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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Late information gathered by Show world correspondents,   pp. 12-14

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September 21, 1907.
Invid C'rcon, 14; Poor Relation, 15; Man
tie heir, 0.
Iaini Street (E. P. Churchill, mgr.l.-
Ibselh and    Childress, Walter   Daniels,
i an   It. Finney, Early and Late, Dolph
I  Susie  Leino  and   the  Kinodrome,
(k 9; excellent business.
11ajestic (Wi. Proctor, mgr.).-Vander-
It Cup, 8-11; capacity business; Volui-
r Organist, 12-14; The Cat and The
I  idl,,  15-18.
Weast's (Chas. F. Bartson, mgr.).-Bur-
11ueg  e(o L 9;  business good.
Stoti Fresc Gardei (Frank Grave mgr.).
'tone Hill Stock  in She and  1, ceek 9;
Itnapey's (Cru . Dempsey, ingr.).-Vaude-
eg a    us moviOg pictures, creek  9; busi-
-ns gobu.
Tle Exhibit (L. M. Ames, mgr.).-Good
t  iness.
titral 'ar   Pavilion (Phil Becker, mgr.)
Sitidlay vaudeville, Zoo, Curio Iall, Gym-
11 aien Sulpiur Baths; busitess con-
i Fresco Park   (V. C. Seaver, mgr.)st
yton, Jenkins and Jasper in The D-rk
Lisn  o Cirrus;  Yankee Robin's One Ring
-us and  other outside attractions, ceek
good busiteos.
Virg illa Beach  (.  . Henlke,  mgr)-
N: lelile atractions and general conces-
s; business excellett.
thps Park   (Geo. Bloh, mgr.).-Outsi-e
actions and concessions; business fair.
Palisad s  'ark W L. Godinger,  gr.).-
Lcesa  oens;  fai  igusiness.
1,]l S. Churchill's neC vaudeville sketch
rtited Te Speiial Rlehearsal, had its
u  niere at the drtain  street theater last
A ak. It is good, and should head the top-
Iouis Worth is presenting some fascinat-
,  burlettas at the Weast theater.  He Is
itire" in cvriting and  staging this form
10amusetoent, as cron-ded houses will
PARIS, Sept. 1-4.-Shoal's Opera house
IA a. H. Shaff,  raager-The Minister's
1, Sept. 4, good busitiess; Flaiing Arrow,
I leased   good house; ruines Si  Taskins,
IIThe Belle of Jspaii, 14; Old Arkaisas,
-        Boyal Stock Cu., 15; Jaines toys, 24
,land, 27; Are You a Mason, 78.
itudeville H. C, E    igeldrusi, isanager)-
Mt. , Sle Lucas, Ethel C. laterman,
 tt Kueal rt'es, Gladys Carleton, Dell
9,i Fonda, atid the Pavihhioiscape.  tosi-
- 55 slosvs tiu signs of dimiiing.
Nickleudiaa i. C. Egle aini, Wnager)
Mgusiiess hlelit lit thle top.
hieatorin  iLou Black, nanager)-Bus -
i-es good isith tile usual features.
iagtsbek-tiraee Greater Shon-, Sept.
I  K, j. BA      o      t.
L.INCOLN, Sept. 14.-lihy Girl's Leave
iiec, H, at opera house, good company,
& o, opened for season   vith vaudeville,
- -luding Jose Garva, acrobat; NeMrmeyr
yel   , Nellie   ee, the Ktnudrouiie
L lnONIOLll.,  Sept.  14.-  uttee  Opera
lycle (C. BJ.ebster, mgr.).-Wey Girls
,vs Hoiie, Sepit. 7; light business. Dixie
Set Sept. 11, David Corso&, 17.
Vvreef Carnival  and  Old   Soldiers' Re-
lon, Sept.  -7, drew large and eithiusas-
a   e rodi. Cosmopohita n  hos gave gen-
Elsatisfaction. Ausesre good, clean and
II to elate. '1'le Slotsoiulis G. A. It. cwiii
moig over $,00 as        result of carniva.
lit is due J. W      Lusk for .)is Tork as
eland Webb, csho has just honished     a
--cessful season   throudh   the  Canadian
tice, is spenLing a soit acation at the
lie    of   his  patents- FRANCES       D.
