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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Kenmore, Charles
Drama and vaudeville, Chicago theaters,   pp. 18-19

Page 18

September 14, 1907
A               '  ,   i""i  t" --r  I
f urIeIsle sIItile iest nigt e xcliti-it
this  week.   Tihe  Straight  Road, witl
InllIshe  Wsals ain tie leeliteg role, suc-
si-et`ee, Sitrong-IIc art at Mel' ickec'a, aied at
tee Colonial Brewster's Millions leparted
its tle hurreah of a eorps of special mat-
in-es to allow Vicr Mooire c  ''' andT  Talk
if Niv YoI to ocluy thlitmelight. At
tlhii iajority of the other playiouses mutsi-
cal coim edy prevails, nsie  of whichi  is
gtoodel, aI ti le 'st very had,.
At Powccs'     snry  Arthur  Tones' The
Hypocrites is gieing a splendid  miany an
opportunity to diisplay  thir w, orh l. and
the drama itself is provokiig a great leal
of discussion among the high-browed devo-
tees of Mr. Jones. The consensus of opit-
ion appears to be that the English drama-
tist is franek in his diseeussioni aind that the,
play is strongI  dramatic.
Te Talk of N'ewe York at the Colonial
is making its appeal to the C'sosan cientele
andt     musicit iutees arc tig cclis-
tiert and phaseel ecerysere. Vietoe Mloore
continues  Iis  chrtatcterizaetion  tef  lice
slangy follower of the Polies, Kid   urns
tend the suppiorting  cast  includes  Jack
Gardner, Tohn Conroy, NElla Brgen, Sadie
Ford and Maurice Elliott.   "Yion a Fel-
low is On the LEovl and a Girl is On the
Square" is one of the cmusical numbers that
is making a steng ap 1i0etto tieose ccto
hellece Isnic1estv to hse Ilie best Poticc.
aouis Manc is stilt al expoiet of soi
tiarnyard draicet at the Garrnet, antI I is
White Hen coltmillns to cackleu Tie    en 0"
of tire plaqy is aceredited to Gtstave Isi's
ker tend Roderick Pefield in restlonnel,ls
for the libretto-  Tice play cuticls thes
c-ices of a large 'ompanitty of geis. Ii(tooi
seenic settings tee Isretit' -anteiastsfitI
Little Cherub is Enjoyable.
Hatthe Villiams and a quartette of nts
it its that voice a feminine protest entitl. d
"I Siouled So Iove to be a  ny" are mak-
Ing The Iittle' (ierub ioderately enjoabl.
at the Illilois theater.  Tames Blakely i
the best conedian, ane the score chih-i
the  work  of Ivan   Caryll. in suffiet
tunefsul. "Experience" and "Burlesque lii
mitations" are the most popular of tie.
musical numbers.
At tie Grand, Victor Ierbert's score i-c
heing sung wvith pretty effect and the Blos-
sone fun is meeting with enthusiastic ap-
proval.  Fred Stone's breakneck entrance
and   Ite travesty upon  Sherlock  HoTtless
contitie to augent the reputation of the
clever in, end Ethel Johnson dances on
lithesomtely.  'the chorus contains flean
pretty faces, and the Production is as hand-
somie as the Dillinghami wont.
Artie is proceeding merrily upon his slaing'
way at the Studbaker and Laurance TWheat
,uetinues his sy-ethetic Portrayal of the
Acte eiharacterization.  The tepo of the
first act has been quicketiol greatly hr Mr.
AIe, iho has been burtning the midnizIt
oil conning over the manuscrit, and tle
clever cast remlins in its entirety. Virt
Stolve and .Toseph Brennan are among thi-
chiif players.
Blanche -Walsh is causing a mild sonso-
tion at Mckirkeer's weith the latest Fitci
melodramia. Thee Stralaht Rood. The plot
which treats of tle slIms and slmismters I
iakiig a strong apieal to tle MeVick
elentote and crowded touses are the rul
The Straight Road     ciill continue for ae
Rangers Fill Rig Theater.
