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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

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Pulished at 87 South Clark Street ,Chicagoby THE SHOUIIIIIORLDPablisiangCo.
Entered as Second - Class Matter  WARREN A.PA TRICK, 6ENERAL)/RECTOR ' at the Post -Office at Chicag6,Ilnois.
June 25,1907                                     under the Act of Conress ofMarch3,1879.
Volume II-No. 15.                CHICAGO                          April 4, 1908
LEGAL RIGHTS OF PLAYS.              packages of candy.    A   company is being     voted to vaudeville booked by the William
organized for exploiting the machine. This    Morris circuit, but owing to the strenuous
Obligations Arise Only from Time Copyright  will fill a long felt want, as for a long time  opposition furnished by the opening of two
Is Entered,                  it has been the ambition of inventors to      first-class theaters last fall its operation for
perfect a machine which would hold more       the past few months has been a losing ven-
An important decision was rendered last than one package of confectionery, and yet      ture.
week by the Circuit Court of the United
States, sitting at Chicago, in which it was
1old that notwithstanding the fact that a
play has been in existence for a term  of
tirs exceeding the limitations of the copy-
ghlt lai, the legal obligations arise only
from the time the play has been copy-
In 1866 the play Shamus O'Brien was
produced by a man named Meader, and an
aoer amd Vernon and il wife, Katherine
Wlsh, filled the leading roles.  After a
numtber of years they purchased from  Mea-
lr all ri ghts to the play, and in 1899
KatherieWalsh secured a divorce from her
husband and received iti the community set-
tioment a transfer of his rights.
The p)l.y wats calorighted by K atherine
Walsh Dec. 23. 1903. On March 17, 1907,
the Howrid theater, Chicago, produced a
pay callid  Shamus O'Brien, changing a
number of the characters and the synopsis
'n the pro gran, 1St not the scenes, and
othout paying royalty to Kattherine Walsh.
1ie retained Attorney Adolph Marks, who
brought suit against the Howard theater
undler that section of the statute which
provides thati a person producing a piece
witout tteroision of the proprietor shall
y a peunaty of $100 for the first perform-
unce and $50 for every subsequent perform-
h   uit came u           before Judge Landis                                                                              F%
e s        p
Ii a jit, and after four days evidence and
aigumlent a verdict was returned against
the defeldant for $450.
Isman Secures Theater.
A theatrical venture In which Philadel-
phians are interested was closed In New
York recently when the No. 1449 Broad-
ycncompany tooe Title to thle property at
tile 0eq lien from ahic t I t d ent-es its nanme.
Tile tillerveas Mrs. Margaret L. Zborowsltl,
il the property Sn question Is knrowtn as
t fiTheI diay theater, sod  Is located at
t elry-first street and  Broadwvay.  Simut-
taneously with the closing of the deal came
Ie announc ment  that   Felix Isman, of
Phlodelphia, has taken a tease on the prop-
tri for Sixteen years and seven months, at
sn annual rental of $80,000.
Vaudeville for Philadelphia Y. M1. C. A.
Voa uleville will supplant the YoungMen's
l'lirittiac Association In the builditig at
Fifteenth and  Chestnut streets, Philadel-
pliia, aftcr April 10. unless present plans
tisearry. As yet the plans for the new
theater ace somewohat vague. It is known
that Walter, Henry and Florian Pincus will
h) the lessets of the new amusement house.
Toe 0wner of the property is George B.
May Robson Seeks New Play.
May Rlbson has seen The Man from Home
atnd wants Booth Tarkington to write her
t lay for her use when she puts aside Tb
Rejuvenatlon of Aunt Mary.
Miss Wycherly Goes to Boston.
Margaret Wycherly has gone to Bosten,
whore she will remain for a while, playing
with the Castle Square Stock company in
the capacity of leading woman.
Marie Doro to Play In London.
toay ia the month set by Charles Frohman
Jir the arrival in London of Marie Dote,
wh0 will have then complced her tour In
The Morals of Marcus.
Nowell Joins Baker Stock Company.
Wedgewood Nowell, recently a member of
s illiam  'averham's  company, left New
Yleteektfor Portland, Ore., where he
itQllassume the leading roles in the produc-
tIn5 of the Baker stock company.
Will Produce Classic Play.
The Amerlcan Academy of Dramatic Arts
inade a fine production of the classic Greek
drama of Aeschylus entitled The Choephori,
Or The Libation Pourers, March 26 at the
Empire theater, New York.
Gilmore Company Prosperous.
Harry Hardy, manager of the Paul Gill-
more company, writing to this publication
from DeIver, Colo., states that they are en-
JoiIng good business, and have not felt the
lffects of the financial flurry.
Stoltz Makes Important Invention.
Mel-ille Stoltz, manager of the Duquesne
theater. Pittsburg, Pa., after months of ex-
rimelenting, has succeeded in inventing a
mst ingenious device for vending donfec-
tionery and like commodities from the backs
If opera chairs, which will hold twelve
One of the best known stock actresses in the country is May liosmer, now appearing
in Sapho and Camille at the Columbus theater, Chicago, under the personal direction of
Joseph Bra      a tI.   Site appeared it 4,000 stec  perforn ces in Chic-ago and has pt naed
mnore palts tlsani illsother stecit actresitt tet-oriC. She is ott actress of superior talent
tuse exceedirtely popuilar.
be kept within the narrow space between
the rows of seats.
Fall Festival at bockford, Ill.
A fall festival is to be held at Rockford,
Ill., this  year  under  the   auspices  of
local business men. Channing Ellery's band
has been engaged as the musical feature
for this occasion.
Rockford occupies a    foremost position
among the enterprising cities of Illinois,
and the amusement committee in charge of
the falI festival has evinced a high degree
of discrimination in having chasens the El-
lery band for its musical offering.
