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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Correspondence,   pp. 31-32

Page 32

S(ptoetr '. 1907.
1            tin    -t1t0 are  doing
inh   Film  Ex~ unge, .  %\-.  ole lior,
ange, hs mo-v-d in Colmum~ms, 0 . -to
tek  is  ieing  li-dalled  11  tle  itIon
'a  n t  i, theattr.  It  is  the  intentiion  off
lilters to place Mliss Macit 'ettes
Judy  That a stock company
s  tis  pletlidly deloistrated by the
bu~sinless dow_ boy the Burwood las t
m    t -S M .  ATIfI,
NEWARK, Sept      7-Newark     Theater:
titned twitl a special matinee Labor Day.
tll & Erlanger's ptrodultion of Forty-five
\Miinutes Fromi BroadwNay, w\ithl Emina Carnis
u_1 Scoot We,,(lh in thle leads, with the at-
tait >yt'sc 'tt Sing Sin1g 1  Liberto, a
lverly wrilttei ncmlodramna, serdtoi
-duce "Cunleing." the Jail breaker.   lie
ti the city talking about him during thle
StIbert ieuReopee'd after  extenlsive  re-
Ialslst on LarDay afternoon titil a 
advanced vautdtctille bill.1Jo T NelshI"
us charac.ter' twork;s Mlt.1 Emy  troupe
tIites''"FroinI, the lizard of tie Ac -
lion; Cliitol &  J-ooe, in a skit; El.
itdtll & Lie  i. t short version of tte
t Ioit  Ah.o Ling Soul Chinese nmagciian;
I t-trcds, clever acrobats; Motion pictures
olumbita ance & Sullitans Co., in Her
LoI, with Carolite Cooke and a large
lipany of players and maseave scenic ses
Wtl  goott rrtct  all cvtcRt
lot <5 -t1t odsp1ostitto did not do al'
toebedmge hlere during  01    at
k   )Th  ill w0as gond and prsete sul
s asHrry Yates C, iln the Iaughable
it Mtt1ingM Xhutla iister sotlnstits;
itn'Hoti      lcrs & Hermian, comedy
atie R  o o N ; 'Im  M. - oore, In  comlic  song.;
1 n 'l Dos 11. S. Sheldon & Co , in a good
n          oell,   'ot Bedelitt Fnitul  Ernest
t    ul Co. of ttel'e gil in a singing
ira ea Js. J. oiiett in his mooolgue
ion, and Js
Silltmlpic Par -Aborn  Opera Co., in a
randi double bill of ..inafor" and "Cat-
ileria 'ustiana" and the Sutciety Circus is
tila f'actor atntil fltark.
ilsifde   tk-eoost's  Wild  West
Ind Actonait Molaci  tre still toptliners at
Iis itt      t (lIlie staige art' Ascettt. Eddt'
'trkl cclo hiave earned a bi Itatle for
titeises Who ig lone of tilie Ibest scoedy'
nmselves ws Ingoe
Iati      kRustiC    Tet', vaudeville,
totieing ti C tgellt'hs oil tile wheels and
uing'  t  nedor Wet & Sunshine; Quig
,lak, conudia'ns: Flntow- & 1un ,a  o-
-nodIills  Heiicwtoodt, fetmale ilphrsonator;
lailo-  ocal  selections.
'litlittli  little  ho s tcpIsitht  ag  )le
'l On i1,I t       This <   tie
tWIll  itlit  Ipra tiN'stltcai'lt
h s Jrs Lilies E~xtravaganza Co.
XX'  will  Iaie 'opposition  Iere  in  thlt  bur-
'tue  is  ell  is the vaudiillp  lino.  Camp-
],,11 & Dlretw have advertised theit Avenue
Is ('i. to play tie Netw A.uditoriun week
'ett 0-
iid sitt tle attractitils mOectionedi New-
ak will hvabout lt'ncmd       or picture
it'  r le  ri   and  Ne  pat
peratiln  to  gratify  tile  aulselent  lover's
"t-   i                ,11       ofi  lo
;)/  1).nly,  J.T.,  has  1)In  laying  of t o
I, and ml rstieatinog at Asur arkj, N,. J.
i'  t'N  ill  is  htotie  fot  a  whilto,  after
I in t ht  Iw i t lIn  'audeili  houses.
ii-           tltt'1 'eit  titNlle,,t
lmonster hon1it wVa  tendr'd to Hans
\\ e,,h ah)II matnager of Ulmtpie Plark,
I hrdyeve ning.- JO( S. O' 13RYA N.
