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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Fair list,   pp. 33-34

Page 33

September 28, 1907.
Dlfire, Askin &  Sig , ingrs.: No tr-
Seans, La., 22-2.
'an Den Berg Opera Co., Jose Van Den
Berg, mgr.: New York City, Aug. 31, in-
:anderbilt Cup, Gee. S. Abbott, mgr.: Den-
ver, Colo., 22-28.
Gard of Oz (Hurtig & Seamon's), Geo. H.
Harris, mgr.: St. Louis, Mo., 22-28.
\\izard of Wall Street, Lew Virden, ngr.:
Alvarado, Tex., 24; llillsboro, 25; Ft.
Worth, 26; Ennis, 27; Royse City, 28.
Yankee Regent, H. H. Frazee, mgr.:     Lin-
coin,  Neb.,   24 ;  Grand    Island,   22
Cheene, 2Wyo., 26; Greeley,     Colo.,  2?;
Boulde r, 2 8.
Yankee Touriot, with Raymond Hitchcock,
Henry NV. Savage, ngr.: New York City,
Aug. 12, indef.
Young's Musical  Comedy     Co.,  Chas. L.
Young, lgr.: Seattle, Wash., Aug. 5, in-
Zinn's Musical Comedy    Co., A. M. Zinn,
agr.; Dloise, lia., July 1, incef.
Barkot ( urdi-l Co    (Jamestown Exposi-
tion): uNotolk, Va., Apr. 26-Nov. 30.
locklina mrterS Shows: Norborne, Mo.,16-
21; Plattoburg, 22-28.
cOmopolitan Shows: Canton, Ill., 22-28.
Dnvile & Kasper Armusement Co.,        3-. B.
Dansvile, mgs'.  Plainviesw, Minn., 23-28.
craybill Amusement Co., J. Victor Gray-
btill, Ingi: Clifton Forge, Va., 18-28.
Iatch  J. Frank, Shows: Johnstown, Pa.,
floss Show, Bert: Lincoln, Ill., 23-28.
Jones' Exposition Shows, Johnny J. Jones,
mgr.: Washington, D. C., 23-28.
;eaarvs's Shows, It.   C. LoBurno, mgr.:
Pittsburg, Kan., 22-28.
\tetropolitan Carnival Co., Chas. Ouborney,
mgr.: Lake City, Minn., 23-28.
Parker Shows, Great, Con T. Kennedy, mgr.
-C. W. Parker Amusement Co., Cramer
& Tyler, migrs.-Parker Amusement Co.,
Myers & Logwood, mgrs.-Parker Fairy-
land Shows, H. Guy WVoodward, mogr.;
Publication of routes prohibited.  All ail
sent to Abilene Kan., will be forwarded
Smith Greater Shows   Cieville,    ,    -2S.
Barnum  & Bailey Show: Springfield, An,.,
21; Joplin, 26; Parsons, lion., Pittsbourig.
28; Ottasra, 30; Emporia, 1; Topeka, 2;
Clay Center, 2; Beloit, 4; Salina, 5; Hut-
chalson. 6; Wichita, 7.
Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Ashland, Ky., 25;
Mt. Sterling, 26; Lexington, 27; Louis-
ville, 28.
Cole Younger: Greenville. Tex., 26-31.
Coiilnopolitan  shows: Pekin, Ill., 26-31.
'anada Frank's: Cuba, Mo., 23-28.
Forepaugh  &  Sells Bros. Show:     Neosho,
Ifo., 24; Webb City, 25; Lamar, 26; Rich
H ill, 7; 1aola, lain., 28; Iola,  : C of-
feyrille. 1: independence, 2; Ponea city,
Okla., 2; Pauls Valley, I. T., 4; Ardmore:
llagenbeck -Wallace  Show:      Winchester,
Tensi., 25; tChattanouga, 26; tome, Ga.,
27; Mlarietta, 28.
Lucky 11111:  Arkansas C'ity, lion.,' 22-24;
Chilsec, Okla., l2al  Neikirk, "6-7, Kil-
dare, 28-f0i.
Noble's, ('ha. Noble, mgr.: Greenville, S.
'., 16, indef.
N    norris &  Rise's:  tavkesbury, Ont., 26;
ClornNa.11, 27: Port Slope,, 28.
