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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Detroit news,   p. 20

Milwaukee notes,   p. 20

Page 20

September 28, 1907.
The Show World Plblishilg Co.
WARREN A. PATRICK, General Director
AUGUST FROEBEL, Business Manager
61 Grand Opera House Building
87 South Clark Street
Entered as second-class matter, June 25,
1907, at the Postofice at Chicago, Illinois,
under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
All communications to the Editorial or
Business departments should be addressed to
The Show World Publishing Co.
Payable in Advance.
Y ear  ..................... .....................$4.00
Six Months.............................2.0
Three Months ........................... 1.00
Foreign subscriptions $1.00 extra per year.
Trade supplied by the Western News Com-
pany, General Offices, Chicago.
Fifteen cents per line agate measure. Whole
page, $105; half page, $52.50; quarter page,
Rates for Professional Cards submitted on
The last forms of THE SHOW WORLD
close at noon every Monday.     Clients are
urged to forward their advertising copy as
early as possible each week to insure best
position and display in succeeding issue.
THE SHOW WORLD is Issued Tuesday of
each week and dated Saturday.
THE SHOW WORLD is sold on all trains
and news stands throughout the United States
and Canada, which are supplied by the West-
ern News Company, of Chicago, and its
branches.  Failure to secure T HE    SHOW
WORLD     from  these  sources  should   be
reported to the general offices of this pub-
News-dealers are requested to place orders
with the Western News Company or its
All remittances to THE SHOW WORLD
should be made by Postoffice or express
money order or registered letter addressed or
made payable to The Show World Publishing
The Editor will not be responsible for the
return  of unsolicited  manuscripts, but if
stamps are inclosed they Will be returned to
correspondents if found unavailable.
The march     of the moving picture
industry to pre-eminence is accentu-
ating itself more and more every day.
With more than 5,000 theatoriums in
the country and      that   number    con-
stantly on the increase, the film man-
ufacturers have visions of unbounded
wealth in their dreams and it is safe
to predict that they will suffer no dis'
illusionment in that regard.
* * *
The   sensationalist   in   the  pulpit,
who periodically     attacks   the   stage
and its people, has cropped up again.
As usual, his arraignment of the
drama is based upon prejudice rather
than knowledge of the subject. For-
tunately, the     people   of  the   show
world will survive this latest attack
as they have many others.          Life is
too short to rail at the buzzing of
In the next issue of THE SHOW
WORLDon October 5, a complete
announcement of the special art
and literary features to be em-
braced in the Christmas number
will be made by Warren A. Pat-
trick in his    " Pat-Chats.'     This
will be of especial interest to pro-
fessional and business men, and
all connected with the world of
entertainment.     Look for it.
D ETR'lOIT, Mich. 'supt. 21.-opera House
(G. C. Whitney, mgr.; H. F. Parent,
res. mgr.).-Before and After played
tie first three nights of the week to fairly
good houses. This is about the best com-
edy seen here, or elsewhere, in years. No
time is lost in useless conversation after
the characters are introduced and the well
handled situations follow one another rap-
Temple (J. 11. Moore, mgr.).-A good
oudelville bill played to mostly S. R. 0.
houses week of 16. Beliclair and Kramer
in feats of strength have a very good act,
a commendable feature being the music
they carry for their act. The Astrella Sis-
ters, assisted by Mr. Warner, have an en-
tertaining and neatly dressed act; Mr. and
Mrs. Gene    Hughes, in   Suppressing  the
Press, are good; Frederick   Doeller, vlo-
liniot,  scored  heavily;  W'iison  lBrotbers
were good applause winners; Adeline Dun-
Jap', in The Operator, a dramatic sketch,
above the ordinary; Geo. H. Primrose and
his company of dancers did a neat sing-
ing and dancing act. Rice and Prevost-
same old Bumpty Bumps-same old laugh
law   Dockstader's Minstrels gave daily
parades which, coupled with his past repu-
tation, drew good houses to The Lyceum.
At the Whitney A Race Across the Con-
tient plecased crowded houses.
The Lafayette Players, a stock company,
hold the boards at the Lafayette theater.
By Right of Sword was the offering week
of 15.