George Lederer's production of Thue (il
Rangers is suficiently Potent to fill the
huge Auditorium    nightly.   The  'estern
comedy which Vilbur Neshit and Lincoln
J. Carter have compiled to serve as a tote-
dium for the introduction of numerous vaui-
deville specialties and pretty musical nuni-
hers is attracting  trendi'ious eaudieneors.
There is a lentitude of girls, and Reine
Davies,  Grace   Tsyson,  an   Rensselaer-
TV'heelor and 'Will Rogers are the cleverest
people in the cast. "Indoiana" and "Little
Blue Flower" are the most noteworthy of
the iusical numbers, and the western ponitso
remain11 a fea ture,
Not many people are puzzling over The
Girl Question, but everyone is going to see
the latest uLaSalle success.  ''hi e ocombin -
tiion of Pau anut pathas cc'Ici lHeough acind
Adams have fostered is meeting wcith the
favor usually accorded to their products,
and Jos. Htoward's ilts will be all the rage
at the weinter dances.   The company re-
mains intact, and clever moments are coi-
trituted by Junie McCree, Georgie Dress'
Mondui, Lee Kolmar and Frances Demar-
A Knight for a Day. perennial and pretty,
still reigns at the Whitnoy. and John Sla-
vin and Meiel Hite are just as funny as
ever. The book is being constantly fresh-
cned by Mir. Slavin, who has a penchant
for that sort of labor, and the "Atnrican
Peauty" chorus is still good to look upon.
David Higgins squandered His Last Dol-
lar, on thee theory that timyle is money, at
site Great Northern last week. and sped
aceay, leaving Arizona to dtcligist play-pa-
teons. Arizona in a regular visitor at the
reat Northern, and its advent is always
hailed with delight by the patrons of the
Quin'ey street playhouse.
'the Patrons' Stock Company are employ-
itg a rapier drama at the College theater
this  week  and  that The   Gentleman   of
-rance is enminently suited to their clientelo
is shown by the fact that the handsome
toavhouse is crowd d nightly. .Tames Dur-
kin and Louise Ripley and Morris Mellugh
]lead thre company.
Five new instrumental soloists: Professor
Marvolle, champion uinder-water swinimmerof
England: Miss Landers. chamion      pistol
shot of the well   Galetti's Simian Orchs-
tra, and Donetti's animal cirus are a few
of the pre-closing features at the Chuites.
Tite Velvet Coaster, Mystic Dill, Banzai
Court and WToldon's Band are the entah-
lished favorites that maintain their popu-
Iarit  '.
Navassar Band Returns.
The Navassar Girls. tire feminine band
that caused such a furore a short time
since, has returned to Hicrccisw Paik and
Aisut'I  'li  l  cf  i-
tinues and the
neel tigly cit
e rs enj .os-isg the
haley showcs furnis
fonld mothes a i
Johtn L_ Sulliv
the ftatures at I
ths formier chan
as any of the pop
to a late hour I
the Mtsoney was
his pursuers a m
still fill the sunsik
haind nusic an (I
prosperous way.
Sans Soutci is s
south sidi's who
strains discoursed
the rollr rink,
smoother than Its
i till attracting
and the crowds g
Bush Te
At the ]Irish T
ber comslpany of
in Clyde Fileth's
chie.  Edward H
rol-, and Messr
itt arc giving
'cs  t, la ittracti
Onle of tle b
larly known ts
ciation. "Eddie
villians witlh vi
mean's former veh
gy.  Special mur
render the entre
The fairy tale
The Fiddle, is t
luibus this week
tsr  production
Charles Sellon in
ation and Flore
Polly won immed
bus audiences.
Thee Card Kin
icelodramias whict
Alhambra Sunda
qualities of uniq
torest, romance
the m..ining cam
twenty elaborate
Production .