Pane, Bill's  ilvd West Show: Silver City
N6. Bt, 25; Deming, 26; Douglas, Ariz.,'
'7; Bishee,  28.
I:ingling Bros. Show:   Los Angeles, Cal..
B2r    Santa Ana, 26; Riverside, 27; San
Bernardino. 28; Proenix, Ariz., 28;- Tus-
con, 1; Bisbie, 2; Douglas, 2: Deming,
S. Bl.. 4; El Paso, 'Vex..N5: .\tbiloe' 7.
Sells-F;nto: San Antoni, Tex.,'3.
Americans, T. It. McCreary, usgr.      New
York City, 223-28.
BlOy1mian Burlesquers: Monumental. Balti-
more, Md., 23-29; Trocadero, Plila., Pa.,
Broadway Gaiety Girls: Cleveland, 0.       -
528; P'ittsbourg, Pa., 29-Get. 5.
ryant's Extravaganza, Harry     C. Bryant,
mgr.: Chicago, 22-29.
jadiers, ('has. Cromwell, mgr.: Phila-
dltpbla. Pi., 23-28.
Io'erY Burlsquers (Hurtig &     Seamon's)'
. -. Rosenthal, msgr.; Rochester, N. Y.:
tracker Jacks, Harry Leoni, mgr.: Boston,
Devere'o, Sam, Show: New York City, 23-
Drearlanid Burlesquers, Bert J. Kendrick,
mgr.: Paterson, N. J., 23-25; Scranton,
Pa., 26-2S.
tapire lrlesquers: Star. St. Paul. Minn.,
2-28: Metropolitan. Duluth, 29-2.
Pay Foster: Buckingham, Louisville, Ky.,
22-28; Ieople's, Cincinnati, 0.. 29-6.
;iris front Happyland: New    Orleans, La.,
23-29; Memphis, Tenn., 29-Oct. 5.
'ay Toreadors. Whallen & Martell, mgrs.:
New York City, 23-28.
ory Mornil (lores. Weber & rush, mgrs.:
Brookl n,g N.    16-28.
igh Sohio  Girls, T. W. Dinkins, ngr.:
New York City, 23-23.
bgh Jinka, R. Mills, mgr.: Chicago, Ill.,
leals, ilut Williams, mgr.: Indianapolis,
Ind.  : 2 .
2yGirls Ce. Metropolitan. Duluth, Min i.,
22-28: Dleasey Minneapolis, M1sue., 29-6.
lly Crass Widows, Gus W. logan, mgr.:
Cilcinnati. 0. 23-28,
Bntuehaielles, 3    bert H'le  ston,  mgr.:
Bosten. Mass   23-28
aIl i's. A. 'G  Harrington, mgr.: Kaln-
'as  ('it ,  ' -29.
sLd Litt  MoI  s -Woodhull, mgr.: Kan-
sas('it,. Ho., 22-28.
1erry lakors, John Greive, mgr.: Toronto,
Ont.. 23-2,
-iental Cozy Corner Girls: Detroit, Mich.,
23-29; Indianapolis, Ind., 30-6.
Parisian Beiles. Clas. E. Taylor, mgr.: Chi-
cago, Th.   2M228.
J illrI.-ei, The: Miniseapolis, Minn., 22-28.
liv illy  &  WNoods,  000.  F.  Lund
New York City, 23-2S.
Strolling Players, Louis M. Granat, mgr.:
Schenectady, N. Y., 23-28.
Trans-Atlantic Burlesquers (lurtig & Sea-
mon's): Milwaukee. NVis., 23-28.
NVilliams' Imperials: Empire, Indianapolis,
Ind., 23-29; Folly, Chicago, Ill., 30-7.
NVatson's Burlesquers: St. Louis, Mo., 22-
28; Louisville, Ky., 29-6.
Washington Society Girls: Montreal, Can.,
2'-20; Tornto, 30-6.
Davis Nickelodeon: Nashville, Ill., Sept. 5.
Devine's, Eugene, Glass Blowers: Oaklanil,
Cal., Aug. 5, indef.
Deireko Bros., Tenn. State Fair, Nashville,
Tenn., 22-28.
