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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 24-25

Page 25

September 14, 1907.                            THE       SHOW         W   ORLD                                                    25
Ei)W. P. NEUMANN, Jr., President
THIOS. W. B.* MURRAY, Vice=President
Unitd~ttes entnd~                nin~o.JNO. C. McCAFFERY, Treasurer
OSat s  TOnt      a    l    Aw    ning        Co.l            E.EDW. R. LITZINERSecretary
West Randolph and Union Streets                 CIRCUS AND CARNIVAL TENTS AND PAINTINGS
CHICAGOANTE                                                                          S
Can fill any order now in from 3 to 5 days time.        Satisfaction Guaranteed
CREDENTIAL                INIE)      IES'TENAT & AWYNING, Co.. ChiCago ll.                            IAST Stis.lit l1.. Sept. 2. 1907.
IENTLIEI1EN-Ve rce-ivid outli-wl  xl0  J tent. and put it up for the first time at it tljttti  treci. MO.
I alm  ,lad to say the tent lits in evry eec-iCt. a d was just Cxactl  what was l orderid and entirelv satisfactory.
Wedon tI o ti ini to pav a mati their price it \Ae  bit what we order. Tii-,w- wehav done.
i  isjr l lll , t ilt  I
"I: 1Ci   I' Ctll"
It  tot IId W IiNY  at tlii
11IN and he conivin1(ced
IlE, makes good ever\
te aft LIInoo  and   e-,ning. They   also
tlaylcto it a~i I,, niti ic 11101, titt,- iprostcto
fo  it  In -Isii  iok   is  if  it , Iti  g init   it,
1", big'
"Thi  is  f i  flust  tillie  the  lsallie   11l
stlew his a  I I -  ill Coloriado, alt it s asI
largely  it  iS o lio t  of  tie  ex e-lleiit  Iill i
anLd thIe  thle  s l)\ inig  the-Y  gilt, an d  the  g(oal
paper that, thiy put out. that gave tlelli
this  big  busisl s.
"We wih tm all th  ucIcess possible, a t
hope to see thmi ii   I ,tlrtdio again next
FiOnl the 1iagel , (1ton to the agents
Ithey  were  slonwi  all  thle  courtesiies  pos-
'ible, and wec wih ha    ilng life and pros-
No Truth in Wallace Rumiior.
It was    Lret in  Ch1luittago list woeek
that I  E   I Walac e  had  iuillrcitiaed   i
itagenl Ik iltr Its in the1 (allt11asenhik
and GetWallam Show)s (onshmd. TIE ,
"HOW WO1    ) 1II i in cIeIilit of ii ioniluni-
lationl  fronl  (I.  .L \N W illiIams;   as  i t
la l  pt. :!   tatinglL  th r  is  no 1 f n a tion 1
for  till,  rum t .
Ahaead of Builalo Bill.
Leivis E . Cooke has addeIit no  laurels
to his alteady enviable reputatton as an
able ait manet  nager le the mleritorious
One of the best knownit circus men in
tIe tounttry is .,ospht Mluyver, who pub-
Islie I (' officlidl prograll1 for the Patr-
11um  &-  ailte i anid Buffalo Bill shows.
ili iailiurteirs are ill thi lIailey build-
lig. 27 West ftt-c-iIt--second streit, News
ihowiti hiing tade, this season I   s the ad-
lance fores  of  the  Buffalo R1ill show,
iorking under Mr. Cooke' dtiriction. aHere
is the roster:
Celt ti  gent--Louis E. Cotti-.
Trastie Aittiiagr---. Coyle.
Pris  I esenutalls-es--Johi  AL1  Burikte
itliti Watlter, k. if1111
Coitr tiltg Agi1ts-D. F. Litich and S.
I Semton.
Excursion Agent--Geo. H. I)gnonl.
Cheker-up- LI  H. Monoterey
Advance Car No. 1: Car Manager, E. H.