ShRSINGFIED,      Sept. 14- Chatterton
'pro Htouse, (George W.t Chatterton, M~gr.)
Se Arkanae, lSeptg 4 business fair; My
I ie  Girl, Sept Ol buiness  good;   y11'
Ths leave  -ouse  Sept s busiess good;
A Stiseouri Bay, Sip   i   r business fair; The
Ihc t Comedy Co Srnt. i  beuineos good;
Msajestic, (E. n   M ra,  aligr  The Van-
derbilt Cup Sept.             ds C,  a decided
Cit; ONte RVIto'Temptatio, Sept    r aid
9, hiu-ii'ss band.
Olplleulo (Decid tyers and W. WV. Watts,
Stges. Bill fot first half of creeo of Sept.
, Serriah   Sisters, Siglon  and Change
Artists; Early Sefton, English Cotmeehian;
Budd &   Vayte  Comedy Acrobats;    ark
Lea, Hehue.   Impersonator;   ohn A. West
& CoL and Siging WAolf; low wasots, I-
lustrated  eogs; 'The 1'ulysope .  Mlessrs.
M lyerl & 'Watts opeiiee the Star thteatei' at
L1incoln, Ill. Sept. 9 to big business.
Olynmpie (C. J. MtcCann,SMgr.) WIeek of
,Sept. 9) T1he Faircisilds, Brocwn & Eidwards,
Vivian, Blanchse Hill1, Leah Cox,, Slay Lasw-
son, Gee. Gardener, ceho has been producer
at cue 0lymssic, hias (Teels ill for the post
fews csechos, buci is itirtilg raiiidly.
Elietric thseater.  Business  goad,  csith
nmoving Pictures and illustrated songs.
lEstiici  (iis. Cositor, Slgi-.  'Irafaiger
anit Berretta, Mtarion Vutton, Slr, and SMrs.
Bob -W'ite, Connie lI'ard, Lillian Little, '.
AV. Drone, Lillian )hamilton, Dan-son &
ANDERSON,      Sept) .  14.-Grand  Opera
Houitse (2. E. Itlinings, iuotiaget').-Sept. 9,
special engagetment, Our Newv Mtinister, by
the acthint of the Old Homnestead; Sept. 11,
Thorns & Oirsnge Blossoss.
Bijou (TIon IBates, luanager)-The Cocels
Fatmily, acrial gymnalsts; Sties Bhuusche Ahel-
rich, coon songs; Dnni Fratices & Co.,
romctNc sktch; F~rankl L. P'erry' cotl ilian;
Miss Glenn-c SteCerry, vocalist, and Bijon-
scope. Business gooit.
TIhe irstal (IV. WV. SleEceus, unuager)-
Smith & Tres'uon hieaithe bill vith als artis-
tic seetcl; I-ing & Ilasuop, thistuuusiakoers;
Iva IDoun-tte; Sirs. Rota Alleus, illustrated
sills; Silhauto & Alvin in sketch, asuic thse
]Iijauscope. Business is up to standard.
Mtotuids P'arik (R. C. Carlisle, umssuager).-
Season is duaning to a close. The Indiana
('nion 'Traction Co. Band, of Anderson,
wcih cvonti ie galdl iseelI psizi-, os 1c-el as
thie ustlse at (100 at IWhiite City, Indianapo-
Is, ccill reuster tie 5s050 Pirograimme at chic
Missuinds Park.  Thse palrk cvili chose asbout
Sept. 7.-hi. C. CARLIISfLE.
CONNERSVILLE, Sept. 14.-Auditorium
(F. E. Kihil, nianager)-Thorns and Orange
ithossonis played to a fair house; good pcr-
firmnance.                            Ii.
Guos 1,aubrigger'h Animul showv cvas here
the wci --if Sept. 2 at the Fayett Couity
fair and reports fair business. This week
they are at Eaton, 0.; Sept. 16-21, Troy, 0.