The new stock
ors already is win
amsong the clien
theater, where la
Jacob Silbert, lth
Pa-ulina LaIt z,
get strength,
'olss ,and  the
Schnenholtz, Harl'
and Sadie Robins
The regular fal
Pekin theater op
wis-ih improves
military  musicalit
month at the P
show oI ditminuti
celia is the seons
atided several te
runtir'piee' to a
turn  of  Its,'  'omp
Musical Comedy Will Hold Boards
hfs Wet aiti             is VAUDEVILLE
ill, parks1lo-s.   T        Er n-w Orpheumi was opn     Uni- s       il.- (k,  Itui.. in hiis L<tcf  le n.
aj         dil reconstruction of tile O) lympic  ,id ,xico    !kts,    .aIi-iathe-
oin ar_ teaIente l i a flusi                                    h' .     001s clra, House last week an.d. aneew
reat Train Rolbbery con-       theater has progressed so rapidly thtthe othel iris that held forth and     lee
rides are running at full the theater will be re-opened several weeks   the patrons of the playhouse were Anta
li hundreds of neerrymak-  eale   hnwsfrtatcpldand that               Doicrtc t,'dhe Two0 VivansBmeri
1~  ~  ~   1 it  ei  e arie utthan wdals first anticipated, 1Ho          p  e     otiia    ,    ps
giddy sensation.  Thai Idi. Silie Everett & Co., and F iskeaas~d
shoed immense interest to  without crowding the work or nteglecting it Mte~onauge
fathers.                  at any point. Monday, Sept. 10, will see      The bill that will be presented at il
an and Jake Kilrain are    the doors of this pioneer vaudeville house  Majestic theater Sept. 16 includes Julius,
White City this week, and                                               Steger & Company in a sketch; The Fall
ipion is drawoing as well throw  open on the now    season much im- of '64, a sketch under the management q
ular rides and shows. Up   proved  and   rcolecorated.  Everything  lias  Hal Davis; Colonel Bordeverry & CO. in,
st night The Aan With     been done in strict accordance with the     an exhibition of marksmanship; the Qakesr
still at large and leading    -                                         City Quartette in a comedy vocal act: G,
terry chase. The crowds    building and fire ordinance and the theater  Edwards' School Boys and Girls, singer.
en garden to listen to the  is one of the safest and most comfortable   and dancers; Frank & Wim. Latona in a
tle park continues on its  in the city.   Ethel Levy, formerly Mrs. musical      act;   Piccolo  Midgets;   Pai
George Cohan, will appear as the principal Chambers. a cornetist. trumpeter and pian.
till the meeting-place for  star of the opening bill.                  ist: Cleone Pearl Fell, singer and dancer
flock to hear the sweet     Stella Mayhew, who has been i ever so    and the Kinodrome.
and to glide around on   many musical comedies and has always                 Ethel Levy as Headliner,
which has a floor that is   borne the brunt of the funnmaking, made       At the Olympic the bill which iarks le
e proverbial glass. Forullo  her appearance in vaudeville at the Ma-    reopening of tie newly deoenrated play.