Wood;    crotary, A. R. Cahill; B-s  Bill-
postor, s, H. 1)erringr; Dillpnters. IH Nmt-
tian, if Mitchell, E. Delmar, .T. Dannni-
biurg, is W. O'Connor, C. ll10x, -W. ilart.
i. MtNcill, J. Frame. J. finklt  , F. Iand-
till1. Koch, D. ShermanTli  1 5Itaus,  1
t) ft A. Spear 11. M'iis. I. Ins, Ti.i
T. Morrison C. Stew-it  Fo itrhlr-    oter.
D tivni  icar No. -i:  far Malatger, Danl
iBaugh: Ins     Bilp          l   INl: Bill-
postits. I. Smith. IT.  o. Irins. E. Erik-
son, 1N. IT. Hlunt. IT. Nation. T. A. A,-
"rs 1I. I. Nulton, If. Reis , -M. .T, Con- -
nan  1,F. Flandrelau, j.  (an    \.\Wil-
Mc1. . latficlid  H. Maon, J. Kellyt .   I.
I Alliste,  p re .
AIvanei, c(a Nt. 3  Car Manater, Wal-
il   I      sld t ]nss  Itilltostr.  .  1).  W inn:t
Dill-o sr  J.  Byrnes'  It. H kih  (.  Tfrlffmun.
AWNING CO                            SIDE SHOW     PAINTINGS
Prompt Deliveries Cuaranteed
1-5 S.Unionitd State                    Supreme Court in thle 1Ain niof  Proceedingl  brough
Cor.W.Randoiph St.  Cagant us. upheld our right to this Corporate Name
DEATH-DEFYING DANGER-DERIDING                                            ADMIRED        FOR    DARINC!
l   \hlittlel0ai.6ipts3 edinabstlirol~eheiirece-
)ti aftr teslits-last night,and shook liidswO it
3Kn o ~    ~      ~  F~       ~S        O     jl                 tcouple of hundred Ieotm __all herworshilipers.
Th- little nan wasIc Kinney, and he had stirred
(its,   -Si-elTivent o  101h        SHOOTING       THE    FLUMES         tr       t d;-oontht hall . ii-tsitt ianl
Also BookingSeasonslt00 ail  /n         "H w                          ith dein MIOUTINGTHEI)EATH FIAIIIE
Aita thrillertitlhas ldthe eliieentsof <i ess  1U I  H  L iney is eenter attration.-St. Paul Dispatch.
andtiter~~~~~~~                              ~   ~     ~ i-tEllieiitti-lnl'tltntvIiir jesit'iatiagers address EDNARI, MRSiHg, 208
lthere isn t ihance in a thousand of Mcinney                             EN 42!- .NaewYorkity,N.Y. Aladotter,address
dyingof olditge iteontinuestodeot hiiself to  AND  LEAPING  THE GAP        DAREDEVIL McKINNEY792 N. Hamlins.. Chicago
the exploitation of themnachtine.- St.Pauillbspatht.  D A GG                  A ED VL  cINY72     .a   ln v.hcg
J.  Itpp",t,   1. on lits,   11.  Ir  ting,tL-
fiioeau,   A.   TIt  I  S tlnan,  J. D Ibivn--
soil.  1L. L   e Jlit .  L. Moultrey,  Ih tit
Tie ingling RItuter.
The  following  is t-   list  of  th   executive
staff, and  wavance uniployes  of thle  RinglIing
I ; su.  Wor lds  (Irat-st Shows,:
Sitt 1n s  rlit td t rs-- Itingling  Br Os.
Agent -Samuel  M  ( rackeni. 1'
10o 21 at  "ntrIactor--Nit k  P, tit.
P's  Iere naives -Jal. J. Brady,
Thanis Nanili hut  -ut Stei-ly and Cias. A.
it it 
'I  al < Ilicago  Ag,,nt -IZtalph,  WV. Feckham.
S  iat Agt -W m. HI. Hotonl, . F.
