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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 29

Soptember 28, 1907.
Moore, Harry L.:   Luna Park, Cleveland,
0., indef.
Milton, Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W.: Star, Atlanta,
Ga., indef.
Miller, Grace:  Phillips, Richmond, Ind..
Viddleton, Gladys: Fischer's Stock Co., Los
Angeles, Cal., indef.
lelin Bros.: En route with the Kentucky
Bells Co.
McFarland & Murray: En route with the
Champagne Girls.
Martin, Dave & Percie: Gaiety, Galesburg,
Ill., 23-29; Howard, Chicago, 30-6.
Itarckley, Frank: Sherman House, Chicago,
Ill., 23-Oct. 6.
1elis, The:  Bijou, Rockford, Ill., 23-29.
lcClaim, Billy: London, Eng., 23-29.
1 elts Dogs:  Fair, Mansfield, 0., 23-29.
iler, Harvey  F.:  Bijou, Dubuque, Ia.,
23-29; Pcole's, Cedar Rapids, 30-6.
ilards. The  Three:  Bijou, La    Crosse,
Wis., s0-6.
ulhall, Lucille:  Brand Opera House, In-
ditnapolis, Ind., 30-6.
naehiners, The: Orpheum, Virginia, Minn.,
illmn Trio:    Scala, Copenhagen, Den-
ark, Sept. 1-308.
looney & Holbein:  Hippodrome, Birming-
ham, Eng.,    23-29;  Argyle, Birkenerd,
Mears, Mr. &  Mrs. Ben S. &     Co.:   New
Columbia, Chicago, Ill., 23-29.
Mack, Wilbur. & Co.: Armory, Binghanm-
ton, N. Y., Sept. 23-28; Proctor's, Albany.
20-Oct. 5.
Meyer&Mason: Bijou, New London, Conn.,
Mareena, Nevaro    &   Mareena:    Empire,
Patterson, N. J., 23-28.
Mankin, the Frog Man: Unique, Eau Claire,
Wis., 23-28.
Milmar Bros.:  Grand Opera House, Mor-
gantown, 23-28.
Morris, Annie:  Crystal, Rock Island, Ill..
IcKay  &   Cantwell:    Crystal,   Colorado
Springs, Cole., 23-28.
Murphy  &   Frances:    Orphieumr,  Denver,
Ma.o. I2 21.
1Crth & Paige:     Park, Johnstown, Pa..
fillar Sisters:  Empire, Springfield, Ill..
ICune &  Grant:    Lyric, Terre    Haute,
Ind., 23-2S.
ieller c& Mueller:  Orpheum, Los Ange-
les, 22 Oct. 5.
MKenzie  &   Shannon:     Polil's, Scranton,
Pa.,  2 -8.
illie, iobt C.:  Star, Aurora, Ill.. 23-2S.
lakmuri: Grand Opera House, Indianapo-
Its, Iad. "2-28.
Mills, Hattie  Majestic, Kansas City, Mo.,
Marion &2 Pearl: Chase's, Washington, D.
C., 2-2"8
Martha  Mile.:  Orpheoum, Salt Lake City,
Macaulee  Inez:  Orphoun, San Francisco,
Cal., 8-28.
Marlowe, Plunkett & Co.:   Pittsburg Expo-
sition, Pittsburg. Pa., 23-28.
Mora, 'e    3-nt:  Opera  House. Punxsutaw-
ney,  a,  2 -S
Mitchells 'Tbe:  Crysteal,  Anderson,  Ind.,
IMos, Ed    Indlusrial. Molinne. Ill.. 23-2S
Millet, Hlandeoft King:  Kennedy    Players,
Knoxville, Tenn., 23-2S.
Mortlock, Alice:  Acme, Sacramento, Cal.,
loreland &  Leigh:  Weiland. Clarksburg,
W. Va., 23-28.
Malcolm, Emma & Peter: Bijou, Bisnarck,
N. D., 23-28.
Muller, Chunn &  Muller:   Orpheum, Oma-
ho., Neb., 23-28.