1ie requests that you snd him  route cards
at either stand.
Riggs' Wild West Show was here Sept.
2-6 at the free fair and reported good
1orepaugh-Sells Circus gave two per-
formances Sept. 5 to a fair attendance.-
ELKHAlRT, Sept. 14-Bueklen, (Fred S.
Timmons, Mgr.)   Sept. 5, ill. V.  long in
The Clay itaker, fair house, good perforn-
ance; Sept. 6, Sars Nes huobatd       good
house; Sept. 11, Rafferty's 1-'irtation; 13,
'he Alaskan; 14, The Shoich ra.
Crystal, (Ge.  aurie, Mgr.)  Sept. 16
Chias. Iarty, Duraind Sisters,  1anny Sard-
ier, tell atd Fisher, Gerdie Gardner T i
Niites-Jo. R. Grimer owner of the no-
ieraus Man  of the Haur coupanes, visited
tis Estei copiany hi-re and &uring his
stay called tn-a rehiarsals to n-ark out nec
ideas iut regard to certain characters itt
tue   the o.
Oni Labor Day    Manuger Laurie of the
Crystal theater traiferred thie entire Crys-
tal son to thepavilion oil Island Park and
played to   six  packed  houses-NED     K.
eVANSVILLE, Septn    14.-aB   Sum it
'ark (Edwin 1. Gaiigan,   anager).-Tho
atetidance for the last week at Oak Sun-
nit -ark sas good atd a scrong sho     o as
irDowentgd.  Deavoye  anSe  rits,  eccentric
yudiais; John if. IV. Byrio, honlogue
Ifedia; Shiatiion & Striar, singers gad
aellnlc ; lLoir BlotGiers, athletes; ,ln-
koini & t-esli, miusical artists. Sloving lie-
rlors closed tihi bill. sHor tile 1ouig Nay
eptr. ,  the management secured iome tal-
ent cchich proved to be very good.
Wesvu Lijon (Alloei Jenikinss, unager).-
Seit. lcturThe Peduler, in fhici Sn  uel
Ihowld itg tri tne ladiig  ar,  as 
teie   prforuillfco and drew good houses;
b- I, Rocvky Mlounitaitn Express; 17, Thse Gm-
isand Opera House (Pedey & Burch,
tynstal T-Sept.  ,  ia tie Bridge at lid-
Enigt.   he slioh  pleased a good size audi-
eopes (edey & urchi, muanagers).-
Sept. 6-12, 'he Ieals, a cleveru lusca piece
Lui drew good housese-SIDNEY Z. OBE
LOGANSPORT, Sept. 14.-Bowling (Jio.
E. Donting, nkanager,-Sept. , Toyland, av-
rags perCiorance to big- hiuse; 1, A Con-
tiy Kid, play satisfactory, good house; 9,
afferty', lirtation, ordinsary  1o , g-ood
attendance;12, London Gaiety Gins;1eJal
Curcalan in A Bull's house; 14, Our Ness
Sliioutet.  The  a.aget of Jane Cor-
ceran have adopted a unique plan of arous-
ing interest in A Boll's House by sendleig
Mlrs. Sarah E. Bunbar, a noted Chiautau-
qua lecturer, seneral days in advance of
ss uli     Crcoan's appearance   to  deliver a
ie  lecture o   tie life of Ibsen.  'The
creaed in attendance at Srs. routbar's lec-
cure argues cccli for a full house n-hen
SiisJ Corcoat plays here.
Crystal  T.  kardie, Ranagerj -Sept. 9,
Riher Griith, piano sections; The Glea-
octo,  comedy  sketch  aryists;  p  ey  &
Palnet-, blae-face act; Wisn. Spain and
cife; V. McKee, illustrated songs; the
aes tki (. Grover, manager)-Achange
of ming   pictures each day-CHAS.     .
