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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 27

September 21, 1907.
is-. 1<  ls-,.t-. s  ul  es  . i-  Yo O
NI Y.,  1k2.
oshloIr Joh  Xi.: Lrli's, Nsv Il  . vis,
Clkk-t5. 'Tho: Orpssotto,  Sasn  Pranceisco,
Tat.. 16-2.
Cl~isty, Way~ne G.: Majestic, Indtianapolis,
C'-William: Novelty, Brootklyn, N. Y.,
Coiiin.~ Long & Craine: Didlsts-ry, Walden
Ce- l toin's Boosters:  Weiland, Hagers-
t''  1',  M G   16-21.
Clack, Joe: Olympic, South Bond, Ind., 16-
Cot,    Th,1  're:  Philad ilhia.  Pa..  16-21.
C0  c t  lo & Co.: Li <t-o  nitshti,- Pa.,
Css  1. : .   1l.: 0. "  I1.  .\tbiolis  N.  Y.,  III
:s I[et,   i t1i  liu ston ,  R T.  I
COn on &Willared. Slwal'. T'loito, 0rtL,
0, [l an-o,  Cal:  Prioo'S,  11annibuo M ., 10
D               1n  1  o ,onn
]u ,1   O.   E.:   Crystal,  Elwood, Itl.,  in-
1)    i nd & May: Fischer's, Los Angeles
Dl    i Millte: Hippodrome, Buffalo, N. Y.,
Dssar & Dexter: Terre Haute, Ind., in-
I     & McCaule   irayJling, ih., indef.
I)   Il :lus P     it.  Ri.  T.. ihsstf.
D 1   -   ill: En  routo  with  Do  Rue
D Ir Mari    Stos,,ct: En  rotl te  evt
Dii     atCapt.: Ei roto with Caipbell
Il .  Shoss
Dilll-. Max: En route with Iingling Bros.
Don,:nest's  Eqtotriains:  Htillside  Park
Ni-sisarh, N.----indoef.
tikinisolni's Dogs: Losinp's Park. St. Louis,
tT., indof.
DeosI  Troupite: En route with IIgenbeck-
Wssllas'e Stiss
Dsitlo   -t Iisloro  Cinc-innt, Otsiis. 9-16.
l1 s ,I 1  o ai d  Ti , ll. t O  icl  1  ar-
nun&Bailey Sinw.                .
iD. 1)   si,  Lsi a:  X  it' s,  1'-oria,  Ill.,  ut-
D1iman Gen.: Ell route \vitil Baruium &L
taily Show
D1nott Josie: El rout  with Barnumi  &
DIl ill- k shsre  *  i   route  with  lstrnii  &
[:I,I'e  Shots
DIit  yo  b iv  impire,  Springliold,  Ill.,
Dii  ,    Floyd:  Temiple, Bouldor,  Colo.,  in-
DsItss1 I r   Bsio  Canase ,  1' >osss,  its1,  ili f.
ii l si  I trs  :  4s1 a,  Cl,-,  IiII,  Melsxicos
<it  M x. , until  Nov., '07.
DI(/ iS Grat o ther,10.Colaumbus, O.,_
Drai,.a 's I. 
DritMillard: Enl route with Canmphell
D i sith l red: En  routo with Iagn-
I Xk-Wa'e Show.
litis,  II.:  Airdome, MTlurphysboro,  Ill.,  in-
Dis   ot, Holand: Ei route with Fay Foster
ts,   Tin: Ei route with Fay Foster
Di sn", Arthur: Ei route with the XWhite
1Illskbhud Co.
Das  C & isis  En route with Miss N. Y.
Dil 1hso"ho Es  route with the Ringling
ki Showr.
D1,- inso. The: En routo with the 1ing-
lits  Ic's-  Shosw.
Dist l, itr'ry: aily, New York City, in-
Do shts, Maiie B.: Apollo, Chicago, Ill.,
Di n In, r, Jack: Ei route with Toylan1
No. 1.
DasI lit or,, Lului: Ei routo with Iagon-
I" `Tk-W allace  Showy.