Stock Company for Waterloo, 18.
The Girard stock company, formerly man-
aged by Harvey D. Orr, and known as the
Harvey Dramatic Co., has decided to per-
manently locate at Waterloo, Ia., and has
leased the Electric theater from Its proprie-
tors, Johnson & French, for an indefinite
period.  The Girard   stock  company   has
played for several weeks with much success
In northern Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota,
putting on a repertoire of high class plays.
Waterloo, has up to a week ago been de-
G. Wellington Englebreth has resigned the
management of the S       operba vandeville cir-
cuit, comiprising Florida, Georgia and Ala-
bamna.  Ito returned to Chicago0 recently,
where he contetplates opening & vaudeville
Savage Hasn't Three Wives.
Contrary to recently published reports, Mr.
Ilenry V. Savage has not obtained the
American rights of production to HerrFranz
Lehar's new opera, The Man with Three
Clarens Signs With Buffalo Bill.
Harry Clarens has been engaged as offi-
cial announcer for the Buffalo Bill show
for the season of 1908.
Hobsons With Ringlings.
Homer Hobson and wife have returned to
the Ringling Bros. show.
Davenports in New York.
Orrin Davenport and his vife, Victoria,
are in New York with the Barnm n & Bai-
ley show.   .
Victor Hugo of Cedar Rapids Talks of
Amusements in His State.
Victor Hugo, the well known vaudeville
manager of Cedar Rapids. Ia., spent several
days in Chicago last week. During acall at
the offices of THE SHOW WORLD be re-
ported that the season had been the biggest
in the history of his theater. Regarding the
Majestic theater, a new   playhouse to be
erected in Cedar Rapids this summer, to
open next autumn as a high-class vaudeville
theater, Mr. Hugo said:
"This house will be under my personal
direction: will have a seating capacity of
1,400 people, and the entire outlay will
amount to $60,000. Construction will com-
mence May 1. The theater will be a replica
of the Majestic in Des Moines, Ia. The
bookings will be made through the Western
Vaudeville Managers' Association of Chicago.
Among other amusement ventures, Mr.
Hugo will be interested in the Airdome, now
being erected at Cedar Rapids, which will
be devoted to repertoire shows. According
to Mr. Hugo, the prospects for summer
amusements in Iowa are exceptional, and
circuses will all play to big business. The
people are prosperous and are willing to
spend their money for meritorious amuse-
ments. Mr. Hugo, it will be remembered,
Was for a number of years prominently iden-
tified with America's leading circus organ-
izations, including the Ringling Brothers,
Forepaugh-Sells and Barnum & Bailey, and
the experience he received on the road is
proving of great service to him now that
be has assumed managerial obligations for
his personal projects.
Col. Cummins Secures Attractions.
Cot. Cummins has purchased from    Zack
Mulliall, Mulhiall, Okla.. some desirable stock
for the Cummins' Wild West and Indian
Congress, which is to be a feature at Brigh-
tot Townn Liverpool and White City, Man-
thester, Bug., and after the close of the
Nati season is to tour the cohBtient
Besides some fine saddle steele the Colonel
aought some of the most sensational o t-
lawred horses of the west, wit national
reputations, among thed being Jonsy on
the Spot, Deec, ih To-er w   d Carrie
hation. Also Johnnie Dull, the iease star
opiig horsec cobin the pride of she ti-
dion Territory, andJack, one ofthe greatest
show ring horses in the world. Col. Cum-
oifis also has purchased 100 horses from
!Ttajor Gordona Litle ('Pavnee Dill').
Carter, Magician,in New Zeala  bIgd.
Charles Carter, the magician, is meeling
with tic success in Neu Zealand, on his
tor of the world,  hich thes been the sob-
ect of favorable continent in the coln ms
ofl the metropolitan press.  He is accom-
panied by Mrs. Carter and Miss Abigail
Charles Hugo, brother of the   ell kaeown
vaudleville nianagec, Vic Hugo, left Chlicago
bttech 20 for Manila, ahereh 1e wilt join th
Carter combination as general businessman-
Program  Error Corrected.
In a recent issie of THE SHOW WORLD
lewtion   was mfde that J. E. Allien had
the program privileges with the Hagen-
beclphillae, Miller Bros. 101 Rais, John
uottnson, and the Van Ambueg shows for
the coming season. We shotd have stated
ina the i. M. Southern Circus Program Co.,
of Cincinnati, 0., had these privileges, of
Bhich n. B. Alien is general manager, .
T. So  athern president, and W. I. Lehman
New Theater forPhiladelphia; Perhaps.
The large property at the northeast cor-
ncrofSixth street and i ard avene, Phil-
adelphia, Pa., It Is understood, is being
t-alict after by theatrical Interests of that
cite and New York as the site for a Thew
theater The property, which Is tenown as
the old Girard Avenue Market, Is located
In a section that ha tong been considered
a good one for a vaudev-ille house attd It Is
of great value,
Donnell Company Incorporated.
Thse Ha~rry B. Bonnell Co. was incorporat-
cCl March It et Albany, IN. V., wsith a cap-
ital of $10,000.  The objects of the new
concern are to conduct a bookeing agency,
and to promote and transact a, general
anmusement business. The executive offices
see ot 1416 Broadway, New' Tore City.
Harry Bonnell, a a-eli knoa'n local theati-
cat newspaper man, is manager,
Will Photograph Horse Rece.
The Warwick Trading Company, Ltd., will
take pictures of the Grand National horse
race at Leicester Square, London, Eng. They
a'il have fourteen cameras on the course,
and are sparing no effort or expense to
malts the films perfect reproductions of the
great event,

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