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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 24-25

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September 21, 1907.
EDW. P. NEUMANN, Jr. President
THIOS. W. BIMURRAY, Vice-President
Unitd  Sate~en  an   Aw     ing    Co.JNO. C. McCAFFERY, Treasurer
United      States     Tent     and     Awning        Co.        ED  .EDW R LITZINEr Secretary
CHICAGO                    Can fill any order now in from 3 to 5 days time.  Satisfaction Guaranteed
To UNITED STATE  TENT & AWNING CO.. Chicago.Ill.                                           EAST ST. LOUIS. I1S.. Sept. 2, 1507.
I ENTILEN-lYe receive our new 60xiO0 tent. and put it up for the lirst time at Bowling Green. Mo.
I am glad to say the tent tits in every resIect and as just exactly what was ordered and entirely satisfactory.
WVe dont liind to pai  a iail their price it we get what Ive order. This we 11ave done.
HE    lis 1t 1111101
liE is ivhlit jli. Cail
HIM and lie convinced
liE makes good ever
ii Lis 1press aient.  ing tl-orwn  daily
wth "oditors, reporters. buiess men11 and
railroad agentls. tl  gnlral presS reIl-
seitative of a big iris lIuis tnlimited
ICIiiie to lSCiltaill Conditions in Naious
l have mladie Many Cities, towns and
I. i-its since the op ning of our season,"
11  Mr-. Eairl ftoii Nashville, Tenn.,
It i he made h iadquarteirs last week,
ii  L van truthfully say that never be-
)     all my expirice on the road
I i--er seenl such pirospciity as pre-
tday. The south is fotging for-
I ini i splendid Way and is destined
I  nine tli real Iommcial cnter of
I  Iite States.  iI sottl  citics I
I I Icu-ces of itehc foaart ivnicnt
If I'll, rrssivc 51ivit ofwettlth ' Foe-
ton es :ir ioiniing Sith, Itstelii C-upitat
isa-,-lvirig ioxv-stitti-vit ill siiiitheI'll tv-rn-
>r    il   ill  i iinds   liiiretsiveiis  in
its  ppit form is to be Soon."'
Unique Show Organized by Miller Broth-
ers, Ends Prosperous Season.
Mitl i Bros.' 101 Ranch, No. 2 closed
a   I i   ty suitisSful engagemtient of six
Iri alit Iiiitoni Beach, New  York
Citi Spt. 9.  The company was dis-
bainti i in Nwxx York, but this week the
Iniianis and fourteen buffalo are beintg
exhiited it tih- State Fair at Louis-
ville  J  .t a l  g 1iiti  fioiii  ilier  to  the
Ino           - S Ib  al lit Kanlsas City, open
St.    1   o    we,     aitd thnce to
lii  Ikii.  the  livadqliirters of thle
Mill, [  rotliers.
Tc "Ntunher )one company of the Mil-
10r Iir,.. is still at the Jamestown Ex-
position, wxire, on a-otnit if the greatly
iiwr- -i attiindance, it will remain tilt-
till,  :Li se  of  the  exposition  seaso , .
inal contract of thy Miller Bros.
wit  e C. NV. Rex Alusinit Colmpalny
iiiI-  ishose ii ntioii thiii show is bo-
ii- esvrtedi -was tol tvrinate oil
Oct. .
Ti   show, from   reports, is breaking
all x -ting rc-ords for attendance at a
wli  \st exhibition given at the expo-
si   wiit ti single exception of the
BRt,  Bill famous engagement at the
Cisi I  1 orld's  Fair t
'I    ll OW       ItG\l1) is inforied that
ABill''I Bros1. havectac itttitli Wtll Bright-
Oii Reia (-h for thel aiitlalinCO vif their
lot Rani shiv grea tl u-n1 irged foilthe
sullol -v of 190S. It is uiderstolod that
novii -iions arc iiidiir wavy fori a fItl-
peii  li r  to  flltw  thv  Newx  YoIik  ,-
gag, i-t.
Rhoda Royal, Producer of Equine Nov-
elties, Is Well Known.
Rll- :i Rox    w-ose likeness appearls
oin H  title pie If this iSsue of Tilli
Sl  A TVORLD), is known the country
ovr as "tie prince of horse trainies
aulll  I imous as a producer of equill noV-l
"ltii  As a purveyor of startling (f
feli  iiitli  tli  aid  of  h alitifil  iorses
anl :-oniplisied artists, Mr. Roal need
ciol, to no one.
C  . Hoxa 1 wis born in Washnitin
C. in 185 and at an early ag-i ioliit-i
the 1 lrnuim show. Since that lil- Mr.