Dean  rop: Eni route wvith Ilagenbeck-
D il  C       li n t     w
Dulak nJoh : E i route with Hageck-
D-siu it Pi.]t cooto soilis IIagithock-
lace shoes'
Di ,ITs. hli: Ei route with I1agenhck-
\v ait;"is,  Shose.
Da, siI , It i I 'Ii, : El  Osols'  weiths la'-ls-k
Wallace  SlIoo.
Dolmont &,     1   rStton sE rout lgl ack-
Wall aliac Show.
IDrl tit F  Ste sEn  routo with Ilagenk-
XX,, itlico~qc tsoss. ,
Dusolsy: En route with Bryant's Extray-
Dist,,I 1 ini  En route seith the Ken-
tiky Il1le Co.
DuI a Isl ITeslii  &  11iradi:  Ei  route  with
ill , -sIte  (tass  XXidlow.
DaltIle tie Three: Ei route with the
Gra t  tits  XXillos.
1  ,  Kolli  Bij.u. Superior,  XXis., 16-
D h   Ilbitrt:  ijou. Jackson, Mich.
1    ist  sety Qart       No b.Orltns.
DTI 1arnard ..: iurwood. Omaha. Nob.,
D' P1    ,  u  :inn. 2 li,   Wheling,.
D--II  oa-t  Circus:  XV1ito'its. Xtoois-
I      & C-trss: 123th St., New York, Pa.,
\1; -I i'roti 'lo, Pa., 2-2q
is   Vanit. litle,  Dave-prtl,  Ta.,
S isaisi   li tlsos  ais.,   ,- I .
Duint B `.    I oalace. 1rstoi, Eng.. 16-21;
1  slI-s-      11lols,  Palace, P'rstol
1'0()e i5 Place Bur"si 7-12.
DI-   s, Daicitg: Sttr, Nos  Castle, Ta.,
DlIt It.,  Frankt:   liti-c.  Utica,  N.  P..  16-
1      I-.  W.:  Not  I.-iini. XT'ashinsgtoni,
I     ,1rk  &  f ourt: 0. I..  oreenville, O.,
tI :!X si:   os &  s.-i:  A .u..   I - - I   sl ik.  1I':.,  1,; -
Irai., IJshli C-     Ill., 1 1F      ly
av t, portn . I. , 6 -2 .
tsariai-,   a. Oh.:  aimilt, Allentot, la..
11,sa. &hsltIt:  Car infc, WaI-s.  16-21;
,,aoti-s, Wales, 22-8S; N-sep-in, \X'ats,
Day  & Knight: Grand, eltintn, Id.:
II1  V1.
Iis-ts Jost.: Chicago, ItI 11--l N atior,
tsits.rt, It. K    h      ru      1-
I-llit & olcaces:  oti  Da-enport, Ie..
Ii 2;'l1.
Dstall  & Llhie: S r Mtnoith Te., 16l1.
Islint, & liaig'r  Woelnos, wlihti,
W. Psi.. 16-21l
l Mile.: E    ro-to's 22  SI.,  N m Pork
Cit. 16J 1.
Iss0sod  ('siMritg. Neil.   HSsipo 16-1.
E<     I n-  ST'lts: oinor's 0ls, Nlls-
F   ellists  lRu\sth: Eni route with  Wl.lXoass
Et      k,  WThls: Ill  out with its Nll.
]1 1 ns, Loarn &   Co.ot : E  route withtho
a'si tllitt:ns oiutrotzenCttct1
It5  &, 101-En  ote rit  wth  te  Ti Bru
1L1ils I CIseo.
Islobt Joe: n    routen  ilto ithrre'
EI1 1 ,s1' '  01,    C. Plie- it dippodiro
rttf  lo'  N.  .   lndef.
1iisi (11 oal S    aool Bos & Gals: Hat-
Iniistsii's Rof, Nes  York Cis., N. P.,
I0ecit   suth: En0 route  shil  illhtis,
il, ais.
1-Eritt,  Toe: Pi rlo's  eilth  Miss N.
A'. Ji-'. Co.
Eli s, Ciasro  ie, & Cso.: EPt  olute 1-i2t1
it    Nig&t Osts.
Err    . Leot:  IEn rott Biith te Jerea
1miia Barnoita:   i rotot Msils the City
Sotis Co.
