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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Frye, Edward
Grace George is welcomed by her Cleveland admirers,   p. 9

Shallcross, J. S.
Many fine attractions fill playhouses at Louisville,   p. 9

Page 9

ii  a
I ,EVELt_\NI)  I_)., I<p. 1 4.-Divorcons,
the Frenrch coedlly in which Grace
George made such a remarkable suc-
, both in New Lork and in London,
sthe offering at the Opera house this
k Miss George was excellent. As the
Ihand, Frank Worthing has one of the
roles of his career. A newer English
ortation is Douglas Gerrard, who was
iruht over to play the part of Adhemar,
io soldier lover. He fits in well with
rdiences were the rule.
11 Trovatore, with an enlarged cast and
 amplified  scenic  production is the
sowell hill of the Sheehan company at
e Colotia. Mr. Sheehan was very good
"Manri.   His Voice is in excellent
ndition notwithstanding  the generous
us to which he has put it the last few
wr ks. A new primat donna was intro-
iced in the role of Leonrra, Miss Helen
Noldi, a ClevIand girl who received a cor-
lial welcore. Sire has lately come from
Abroad where, in addition to her studies,
She engaged in concert work. Her voice
is rich anI of a pleasing quality.
VIola Gillette, pleasantly renermibered
fr her nice voice and her good looks in
The Girl and the Bandit, was one of t',
lrading performers at Keith's this week.
With Miss Gillette is the well known com-
tian, George McFarlile, who assists her
ipreserrirg a drligirtfrillvfuinny sketrch
ntitled, A Little Musical Nonsense. Max
York's dogs are the best ever seen art
Keiths; Middleton, Spelmeyer  &   Cr.
otch, A Texas Wooing, is amusing, anI
toduees a full blooded Indian actor,
, unded Buffalo; the H[oldsworths an
Sd banjoists; Elurer Tenley is an cu-
etairting monologist; Chris Bruno andu
llabellRussell sing and dance neatly, andn
Keno, Welsh and Melrose, as usual, pro-
nt a popular brand of fuln along with
illed acrobatic feats.
Old Heidelberg a Hit.
A better selection than Old Heidelberg
orlId not have been moade by Vaughan
laser for his closing week at the Euclid
\etrnue garden theater, commencing last
Metrnday eVertinog. 'This beautiful play he
reelosely associated with himself, wits-
ningwith it his greatest local success,
and presenting it in Detroit, Buffalo, Co-
lbtus, Brooklyn and Providence, where
has won much praise from the critic
nli the public. The play affords every
tember of the company opportunity for
fine acting and gives the scenic artist i
Chance to display somie beautiful stage
pictures. The opening scene shows the
orung prince, Karl Heinrich, amid  the
'loomy surroundings at the castle where
!i, early years are spent.  Then   the
`ene shifts to gay Heidelberg, and here
rte prince enjoys life for the first time.
Acain the scene is changed.   The oli
king dies and Karl Heinrich is recalled
tothe throre. Loving little Kathie, his
tompanion at Heidelberg, and anxious t,'
ted her like air ordinary subject, ie must
bow his head to the decrees of state. Tin
iantlscene Xwhtere the prince returns to
fleidelbeg, to enjoy once more its gayety
end freedom, is one in which pathos and
tliment are charmingly blended. Miss
Fay Courtenary's Kathie is one of her
Most delightful characterizations.  The
orit of Dr. Juter was very well played
1Y that sterling  actor, Frank Camp.
kames Hester is seen as Herr Lutz and
"saentertaining as his valet. Mr. John-
-  nd Mr. Kibyand other members of
company ere seen it congenial parts.
Comedy Is Pleasing.
Tenessee s  Partner.  Scott  Marble's
rely four-act comedy drama. was the of-
ering Of tie Majestic Stock  Co.  this
took. Manager Macy chose it because it
Iers a pleasing  part to  each of the
Irincipals. The  story  of  Tennessee's
it et is toofailiar torequireany eo-
'ittiOn It contaitsoa series of interest-
tgiteins and ahost of odd characters
ilttaonylaughable yet sentimental epi
odes. In the character of the brave,
'light young girl from the Smoky Moun-  l
lnd, Florence Oakley is seen at her best
tedrest some clever acting. One of the
Its ltflmelodramatic sentiment seen
Cleveland of late was that given by
ttry Ingram,as Caleb Swan, the square-
\llganitler, and Tennessee's pardner.
wthe otier members of the company
"Iewgoadin tplir respective parts.
FasPlays of recent years have secured
tder strong hold upon public favor as t
der Sothern Skies, which was seen at
he Lycebim. Its reputation is now   so
'tellestablished that the mere announce-
ayto Of its coming is all that is neces-
itry i draw crowded houses. This popu- f
not is dthard to account for, for there
eot   dull moment from   the rise of
rain until its fal. Almost all the
Sands econd acts are filled with life
crtgaytv. The birthday part in the
ichi <nd the Hallowe'en celebration,
tltch1. tite feature of the second act,
have such natural, youthful fnir trd frl-
ic that the audience seero to becomre
part ofitand long to join in the merry-
making themselves.
