Orpheum circuits.
Broncho Busters, Rope Spinners,
Lady Riders (with stock), Rube,
must be good. Sure salary every
week, so state lowest. All week
stands. Show opens May 2nd.
Gardner's Wild West Shows
6 Beady St., Wilkinsburg, Pa.
Our Waterproof Dramatic Tent enables you to put your scen-
ery, seats, etc., under canvas and keep them in good shape.
You get satisfaction out of a Baker Tent
Baker4LockwoodMg. Co.

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