Nl s   m tall and John N   ih.  s
A. Aa     .ti                      and li
i \st : I ; s o   iliot tr  W ia  -luskins   I
I ,  IttIt 1 u 1 I- tII ti   I  l I  \
u,      11  -1       IUs H ut    J<,
Whitmore,(.  Frank  0olok  C .  Danion l
I.   A.   Fau h r     li-li t-ittillay,   .  I  y
ilt   i  I        l ila ,  1.1x.fl <
Advanc l-Calr No. 2: Manag, T n Dai-
I,  ;  ItilIIosti rs.  . Iu   F T
lili Jtus. Kis-,  ANtin  K el, Walt r  I eril.,
I 1.  1)J    . .   tnIekIl.  I  1  IT itwkl1, rn,  Jack
Ge r e  aul  , mlies  A. 1 J ,ml on H il, 1
11 n i l lIt.  l k   I i r it  l ok
lius  l c    .   ..           NeIft
.  J. a.     --,1.  J. L: n  J h n I t  it   1 inn,
II  11 lit r  John  Stough.  ur  Wat s I I
it.rIli,  M. J.  Nt, Ham  D io w, Al til
I iai  NtI   No.    :   t   lin   Geoi
1 l il  l    t         Al i     I  S
I    i  . it  I i  it 1I. t l  y ,,iiit S  t, II,   M :111 i  It.   -1"
Title. I l  . lI ha l  .1itit Tthoma .  1,
li-i-  StI ck-  i  t-l  ittr .  . .1m  t ilHn
Ilit   tlt   lnn    i l  .  <ii 1,  .   one  i
It liiiii  ti til it, ilt I~ titte
BiosItwicjek, J. Al,1. 1I  h-  k, John  C lnnol%  Ho-
l u J.r.sI   At.  Fo. Coughlin. Fitd  Stt-ca- ,I
Al  H unt.  )i  Condon.  1Yalter, Niss- . 1 A
Al ti 1-u tin  jt.  A.  AI hIr,   11:,1  J
(i      I        iI it ittt.  .  lnes I-
t in, giil r  ae  l    to  one  of
-  big st it a ns  ill their  hitore.  C om-
'I't,  harnlloln-  prevails  in  over*y  d IparItment
tIhit s t  rganii ition  e
Harnum &-  I liite  ASalice
Th'll  Patrnunt  &  Uike uilv a n ce  forel'.
-<   tllii -d tlilisIts thio ui sn t nter
tii To  ,i   ir Ii Iitt-itt s I"  (oo ,
The    foll ing  is  it t r  of  those  who
lit - l1zed  th,  w-u for the  relute  S1e,,
Ir  iitt 1h <lr ig  it  19  ot r  to  ent1
net. 1!):
t(nit 'it r l  A ut--'i i  ok   I f.
I'm e  ainerxtiiion     Potr
Ire-s  I  L, I  "Intativ \e  -W illald  D).  Coxly
itil.ct ig  A g.  nts  I ,  M.  Harvey  anlit
C . W. Hthro.
ExcusionIt  Agent--Gen Hf. Degnon.
l         I   -A lf. 11.
Ilti-r--  - u p-it  t---e.  -nsten c
W.  2I0il t     S  Sic-itit-Pst I  i ]:,I
1     n  lin .  AV,  an-t ,  J. nu < -ll,  I
I  Fisher . E... . Hloucher. F1. Aurer1."  W.* laif-
It.  .  Arms" tron I 00; , C,0.  F 'raz i ,r,  M  .  .1.
A( tmi.  F~ranI k HIIarvy  Hos ,,  : I.,II  'Litho rapher,
Phas l rk,:  ILi th1og-,rn 1 he1r1s.  H.  L .  En1-1
;11 d.           I ;. Ia h  and fe . Hod g(  :  ChIt, .
A lt r 1P.  Huinpl1) 1 r, v:  -%Va it er,  WV.  R .
Iln lir I Por I11  1   t itr.  E .  C'.  Jacobs.
Aldvance  I'llr  No( .  ":  (ar Man ger  Vir-
tilr  It.  Bok :11s  illposter, E.  TPire(: Pill-
p s t er!  1I.  H.  H Ians Io n,  Harl- y  White,.  W\.
1 ( 'n  b tt.  J .  A .  Lyonst,  -.I.  T wlo ,  L,.
Sulli, an,  I .  Scot t.  TWalIter  K i tlew od, . J
loI  r,,  \W.  T'.  ( ialr,  t. I A I .  1.  FoI lm  an .
I or x Ink . l  . 1,h:  fMn ,  "manl.  -,1.  IIpp:  Lithno
graph ;I  v    .1,  II.  ( urran: I ftith nraphersI.  Ban-
norm  n  mid  ITlillIpostersI.  C. Vicki rman  and
F-.  ( .  Turn, ,,:  `-(rot ;Ir,.  W\.  H l r:  01,  f.