11i'HA, Sept. 7.-1orick' (Henry Tay-
c 1tr ---1let  toit  slce'sftl ote ton sea-
tt tile hitstory cft his l1ttle tt'ts tt5Oihit
t  se   11 iot   nt <  able  proitt -
littt of IThe cl'itins of N iiidilit ity tite
Iveuttn (2se Noton, nigs.)-Te Tan-
b-et Doodle Stockt Co 6-1      large and
well-ploeed liiest. the Lion and the
Mouse Sept. 2-3; Strongheart, 4; Isabel
Irving in 'Ite Girl XX'to Has Everything.
i; Before anti After, 6; Minie Dupree in
Tle Road to Yesterday. 7
Family (Q. XX. Midtleton togr.)-Mr. and
Mrs. Danny l11n, Five Lubins, Solomon
the Secont1,  lltie Stone and  iloyd and
X'ela. 6-"1; larg houses pleased.
Hialto (F. A%-. Mclnnnell, mgr.)-Pelan-
tel and ing, Harr 1Hod, Lottie Fa'ette,
Xict or1a Rieltard alul 71riti iennett 26-31
excelliet houl'so MXWELL iHES.
HINiHATON    , Sept. 7.-Stone    Opera
Husj (,J. . E. Clark, Mgrt) cIosed a very
suttesful Ilek with tile Myrkle-Harder
Stilk o0
eti ('RicBto a loeah hoc cvith tihe Dock-
til"sO  tilela s   1t, bwas giten a gre
otation sln his apptea1c hcre tihe first
of tile ceatuen tue applause tasting fully
rnl1110t i.. aFlyinn, ogr)-,  Pe'fortl-
tmit'' tIac gi\et at fle At'tietrs tlucill  for
IItal stage t ttopliite Joy local lntet an ln.
Ift. 0i ctals huingw"tui  each in tiec ct''nihlit.
Tle theatr opened i abor day for a run of
thirty-tie weeks, oelning with all all statr
lie Court street picture show is playing
to fairly good houses. The Bijou (J. R.
Wallace, esse and Dan Darleigl. ogs.) is
playing to crowded houses, giving a fine
ming piu  show, using fro1  four to
six ices.  'Teluolti uet ind singing between
BRADFO)RD, Sept. 7-B3radford Theater
(Jay North. manager) was opened twith Al.
Fields'  instrels to capacity business. One
of the songs, ''if I Could But Call the
Yeart Back," written li' Mrs. It. North of
Bradford, teas wtll received. Before and
After, Sept. 7.
The Star (T. 13. Breakey, manager).-Bill
includeed iXottegloicit' ,tilstitt'  Susie Becke-
nuan, Baster Leionardh Steilts, Ritbest Keller-
man, illuutrated songs and  icoving  ple-
thes.   uuii'os  g, 11 lt u    1r  teonard
i-il  Ic,   .  i ,TtefeIt  N   .'  tio'  ee titiCel  bot'
S1g ,  is  lilling  811n  -nialmt-itlent  wtitl  1"
illiistrted songs.
New Dramlan  l (11. S. Ingrai, nilll-
ager).-Bill itulud-d noing pictures and
illustrated songs. D1an C. Collins of Roch-
ester, N. Y., is at present singing    the
The Peerless (F. H. Walker, manager).-
Xloting  pictures  and  illustrated  songs.
Business good.
the Theatoriurn   (N. C. Howard, man-
ager).-Jalues Wheeler in illustrated songs,
Hazel Smith, Francis Whelan, Dainty Betty
Burgess and moving pictures.