I-Ells-orth, H     otp, lM'r. &  MXlrs.:  Pi route
rniI &   Ta'isger:   u, n    pi     ld
E-ic    Webb: Pit rtute Psiar    Uxr Tiger
tIillTi's Co.
Ets-,- I       lt. Gtoo. W.: PE  with The Girs
;siat S ttoli  to
&ile Hus,  tllopir   Foirs, I'dahioin
O\s 1rs   Em)2sirL  d    OEn. 2-9.
ISl  ,    s,, & ssiei'  Mutlissis
Xsi  1No  1. l It ,  l tt     Ia.  22-I8.
Eiotsis, K, llts Natisisul, EDs, ha., 16-
f- '-i-s ,ss-i "'
1se'ny C    cy 'SiFa  ES,   SnttlS.  Fnasnc. 16-21
Sis, Ittis & I'Es'-: ti'jsot Cos-bkosel. Ot
.: l rOSCot, Bisraids-
hao la., n 6 , -8
Is   l,,  ( nis,  is(nolr:E's  rSt.. Now
Y-,  Cis. 16-1.
1E''s, Twll o: Enioue     siti Cl.. 16--o.
t isolitv   &t- I,,,- .  Isl-s,  Fsrd  sIt  La,  X is
NksI I  &Maud: Frcss:It.  ioigtit, Jla.
1:nin so:    ilt's.  110155.  _.Mass., 16-21.
iegllsisn. l 'a..: Enrtslisseda whisllos.,
I sl I f  'iss-s:  e stiio  1hico, I xl ige ,
0s-s 16-21.
T  - Iis  &  shor s  1 Iio  I r  1.  ,2 1 - ;
jiril r.   ('d t£ AlKesp   rt Pa.,   16- 21;
isF......ins 1,  asits  Thaosot, Tox.k 16-
F   IA s  NAXT    l Fninioe    T Girls Cincirls
frksl llaslylui  i      i       n
Foot-, Ins ..Godisi ro. RoSis, : QGeotie: Min-
s-t is OsisIsesss-asgo, iilf
i's-- t    it   t ItT  lih t: P out ' s  Pierk,-
Oilsis  I its iitstse
Fink       oen  i-  Nshso  si,  Willian,
lo is  k1-   (-1 Drn:H-kissLui-
]il oslo, Ctar.:  Pa  rotto  siclI hitmals,
Stsock Co.
Fosx &t Hughles: i'lssics, Boise, Idalso, in-
',Ost     thaos.:  'Linr, d.onon, Pug., Sept.
so Le-. .     r
eot1, 'T     r: Ceith's, Bosoin, Mass., is-
F:",5. C',ies &, PFay: Emirei0, Sail Francisco,
so., lts  WX.: .0lit h'srk, Coodar Rais,
I]a., isns-c.
11ii---,  i.  &.  Msis.  Signor:  Ii  colits  eith
1.isiits, 150'.'  Pi cste s\ti  Cs-it  Bross.
Ilrl!S,,&u Ftn1"iois:  inrotie  will, Tots,
1 I  is  oI  1,5m.
o '(I:  MIttssi-si,,  t'lsi,-ses   Ill.,  16-2t.
Psto &lohc: Isisiji,. fl~s~os-o, 16-21;
it N Y.  C'..  2')'-I2 1 .
IIic  lijoi, Ii-tii~ Pa.. 16-21;
OX ,Iiniasrie  Nossuilo  N. J., 2-28.
I-is-i-  I-Iis-:  CoIslum ia.  it  I,,,ttis  M,1s  16-21.
F~rio-  Slssoss:  Still', M'itst postoi,  Pat.,  16-'21;
Still' NIwCa(ste', Pal., 222s
1-c-l,,--i & losis: AOltosi, TII. 15-21.
s'iust Bros.: astslfitsi Theter, Spokante,
I-sli's'  1'cessIs Fiecing- Girls: Cincinnati
011 16-'1.
Isits- I-sdli  s: SI. Fa'sir. Carlyte, Ill., 17-
`I   i slis-fIs.  lInd..  "2-21i.
F-i, Jisok. Pli~ii.  Wlinipeg'- fas., 16I-
`I: LOsi. 'Icc- Jilssis' Ind.,_ 2-2.