McCloud  &  Melville:   Crystal, El Pas-,
Tea., .2-20.
Martin Bros.:  Shubert., TI ica, Nci I-2
Musketeers, Three:  People's, Cincinnati, 0.,
Musts, The:  Bijou, Kalamazoo, Mich., 23-
McMahon's Minstrel Maids &     Watermelon
Girls: Alhambra, New York City, 2:1-20.
McMaon's Pullnan Porter Maids: Colum-
bia, St. Louis, Mo., 23-28.
.lack Bros.:  Hibbing. Minn., 23-20.
ilanola Family:  Phillips', Richmond, Ind.,
Mack, Kenneth:   Cook's 0. H., Rochester,
N. Y.,  23-28.
Martins, The:  Bijou, Plainesville, 0., 23-
Mayhew, Stella, Belle Taylor & Co.: Grand
0. H., Pittsburg, Pa., 22-28.
Mavolio:  Opera House, Great Barrington,
Mass.,  23-28.
M1ayne, Elizabeth: En route with the Harry
Bryant Sho v.
Marion, Dave:   En   route   with   Miner's
Miller, Arthur & Ethel: En route with the
Bowery Burlesquers.
NORENBERG, CARRIE: En route with
the Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Niziolek, John & Dog: En route with thi
Gay's Circus.
Newlan, Will F.: En route with Coulter
& Clark Show.
Nizard's High  School Horse:     En   route
with Ringling Bros. Show
Noetzel Family: En route with Ringling
Bros. Show.
Normans. Juggling: En route with Gentry
Bros. Show.
Nelsons, The Flying: En route with Goll-
mar Bros. Show.
Nevaros, Four: En route with Forepaugh
Sells Bros. Show.
amba Japs: En route with Gentry Bros.
osellos The:  En   rout with   Barnum    &
Balley Show.
Newell & Niblo: Alhambra, Paris, France,
Dept.  1-30.
NIson &   Egbert:   Bijou, Michigan    City,
lad.,  21-28.
hols & Smith:    Fair, Houghton, Mich.,
Marth, Bobby: Trent, Trenton, N. J., 23-28.
N'ef, Jabn' Orpheum. Chicago, Il,2-
adje, M.:' Grand 0. H., Indianapols 2nd..
Mamba Japanese Troupe:     Lyric, Rock Is-
land, Ill., 21-28.
"elson &  Eghrt:   Bijon, Michigan    City,
., 623-229; 1i9jou, Kalamazoo, Mich., 30-
Oct. 6.
OIVERS THE THREE: En route with
Cole Bros. Show.
O'Loe Geo. W.: En route with Sells-
Floto Snow.
O'Neill: En route with Markle's New Sun-
ny South Floating Palace.
O'Neill Tom: Oswego N. Y. Indef.
Orletta &   Taylor:  Lafayette Buffalo N.
Y. Indef.
O'Kabe Sacha: En route with the Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Otoro Family:   Fair, La Crosse, Wig., 23-
Olivette: Austin & Stone's, Boston, Mass.,
Orville, The, Marionettes: Star, Charleroi,
Pa., 23-28.
O'Neill & Co., J. H.: Orpheum, Gallon, 0.,
O'Neill, The Great: Fair, Henderson, Ky.,
Ott, Phil: En route with Sam Devere Show.
P AIGE MABEE & BOY: En route with
The Great Santell Co.
Phillips Percy: En route with the Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Petroisky Troupe: En route with Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Pyser & McDonald: En route with Night
Pepe & Jerome: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show,
Perry & White: En route with Miss N. Y.
Jr. Co.
Pritzkow Chas.: En route with the New
Century Girls.
Patty Bros.: En route with Ringling Bros.
Perle & Diamant: Streets of Seville, James-
town Exposition, Norfolk, Va., Indef.
