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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Orpheum theater opens; is devoted to vaudeville,   p. 23

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September 14, 1907.
Magnificent Chicago Playhouse Is Controlled By Messrs
Jones Linick & Schaefer.
TilE  -w Ophou I.Ith  latest addition
to the list of Chicago vaudeville the-
at-is, seas Opened Monday, Sept. 9, at
110rink t. Froi the box othe to thi stage
door the theater is as handsome and mod-
ern as moniliolly o and Iains canl devise, and
the irph1utt  standIs toda  as a notable
exemplitication  of a  imanagement which
spares no expense in its efforts to provide
the amusement seeking public with xvhat it
ishIs. chessrs. Jon-s, Linik and Schaefer.
icho rtic tile 0octrsan nttitianttgers of lbe
newI tteater, have blazed the way for the
shopiing distrIct theater, and though many
other theaters may be rectedl in different
cities as t resulIt of the success of the Or-
pheumI the fact remlains th at they stand,
and wii lie known, as the pioneere. of the
]layhouse that 1s 5ituatiited inthiet lldst of
busy shops anid haberdasheries.
The fron t and foyer of the new theater
is, without doubt, one of the handsomest
in the country.  Tite color scheme is at-
tractive in the extreme, alnd fite peacock
idesign combinesr ci i-lring xith por-
feet  ta:s t,,.   The  u al  l (- rations  consist
Th  Nalo  -  f Ch i      t alse tentis is
Aaron J1 . J ie .  he  i,  fnallcIially  interest-
,id inl numerousIM  amusemenl-t enterprises and
With Adolphi Linick and Peter J   Schaefer
he opiates several motion pictulri thea-
tert andtil the beautiful Oipicunt, a  new
theater opposite the Palmer House which
muash jit bec-  1e11il and whichl is devoted
to high cias 5vaud1,eville
of five panels, one of which depicts the
god( irihius.  There are five ornamental
glass wIndows rePre5 tsenting the  different
macox of s otim-  cionll'it  anil tgedys.
Tm   ec oratil tm oin hout tre playhouse
are aHl tonei'I in old rose and gold, and
above tie lirosceniui arch there are two
decoraltie panels. The el'etroliers are ver-
iant gr een  w ith  frost globes  and  the
opera chairs aie in  a  soft-toned  green.
The opera chairs of both     the orchestra
floor and the bl)'coniy are iditical in ciual-
ity. The ventilating systen is one that
has been unll iVersa lls conceded by architoets
to be the let, andi the hot wave systemt
of heating will he emiployeId,
Holabiri& it hoe,. the architects, have
made s1,ecial provision for time omforts of
the pi-- mers, ad,, as a rsult the dir--
it relems of the Orphtim11. wihic - ar- 12x
14,  rtik w.  ith  an115  in l h  in ntr.  lh
ilols are replete with all the modern con-
vsnbiences, including hot and cold running
w, ater in --ery room, and a systeni of ven-
tilating that insures fresh and pure air.
This iten of dressing roois is certain to
prove a great factor in the securing of
meritorious acts, and beside the dressing
rools there is a large green room, which
is tstially an obsolete title in the ordinary
The scenery is all the work of Eugene
Cox, te selt knoxvii scenic artist, vhose
ictirI  is liisyas bcith dtincttis-s and ar-
listic, and the settings ie has designed
for the Orphuna add to his reputation.
The seating capacity of tihe theater is 800,
and the general contractors were the Mark
Salomon Comtpany.
Six Performances a Day.
The iolicy of the house will be six per-
forniances a day, comnencing at 11 o'clock
and running on the odd hours until the last
perforiancte at 9 o'0uck  post  meridian,
There will be two shifts of performers, each
set giving three ptonnances daily, and
the price of admission iwill be the original
10-20-30.  The acts oil the opening bill
were, and ilit Ib, booked through the of-
filees of the Wiestirn Vaudeville Managers
Associatiol by J. A. Sternad, acting for
Mr. Joies. Tne opening bill, which was ii
very way excelent, icluided  Robert De
1110111T lio, Iielix AIcc  Biarr- Clark,  oe
Ios., Couic & tilette, tarrity' Sister,
I. ( tDell, Harrv  Gessler, Deodato, Maicl
Iirtiish. Josic Allen, Musical Huehbn, Kath-
r-n Maitn, Vayburt Tiroupe and moving
-ictures of the highest class. The music
inidental to the performance was furnished
y    an orceitstra of six pieces under the
t1101tio  of Piofessor Weaver. The house
siaff is t Lsvin, manager; Frank Gan-
nuln sttia aiiager; Giorge Moore, house
uper intendent, and Mr. Frude, electrician.