1 oIIns  Frankisl: Ketsith's Ph-iladlphstia, Pa..
1io 111,1 is ol. Protf. Bsy: Ge-itt Motiot-
ll-2.1 - 1
1'is-Il  Hsofs 3sittis T: Proctsos-.  M-.Newark,
ii  I-i.  il-It:  I'liimsios.  trlcslfords,  '2-2R:
uIssis  ShfIt, d tiIt  70- 0ot.  2:  Epsirie,
Issilo, 7-12.
Iuk sist  r .1, vrs:  Tl,io.  Nassjltls',  TI'isl.  1.-
I-i--,1-csi, lit-")S. &ll Bunts: Hospikinis. fouis-
ills.  Is5  151-" .
1,It. t Is stic loari: Ma~sjestic,(st-it.  l.
1'Ictolsor Visas. Leonard. Octstsostn Mtinne-
aisetlis.  Misit., . ii 21.
P,,s. I-l' Tonig: Pritsiss  Tis,. NT.. 151-
Is--,iossa. 1'-agsritoC-:isisl.ssisi,
Iie. &16-71. jjdio
Wis  Is ir1.0- Ns-ts   Ot sIss-    l
Juanita Bldg.
26 State Street, CHICAGO
302 Broadway, NEW YORK
Shukert Bidg.
Steiner Bank Bldg.    House Bldg.
34 Boulvarde Voltaire, Paris
Is what people need nowadays, t there are good places to get it. but the
BESTplacetoget yor LOUIS          AMETY        TheManwhomakesmore
Suits and Overcoats iL                         and better clothes for
memtersofthe Theatriialrofeesion thni an ther irst Class'Tailor west of New York.
167 Dearborn Street, Chicago
Fsi1idsh,  Brs.: Auditorium,  Pittsburg
l21.  1
Iinli -5, 'The: Ilntts, Qutlbeo, Can5.. 1-
IFor's,  Famous:   Weiland,   Cumberland,
Altl., 16-21.
11mli-c ,isters, Three: Moulin Rouge, ltis
Il, Janoirs, Brazil, South America s-Oit.
Fi      stt s B-arny. Auditorium, Pittsburg, Pa.,
Felx & Barry: Doric, Yonkers, N. Y., 16-
FIsiltle &, Carr: Empire, Patrson, N. J.,
Palo  si-: Coli a.i  S I. Tsiss. Mo., 16-2l.
Ti- "li-c l. ,1 is Mrs. i's-dus: Orpstiossi, Al-
Innt i, in., 16-21.
s9rta: Ilitls,,ros, 0., 16-21.
F   ais Si sois: Star, Soth Pittsburg, Pt.,
I 2_,1.
Falo Bros: Family, Butto. Mont., 11-21.
1illler & SIlIton: Peru, lIsI., 16-21; La-
fayette, 23-20.
GO     . BXRY: lt Archt Museun, P'ln-
s,-is'llii, Pa.
GrOieg , Four:  n route with Amierican,
Golul Be Iw:  En route with  McIntyre &
(tha<n il' Quartetto: En route with the
Cty Spo-srts Co.
Gioisdi  Art:  Crystal Park, Joplin, Mo.,
Oi-, Boosiits: Folos Berger, Paris,
'Frianco. AXsg. 31 to Sept. 10.
Cci'-t t & Gructt: Ei routo with Williams
Groass. Wm.: En route with The Matinee
Gsy. 'The Great: Ei route with Emorson's
Floating Palace.
Graces, ''le Two: En routs with the Mer-
r- Maidens.
Gold-n Graeos, Five: New    York Thater,
Jaidin dIe Paris, N. Y., indef.
tl-nroy. TI onmny: En roite with (1s0 Bell-
islnn100). V W.: Sconic Tmtplo, Provi-
tnse,  . T., indef.
Girard & Gardner: Anmityville, L. I., in-
(li-isittro Stistere: PE  route with Barnum
&s, Ilailey Show.
Goints, 'fte: En route seith Barnum    &
Bailey Showo
Golsdi  Itussian Troupe: En rout wsith the
H1agenhbeck-Wallacel Show.