nICHI CITY, Sept, 14,-GrandOpera
House   Otto   Bunker,   managers-omn nca e
ToIs Cabin, 7, large audielcs; Al. Rafr-
tins cogipay is o good one. ly osife's
7aailyc i A Hot Old Time, 11; iaffles, 11;
siass GHirl,17; Sis Htopins, 71; District
Ieader      77'2 ; Unclo Josh Spruceey, 737;
Isl of Slire, 2,S; Billy Barry's Mlinstrels,
Bijo aaudlville (E. . Cox, nianager).-
Septo  8 George Trunip, legless wonld-r, equl-
liliist, slack wvire; Slirke lout Berg, bal-
lau singsr  Allaire &  Sind, club jugglers;
Ths's  thtbumtins, s     4igers  M tanvers; Car-
lmsle Jecliti & Co., curedy skckh; Bijou-
Boise &   Dewitt have sold their 1-cent
theatet to . J. Rotirig, of Jmackson,  ich.-
FukINlL  Sept. 14.-Star oC.     b. ondreis
O'oriae-uek 9-14, Rsecilie a  delonct
iy critds; Giles Harringt, mioiolagist
Deunde & Dinsmore, coniedy duo; Tiiree
tiales;  Le  Peiletiers,  escerli play let;
H'rank Gray, and Mex Canseragraph.
ajestic (Leroy Tudor, -aJllager)-   eek
Wi d-14, fida    H vley, conedy novelties;
Al. IWarda, the ''otis-man shiow"; Little
Stone Clark; Bays & Knight; Ethel Des-
mood, and the Slajestoscope.
IVysor Grand (H, H1. IWysor, nianager)-
The Irish  Senator, 5, snmall house ; Rat-
fles, 6, good; Thorns and Orange Blossotos.
7, capacity house; A Breako for Liberty, 10.
h-oy al (Jackson & Canuan, moatnagers)-
Mlark Shafer and nioving pcueand ths
Vaudev ille  (Ed.  Mtiltenberger, umunager),
cvith L. MlcAhliter and the Ifinedroine, are
doing Oine business. The '1heatoriuns (J.
B. Duniever. manager), Htarvey Heath and
the Kinetosespe continue to please ininiense
crowds. 'The Penny Arcade, swith added
features,  shares  the  patronage-B.   E.
TERRE HAL'TE, Sept. 1-.-Grand (T. IW,
Barhyet, tisanager)-Sept. 10-11, Kate Bor-
ton's 'Tetmptatious; 12-13-14, Mlartius's Uncle
Toto's Cabin; 15, Slurry & Slack in Sunny
Side of Broadway; 16-17-18, The Lion and
the Mouse.
hLyric (Jack Hoeffier, general nianager;
John Hetzei, resident toonager)-Syiour
& Dupree; Dick Lynch, singing and dlanc-
log; illustrated song; Eniusonds, Emersout
and Emouionds, comedy sketch; Bllhy Me-
hireen & Brother, couiedy ucrobats; Emily
Nice, singing and dancing. Next wceek:
Fortuna & Stokes, Jones & Wahtvine, Roger
Blros., WIharton & LeRoy and beLong
Varieties (John Hetzeh, nsanager)-The
Fukino   Imperial  Jaup  Troupe;   Dubois;
Otiourke-Burnecte Trio, singing and danc-
log; Sleritt Sisters; Laitlotit & tilhhun,
tutsicul act.  Next wceeko, Staitf  Raocell,
Corture & Gillette, S~r. & Mrs. Litchfield,
1-terhsert Mtitchell, Slexheati 1-ertisan.
Coliseurn-Buresuue,  1-9,  Jolly  Grass
Widocws, fins houses.
cledomi-Dreamlaid and electric draw-
ing large creeds.
Fourpaugh & Sulls Circus showed here on
the 13.  Crowded.
Vigo County Fair opens on the 16.