Foote, Commodore, & Sister Queenie, Lilli-
putrans: Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sept. 9, indef.
Faust Lifeorama, Emil Giron, mgr.: Watu-
Fcona, 1a. 26-28.
FIssy, Mr.    Mrs. Herbert L., Hypnotists,
It. L. Flint, mgr.: Davenport, la., 22-
25; Rock Island, 111., 96-28.
Hiinnan's, Capt. Sidn ,Water Circus (Ex-
positions): Pittsburg, Pa. S ept. "-28
Holman, Chas. NI. Illusionist Terre Haute,
Ind., undet.
Huntly's Moving Pictures, G. A. Huntley,
nmgr. Indiana, Pa., July 29, indef.
Horne's Wild Animal Show    Denver, Colo.,
La 'usca's, Mme., Temple of Palmistry:
Nashville,  Ill., Sept.  8,  indef.
Paulin', Hypnotist, Stewart Lithgoro, mgy.:
Mahairre, Great Barrington, 23-2S.
Sevengala, the Original, ralter C. Mack,
mgr.: Enupire, San Francisco, Cal., Aug.
lo, indef.
Sorcho, Capt. Louis: Jamestown Exposition,
Norfolk, Va., Mar. 31-Nov. 30.
Siege of Jericho: Kansas City, Mo., 23-Oct.
Thompson Entertainers, Frank HI. Thomp-
son, mgr.: Brantwood, Wis., 24-25; Ca-
tawha, 26-27; Kenman, 28-29.
Naiden, Magician: Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 14,
Wilder, Leo: Magician: Independence, Ia.,
16-21 NWatpetosl, N. D., 22-28.
Alala, Signor A.: Bay Shore Park, Balti-
more, Md.. ndef.
Brooke's Band: Zoo, Cincinnati, 0., 18-25.
Bessie Burmell Ladies' Orchestra: Balti-
more, Md., indef.
Baker's New York State Band, W. H. Ba-
ker, leader:  Saratoga, N. Y., July 29,
Caliendo's Band: Kansas City, Mo., July
29, indef.
Damrosch's New York Orchestra: Chicago,
Ill., indef.
De Grosz. Maxium, and His Band: Electric
Park, Waterloo,AIa.,July 29, indef.
Boring's Band: Albany, N. Y., indef.
Dulucca's: Pittsburg, Pa., indef.
Ellery's: Chicago, Ill., indef.
Ferullo's: San Souci, Chicago, Ill., Indef.
Ferrantes' Royal Guard Band: Dreamnland,
Coney Island, N. Y., indef.
Ierbert's Grenadier Band: Washington, B.
C., 29, Indef.
Kowe's Ladies' Orchestra:  Nahant, Mans.,
Hienry'sBand: IngersollPark, Des Moines,
Ia.,   indef.
IlingworthFamily Band: lock Mount, N.
C., Indef.
Imperial    Band of Italy:  Richmond, Va..
Kattenoen Orchestra: New York City, in-
Lasvrence Band:   Scranton, Pa., Indef.
Neel'sBand: Norfolk, Va., Indef.
Natielo's Band: Chicago, Ill., indef.
Phinney's IT. S. Band: Jamestown Exposi-
tio0n, Norfolk, Va., indef.
Royal Canadian Band: Omaha, Nab., Indef.
Royal Artillery Band: Baltimore, Md., in-
Royal Imperial Band: Philadelphia, Pa.,
29, indef.
Sweet's Concert Band: En rolte w'ith the
Ringline Bras. Show.
Victorand Iis Band: Celron Park, James-
town, N.  . July 22, indef.
Victor's Italian  Band:  Halme's Audito-
rium, Newark, N. J., July 22, indef.
Victor's Royal Italian Orchestra:  Bergen
Beach, Brooklyn. N. o., July 22. indef.
Wel's Band: St. Louis. Mol., undef,
Weaver's American Band: NWashingtons, B.
C., indef.
Weber and his Band:    Kansas City, Mo.,
July 29, indef.
ol air at Sterling a Success,
itre fair recently held at Sterling, Ill.,
tas one of the largest and most success-
fl ever held in that town. The Ilryan-
pie sto k company w'as the attraction for
the week at the opera house, and the many
and varied fair sittracions that met with
favor were all furnished by vse General
Amusement Company of Chicago.       J. F.