GreIy & 13urnelt: Fair Haven, N. J., in-
G'olem  The Six: Ei route with Pinglin-
Bros. show.
ordon Bros.: Haniiorstein's, Noew Yorc
Ginnstts Millie: En route with lagenhck-
ON-alles- showe.
Gsat, toracea   Ei route with The Great
Santille Co.
Gila0ill Iaynes &   M1iontgoimoery-; Mailostio,
adison, Wis., 16-21; Orphoumu, Chicago,
Ilt., 22-86.
Gr1y &   Graham: Howard, Roston, Mass.,
Grazois, Ail & TElyl: Orphioum, Min
tea clls, -intn.,  151-2 .
(les. Jon: Stare. 2oissia, Pa., 16-21; Star.
G  ns- , P'a.e: 2 Majestic. Birmingham
AtIa.,  I1r,-2 2.
GOilsis  Part & Ilonco frocee: Castle,
tlls-otsiinttssn.  Itl.  16-21.
ths    Mssayme. Orphoumi, New    Orleans.
I;arses-  Gcoriam &  Tos  Maddern: Lake-
till, Park.  01,rI is  0.  16  21
(islner,   ti  1.llT.-ack: Orploiurn, AXllen-
5,vis  P' .,  16-1t
Gari-stsr & X'insootI Emipire, Hollosea-. TLon-
lii Fits-. Us'  1      n Eniro  ts Cos, i
--   snit  'Sitratfoisd  5 -olt  5.
(:a I isT.-   r  &  Co.: Kt-eii't lI's.  Enston,
1             '    rd    Orphoum,    Lo,)
l    Els-I ] i,,:55  41" o' ii, rpa- Isois ,, ls
Buy     of   the    MaKer
N. E. Cor. Madison andClarKSts.
LODEAN'S     16   PAGE, 9x12
1  jin    .l lll 62   EJ iiio   1St  1lkii
Operator.iio Playrs and singers needed
every day. Theatre, ,71,5i i Pietore Machines,
F ilIms,I e., for sale at the losxstoprice.
120 E. Randolph St.          CHICAGO
New Edison Ilovinlg Picturt. Maichin.e
'athe Films, I Songs, 125 Slides World's Trip,
11selectri and Caleiun Light; Road Theatre om-
slote. Cost$2:80;sellforio5). EISSER,82Willow
Street, Cliago.
rt*lb Iros.: O)ihoumn, Kansaiis City, Mo.,
tilmore Sisters: Newport, Ky., i6-21.
(trais Th: Utlsoumt  , Milnneapolis, Minnt.,
(Ils-an Aboot. (ttCittn Ctalla, Neb., 16-
, &    il mtore: Star, New Castle, Pa.,
Osiralt & Gaidner: Amityville, L. I., N. Y.,
Gonarn's Yentian Band: Bennett's, Mon-
trol,  Cat.,  16-21.
01VARD & GERMAXIN: Ei route with
Pain's Pomp-i.
Ililtns, TIhe Mteelous: En routo with
lFayFstor Co.
iostiln     io: En routo wit, Frank A.
11.slblns Shosw.
iil1l1. Mile.: Ei routo with Sells-Floto
S 11 o ".
Iiirn &' Thein: Luria Park, Chicago, Ill.,
11lIey Troupo: En route with lRingling
nros. Show.
lionlor 1lso Mr. & vMrs.: En route with
11ingling Bros. Shtsow.
11ites & Linlen: En route with the Ring-
Iisis Bros. Showss.
Hait. Johi C.  o Co.: En route with the
tiger Liltlos Co.
Itsrves, Harry: En route with the Girls
crn lta~atildi,.
Ifito, Dad , Clara: Monarch, Lawton,
((Ott,., iotef.
lt-sl, ,. C1t. Carl: En rout  with Bar-
ississ &', Baiiley S1ho,,.
itipser,  ohas.:  Ets route  with aigling
Bros. Shiow.
flses. Bill%-: Surof Ave. 0. 11.. Coney Ilt-
and N Y.. in<1dof.
t    -  I  ii ,  05:  I go.  N. t'.,  in.slof.
toolN Poe,,:  ]-Its roitte withi t1he  tigsi
I,"e-\%X½, q,.'ss

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