Ioubinson's Circus here the week of the
IOWA    FALLS, Sept. 14.-Metropolitan
pela House E. 0. Ellsworth, manager)-
Th  easun openecd 5 with Are You Crazy,
a musical fares comedy. The leading role
is taken by Frank Damsel, the author and
csilsr of the pie.    The Royal Chef,
Fredhe Hidden hand, 1   ; My Dixie Girl,
Rbuiney Adoirs Sasyer, 24.
lieirlel 1'ark, the popular summer re-
slt at Des Malines, was badly damaged by
a small  oclone, 7. A number of buildings,
including tile land stand, were wrecked.
o ine Majestic theater at Des Moines
is fast rearing cir, Metion  and  will be
orially opened   l    inte this fall.  Manager
FrdBuchanaii, of Ingersoll Park-Yankee
Robinson Circus-Bijo   theater fame, will
be in charge of the new house when come-
Frank Maples, formerly manager of the
Uniu theater in Minneapolis, has filed a
1setition  in bankruptcy in this stats and
says he owes over elte,00, all ofwhich was
lost in the theatrical business.
The   trickland Siste rs, Mabel and Ethel,
who are well known in the profession in
the west, mourn the death of their father,
the Rev. E. F. Strickland at Benton Har-
bor, Mich.
W. E. Anderson, of Des Moines, has sev-
ered his connection with the Register and
Leader, cwith which hie has been connectled
as dramatic critic for years, and will be
associated cit the Evening Capital of that
city in the future.
Moving picture theaters are on the boom
in I owa  ust nose and the city of 3,000 or
more that can't boast of one of these
unique amlusement features is not in vogue.
KEO    wUK, Sept. 14.-Grand Opera House,
Casino (C. H. Dodge, mgr91.).-My Dixie
Girl Co. played to fair, audience Sept. s;
cunipany good.    Mae Abbott, the leading
1ady itiad a hit.
aSall (D. E. Reeves, mgre).-Carpen-
tors and decorators are still busy beautify-
ing this cuzy little vaudeville house.  Ths
season opens the latter port of September.'
Hugh  Coyle, in advance of My Dixie Girl,
wos in tne   city.  The old  nos man was
connected with the Adam Forepaugh shot
in years past.
The, Sparks Shows exhibit Sept. 9 to 14.
Keoukg Free Fall Celebration, Oct. 8 to
MUXSCATINE,    Sept.  14.-Grand    Opera
House (Chas. H. Saiisbury, nanager)-The
Girl and  the Stampede, 5, fair snol and
business; An Aristocratic Tramp, , good
show, fair  business; K. &  E. vaudeville,
played to twvopacked houses, 7; A Thorough-
bred Tra mp, goodshunc; K. &E.,vaudeviils,
12; Why Girls Leave Home, 13.
ajhetic (B. J. Myers, manager)-Opened
to iminse business, 9, wits moving pi-
lures, illustrated songs and vatudeville.-
OTT8MWA, Sept. 14-Grand Opera House
(J. Frank Jersey, mngr.).-Dark. Coming,
Sept. 11, Aristocratic Tramp; underlined,
Qoiney Adans Sawyer.
Nickeludeon J. Doolittle, mgr.).-Moving
pietures and illustrated songs.
Electric theater (Cozart Bros. mgrs.).-
Moving  pictures  and  illustrated  songs.-
SIOUX CITY, Sept. 14.-New Grand The-
ater (. It. Yallnman, manager), Sept. 8,
The LyInian  Twins; Sept. 9, Tilie Olsen;
Sept. 10-11, Are You Crazy?; Sept. 12-14,
'Ilhe Girl Over There; Sept. 15, The College
Buy; Sept. 20, Chauncy Olcott.
D ipiun (David  eeher, manager).-The
operiing  eek of the Orpieum  as one of
great ecess  C     oith large cro aads. Week of
Sept. Chas. Leonard Fletcher; Les-Aubin-
Leoiiel; The Chiamlberlains; Potter & Harris;
Coin, toncy & williard; The Colonial Sex-
tltte and the Kinodroee.
Fatally tG. D. Lehman, manager.)-The
bill for week of Sept. S cas '.he Three
eitehells, Irene Adonis,   Rose  &  Golett,
Claude Austin, Scott & Allen, Lillian Hart
and illusti-oled songs and nocig pictures.
Tile Crystal and Unique    theaters con-
tiailu to do cawacity business sith illus-
trated songs and moving pictures.
The  liter-State Live Stock Fair opened
SeptR 7 svith capacity business.