Phil Sheridan's City Sports proved to be
a good drawlog card, in connection with
Tommy Burns as an added attraction, at
the Gayety (Harry H. Hedges, migr.).    It
is mostly a girl showv. 'rho comedians
were given little chance outside of their
olio aets. The chorus is 'the" thing with
this attraction, being almost unifornm in
size, tweli drilled and handsomely costumed.
In the olio Dick Brown gets the audience
aith him from   the start.  He has consid-
erable new material. Thompson and Carter
scored fairly well. Emilia Bartolita, assist-
ed by the chorus, does a good dancing act.
Gotham City Quartette, fair singers, Anna
Chandler, in imitations, possesses a fine
stage presence, works hard and is a valu-
able member to a burlesque attraction.
The Five Salvaggeis were the hit of the
show and deservedly so for they have one
of the best whirlwind dancing acts to be
seen today.
11arry  Williams' Imperials drew   good
houses to tise Avenue.
The Crystal Royal A. Baker, ngr.) is
a ten-cent vaudeville house, giving four
shows daily.
Manager Baker is doing his own booking
and would like to hear from     performers
laying off in Detroit or playing near here.
The shows he presents are good, consid-
cring  the small admission    price.  Four
shows are given daily.     Mattias does a
contortion act as good as the average; The
Montgonerys have a goodtritle shooting act;
Paige and Montrose do some clever barrel
juapin; O1ie Adams has a good, clear
soice and puts life and vim into his sing-
ing;  ie sEfie Cammon in illustrated songs,
and Bruce and Earl were also onl tile bill.
The arvo   leading  moving  picture the-
aters are the Theater Royale and the Bi-
i .ou.  AV. Schoenherr is manager of the
forme r.  The Passion Play Films are now
being showsn for the sixth consecutive week
to crowvded houses. The singers, Miss Nellie
Turnwall and    Henry  Hutchins, are far
above the ordinary vocalists.
Bijou (William Klatt, prop.).-This is a
five-cent house, offering one or two vaude-
ville acts, illustrated songs and moving
pictures.  . N. Harris sings the Illustrat-
ed songs.  Be Goidias, the magician, does
a clever act and will be held over another
week. This place has one of t1e most at-
tractive fronts to be seen in this country.
At Whitney's Ypsilanti theater Rose Mel-
le, in Sis Hopkins, opened hher season te
ti to a good house.   The 17th (rainy
night) The Isle of Spice opened their sea-
son to a fairly good house.
The attractions at the various theaters
week of 22: Detroit Opera House.-George
Washington, Jr., 23, 24 and 25.
Tenple.-Lucille Mulihall and Her Ranch
Boys, Emmett Corrigan, Clarice Vance, Ca-
nille  Comedy Trio, Banks-Brezeale Duo,
Wynand Levis,     terdenand Taylor, Harry
Meulville and the Kinetogrape.
Lycen-Wine, Woman and Song.
Whitney-The Rocky Mountain Express.
Lafayette.-The Girl with the Green Eyes.
Avenue.-Watson's Oriental Cosey Corner
Galyety.-Dainty Duchess.- CHIRICK."
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 21-Tis city       ap-
iarently cannot get too much of vaudeville
such as is offered at Klaw & Erlanger's
house every week. The policy of present-
ing of monster programes of the biggest
stars at 15, 25 and 50 cents at night and
15 and 25 cents at matineesi a trifle short
of marvelous, but it is hlitting tile Milwau-
kee tileaters doors i the center and suc-
ce0ss is firmly established on a permanent
basis. In the list arranged for this week
practically every act has proven a feature.
'rios. J. Wilaling, formlerly nmanager of
Wonderland Park, spent a few hours last
Thursday on business in Milwaukee.     Mr.
Whaling has many      friends  who    were
pleased to see him.
Chas. A. Winninger 'and Adolph A. Win-
ninger spent Sunday here. They left Sun-
ilay evening for Muskegon, Mich., where
they open up their eastern company.
Chas. Hambitzer, Jr., a well known or-
chestra director of this city is the possessor
of a new automobile.