A  film  exchange has been started here
iy Carr Brothers and J. WV. Jamison, who
have had years of experience in the mov-
ing  picture business.  Tile firm  will be
known as the Union Amusement Co. They
hays taken the entire second floor of 41
Main street as their office and wareroom,
handling all makes of films.-G. E. GOOD-
EASTON, Sept. 7-Able       Opera  House
(Chester Rice. manager).-The    Red   Mill
oprned the season here Aug. 29 to S. R. 0.
hiouLs'. The comedians. M. P. Coakley and
Iarre MiBridt w'ere of the ordinary irand,
anti Montgoniery and Stoe have no need
to entertain any jealous pangs. The song,
"Because You're You," was the hit of the
eveniIng. Sept. 2, The Hustler. The per-
forimance was so poor that it was doubly
farcical.  The redeeming feature of the
show was the singing of Victoria Walters,
It'illich  Was  really  meritorious.  Sept. 2,
Sousa; 4, The King Bee; 5, Tihe Train Rob-
liers; i. Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall;
7, ne Toni's Cabin1 t, Richaru Carle in
'The Seeing i'itic'ksn; 10. The Funtny  Mir,
Dooley; 11, W'illiams-Walker in Bandanna
Landt 12 Judith of the Plains; 14, Black
Crook, Jr.; 16, Peggy from Paris; 17, New
ll, The Lion anti tiie Mlouse; 20, The Ar-
neal of Kitty; a1 T   tily and the Price
23-28. IMyrkle-Harder Stock Company.
Bijou (Debil &   Sherman, managers).-
Moting piltures to packed houses.
jewIEt (tithleder & Selt-alm, managers).
-Moing pictures still continue to drate
large crowds.
National (Angelo Tocee manager).-Mov-
ing pictures  to  good business.  Especial
mention should be made of the talented
pianist employed here, Mr. Vellochi.-JHN
SPOKANE, Spt. 6-The Spokane theater,
the only theater closed during the surn-
mer, opened with The Little Prospector,
followed by For Mother's Sake. Manager
Auhelilian states that all the big shows will
play the Spokane for three     nights  this
Manager Harry Hayward of the Auditor-
tun u-as obliged to turn acNay 300 pcQple at
'f ie Burg-las's W'ife, tehich tvas beautifully
staetdt atild el acted, its tvhi George e.
Me'uarri, Jaue Atory, Frank McQuarre,
Arilta Allen, Laura Adonis and Ethel Von
Waldron made much of the principal roles.
This is the 127th consecutive week of this
itllar stock company at this theater.
Tennessee's Pardner was the offering at
the Colutiia, 25-31, and was a good per-
fortiiance, this being the secenth week of
tile Curtiss Coniedy Company.
The Washington, one    of the   prettiest
viudille houses on the Coast, was packed
to thu doors for one of the best bills for
stinl  tiie.  It includes Hayes &  -Wynn,
singingt and dancing duo; 'ierce & Roslyn,
CIlIlIareter songs;  Varren &  Faust; Fred
Duprez, parodis and monologues; Boyle,
George & Boyle, comedy artists; Alf. Eon-
ner, illustated songs, and the Biograph.
The weather has been   ry bad for the
paIkst this summer.   Manager Audley In-
gersoll tmade many improeients at Nata-
I'lin tirk at ab great cost, bhut during
flue ete  sells, i hall tenly' too hot te eks.
As an extra attraction he has engaged the
Getdeli XX'st  'ariel  Comipanty for ttet
eeks ati ethe Nortlivest Stngerfest gave
it Qtllceet.
aits 'en Cent Scenic theater continues
to 15115' big- cretteds.
e laitages, a neit tadeville theater
note under cotnstruetion, teill be ready to
open in October.
E. M. Reel, manager Coeur D'Alene the-
ater, has been appointed    Deputy  Grand
President of the Grand Lodge of the T.
M. A., which convened in St. Louis, July 23.
At the theatrical managers' meeting here
they agreed to a new scale of wages pro-
posed by the Stage Employes' Union. The
following officers Were elected at the meet-
ing to serve for one year:    H. C. Hay-
ward, president; Dan L. W~eaver, vice-pres-
ident; George M. Dreher, secretary and
triasu-er; directors. H. C. Hayward, Jo-
seph Petrich, Dan Weaver, E. C. TValker,
Moce Oppenheimer. George C. Blakeslec.
Charles H. Mueblman. V. It. Glover. E. M.
Reel and George M. Drober.-E. AXELSON.
WHELF~ING, Sepl.      7.-Court.  (E.  L.
Mooe E      On)l'niet trn  nianam unt this
houiie  -oeturi foe the seson lith Hattie
Williamtis inl 'T'he ILittle Chierutb to at big
Gattu  Opera House    (Chas. A. Feinler,
nigi.) John A. Hinimelems Ideals in rep-
estoire good business. Aubrey Stock Co.