Miller. president of the company, loan re-
Turned tOn Chicago and announces that the
people of Sterling  and  the  surrounding
country were universally enthusiastic about
the attractions offered.
Ani immetnse carniv-al will tie held in
Ottumwa, Iowa. this fall. This was tloc
decision reached lost wveek at an enthu-
siastic meeting in the city hiall of thirty
rep'resentative  citizens  of  Ottoimwa's
business interests. J. X. Dysart was isp-
pointed chaisman of a conmimittee of Gie
to arrange for the appoaranee of anl
nmusemens ecompany.
Open Time at Fond du Lao.
P1.HB.Haber, manager the new Fenry Boyle
Theater, announces time open September,-i;-
to October9,.inclusive. First-class one-night
attractions or good repertoire apply at once
niand all other goods
SPINDLES, CARDS,  DICE  dd ysporting men
Write for our large Catalog, FREE OF
(CH ARGE. an  get posted on New Tools
COWPER&O        168 8.Clinton St.
Birmingham-State Fair of Alabama,
8-16. Geo. J. Barnes, secy.
Childersburg-Colored Fair. , 21-26. H.
W. Brown, aecy.
Huntsville-Tennessee Valley Fair. Sept.
30-5. Frank J. Thompson, secy.
Montgomery Fair-24-Nov. 2.      Robert
Tait, secy.
Selma-Central   Alabama   Fair.  18-23.
Robt. H. Mangum, secy.
Phoenix-Arizona Territorial Fair. 11-16.
Vernon L. Clark, secy.
Fardyce-Dallas Co. Negro Fair. 7-12.
Prince Askzuma, secy.
Hot Springs-Arkansas State Fair. 3-12.
Ray Gill, secy.
Hanford-Kings Co. Fair. 23-29. F. L.
Howard, secy.
Tulare-Tulare Fair. 28-Oct. 5.  W. F.
Ingerson, secy.
Littleton-Arapahoe Co. Fair. 23-28.
Aspen-TrI-Co. Fair. 1-4.
Colchester-Colchester Grange Fair.
Myron R. Abell, secy.
Danbury-Danbury Agri. Fair. 7-12.
M.  Sundle, secy.
Sutfleld-Suffleld Agri. Fair. 1-2. W.
Stiles, secy.
Tampa-State(Fair. 15-2 9. J. L. Brown,
sey       (March)
Miami-Dade Co. Fair. 12-15, 1908. E. V.
Blackman, secy.
Atlanta-Georgia    State  Fair.   10-26.
Frank Weldon, secy.
Calhoun-Gordon Co. Fair. 22-26. J. T.
McVay, secy.
Macon-Colored State Fair. 30-Nov. 8.
L. B. Thompson, secy.. Savannah.
Augusta-Georgia-Carolina Fair. 4-9. F.
E. Beane, secy.
Broxton-1-3. W. R. Frier, pres.
D l Cff CI       Fi   5 15    M  in
Tanner, secy.
oug as-  o ee   o.  a r.
Eatonten-Putnam Co. Fair
Watterson, secy.
Eatonton-Putnam Co. Fair.
Watterson, secy.
Boise-Idaho Inter-Mountain
W. F. Dolan, secy.
Lewlston-Lewisten- Clarkson
Fair. 7-12. H. D. Newton,
Carrollton-Greene Co.     15
Simpson, secy.
Golconda-Pope Co. Fair. 1
Phelps, secy.
Roodhouse-Business Men's
W. C. Roodhouse, secy.
Auburn-Free Fall Exhibit.
C. Lochner. secy
Bourbon-Bourbon Fair.     S-
Parks. -ecy.
Bremen-Bremen Co. Fair.
Ditty, secy.
Forest City-Winnebago Co.
J. A. Peters, secy.
Guthrie Center-Guthrie Co.
T. E. Grissell, secy.
anson-Cerro Gordo Co.
Somers, secy.
Rhodes-Eden Dist. Fair. 1-3. H. F.
Stouffer, secy.
Effingham-Atchison Co. Fair. 26-28. C.
E. Sells, secy.
Abilene-Dickinson Co. Fair. 2-4. 11. C.
NWann, secy.