ir thiiater xwas filled at the Opening
1erf1orance w1ith ant audience that mani-i
Pxiciidl' Clop nitccicii~ol of tlie bieauty0
L   i i ittI <  it,  Il l t alit'  it  te  att  a Ii  it  ssocIii  seetln  that  t  "
nter-pris- of Auiron J Jones0 ait ithis asso-
elats is tlmnost certain to be crowned with
Wide Awake Kentlicky Men Who Know a
Good Paper When They See It.
The Louisville theatrical and anusentent
managers and show    people generally lre
)ot olow  about recognizing a good dthintg
iwhrin they see it. This is proved by the
fI.lIiowing brief note from our correspondent,
J.,  Sitallcross, who says under date of
Aug. lii:
George Heidelberg opens a new motion
picture show  here to-morrow.    For s-oi
tlin- I  nls been  ecteiing  irlLlars. et
from film1 people. Mr. Hleidelherg is aco-
tlant 1adr of THE SHOW      WORLID, mtil
ias struc    wxith the "ad." of Lamm ti,
ttionelwelly ie contracted with him.
'I'er-'s ailother C-ie, Orile Tlaflorof tli
1,IsAndIlsl l Thin-Is-  hleri' informns ill
tutat his manager engaged an let that he
-1to tii itis'    a i THE  Sit1\\i WR1D,,
if  ou want to see how THE      SiHOW i
TV ilILD is rad in thtis city, jlt go around
to Ithe Iepll  at tih narks and ti' tile-
a11115  ilaatIar'i-tlieu  tnt  tiles-  txill  t-l  i it
that it is tIe ONE  PAPER."
National Business Show Company.
In this day of large combinations of call-
itaIl and formations of giant trusts, the vast
amount of business that the average business
main is called upon to transact in a day is
little short of amazing, and any (l- 'iie
that will produce a short cut to results is
eagel sought after and iimtediately apt;
plied.  The National Business Shows at
Madlison Square Garden, New York, Oct. 12
to l,, and it the Chicago Colisuom. Nov. 9
in  1';,  ,ill  111nw  I  mcultitulde  o) 1- levoNer  de-
U3LE5UGENE  McC(t3I[LAN, Le ee arind Mainger.
1V4eek Septenber 9, A Gentlena-n of France I
James Durkin
E. Laurence Lee
Harry Von Meter
Juvetilc lan
Morris McHugh
'I.Edward Mc Gillan
iJ iht Conmdy
Smith Davies
Virginia Keating
Leuadinl 1Wornan
Louise Randolph
Carrie Clark Ward
Jean Adair
Sedley Brown
Allan Kelly
,<ss t Stage , r.
vices, which have recently loen p-rfected  mu-ic lter Gnt. T-hin's play prodiced by
in the business world. and which will give the Iate Rchard Maitsfiel,. Dr. Grieg was
the, business man another "arm."  Plians unquestionably one of tlhe greatest conposers
for the sih ows are lnw being rapidly per- of the cenitu  His funeral was conducted
feled a nd everything points toward the  under the ausic-' of th,! Norwegian govern-
success of the exitinsto.            loonc and ioan  high officitic, diplomats and
musicians were present at the obsequies.
J. A. Darnaby is making his headquarters              * * *
at the Sherman House, Chicago, this week,  Charles Bernard, secretary of the Asso-
where he is arranging for attractions for the ciated  Bipostits  nd Distributors of
kSac-Bet lit Omaha. Neli. Beautiful Flag- I  teci Scts'n  mdiloftt
ilal ,ii Its at the Krug theater, OIIIalha,  nite  o tats a d nti aada, annotnc
for the posting in over thirty of the
largest cities in the United States of
EDWARD HAGERUP GRIEG              twn ty-fo1ur sheet stands for the Jarnes-
town exposition. The tmoney to cover
Famous Norwegian Composer Dies at His the bills for this posting was deposited
NativeTown AfterShort Illness.     in the Norfolk National Bank, Norfolk.