Plamondor, Louie: En route with Hagen-
beck-'Wallace Sho0w.
Proset Trio: En route with Ringling Bros.
Potter & Hartell: En route with the Cham-
pagne Girls.
Phillips, The: En route with the Great
Raymond Co.
Perry, Frank L.: Family. Erie, Pa.. 23-29.
Paradise Alley:  Poli's, Scranton, Pa., 23-
20: Maryland, Baltimore, Md., 10-6.
Poirier's, The Three:   Gaiety, Galesburg,
Ill1, Sept. 23-28; Lyric, Terre Haute, Ind.,
:10-Oc t. 5.
Palmer & Mullen: Orpheum, Leavenworth,
Kan., Sept. 23-29; Burwood, Omaha, Neb.,
b3-Oct. 5.
Priuroses, Musical:  Gem, So. Fork, Pa.,
Patte, Mabel: Orpheum. Gallon, 0., 23-25;
Orphetam, Bucyrus. '6-"8.
Perkins, Walter, & Co.: Proctor's, Albany,
N. V., "2-28.
Powers. Mr. & Mrs. John T.: Novelty, Fres-
no, Cal., 23-28.
Polly Pikle's Pets:  Columbia, St. Louis'
Mo., 2328.
Palmer & Docknan: Crystal, Marion, Ind.,
23-2S .
Pelots, The: Orpheum, Allentown, Pa., 23-
Pecks, The Two: Avenue, Duquesne, P'a.,
Peters, Phil & Nettle: Orpheum, Salt Lake
City, Utah. 23-28.
Pryors, Te: Sacramento, Cal., 23-28.
Paulton & Dooley: Keith's, Portland, Me.,
Pankleb, Mudman: Bijou. Decatur, Ill., 23-
Powers &   Freed:   Bijou, Jackson, Mich.,
Powell, Prof. F. E.: Burwood, Omaha, Neb.,
Phillipe, Bertha: Majestic, Lafayette, Ind.,
Perry, Frank L.: Family, Erie, Pa., 23-29.
Rwtidth Iagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Rowvland, Geo.: En route with the Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Haven   Trio:  En route with   Hagenheck-
Wallace Show.
Rowlands The: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace  Show.
Richards, Aerial: En route with Miller's
London Show.
Robinson, Chas.: En route with the Night
Robert & Don: En route with J. Frank
Hatch Shows.
Reed, Harry L.: Washington, Buffalo. N.
Y., indef.
Reid, Sam E.: En route with Cole Bros.
Royce Bros.: En route with the Hargreave
Rose City   Quartette:   Alisky, Stockton,
Cal., indef.
Rousek, Jack: Airdome, Leavenworth, Kan..
Rostello, Albert: En route with Ringling
Bros. Show.
Romola, Bob.: Bijon, Davenport, Ia., indef.
Rooney, Carrie: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Riccobone's Good Night Horse: En route
with Ringling Bros. Show.
Renzetta, Hans: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Roode, Claud:    En  route with   Ringling
Bros. Show.
Ryan, Zorella & Diaz: En route with Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Rooney, John: En route with Barnum &
gailey Show.
Roubeck, Josephine: En route with Bar-
num  & Bailey Show.
Reynolds, Abe: En route with Miss N. Y.
Jr. Co.
Randall, Dar: En     route with   Campbell
Bros. Show.
Ray, Bill: Intlependence, Kan., indef.
Ray, J. J.: En route with the Fashion
Plate Show.
Reed & Earl: Park, Alameda, Col., indef.
Rianos, Four: Freeport, L. I., indef.
Royal, Rhoda: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Reath & Robson: En route with The Great
Santell Co.
Revere & Yuir: En route with the Cham-
pagne Girls.
Rice & Kemp: En route with the Great
Raymond Co.
Russell, O'Neil & Gross: Opera House
Winfield, Kan.. 23-29; Opera House, El
R~eno, Okla., 30-6.