Beit-Mitchell Co. Fair. 2-5. Ira N.
Tice, secy.
Marysville-Marshall Co. Fair. 1-4. R.
V. Hemphill, secy.
Mound City-Linn Co. Fair. 1-4. P. S.
Thorne, secy.
Oskaloosa-Jefferson    Co. Fair Assn.
1-3. Frank Leach, secy.
Paola-Miami Co. Fair. 1-4. L. T.Brad-
bury, secy.
Winfleid-Cowley Co. Fair. 1-4. Frank
W. Sidle, secy.
Wakefleld-Wakefield Fair. 2-4. Eugene
Elkins, secy.
Bardwell-Carlisle Co. Fair. 15-16. T. C.
Halteman, secy.
Mayfield-West Kentucky Fair. 1-5. W.
L. Hale, secy.
Nit. Olivet-Robertson  Co. Fair.    3-5.
Samuel Throckmorton, secy.
Abbeville-Vermillion Parish Fair. 25-28.
D. D Cline, secy.
Dn aldsonville-Ascension  Parish  Fair.
Gibsland-Dixie Fair. 23-28. Glen Flem-
ing, secy.
Breaux Bridge-St. Martin Parish Fair.
22-27, Vie. Jaeger, secy.
Clinto-East    Folicana  Parish   Fair.
17-29. 1. L. Heyman, secy.
Crowley-Arendia Parish Fair. 30-Nov.
2.  L. A. Williams. secy.
Ilomer-Claborne  Parish  Fair.   23-25.
Dillard Hulse, secy.
I.afayette-Lafayette Parish Fair. 9-14.
Lake Providence-E. Carroll Parish Fair.
Leesvlle-Vernon Parish Fair. 1-5. R.
HT. Bonham, secy.
Marksville-Avoyelles Parish Fair. 16-19.
A. J. Bordelon, secy.
Minden-Webster    Parish  Fair.   15-18.
Thos. M. Robertson, secy.
Natchitoches-Natchitoches Parish Fair.
9-12. Sam H. Hill, secy.
Opelousas-St. Landry Parish Fair. 2-4.
R. M. Little. secy.
Ruston-Lincoln Parish Fair. 29-Nov. 1.
Ei. W.Patton, secy.
Shreveport-Louisiana State Fair. 5-12.
W. A. Mosby, secy.
5-9. J. T.                (October)
Andover-North Oxford Fair. 2-3. John
5-9. J. D.   F. Talbot, secy.
Acton-Shapleigh   & Acton   Fair.   1-3.
Fred K. Bodwell, secy.
Amherst-Northern Hancock Fair. 1-2.
A. N. Jewett, secv.
Fair. 21-26. Damiriscotta-Lincoln Agr. & Hort. Fair.
1-3. A. L. Shaw. secy.
Interstate Farm ngton-Franklin Co. Fair. 1-3. C.
secy.         F.'Snmith, secy.
Freeport-Freeport Agrl. Fair. 1-3.
Fryeburg-West Oxford Fair.     1-3. B.
WalkerMcKeen. secy.
-28.  S. . Madawaska -     Madawaska     Fair.  12.
Remi A. Daigie, secy.
Newport-Newport Fair. 2-4. J. A. Mer-
rill. secy.
-4. Barney Phillips-North Franklin Fair. 1-3. 1.
R. Ross, secy.
Fair. 8-12. Topsham-Sagadahoc Co. Fair.        8-10.
G. R. Tedford. secy.
Unity-Unity Park Fair. 1-2. E. T. Rey-
nolds, secy.
Upper Madawaska-Madawaska Fair. 12.
9-11.  J.   RemI A. Daigle, secy., Madawaska.
ll.  B. W.                 (November)
Freeport-Freeport Poultry Assn. 31-
1-4. L. G.    Jan. 2. Gee. P. Coffin, secy,
IPortland-Maine State Poe:ltrv ard Pt
Stock Assn.    110-13.  A. .  Merrill.
Fair. 1-3.               MARYLAND.
Fair. 1-4. Cumberland-Cumberland Fair. 1-4. Geo.
Ei.Deenen. secy.
1-4. C. E. Frederick-Fred erick Co. Fair. 22-25. 0.
C. Warehime, secy.

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