the lovers of good music  jestic theater last week.    Miss Mayliew   house has Ethel Lecc as the headlinerand
eve no sign of diminution. sang songs of different ceorth, gave some   includes Haslan wcho plaved tile Chica,-
ng.     isuliue imitations, and   caused a great    Opera House Iisi ccoekc  Htirding aInd Al,
unple is Drawing            de-al~ of lagtrby Iter nalc-    admission   Slod. canoedy tecoiis: K nia Talee, jllu _
eiple. At Iiti  K'in and  luat ter daneing days  vere a ting of the  Irated loe1ure; lctitt De  Di z an llBet
placers are holding forth  past.                                       comedy bicycle act   Mlle Olive, charmin
war play. Barbara Fret-      Bert Leslie, the king of slang, appeared  juggler* Einmons, Emoerso    &  Eminn
aas is playing the hero   is a comedy oddity, Hogan's Visit, and was coedIv- sketch;    lth  Hllback     co rloard
s. Fitzsimmons and Cor- as well received as he perennially is. His     singers and Ianiers   Halic Betent an
faithful Portrayals.  Next  supporting coipany was efficient, ane when  expert maniulat  of  ints adm raid
ei cswill he I.inrietta Cros-  Mr. tsli, takes charge of Ihe fls, te  Shannon & Straw, coiiedy sktetci: Emi
Nice sisgerand lancer and l1 Kinodrorn
hiliteur Duinn aisil Matto GlIazi,, wsillto
t Exponents            of   M   odern       Amusements.                        s bill at <he Cicago Osera House in
Ilcdy sketch anil lt  rest sf ite hI ill-
No. 8                                            1illes Those Four Girls siogeic and dart
is,  Ward & Cuttans its a coteede' chars(
!cr, skeri; Macnc  Reington, and hr,
'isicks'' in a singing and. slanttug sketchi
Minme. Nadgi, eritticrisi; Pissose Franfr-
and tier Arabs, singits 'ani (lancing; th,'
'Tic Francisros, comedly magicians; Franti,
La Marche, the girl Buster Brown and her
Dog. and the Kinodroise.
The Haymarket will present for theteek
of Sept. 16 the following bill: Polly Pick-
es Pets, singing and dancing; Eltoer Ten-
ley, Irish monnlogue: Three Sisters Teas.
lady acrobats: Flo Irwin & Co. in a sketch:
Boothlack Quartette. comedy. singing an
dancing: George Wilson, blackface con-
elian: Mahmuri. violinist; the Vacges, hat
punchers; Kaufman Family, singers ant
dancers: Reno &    Begar, trapeze artists:
Dick  Miller. imitations and coon songs,
and the Kinodrome.
lOOne of the stellar features of the Oak
Park Horse Fair was the vaudeville enter-
tainment that was given under tihe auspire'
of the Oak Park Business Mens' Asocia-
tion csith acts  booked through the Western
Vaudeville  Managers' Association.  J. J
Collins. of the Western Association. acted
as cicerone. and the hill that was presented
on the evening of Sept. 6 incliled part
Devil Bonansinga. the balloonist: Thos
Four Girls. singers and dancers: the I-
jestic Quartette. instrumental and vocal
act: Peerless Blondin, high wire artist
TERN                      Fred &  Mae TWaddell. comedy club ju-
E                 glers in eccentric garb, and  the Forrest
Family in an aerial act.
~J        OOI                                  * * *
5OCArron M. Gollos. president of the Chi-
AA                          -      cago Electric Theater Amusement Company,
itcorporated last July with a capital stocl
of V20,000, and who has conducted an elec-
tric theater at Riverview Park. Chicago,
this season, has opened a vaudeville thea-
for at Muscatine, losa, known as the Ma-
jestic.*             * *
The new Bijou theater, under the man-
1eiment of Messrs. Campbell & Danforth.
seen of the most aggressive vaudeville pur-
_eyors in tie West, was opened at Green
Hay, Wis.. Monday evening, Sept. 9. The
inagural was a happy affair and prospects
for the initial season are bright.
Earl  and   Clint Meek, juenile actors.
singers and dancers, are makintg good in
-c       connection wsith moving picture shows in
the northwcest circuit. They make a pleas-
ing addition to the regular prograim,
Onettl Sisters, European specialty gymrt-
nasts, are now   booking for the coming
EDWARD HAYMAN.                                             Sytz & Sytz. singing and dancing artists,
st knotii vaudeville oticials ini Chicago is Edward laymain, popti-  recently concluded an engagement at Co-
"Eddi." booking niolt of the 'Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso-     lumbus, Ohio.