V: Va, at the solicitatill of Mr. Bernard
EdwalI Hagerup Grig, the famous comt- as at  utrantoo tluat all billposters hand-
poser, died at Bergoln, Norway, Selt. 4. Dr. liig the paper will receive their compen-
Grieg was bori at iergen in 1843. of Scotch  sation ptotmptly.
ancestry, and received his musical education           * s
at Leitsic and Copenhagen. He had been in  Kalma, the man of iyster, has closed
poor health for several years. He leaves a  hi, telngament on the Pollack circuit. and
widow, who was well knowrn as an interpreter is prealrin  a new act ini whitci lie will
of  his  works.  Among  his  vorks  was  the  i itiodiul,  :II  illtion nItitlel  Th  CI ation.
G       reat- IBYRON N. HULBURD'S
Circus and Wild West People
inl ever\ line of' the tenting world. Riders with or \Nithout stock (mnale and femalie).
Ground Acts. Aerial Acts, FEATURE ACTS of hlighn class ordecr. Clownsl that ar1,
Clow ns, Wire Walkers.Jtigglers. Acrobats, Hippodrome People. 10 Cowhoys, 10 Cow-
girls, Lady Riders, Rough Riders. Russian Cossacks. Arabs. Japs. Turks. Strange
Race People. Indians, Scouts and Guides. Horseback Ropers. Fancy Ropers. Wild
Animal Acts, Domestic Animal Acts. 10 Lady Huglers. 50 (horns Girls in fact any
act or acts, single. double, troops or whole companies, whether in the air or upon
the ground. or upon the backs of racing horses. Musicians for HanI of 50 must be
A-1 men. well up in circus work. SIDE SHOW and CONCERT PEOPLE of all
descriptions. Colored Hand that can put on Minstrel Show. Cake Walkers, Coochee
Dancers and Turkish Musicians. WORKING MEN and BOSSES in all departments
of the tenting world. Best of wages and accommodations to all. ADVANCE
AGENTS.PRESS AGENfTS,BILLPOSTERS.andA-ilAdvertisersin all Department'.
FOR SALE       All Privileges. Ganing and all others. State all and lowest in
first letter. Tell just Nlhat vou do and will dio to not misrepr-
sent to the GREAT WESTERN SHOWS, Beaver Falls,Pa.
NOT711IE SHOWS offers engagement to good people until
December, 1908-over one year's work. We will
be out in the SOUTH until DECEMBER,then to CUBA, WEST INDIES,
and the Northern part of SOUTH    AMERICA. All who have answered
our ads in the past and failed to connect, write again. In writing state
just when you can join, if you cannot join on wire. No tickets. Just been stung.
Respectfully Yours, BYRON N. HULBURD
Palmer House
SixShowsDaily  11A.M.,1,3,5,7,9
Week Sept. 9th.:ept.9th:m .OoER                                      ll.- s lIoT
Always a Good Show--- 10-20-30 CENTS -Entire Change Each Week
Sister Team and others for Great Ak=Sar=Ben,Omaha
and for Spectacular Productions for Road and Omaha Stock.
Address: J. A. DARNABY, Krug Theatre, Omaha, Neb.,
,r HARRY ARMSTRONG, Schiller Building, Chicago, Ill.
New Vaudeville Circuit.
Popular and Low Priced Theatres. Rinks. Coliseum . should make appliCatioll
Mallagersfor ooking Repreentation. We book all over Utnited Stltes.(Canada. Mexico.
CONCERN IN AMERICA, :30 weeks for Vaudeville People. We control 400 European.
Ametitrican Vaudeville Ails.
W. S. CLEVELAND'S Prudential Vaudeville Exchange,
Suites 535-536 Knickerbocker Theatre Building, 1402 Broadway, New York.

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