Melodrama Wins Applause.
Parted on Her Bridal Tor was the of-
fering at the Cleveland this week. The
novel makes a good melodrama full of
sentimenta nd racked Iearts and farbet-
ter in a literary Xway titan tile common
run  of melodramas seen    here.  The
scenes are laid in and around New York
City. and disclos the struggles of Pc
young girl, who penniless and alone in the
world, battles against overwhelming odds
and unscrupulous  enemies, and    after
many vicissitudes wins in the end. The
scenery is artistic. The company, which
numbers twenty, is made tip of recog-
pized players, the entire production be-
ing under the management of Charles E.
Several good acts are inclled in the
Lyric bill. Zeda gives an exhibition of a
L )i'ISVJLE  IKy., Sept. 14.-E. M.
 Iolland, is the letdiirg  man  it
George Middletons dramatization of
Nicholson's mystery novel, The House of
a Thousand Candles, was the attraction
at Macauley's theater for the first three
nights of the current week. Mr. Holland's
career on the American stage has been
continuously brilliant and he is a great
favorite in this city. His support is good.
Miss Racbrick, formerly with John Drew,
is with Mr. Holland as leading lady.
Packed houses greeted the players. The
latter part of the week Thomas Jefferson
was seen in the grand old play Rip Van
Winkle. Mr. Jefferson's principal sup-
port this season includes Miss Maggie
Moore, Loretta Jefferson, Horace Mitchell
and Phrllis Metton. The sale of seats
has been unusually large.   His Honor
the Mryor ntext we'Ik.
Mary Anderson Theater-Manager Mtax
boneless man that is interesting from the
anatomical standpoint.   The   DeVana
brothers have a dog to assist them in
tleir acrobatic wor. Otler performers:
Nelson and Mieledge, comedians; Leo
Cooper and company, in "The Price of
Power "; Vynne Christy, blackface come-
dian; Rinaldo, "wandering violinist," and
Lula Majic, vocalist.
Cherry Blossoms Entertain.
Miron M. Gilday, assisted by John Perry
tod ILilly Welch, give ar excollent sketc
at tireStar called Coals of Fire. 'uincitell
Smith is the author. The Cherry Blos-
soms are responsible for the entertain-
dent as a whole. The chooms is good
ooking and the scenery is above the aver-
age in the first part, which is called Boos-
ter Millions. John Perry has a song at
the opening that makes a big hit. Goff
Phillips. black face comedian; Jorge Al-
eene and Hamilton. who have a singing
and dancing act and a male quartet ap-
pear in the olio. Dr. Dippy's Sanitarium
closes the performance.
The Bowery Burlesquers have a good
trio of comedians this trip. Mike Kelly
was formerly one of the comedians in
Me, Him and I. Ben Jensen has been
with the company for nine years. Harry
Hills also has a reputation. One of the
'eature show is a college number, where
an innovation is sprung on burlesques an-
diences by costuming the chorus in long
kirts. Three musical farces bring out
he strength of the company. In the olio
are Ben Jensen, the two Bracketts, Ar-
hur and Ethel Miller, dancers, and Car-
melita D'Elcedera.
Fabish's promise to the public that only
tie biggest and best headliners will ap-
pear at his house has been made good.
The cuirrent week's hill was very strong
and is composed of some of the best art-
ists on the United Amusement Company's
circuits, among which are: Mills and Mor-
ris, the original "Minstrel Maids," a very
clever team, with new songs and dances;
Stanley and Cogswell. comedy sketch, The
German Professor; Madame Adelaide Her-
norn, Queen of Magic; Ray L. Royce,
Ca1nfieldandCarton, inTheHoodoo Man;
Wiley Zimmerman, impersonator of musi-
cal celebrities; Delmore & Lee, athletic
act; Frederick V. Bowers, in a musical
farce, College Days; and a new set of ani-
imated pictures.
Racing Drama Does Well.
Masonic Theater-David Higgins in His
Last Dollar, was the current week's at-
traction at this house. He was cleverly
supported by Miss Mary Servoss. Good
houses ruled.   "Tommy" Reynolds, a
strong local favorite is with the company,
and   received  applause.  Next week,
Thorns and Orange Blossoms.
Buckingham-The     Broadway    Gaiety
Girls packed them in at this house. Bright
and breezy and up to the minute is every
number. The olio is particularly strong.
Next week, The Jolly Grass Widows.
Avenue Theater-Lincoln    J. Carter's
The End of *he Trail did a phenomenal
business here. Long before the doors
were opened every seat was sold. Under-
lined for next week: Our Friend Fritz.