C.  .1 oil : I W\'; it er.  r.  J.  Ker l ; n: porter,
R. Iin o
A\dv   ni,  Car, No. :1 :  Carv Managor. Oliver
L-4ter : 11-ss ltillposter, A. Strain; H illpost-
els  eanrl  (1lrk,  (. -zle V, W 11.  Co;ulfield,
11.  U n1ill,  A, .  I ';rs n"  W .  It  n u(i st i on !:,  I IZ
rIali ant;  it to ro l c  J.  -1ini  Litho-
graph     an   liill sl<  ttEdo tn  minivtll;
(it-.  t'  U.  Haixeis;I  iat,  W.  . b nS;
ut-r,  S.  Mitti  Il I
1iIll lake Large Picture.
harls .1rss, of lIy 13 arnun &  utailey
ShoI,it  iit g  rapid  progress  iI I I lect-
tug phltoglahlls of perfieliis and circus
it    fllr 1it'- largest photograph ever made.
When"t eingIo1)letel it wtill containit ovi 1,200
l It lis photograph is being made ic-
I ipetin t  iut  aly palrticllar sihow-.  The
cI-Iti1r \\ill tie ainidie up of the Ipcgrventa-
lily  I  t i   is mtin  of  thy  pist  and  ,s ,1
inl this and 1orignt countries; and the rest
of the photogiaph w till be of perfornners
it  mut i ittr  stuff  officers,  etc.,  of  i
artiiu  IittNs liiioughout tite  cotitl-
Part  Owa i rT   l te litagini,-*k- Wallace
S htow 'Iells of I-taln- P'laans.
Whenl the Junior of I;. E'. W'allace s pur-
ihase of the   1ageh kt     oing s i i lthe
11inei-iWab-llso -how reaiced tihis pub-
iltltin - conitrunication ias addressel t,
I.  Wallace  se  ing  Colifir  Iation  of  the
iidel spt1ad report. Mr. Wallace's reply
is  folias:
Larton, Ill. Sept. 4.-Dear \It. Pat-
i   \oo  Of the  :i(  itst  is lt hand
,ittt  in  iiply  to  sour  ittuiry, I leg  li-a e to
adls Ithat this coittination of tlhe it ag-
bI:it-\Nac e  S1oS\ \ sill  r (-main  as  it  has
blin this season. All the iintrsted par-
Lits  i0  the  shos  are  xwell pleae- it hill  t 151,
s-ison 11o oIr ant wI I ue k tink wlith fatxvorabtsle
iAl-tther  in  the  south,  uitr  season  till  be
"n  teot-itig the srts tl-xi snspring, ire
'hall  -enl  trise  to  m.,ak-i it  igger and  liet-
tsr than it has besn this sason, and we
limt u- et r  confidelice itn th futule of th
sIII-  as t ieire is plenty of rsoiom in this
enuntry  aml  lenIty  of  Lerritory  fori  a  Ili g.
indI  1 e II uIllnt  Circuis.  Yours  verIy  truIly-
'nt, next issue of TEii  SHOtW  WORLD.
tat-i Sii t.  21,  i il  e  particulai ly  inter-
-iting to you. It wNi embody features that
,i1 mak, it espeiall'N valuiable toflow
ers of l1i0 white top. WCbe irgently asvise
-t ti plits   your ordes earl for this
(olan-ir Show for Sale?
It  1,  nl'a"ord  th ,at  `r  Ga,(Illinar  Brothers
.ircus1  is  On  ithe  m1ark(t  if  a  sit able  pur'-
last     li be ft ounL to take over the prop-
It is r orteid   that the   ttollmar
ait t-s  re Ilaying to a st-c  prosliroi
t  r iltihat  te  Iie iI opoT m  t siolel
1I ile tI, vstii 1to letire front  lthe  circus
Freenmai Returns to Chicago.
1ithe-l      raiI       tto  , -  f sfo ctl  i in l o t
net aI  t Ii   ,I t e  I e ot~t l i~lI fl  i" l u-Ii
I ;It  111,1 11  u I  - it  t *ttlttt  IoI s  "l ii ,. IlI   S IICI'i
itlitt              sti n1uffals Hill shows, r-
tun    to ( iago     st wt itk after aln ex-
tm-uied Istinurn w  1ith the lianium & Bailey
shl   here t he i T t11d airrantemints with
, numberif the lemlting artists for the
next ( ifus easonl.
Kilyntrick  inl  Ausltr I':nl.
To a rI ntimmnunication to TITE qTHOW
\\-(  I) )11  11 .  .T.  K ilpatrick,  w\riting  fromt
.11hnuri]o  AulstrIalia.  states  that  A.  L1.