lets a plh:esintg personality and is a prime favorite among vaude-    Brooks and Clark are employing their
ion lie conies in daily contact.                                       vehicle this season a sketch entitled The
New   Cadet, with the affixed explanatiin
icle, "All-of-a-Sudden-Peg- sketch moves with briskness to a laugh-     thtt it is ''a ucilitell spasm It oceset"
sical features continue to  able close. Elmer Tenley had a talk that      Tom   Gillen. Finnegan's Friend, is neo
e acts attractive.         possessed fsi of a late date and was im- playing on the Sullivan & Considine cir-
extravaganza, The Cat and   proved iby   Mr. Teiley's  delivery.  He   cuit.
lie attraction at the Co-  seemed to make a strong appeal to the                         * *
and the Lincoln J. Car- risible faculities of his audience, and could   Joe Sherry. who is making such a bit at
is meeting   writh  favor  have held the stage for a longer period    present with the Barnum & Bailey Great-
a clever tramp imtperson-  than he did.                                est Show on Earth, will return to vaude-
nce Willis as the dainty                                                ville in the fall.
iate favor with the Coluims-      Novel Picture Act Entertains.                          *     I
A novelty entitled Tales of the Wild was    Dixie Harris. the little singing and dane-
g of the Coast, a scenic    presented by Mr. and Mrs. Edward II. Kemp  ing comedienne, is meeting wcith success
h began the week at the     and proved to be a very entertaining group  ei her specialty.
y, is said to possess the   of views, explained in charming fashion by                                         e
ueness, profound heart in-  Mrs. Kemp. All the pictures were taken        The Bedford Trnupe. styled Americanc-
and the rough comedy of by Mr. Kemp and were fully worth the            robats and now enirotie wcith the Bartill
p. Thirty-five people and   while devoted to them. Emma Francis and     & Bailey's Greatest Shtosw on Eart, till
scenes are part of the    her Arabian boys contributed a pleasing      ieerge into vaudeville at the Close Of 110
act, and the whirly Russian daices were    season.
company of Yiddish play- gracefully executed.    Another dancing act
ning its way to Popularity  was contributed by four girls who styled      Clark'stropte ofaedsiteaddogs  nandaO
tele of the International themselves The Dainty Dancers, which they    recently tertinated a fairseasonin Canada.
rge audiences are the rule. undoubtedly are.                              Russell &  Held have been playing the
e new leading man, and       Mary Dupont, a     vinsome and pleasing  park theaters for the last few months and
an emotional actreos of actress, presented A Leap Year Leap. She       report that their act is meeting with favor
are portraying   congenial was assisted in the sektch iy WYilliam Tem-  wherever presented.
company   includes David   ple.  Ed. Lavine eontributed  n excellent
y Cohen. Miss Finkelstein  juggling and comedy act, the Christie Duo     The Two Dancing De Laceys recentlly con-
on.                         gave a fair dancing sletch, and the Majes-  cluded an engagement at the Star theater,
I and winter season at the  tic Quartette sang pleasinglv. The Wrong    Monessen, Pa.
ened with Captain Hifus, Message served Mr. and Mrs. Mete Metars                           * *
with ace.   This popular   as a vehicle both for their coniedy. and to   George D. Coburn. a manipulator of clubs
y is now entcring its third  introduce Master Slater Brockian, who    and battle axes, who has been a feature
ekin  and  lt,' audilsces aided in the ttirth-making. Mexican Her-    for the past five seasons  its the NiiXio
on its size. J. Ed. G.rcen, man gave an exposition of the black art, Bros.' carnival company, contenpiltes going
or of Captain Hiuftis, has  and the Kinodromec related the troubles of  into vaudeville at the close of the seaso-
w songs and sulijected the  an inordinately vurious gentleman entitle1                               e *    c-
brushing up sinee the re- Mr. Inquisitive.   A  snappy, fast tors,      Espe Bros. are now playing theiachcir
any from  Ne- York       not Cliff Berznes Horses   1s,-<1 thi, bill  'iuit wih th-ir Pantomime specialtY.
,                                                           .                                                                                                                                     ,

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