Relnnee Family: 3jou, Lansing, Mich., 23-
29: BIjou, Bay City, 30-6,
Rainbows, The: Welland, Gerston, W. Va.,
23-2: Arodtburg. 30-6.
Romatne & Campbell: Bijou, Adrian, Mich..
21-20: Muskagan, 10-6.
Robt. Rogers & Louise Mackintosh: Bijou,
Flint, Mich., 23-29; Bijou, Benton Har-
bor, 30-4.
Robisch  &  Childress:  Lyric, Kensington,
Ill., 23-29; Temple, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 30-6.
Rome, Mayo &     Juliet:  Family, Lincoln,
Neb., 23-29; Orpheum, Chicago, Ill.. 30-6.
Rocie & Wayne: Bijon, Winnipeg, Man., 23-
291; Bijou, Duluth, Minn., 30-6.
Rica, Fanny: Schenectady, N, Y., 23-28.
tyan & Richfield: Keith's, Cleveland, 0.,
IM:sc & Jeannette: Orpheum, Minneapolis,
Minn, 23-28.
Reid Bros.:  Keith's, Boston, Mass, 21-28.
RMo seards, Thec:  Fair, Seymour. Wis. 24-7.
Richards, Ellen: Fair, Halifax, N. S., Can.,
1-Oct. 5.
Rain Dears: Poli's, Hartford, Conn., 23-28.
Robinson, Blondie; Alisky, Stockton, Cal.,
Robinson-Parcluette  Trio:  Keith's Union
So.: New York City, 23-26.
Rosalez, The Marvelous: Bijou, Fargo, N.
D., 22-28.
Richter. Otto: New York City, 23-2S.
Richards, The Great:    Family, Williams-
port. Pa. 23-28.
Reed, John P.: Bijon, Bay City, Mich., 23-
Rinaldo: Bijon, Anderson. Ind., 23-28.
Ruppelts, The: Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cal.,
23-Oct. 5.
Reynard, Ed. F.: Keith's, Jersey City, N.
J., 23-28.
Ray & Co., Fred: Orpheum, Oakland, Cal.,
Rialto Comedy Quartet: Poli's, Bridgeport,
Conn., 23-28.
Remington, Mayme: Grand 0. H., Indian-
apolis, Ind., 23-28.
Rockway & Conway: Majestic, Little Rock,
Ark., 23-28.
Rawls & Von Kaufman: Elite, Rock Isl-
and. Ill., 23-25; Elite, Davenport, Ia., 27-
29; Star, Elgin, Ill., 20-Oct. 6.
Pearce, Geo. H.: En route with Miner's
Ranzetta &   Lyman: En route with the
Trocadero Burlesquers.
Racketts, The Two: En route with the
Bowery Burlesquers.
SRETZ, CARRIE: En route with the Girls
from Happyland.
Sulcer, Thos. A.: En route with Cole Bros.
Smitlas, The Aerial: En route with the
Ringling Bros. Show.
Stickney. Emma: En route with the Ring-
ling Bros. Show.
Slater, John: En route with Ringling Bros.
Schadel, Frank: En route with Ringling
Bros. Show.
Salvazgis, The Five: En route with the
City P'ports Co.
Satterfield. Nola: En route with the Ring-
ling Bros. Show.
Sheks-Marvile Troupe: En route with the
Ringling Bros. Show
Sommers & Storke: En route with Williams
Stuart & Raymond: En route wtth Man-
chesters Cracker Jacks.
Swain & Bombard: En route with Wat-
son's Burlesquers.
Savoy Quartette: En route with Al Reeves
Some Quartette: En route with the Merry
Maidens Co.
Sydell, Rose: En route with The London
Bells Show.
Stewart, Harry Marks: En route with Rose
Sydella London Bells.
Santell, The Great:  En route with hip
Own Co.
Silverman, M.: En route with The Great
Santell Co.
Sheppard Camp: En route with the Ken-
taicky Bells.