1!:Iinl .  Inll  of  till  inst'  en p isIng  out-
doMar amu-noment muanagers of Au,,tralia, has
d. pJarIted (  for  Engl  Iand (  vial  the  T nlited
States to pick up1 idt a'.
Allr. Kilpat,-ick states that hie has been
in fthe (ircust. business ovrsinlce li, wvent
to)  thll  for,  East.  Iut  after,  a  roet t  tour
Of Queenslandl vith TWilliam Anderson. hais
dec i<I 6  to  drop  it  and  will enter  cnmm1er1-
,a l ,IIif-,. inelaingL Ithe States, son
00f     THEAR
- My" ITES
No.- gti   lsit,- i AutrLi (ai, eLsi L o-
itlh      It  l A r i 1r. i  1 ii
tein   s. t 11  r,     .  O. D.n F- r  int,
aiai, anii phonam agents wvantier).
SILS  J  CO YNE     401 McLean Avenue
mn9ths  ago,  lir.  Kilpatl ick  h, zai s  ,  n 1 r, d
At    I   ndia and Java.
ThI   I ditnces fit Australia and In-
di, with  iis  ali  tlit- hig  transportation
h  k, ak it almost impossible  
tint-ling attastions to mak f   iot  mney.
With1  all  that,  A ustralia  is  a  watulierful
huitr Lltn witho fort  y million motre an e
iv 111h  thieobt tho i-a-ioutntr  in the
MIichigan Amiuo(eients Prosier.
At. J. tiliglias, propietor of the Vai-
(ote,  anld  H y~al theateors  fin LGrand  Itapis,
liihIs.,  aid  inttlr eted   in  cit i e  '1t ig
hieLre houses, was a caller at the oilet
15 1it   SHtOW  WORhiLD whil ille l
inst Iiayto secure attractions for* a mler-
ittti,,t air be1 n 1out- Moi, Davioti
tjt k ri  t A  si emei meol bit, ili essa
sMitul 55ii Ioo geneaisy he0i Msgee, pcark
nusll-   ex Iil  uier th sl umm1 i t ;r d
lo i p t t,  for  theat icl s  this  season  line.
Sky Clark in Jamnestown
J. Schiurlor Clark, special traveling rep-
r-itatie of THE SHOW OlD, left
itl  >1xi< it ayto be foglo  t e oanaaex
tendi  trip  thiough  the i st  it  the i nterl -
un aftlhis  ublication.  Mr  ltark is
S inptititttt aeel-isbn it thiE t1Wrl.
S I Ito  Indoor Ciruis Itinetry.
Ie anisl In door Circus will on it-
ilit  tI--,  lii   11 i 1. a d iastritoil-lug  tilt
>ai tltl   l it  i  t loe   ittnoitlittin s  To-i
edo.  itio,   Detroit,  rand  Rapids,  Mich.;
Milwauikee, Wis.; Chicago, Springfield, Ill.;
Indianapolis  ll., St. Louis,  Mo., Davenport,
1)IS  AlaIIieS.  Ila.;  Omiaha.  Lincoln,  Nebl.;  St.
it itit  -bitt K i lt; En ll  reitaine   tena
titnes  li, "ls,ttr.iti Fots Itith aln Teraos
i-istan, uint     ,        - helveport, N<w
and Atlanta. Ga. A g lancee a t the official
programii ividences General Director Rhodnil
11 -al's fill( distinction in the ensemble of
pro-ii nal tal ut   h
Sells-loto in the South.
A  oinin..unit ation to THEP SHOW) \VWORLD
From 1Pr,.- Representative HennessY of the
S,-lls-Flato  ShowNs  nunder  date  of  Sept.  1
Thfie flist week of our Texas ongage-
ment has bee~n pla ,evd, Amaillo being fthe
first stand, Monday. August '26. The enor-
mIu ...Ibusin-ss donl, in Quanall. Vernon,
W~ithita  Falls,  IT-,nvietta  and  Bowie  ex-
I.,  del  t 1 l 'ln 1 o t ge ra  di  cor
joinl  us I'  in  Amarillo  and  wNill  remain  ten
daysI. TeOklabomal and Indian Territor
lna  ime t  of  t he  'Soll1,-Floto.  Shor
proveI tMl hobt ,in th, historyv of this ow
cnizati-m.",s                        o

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