Rn as been affiliated lin ditffernt ca-
pa iii I with the great -ircus  ti-tiests
of1- -ouillntrli, inluding tihi Adiml Iolre-
pan    Rinin     ros. aind lh, Barnitin
ia  i ily Griatest Slin on Ehrlth. At
-     Mr. Royal hais tw-nti 1h,-d of
thIlh- Ilbreds w-ith tllI lingenlhick-Wail-
Is which lvl    iin-t for him
I , iquet of Amri-a' greitest lorse-
RIi  loxal is ilso tin, -ge nerl director
RoYal Tndoor (t ius. aI hiighl class
rll   ogafizttion  plaini,--s  iler  tile
u of frato'rnlal s,-~oeiles. L ghlne
at t  Prolirall of this -ntrpliise alndi Lt
tlii  _ of aitits eiploed would stump
Itit-  I  rent  undertaing.  Tim, itinerary 11
of  I  shlow  includes  thll  principal  cilties
of  \   I ica  whose  frihternal snc1itis
hav  IIeiid the loppouilnity tot ello
anl    Ibitin  of 0 u   li  i h  clas.  '
1     ,u Roal is well nd favorblx known
to l -  tie profession ain  ian-e-ris as
a   ii tl-rnan of sterling worth and a.
MRATNDHHO                                                             TENTS
AWNIG          GO,                               SIDE SHOW PAINTINGS
1-15SUnio                                            Prompt Deliveries Cuaranteed
CHThe Unitcd States sueile Court in tie TnjunCtion Proceedings biought
I   Cor.WItRandolph St.                            agLinst u.iphield ou  -ighit to llfis Corporate Namue.
master, shmw inl.  Clutrles  l". Fre(dericks
is asSCiiat-d  With rll .  1Iisv l  i  hisInt-
lst olit-ris- and TIll, SlO  WOX\IN )
wishles  till  gontllinenl  anld  thel  Royal Inl-
(1(or cifcus every SUiccOSS.
Hargreave's Circus Prosperous.
John Henry Rice ,the veteran circu                      dS
agent and advance manager of the Great         For       Lakeside             Park       , Denver
Hargreave's Shows; Clyde Andrews, con-
tracting agent, and Sam  B-nks, press
iepresentative, were recent callrs at the  T.
general offices of THE SitOW  WORL\       T e LParkinthe                  WScenicRailway                    Shoot
They reported i very good seson, anyll
ted tt th    . 1arg  a<1o s wiil ithe Shoots, Roller Coaster, Carousal, Old Mill, Incubator,
alingl the Cllicalo lot and i n i-   lfiir np  to the Moon, Crystal Laundry and other attractions.
fori theshiow, x-licliisill 1)1ix* (liio lots  poh
to three iseks  'The f lststantl iasoa  Only   the   best    of the    several kinds desired.           Address
renained fto thr-e lays. The itineary
comprises Grand Crossing, one day; Six-
ty-ninth and Ilalsted, two days; Fifty-
fourth avid Astland, t        ve       ALBERT           LEW      IN, Gen'1 Mg           ., Denver, Colo.
iil(J Wsterni ox-enle. txv  days; 0,,1l
and Fortieth avenne, one day;H L  a n
one day; Maywoovd, one dlay; tIrlmoneI
day; Austin, one dlay; Forty-eight and
Lake, two days; Chicago and Hamulin ave-
nues, one day; Iloian and North avenue   A
two days; Caipbell an Divers, noe
daty, anld other stands.,
Sells-Floto in Texas.           FOR 5 AND 10 CENT VAUDEVILLETHEATRES
Press lepresentati-e 1t1iiissy  i tle         Managers, Let Us Hear from You. Acts Write for Good Time
S(lis-Floto shoxws 'yrites 'IlIHN Sill)\\
VIltil from Tyler, Tex.uinder date of PITTSBURG, PA.----645 Wabash Bldg. CINCINNATI, 0.148 W. Fifth St.