SepI -9
11teeDig Park (Frank u. Baker, mgrX
thFie Dt((lnus, Joes. 13. Dotilevy, Corigan&
Hays, Cascade and Deverne.
Bijou-Heopens teith vaudeville Sept. 9-
14XWonderland Theater-Opens for first time
Sept. 16-21 with vaudeville.-XVILL SHAN-
OSHKOSH. Sept. 7-Grand Opera House
(T.  E.   XWilliams,  mtanager).-Vinnlnger
Bros. Conpany played a return date Sept.
1: Quiney Adamos Satever. Sept. 2. to a full
house: Comning '1itougi  the Rye, Sept. 4;
Thle t'cvPuincher. Sopi. 8.
Btijou  (F. -W. Jenks, manager).-This,
popular house opened Sept. 2 after having
bleen, cloced five teceks for extensive he-
pairs and alterations. The following were
iltuded intile t1ill: Tivoli Quartettc Billy
'Witutlois.  'Woods  P  Xi,',,oooile  liit t  i'i
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Jtwn. Ohio. Canal Dover, Ohio. Alliance. Ohio. East Liverpool. POLACK THEATRICAL
tXCHANGE, Irv. J. Polack, Mgr., Keystone Bank Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa.
LOUIS NAMETY,                    CEDAR RAPIDS, IA., July 20th. 117,
The Suit you made for me isgoodfor a one-minute round of applause.
Now make me another, same style, only I want the first pattern I picked
out, "the gray one."                Respectfully yours,
ALAMO PARK, Cedar Rapids, la.              JOE WHITEHEAD.
Scott, Ellsweorthl & Burt, Gee.      andlc  tl
n-'  mocingcpistireS. iBusinless Itig
XW'hite City-Eusiiess contitlues goodl at
this popular resort.-T. H. VAUGN.
FORT DODGE, Sept. 7-Aug. 21 was an
ideal circus day, and two of the largest
erowds that ever sat througi circus per-
lorniinces in this city wtatched Barnuti &
hlaiyt's Greatest Show oti Earth.
Excepting the night of Aug. 31 the Mid-
lanu  theater was dark.   Wood &    Ward
twcto Merry Tranips broke the spell and
playcd to good budlness. Performance fair.
Busillels  outinues good at lte Empire
(moving pictures and illustrated songs).
Miss Blanche T'nnant after a week's ill-
ness has iesumied her duties at this house
Singing  ilitlstratetd  sontgo.
taniuslst'w  Expsition, Sept. 7-Cal Fir
ci shit tlis aggregatti of dantimals and
circuit ticts, twhicsi stilstitusted uiis attrac-
tio on Tte  o Pa tlh. yOne partt has been
senit onl the coad, playinig the state fairs.
Be had sole trouble teith the Depart-
ment 'of Cacessions lost teek    and  res-
fused to pay his percentage of concessions,
claiming with many other concessionaires
that business had not been up to expec-
tations, owing to the incomplete conditions
that obtained at the opening of the Expo-
sition.  Be closed  for one day, but re-
opened the following day.
After the sudden departure of Chiquita
her theater remained dark, but will be
opened next week   with  another Beauty
Show, making the third show of this na-
ture.  The original one, Congress of Na-
tions, after a strenuous struggle for exist-
ence, finally succumbed and is now in the
hands of a receiver. The promoters of this
entertainment ceere also interested in the
vaudevtile boat, Focahontas, which played
one colsecutive performance. Attachments
and libtls were issued and she wIs towed
10              thea niau artat Norfolk.A tutbee
tot y-oung gil twere sellt fuieti a tdramtuic
acuce o Hioaiitt' Nu' Yoak, ti p   ii-
ticipeat  its thet'  ttoughit, it  a  musliical
cottuetit'  Salariectwecc It fittcmiselg anti
mauil teee obeltgeed to seek etiploymecot fil
reetauratitti 'souvcenir beothis aioi It fc'tvettl'
soeeIlled ft a ituestinabhl' escort at Pine
tIttac.itt'ai      ttat  tile  ptarueits  of  setlile
of these hace been secshing for theto.
Japanese Geishia Girls.