Fontaine Ferry Park is upon its last
week of the season and Manager William
Reiclhmann made thfinal wieka tr ibt
one in every repe ct.    rrtuusaily iinr''
lotof attractions bolt indoo 'sealdo rtOf
doors aro preserted. Ito tire pavilion,
Al. Lawrence, monologist, is heading the
bill; Mason and Bart, comedy acrobatic
team; Les-Aubin Leonel: Fuller and Love,
usnidl cosrredians; tLillin  siley, numic
and vocalist; rand thre EKirodroine, iciake
ai a good bill. Prof. Harrry Cook, the
Bandmaster, accompanied  by a new solo-
ist. will give a farewell series of free
White City Ends Season.
-White City closed Sept. 7 vith one of
the biggest crowds ever at this place, spe-
cial attractions were presented and the
Pythianis turned out in full force. The
park closed a very suc'essfil season, and
to Col. John It. Whallen is due all the
credit, as he took hold of the place when
failure seemed certain.
"The Gobblers," an orga'nization com-
posed of White City mainagers and emt-
Dloyes, gave a farewell dinner last week.
Over 150 plates were provided. "Doc."
Barnard and Heywood Allen had charge
of the affair, aid it was successful.
Manager Chris. Vassmian, of the Crys-
Icil theater, is pleased at tlh'e htsiIess
his house is doing. New sorgs toy Miss
Cela Burch and frequent change of pic-
tr'es' 'r:' packing is place.
The Moulton thenter, the new house to
ht opened by Irvin Simons of Dream-
lanrd, is nearly completed and will open
next week.
Marvel theater, George    Heidelberg's
cozy picture house is doing a turn-away
business. Mr. 1Heidelberg has just in-
stalled new opera chairs and enlarged his
seating capacity to accommodate the in-
creasing attendance.
Manager L. Rosenfield of the Wonder-
iltid. is leascrd wvith the business lie is
doing. Baby -Burch is tie star attraction.
The Williams Brothers have been en-
gaged indefinitely by manager Sironirs of
Tent Shows Prosperous.
Suni Brothers World Progressive Show;s
gave two performanees Sort. 10 to packed
tents. The show is a good oine and keeps
arace with the times. T'his has been a
successful season so far vith this show.
Buffalo Bill, after ain absence of over
five years, will appear Seirt. 2S. Ont the
same date and in adjoining lots the well
known Frank A. Robbins circus will show
Forepaugh & Sells Bros. did a tremeen-
dous business in New Albanv, Ind., Sept.
7. Packed thm to the ring bank.
Capt. John H. Magnus, of the police de-
particent with the Forepaugh-Sells show,
is considered one of the best mern in his
line in the country, and stands high with
the show people. Capt. Magnus' duities
are trying, but he is equal to the etor-
gency and handles the crowds to th sat-
isfoction of all. He is a SHOW WORLD
enthusiast and sees that all the show
people are supplied with the paper. Fifty
copies are purchased weekly, more than
twice any other show paper.
Tom Corrigan, the well known singer,
has decided not to go into vaudeville. but
remain in this (ity the coming season
with the Crystal theater.
Hopkins theater will open Sept. 15.
Continuous vaudeville will be presented
Manager Reiciman will adhere to his pol-
icy in thre future as in the past, to pre-
sent nothing but the best.
The Copeland Brothers stoc1 coimpany
hoas fircishoed its selason on thte Airdome
circuit controlled by the Middle West
Managers' Association. The companyhas
enjoyed a prosperous ast well as a pleas-
ant sumier. and will continue in roper-
tolire this winter, being booked solid un-
til the advent of the warm weather.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rogers Win Favor with
Clever Sketch, Out of Sight.
Robert Rogers and Louise Mackintosh,
whose likeness we present herewith, are be-
ng featured upon advanced vaudeville bills
his season with their laughable playlet,
tut of Sight. The sketch tells a consistent
tory, and possesses a startling and laugh-
hMe finish that affords the prayers a'n equal
'hance for the display of their ablity. Tre
Milwaukee Evening Wisconsin remarked in
a recent issue, "Out of Sight is the laughing
it of the year." The Sentinel, of the same
'ity, said. "The house was in continuous
aughter," and the Milwaukee Daily News
said, oflut of Sight kept the Crystal audi-
*nee in roars of laughter."  Mr. and Mrs.
togers, as they are known in private life,
iaye bad prominent parts in many Btroad-
way productions and are wein and favorably
known. Their last appearance in Chicago
vas In The Price of Peace, which enjoyed a
hree months' run at McVicker's theater.
Thpy have a playlet which is refined, polite
nd extremely laughable. The attraction is
Ping booked by the Western Vaudevillo
Mianagers' Association.
5,ptember 21, 1907.
Brilliant Young Actress Is Seen in Her Great Success, E. M. Holland Is Greeted by Packed Theater and Thomas
Divorcons--Gossip of The Stage.              Jefferson Also Is Cordially Received.
BY EDWARD FRYE.                               BY J. S. SHALLCROSS.

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