St-lt. 5' as folloxws: "It is certaiiily ailiaz-
ing to the management of the Sells-Floto
show,s the wonderful business the show                                                                     -
]ims  let-ion  doing  this year, especially
thioughout Texas. The manager of anyv
show, iwould be considered demented to
tioup the South before October. In Foft          e
Worth. Sept. 2, Which was  Labor ia,
i, show- had a turin-away at both Ie r-
foiniaices. Dallas, was repetiti of             AMERICAN CORNET VIRTUOSO
Ft. Wotth. Eviwardi Burke of the Pawsnee                  ~A                          7Z
Bill \\ild West Show was a visitor and
was entertailied by V. R. Musgat, the     PLA┬ÂUL
genral agent, and J. E. Clifford, the gn- NOW PLAN   WESTERNVAllE         LE CIRCUIwithPHENOMEN1L SUCCESS
eral press agent. Terrell, Mineola, Mar-
s-hall and  Longview  were big.   The
weather is hot but the attendance good."        WEEK SEPTE41BER 16, CHICAGO OPERA HOUSE
*    * *
"Ititchi loyersi a SBroncho Btister" Permanent Address, The Show World, Chicago
of thil axnee 111111 Show,- wyho recentlY
ha   til  i n isfeittie to fall benueath a
Ii.tlis ilti n  li  nti  lose  both  of  Ili 's lois-et
lnh  is ldoing olci-ly at the Ali-rey-0I (i                          u   l'r                NOVELTY
iltal, t I loii, Ia., aceoding t.  WOODS                    &      WOODS                    NO      L
-it-li letti-r flioit Alfredi J. Satinders-                              V    ~    I.    h
retired showmian living in that city.                                                                TIGHT WIRE
* * *                  Al Act in which the Lady Works           Weter    uevill-   t     A  cia   i
Jos'philne Sinnot, at one time the uin-
dispited "Queen of Bareback Riders,"
and widow of the lat 1Willian Fore-    Se Hama &   .aiy sho 1a  bIen   -
u h  is  diiad  iln  Philadelphia.  She  was  @<  si wl  . Tas mmo  it  l  vilIt: -
57  wars  old,  find  had  for  mrany   years  1el  :i  1liot  h vl
livel wtilt  li  i d igliter, known  in  arenic  p r pi i lm
cirts is M       inny Forepaugh. i trapeze _
per fomr.   Ini her   prosperous  day                                         Opposite PalmerHouse          Chicago
JoxxpinI Sinot was a generous woman                                                              ouse      Chicago
and gave away It fortine.
Fashion Flite Circus closed its         GOLQONDA, ILL                                   A   UDEVILL
s5nson SlIturday Sept. 14, at Lancaster       Pt
N. Y. This orgaizattion, according to  1)n C. R. H. & Ohio River, 2,000 1nhab~itns  IMPROVED  VAUDEVILLE
N-o  is  Ii. ii-----aitit fin  accrd  ofii prosiille   NewSlenery.  Eleo-tii  Ligits.
1in s   liiiis -e Iat-daiegreeofo-  og11 Rpvity wil.  enler shEl te. Open eWEEK SEPTEMBER 16
ter L. tAtin intils to put out a 22-cal time r rgoii iompimies.           Williams. Thompson & Co. Stella Rinehart
circus  iiext spiiiin   The winter quarters                     )             Farrell & Le Roy       Harrn Allen
of the- Fashion Plate shows are at Ge-                                        Harry Clark           The Mosts
neva, Ohio, wheic  the equipment has                            A German    Ed. and Ma  Voodwarl  Ierbert & Rotters
been1 Stored-                              i                    Comnedian     Eddie Moon             Walter Daniels
For Dramatic Sketch. A big mail preferretI. Innes& INan      Dovie Estelle
Car No. 3 of the lFor-paugh-Sells Show heply immediately to F. E. McCAN, 1118    Latest Motion Pictures
is in chargeii  of Ar. T. F. Harper, with the Calheuon Street, Fort Wayne, Ind.
folloing cirw : Riif Irons, John Luster0
Hi Horton, It. . Solliger, Ed. Jones.                                       IO    20     =:::: 3O  CENTS
Frunk Ctlleni Harry Smith, Joe Horton.
R. 1. FiltoI. George Ryan, James Sulli-                                     Ahways a Good Show  Entire Change Each Week
\i, Julin Wing  A. It. Stives and C. W\\. lIIILERYN     Miflhl          I
Ilines. and very ois e, is a SHOW TVORLI)                                     Wanted-Live corresponidents. write
hIoster.                                      NOVELTY SINGINi; AT             quiek
J. Aliteli-li Brimer is making his htead-
carteis it Little Rock, Ark., having tein-                              Best Makes of Moving Picture Machines
Ivir-ilti-y r-tir-d fromi show business oil                             always on hand. Repairs, Oxylite, Oxone,
, iount if ill health. 1le had several pi( -      f                      Itl-erCondensersColors, Son Slides. etc.
ilt- untilees this silliter and S1ys w    =          G                   I    Deliveries.
will orgainize a concessiolmaire (1lub next                               JulckDeire.
Spring.s.                                                                   Co.608                      *
* * * DErker                                  Optical          oo          t       ous, Mo.

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