Oe  members who conpose the week's
illatthe Orplie wtheater in company eith
Doid   bsehier, manager, and   Lytie, for-
mir ownoers of the Orpheum, wvent to the
Riserside Boat Club to cwatch Lalla Selbini,
the famious '"bathing beauty,'' who is the
eadliner for the week, take a dip in the
yig (ioux river.
Chiarles Leonard Fletcher and wife have
Iienu tak ing a week's vacation at Crystal
leke and are booked for this week at the
Oldilieui.-L. 1). BAGGS.
JACKSON, Sept. 14.-Athienaem (HT. J.
Porter, nsgr.)-Sept. 3, Parsifal played to
good business; performance good. Sept. 4,
The James Boys; fair business and show;
Sept. 6, Human Hearts, good croswd to
capable performance; Sept. 7, My Wife's
Family, fair showv to good crowd; Sept. 9,
'The Americans in repertoire-EDWARD I.
OWOSSO, Sept. 14.-Work on the remodel-
ing of the Owosso opera house has been
i'ompleted nnd the house cvill be opened
Sept. 19, when The Isle of Spice will be put
on. B. C. Whitney, who recently leased the
theater, has made it one of the must UP-
to-date houses in the state. A. C. Abbot,
of Detroit, and wvho has been in the em-
ploy of Mr. Whitney as manager, is in
charge of the local house.-MORELAND.
GRAND ISLAND, Sept. 4-Bartenbachi
Opera Htouse (Hf.  J.  Bartenbach,   Mgr.)
Season opened with Lost in NessYork, Sept .
7; good business; 'Trust Busters, 4, good
bitsiness; Sic in Ness York, 7.
lyric (ILeo Lush, Mgr.) Moving pictures
and illustrated songs continue to lr-%w large
Under Canvas; Barnum    & Ballet's circu,
Sept. 11.-HAL JARVIS.
HASTINGS, Sept. 14.-Kerr Op--va Rouse
(Thos. Kerr, mgr.).-Sis    in  N,-w  York
played to fair sized audiences Sept. 9
Tilly Olson, Sept. 14.
The season here will not be in full slng
until about Oct. 1.-H. M. VASTINE.
PATERSON. Sept. 14.-With tic clssing
of Fairyland Park last Saturday niglt o
outside season terminated after a >1l, t, but
prosperous, season.  Manager   Shlttesec
and Superintendent Van Houten -rs sur-
prised by their emnloyes the clusing 'ight.
Mr. Schuitheiser  was   presented  iiith a
chest of solid silversare, the pis  ato
speech being made by Mt. Ian Hdoutes,
who, thinkinig his work finish(, s tarted
for home but swas recalled and t),sented
with a complete solid silver toilt -t.
At the Lyceum, Siado   s on ti hearth
was the offering Sept. 9-10-11, pll sint6oI
well filled houses, followed  by  Through
Death Valley, Sept. 12-13. Cotmi    attrac-
tions are: Heart of Virginia, Cu cIt5 Lsst
Fight,   Midnight   Escape,  Little  Orgus
Grinder, Child of the Regiment and eth-
Manager Bruggemann, of The Empire,
offered a pleasing vaudeville bill week of
Sept. 9, the bill including Rice v Cohen,
Cook Bros., Francis Knight, Fot- rv Fos-
ter,  Apdaie's   Animals,   Lasis. uineron
Troupe, Hansen & Nelson, Kinetoglaii, and
as an added attraction Christmas oti the
Island, by Sidney Deane & Co.