This week closes the     season  at the
an luseient parks, Pabst Park having closed
'a mlost successful season last Sunday even-
ig. Wonderland closes Sept. 22.   Bicycle
Bill, also known as Win. Cresswell. closed
his park season at this Park.     He now
gns oil the Sullivan-Considine vaudeville
circuit, opuening up' at Aladisoui, WXis., Slept.
2" .
The Davidson-The Mail of the Hour is
the attraction at this theater.  It  ha-
proven one of the strongest offerings I
tie season.  Orion Johnson and Franc,
Ring in the leading roles have been r,
ceived with heavy enthusiasm.   The bal
ance of the company is the same that mad
tile  remarkable  run in Chicago.   Next
wveek , Brewster's Millions.
Shubert-An excellent bill is being offered
at this house this week. The Romany Op-
eratic Troupe's act is a novelty and in-
eludes twelve members all of whom    are
singers of ability. Their act is carrying
off the honors of this week's bill.  The
balance of the bill consists of Caron &
Farnum, Harry Corson Clarke, Maud Lam-
bert, Chas. R. Sweet, Ralph Johnstone,
Valazzi and Billy Clifford.
Alhambra-David Corson is the attrac-
tion at this house and present an excellent
picture of the life in the west and south
a half century 'ago. The cast is a well
balanced one. Next, B. C. Whitney Piff,
Paf, Pouf.
Bijoo-The Original Cohen is receiving
its share of business at the Second Street
House. The company is made up of ex-
cellent characters. Next week, Lincoln J.
Carter's Bedford's Hope.
Star-Roger Imhoff, with    his  Empire
Burlesquers is back at this house again.
Roger Imhoff, as Michael Casey, is    as
clever as ever.  This season he is sup-
ported by Jeannette Buckley, Emma Wes-
ton, Ed Johnson and a number of other
burlesque  favorietes.  Conne ly &  Klein.
dancers and conversationalists and Man-
tambo & Hursfalls, acrobats,  were   also
well received. The Slave Mart closed the
performance. Manager Trotman, being un-
able to accommodate the large number -of
vomen attending the Ladies' Matinee has
decided to add Thursdays also as Ladies'
Day.   Beginning   this week, he has set
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and
souvenirs i    h be given at the six perforn-
ances. Next week. Miss New York. Jr.
Crystal-Thie  seven  Madeaps  are  the
Beadliners at this house.  They are win-
ing heavy applause in their acrobatic dance
and novelty sketch. The balance of the
bill Includes Mr. and Mrs. Cal Stuart. the
Three Perrys, Ethel Kirke, Frank Williams.
The Pabst-This house opened its seasor
Sept. 22 with an all German cast.
Gayety-H'arry Bryant's extravaganlza is
hoding theboards at this house thisxweek.
The Eight English Stenla Girls is being
featured with this coillpany.-J. H. YEO.
Will Organize "Black Rats."
It is rumored theat Bert nillians, Er-
nest Hogan   and   0111cr prominent col-
ored performers are contemplating form-
ing an orgaizatho  similar is purpose
to the White Rats, to be known as the
B3lack Rats. The promoters believe that
such an   organization  wouid  prove  of
great benefit to colored performers in
their dealings wit the    different va-
riety managers   and  hooking   agcncies,
a    d ave applied to the White Rats to
stand sponsor for them.   Late iforma-
tion from the east wotld seem to bear
out the truth of thie rumor.
Advanced Vaudeville Rumors.
It is reported that five t  heaters  vhicl
have een playing "Advanced Vaudeville"
have fallen by tie   eayside; the Shu-
bert house in Brooklyn, N. Y., it is said
willbe convertedintoatfive-cent    eater
this week; the theaters in Burlington,
Iowas and Moline      ' Ill., and two of the
circuit houses in tle east which have
been devoting three nigmts a week    to
"Advanced Vaudeville" it is said hlave
decided to abarydon tlat feattire.
It is ruamored but not confirmed that
fully one-tird of tie  acts  booked  by
K. & B. for "Advanceed Vaudeville" have
aipplied to tileUnited BookinsgOffices for
Frankie La Marche a Favorite,
Frankie La Marcie, the   Girl Buster
Brown and herLiveDog      Tige havebe-
come well known to Chlicago vaudeville
patrons throug    their recent eygage-
ments at the leading variety treaters.