Stelela Girls. The Eight: En routee with
Bryant's Extravaganza Co.
Sieger, Lillian: En route with Bryant's
Extravaganza Co.
Schuttler, J. L.: En route with the Great
Raymond Co.
Sutton & Sutton: En route with the High
School Girls Co.
Shorty & His Goose Family: En routewith
Hagenbeck-Wallace Show.
Swallow, John: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show.
Sicheka: En route with Hagenbeek-Wal-
lace Show.
Sweeney, Minnie: En route with Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Schubert. Harry: En route with Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Savoys, The: En route with Hagenbeck-
Wallace Show,
Stautz, The Great: En route with Hagen-
beck-Wallace Show.
Seven Roma Girls: En route with the
Morning Glories.
Stutzman, Chas.: Ninewa Park, Peru, Ill.,
Spencer, Lloyd: Lyric, Houston, Texas, in-
Sharrocks, The: Empire, San Francisco,
Cal., indef.
Shah, Manek: Majestic, Pittsburg, Pa., In-
Scott, Edourd: Grand, Reno, Nev., indef.
Schuster, Milton: Palace, Boston, Mass.,
Stevens Troupe: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Stickney, Louise: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Sokichi: En route with the Barnum      &
Balley Show.
Soko & Yokichi: En route with the Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Stickney, Robt.: En route with Barnum &
Bailey Show.
Show, Margaret: En route with Hargreave
S ebastian, Cella: En route with the Bar-
num & Bailey Show.
Steele. Chas.: En route with the Campbell
Bres. Show.
Stafford. Frank & MarIe Stone: Dixieland
.Tacksonville. Fla., Indef w
Stantz, Henry C.: En route with Hagen-
hek-Wallace Show.
Stelefag Bros.: En route with John Rob-
inson Show.
Shaws, The Aerial: En roe- with the
Ringling Bros. Show.
occupy two entire buildings, devoted exclusively to POSTERS.
have our own Photographic Studio, with the largest known
Gratlex cameras, made to order for this class of work, and
equipped with the strongest imported lenses for rapid Photography.
Therefore, we are especially prepared to make Posters for FLYING
DOGS and difficult feats, requiring a speed of 1200 part of a second.
have our own ENGRAVING PLANT, in charge of talented
W    E    artists, designers and engravers. Where "time is money"
we will design, engrave and print, in one color, and ship the
same day as the order is received, or, if in several colors, the day
have our own INK MILLS, enabling us to give a better grade
of inks. We can, therefore, guarantee our inks to be FAST
COLORS-absolutely NON-FADING.        A great variety of
colors and shades to select from. INK CATALOGUE FREE.
carry in stock WOOD TYPE, complete in every detail, from
V2 inch to 7 foot letters-printing i4-sheets to forty sheets in
length. For display words, we have just added a new line
of Type in TWO COLORS with SHADED letters-the latest and most
attractive type ever introduced, giving the appearance of special
engraved raised letters.
have our own PARAFFINE MACHINE, 35 ft. in length,
WE with tons of pressure under boiling hot wax, making our
Paraffine FIBRE and FENCE SIGNS "wear like leather."
carry in stock over 2,000 Sets of 8-sheet PLATES, advertis-
WE ing 108 Lines of Business. 200-page POSTER BOOK sent
FREE upon receipt of sixteen cents in stamps.
have our own PRIVATE      TELEGRAPH      wires, connected
direct with the main wires of the Postal Telegraph and
Western Union offices, obviating delays, enabling us to fill
orders the same day as received.
COLORS-Printing FOUR COLORS with one impression, for
Streamer and Banner work.    This MACHINE was built at an
expense of over $16,000 and equipped for long runs only, printing
from a roll, either paper or muslin, or aluminum plate 42 feet in
width, and, if desired, 10 sheets in length (420 feet) in one piece, or
we can print ten one-sheets at one time.
THE CLARENCE          E. RUNEY             .C.INC         NATI
I he
-  0'wif

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