More popular than ever is the Foll, un-
der the management of Sans A. Mleyers,
vith tvo good burlesque compani- ilsyisg
three-night stands.  For Sept. -1 -it Pat
Reilly and his coterie of pretty elins asd
comedians were the attraction anid they
pleased immensely. The remainie of the
Meek wcas pleasantly engaged lviiCloisl
Belles Minstrels, follosved by a sirngicsis.-
ELMIRA, Sept. 14.-Lyceum (L - Nor-
ton, Mmgr.).-The season of 'The Liulf asd
the Mlouse was started under til-t facet-
able auspices   2-3.   Excellent  oipany,
large business.  Ralph Stuart dllighted a
large house, 4, with splendid production of
Strongheart.  Isabel Irving   in The Girl
W'ho Has Everything, 5; strong compansy;
good house. Leo Ditrichstein in Be-foreand
After; large house, 6; The Road to Yes-
terday, 7; good house, interesting perform-
Rorick's (W. W. Cole, mgr.).-Vaudeville
was inaugurated 2-7; Quinlan and Stack,
Elsa I'andervoort, Gertrude Bloel,, Rie &
Elmer, Willard Reed and Nancy SrL. John,
and the Alhaobra four constitutiniea trsg
bill to capacity.
Rialto (F. W. McConnell, mgr.).--Hayden
and Hayes, Clark and Foley, Harry Reed,
Margaret La Vaunn, Trixic Bennett, Lot-
tie Fayette and Victoria Richard, 2-7; good
Family (G. W. Middleton, igr.).-E-
genie Blair and Co., George Wilson, Hamil-
ton and Houiett, Cole and Clemens and
Benisle, 2-7; unusually strong bill to ca-
KINGSTON,     Sept.  14.-Fordon    Opera
House   Foudou Bros., n1grs..-Opuned sa -
son Sept. 2 as a vaudeville th-  r. l-oe.s
theater is the old Liscomb Opera House,
newly remodeled. Bill included the Three
Alarcons, followed by Bessie Allen, sing-
er and dancer; Camillo & Fond, acrobas;
Frank Clark, songs; Raymond and Clark,
conversationalists; the  Great  Albini in
Telepathy, and the Biograph. Labor Day
attraction was Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,
poor company.    LaZue Brothers Minstrels
gave good performance 5th to good busi-
Bijou theater (Geo. W. Case, ngr.).-
Season opened on Labor Day with moving
pictures and illustrated  songs  sung  by
Harry M. Dunham to crowded houses.
Kingston Point Park closed a successful
season on Labor Day. M. B. Myers opened
a moving picture theater aii Broadway 8.-
CANTON, Sept. 14.-irind Oti-ia House
(F. S. Love, mgr.).-Al. 11. wileii. 7;good
performance and business. An old Sweet-
heart of Mine, 6;     good  business, nice
show. Are You a Mason, 10; Stetson's U.
T. C. Co., 12; A Good Fellow, 13; The
Suburban Winner, 14.
Lake Park (W. D. Harris, mgr.).-Gard-
ner and Maddern, The Four Dancing liar-
ris's, Frederick Hurd & Co., 'Chalk" Saun-
ders, Dainty Elizabeth Forney, and Zella,
The Bijou (Frank Potts, mgr.). -Opened
the 9, with vaudeville to S. R. 0.
Work on the new Vaudeville housewhich
wil1 be on the Sun circuit, is neariag com-
pletion and will open Sept. 30.-GO. F.
DAYTON, Sept. 14.-National.- IanIon's
Superba, playing to packed hoiis      fhis
is the first time in this ci that tlis pro-
duction has appeared at a popular price
house.   Samuel   Thornbery,   in  comedy
drama, The Peddler, opened to a good
sized house.   Miller Kent in Raffles last
three days.
Lyric.-Manager Hurtig certainly -truck
a popular chord when he opened this beau-
tiful th~eater.  Capacity crossds. \%lik &
Lion, acrobats; the Lobin Sistirs i. mu-
hal offerings; Charles Howaid he Wi -
son Bros.;   Genoro &   Bailey; tile Doris
OPera Trio in selections fromr Gr'and Opera
and Norton & Nicholson.
Victoria-The    House  of  a  Thosan
Candles, tso perforances; good atten-
ance.   Sept. i, Managers C.agelials &
Kensper cc-ill present Leo Detrichseei fiI
Before and After; Sept. 13 and 14, The
Lion and the Mouse.
'White City closed Sunday night tor' tihe
Faleview Park will close Sept. 17-. At
unusually strong attraction wvill be sees.
including Lecvis McCord & Co.: Alt. Hell:
Jennings & Renfres; Ratasey Sisrecos; the
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