Miss La Marche, who played last week
at the Chicago Opera hotse, is assisted
its her act by Tige, a dog -vho sings op-
era, has  bank account and uses his is-
come to btiy canine delicacies, besides
being petted and admired b y tile pretty
Miss La Marche.     It seems to be one
exceptional instance where "a dog's life"
is preferable to a good many other kinds
of lives.
Tige is a rough-coated, ornery cur,
with a bit of Scotch Terrier blood in Ilim.
He is Miss LaMarche's leadinlgmail, and
follows her onl tile stage in a manner
that makes a question of his histrionic
aebility superfluotus. Ile was picked up
by Miss La Marche otit f   i a western
town at the age of five  onts. Feeling
very sorry for tile little ragged. rtusty-
yellow stray, Miss La Marche took himn
to iler hotel. Tile proprietor of tile hotel
said, "I'm afraid you II have to vacate,
Miss La Marche. You cannot keep that
dlog her'e." Miss La Marche vouchsafed
the information that iftile dog had to go
silo would likewise depart. So she start-
ed out, secured a private boarding house,
and started to trainl Tige.
Tige has passed thlroughl many hsard
bsattles and fights, and is a firm believer
in the fact tilat "Btuster.'' as portrayed
by Miss La Marchle, is is best frieind.
At different tinmes lise ilas grown dissatis-
fied with his salary and blanded in Isis
two weeks' notice. btut Mliss La Marchse
placated isim with a sinlginlg role, and he
11as stayed on. Re claims that lise Is the
better dancer of the two. aind does not re-
ceive propher support. but tile audience
decides that to its owvn satisfactiois. Miss
L~aMarcihe is athority fortile statement
tllat Tige will be starred nesxt season.
~7, -~
We have letters at our offices for the
following persons.   Papers or matter of
the second class will be forwarded on
receipt of postage:
Aces, Three.
Adams, Fritz.
Adams & White.
Ackerman, Ed.
Addison & Living-
Austin's, The Great.
Brown, Harold.
Brown, & Wilmont.
Beane, George.
Bernard, Nat.
Brown, Harry W.
Baker, H. L.
Barry & Hock.
Berritia, Guy.
Blankenbaker, J. M.
Bartlett, Rees.
Bartlett, Al.
Brown, Gil.
Brooke, T. P.
Bray, Chas. E.
Barry, IV. H.
Cole, Claude.
Clark. M. L.
Campbell & Cully.
Claus & Tadeliffe.
Corey, Mr.
Dartton, Chas.
IDeonozo, Harry.
De    Wolf, The.
Dunston & Leslie.
Deimas, George.
Dave, Mr.
Darcy, Joe.
D~evlin & Ellwvood.
Dalton, Jim.
Evans, Murry.
Ernest, Walter.
Gore, Tile Jap.
Great Gaskili Showvs
Gill, Win. S.
Gibbons, Tom.
Guard, Sully.
Gillihan, Earl.
A. L. G.
Harris, Ed.
Hughes Musical
Hughes, Chas.
Hutchison & Lusley.
Hamilton, Shelby.
Hamilton, Mr.
Hagan, Will.
Hoalon, Richard.
Horne, T. S.
Heider, Fred.
Herberd & Rogers.
Howard, Harry and
Irvington, H. G.
Jed, Jackson.
Juliet, Norman.
Johnson, Dick.
Jones, Maurice.
Jarvis, H. I.
The Famous.
Jennings & Renfrew
Jackson, Leo.
iresko, Ed.
Heating, Da.
King, P. T.
KoLilins & Lifton.
Itonklin Mignonette.
Kelly, Thonas R.
Leonard, Eddie.
Livingston, Will.
Lavender, George.
LeVine, Edward.
Liegier. Victor.
Liecker, Chas.
B elvis, Bert.
Lipman & Levis.
Leopodo, M.
Lucy & Luc ier.
LCa Adeia.
Leweis, Mis. C.
Amelnd, Grace.
Anderson, Grace I..
Adler, Flo.
Boader, Edyte.
Belmont, Bell.
Brooks, Jeanne.