Fuii1Japalt. a soilovNtlit pretentious
beutilintg ift Japabnestie cttit oee'd Sespt. 0
w-ithi a bevy otf Geisha gils in their orig-
inal songs and dances under lit' direction
of Monsieur Kushiibiki Commissioner for
Japan. He has numerous other exhibits antil
attrctions here.
atin  consesionaires in te  Souvenir Pal-
ace refuse to pay percentage and their last
payment for concessions, basing their re-
fusal upon the fact that others who came
later were given choice spaces in the Manu-
facturers' Building.  Many of the former
have not taken int $1  it day and some have
quietly folded their tents and stolen away.
Colonial Virginia Dend.
Among    the  "dead ones" is "Colonial
Virginia." a beautiful idea it moving pie-
tires, depicting ti  early' hi11101  of Xit
gitia frome the lan~ditng of Joltt Soith 111th
ili,  settlers  tat  Jantestts-t  to  tii  esial
tw suial 1101  it  1 ,776.  The  it-  -, nt
cient one and was stag-d an1 piIlii I
A.E. Meyers
167 Dearborn St., Lhicago
If You Want the Good Time, bee Me
by tle tell-knownt  actor and silo'I, Will
i. Rising.  Thle building in whIi, n it was
rselnteu was in keeping wtith t-. 1-ston-
cal ani educational idea of t      teur-u-
ient, colonial inl style and a r, plica of
tie capitut at XWilliaisbug. Tle board o!
tirectois attemipted to manage it accoldin,
to their own ieas instead of enrtiiiting it
to a theatrical manager, anti     aituitre nas
been the result.   M r. Hising   int  nds to
bring suit to ilolley due tot seinices ant
hiney's Band still continuies, but are-
iort is in circulation that Innes and li
band Will return shorltly.
Beauty Show a Winner.
Lieut. Anderson's Time, Ilac and Girl.
a  Dancing   Gill ani Beauty Seflui, is a
inity Moaker, atnd from   the fa, t tbat it
id hot Open util Aug. 1, tilel,t-cailtn.
tile  tiNi g tIlites  of  tile  plot n  I,  it  i
di~lt  to 115t its o\let  a ieat little Stul
les o utoe, s easOnc siose\.
1   1il   has returined ad till do li
slide foi life fromt thle iscareliliglit totter
to a point near the Merrimac and Monitr
sitow\.  This is his third engageient here
as a free latit attraction. anid arrange'
Intus fiate bteenl nmade for two shut(, duiiy
Until Sept. 30.
of all tile rides since the birth of Time
Told in story or sung in rhtme.
Tile strangest ride that eyer its sped";
ias Eli Smith's ride fron     t1e uttrost
itacheis of Alaska   to  the  poetic0 of tile
INhite House it Washington, and then to
the Jamestown Exposition by dog sled all
tile way.  His show, untder tlh   inaige'
iient of I. R. Ritchie, is making a little
inioney now.
Gaston Akoun, Director General of the
1eautiful Orient and Streets of Cairo, has
jusot opened another Turkish theater on he
South Wr Path iwhich he has named Con-
t iti l iellights  for  a  $1,000  slp  will be
tie featoe   for Airoplaoe   Day at whe
ti1etttii Expliioti  Sept. 14, at ehieh
itile may    erinfleint memahbers cf theAete
C luib oit Atmerica and1( a ntumoier cof tWell'
iutittti litoilautiical tites of E   wi-till be
tite guests of thle Expcsition. 'Fite feature
'if tile day teill be tile eoiipetiti.til for the
I,,iclitifc Amerslican llaittg otlaslilte trophy,
in which  lying machines of the heavier-
itlan air type will ecnstitute tile onily en-
Bonnie Butler, fornerly     of the Butler
cidentied WIts lan y nusical
tttttttit  slitcestes Olinones that cite bit
changld  her name through      imariiage to
liynne Hazzard, pianist: and will be know"
to  tbe  liicft'ssicii  henceforth  as Bonnie'
Haza-i o pf Isy lie ancef Bonie Ilazzrd
The itig pianist and the little tctiser are
at pe'ent playing Nesh time. mu tiaounce
that the-y tr', making a hit
Open Time at Fond du Lac.
13. 1i.Baber. manager the neelt BofIyle
Tbeater'.1annotunices1111  itei Spen Jetcliehrl
to O(tobetrs inluic. Firs       ta  one-night
attraction, (tr t-ood Ireporto1ire 31 at once.
1             5

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