Cuningham, Mrs. D.
Carleton, Gladys.
Cabary, Grace.
Crouch, Rosa.
Co0wles, Sabra.
Davis, Miss & A.
DeVora, Millie.
Excels, Louise.
Edward, Julia.
Engleton, Nan.
Evelyn, Pearl.
1",lntisil, Flora.
Adler, Flo.
Guilbaut. Marie
Hall. Mollie.
Hughes, Florence.
Handoll, B.
Hloilld, Mae.
Hamlin, Grace.
Jordon, Marjorie.
Locke, John N.
Molyneux, Arthur.
Monsieur Mills.
Murray, Lawrence.
Mrton, Charl,
Miller, Leu.
MacKay, Frank.
McCord, Lewis.
McDonald. Geo.
Miundy, P. F.
Stead, Will.
Mackintosh. Louise.
MeGarrey, Vm.
Mills, W. J.
Moore, Bill.
McBreen, \Wmii.
McClaud & Melville.
McCune & Grant.
Nutt, Ed. 0.
Niger, Win.
Nicoli, Al.
Newvton. J. llI
Nictorne ST.
Neri, Frank.
Norman, Thu Frog
Newman, Harr,
Ottkr, Ernest.
Onlaw. Gus.
Oniaw Trio.
Pierce, Kensal.
Pitcher, F. F.
Rice, Dec.
Rover, Fred.
Raimund, J. B.
Rourke, 0. & Bar
Russell, Lawrence,
Renfem, S.
Renshaw, Bert.
Rossi Bros.
Rossley & Rostette
Reed, E. F.
Rice, TV. H.
Stancbfield, Alan D.
Sherman,  ,   '.
Spaulding & Dupes.
Snood, Russell,
Shilton, R. Byron,
Schonimer, 'r. L.
Salval. A. L.
Sender, Charles.
Sullivan, C. S.
Smith, Sam.
Sherman, Dan.
Strinera Trio.
Shech Bros.
Swisher, Grover.
SI1ear, Al.
Schofield, The.
Stodart & Vilson.
Terhune, Paul.
Tunnison, E.
Tann, Bely.
Trounodou's, The
Verg, F.
1con Dell, Harry.
V'oBergen, Mtartin.
V'eda & Ourlareow.
W'oodburn, T. R.
Wertheimer, Lan.
Walker, Ralph.
Wilbur, Prof.
Webb, Hary.
,Wightman, Allen.
Wolfe, Ben B.
Xarson, Bealter.
Vaugh.a Geo.
W~ait, Paul.
Winch, Will 1l.
Warren & Vartrnan.
IWoriman, WV. E.
Wilsona Jack &Ada.
Whitman, Franklin.
Zimmerman, Wvily.
Jackson, Alice.
Jackson, Blossom.
Leo, Beatrice.
Landis, Cora.
Mayo, Rose.
Stleo. Mlarthia.
Mogel, Alice.
Most, Anna.
tackintos, .Louise.
Stiller. St.
MeBreen, Irene.
Mlartha, Stile.
Orbasany, Irma.
Perrin, Sidney.
Powers. SIr. & Mrs
Jno. T.
Privett, Ina.
Raveln, Mellia.
Robertson, Katherin
Robsinson, Aiabel.
Ring, Kate, Hope.
Scott. Mary.
Smith, C.
Tudor, Lillie
X'ail, Myrtle..
't'ilbourn. Elenore
New Northwestern Circuit.
Sam     De Vries, coiected witl The In-
ternational Thseatrical Co., is forming a
circuit throughout   the  Dakotas and
northwestern Canada. When completed
the circuit will give eight weeks in the
Dakotas, opening at Sioux City and in-
eluding Sioux Falls, Watertown, Aber-
deen, Grand Forks and Fargo. The Ca-
nadian tihe will open at Edmonton, Can.
with six weeks to follow in northwestern
Canada. The circuit is intended as a
"feeder" for the Sullivan  &  Considine
and Nash circuits. Mr. De Vries is also
forsing a circuit wich will open at
Zanesville, Ohio, rind include Erie, Pa..
the new Auditorium in Pittsburg and the
new playhouse at Wheeling, W. Va.
so U

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