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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

News from cities east, west, [and] south,   pp. 10-11

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September 14, 1907.
lits l
ait (!'
iAttractions               Are Preparing to Court For- C T  H
Money, While AIIVVJEi tune on Tours to the FarS.)JI. 11
Having Goo
EAST Hill Coin
(Sept. 7, 1907.)
OPERA still be heard here this      inteir.
Now Orleans is assured of the cominte
ofan operatic troupe which w1 ill com-
lare favorably with the best ever heard
t tile famous French Opera House.     Tie
ntract, for the egageattt in this city of
the big Lomtbardi opera   Company     was
tgned today by Signor Enrico Caalli of
Itallo Arnerian, and Signor 0. M. Rat-
, of Sail Francisco, stihu, with Signor Et-
siraioi, publisihes 'Itlia', tile Italiat
ally of Sl Francisco. Sig. iavali leaves
I tonihtl  for New  York  to iee t the
)mIpany I its arival front HilIels   ane,
I biicpall it to Iriso2, ithere its  igagu-
I mnt beg'ins Sept. 12 at tile Ciots thea-
te.Font Frisco tile company still go to
t  Auditorium i t cater at Ens  Angeles
l lel  to  the   Itheater  at  Berk
after i lich it will start for New Or
, arrins   itre aloult Dtce c.  and 'l
Ieiais uil tile  Cattivall  season..Tl
trupe inrludes among  its 100 members
SWu tenots and trite 7 ritia Hionnas, ote of
th'se primait donnas being Mmte. Adele Pado-
,ani, who will bei eard ini the United States
,or the first time, although silo is iwoli-
l:nown in Europe, twheto rite press, especial-
t she Germlan 1 papers, speak highly of ter,
iparing her to Settbrich and Melba in
their best days.  Another of the    prima
nnas till be Mie. Estther Ferralaini, who
tI here witl Eoncaallo, and whose re-
mblane to Queen Ielnt of Italy is so
titled as to exite comment. One of the
i-curs is Cel  Signorini, who was decorated
ast Decembii by King Victor Enanianuei
cnd who is rcLoned  the greatest liviig
New Theater is Planned.
There is a dal oil for the erection of an-
thrnew theater in New Orleans. No-its-
-toiheatriCal 1ipeopli have betien negotiatisig
1:ough a local real rstate firm. for a tell-
ear lease oi the aucleic property in Ifo1al
street, between 'Couanal  and  Ibersille-river
sie. This pr1trty is an   old  building,
tiee stories inl lieigit, tias it 0-foot front-
lge and runs back to Exchange Place, 129
teet. A represetitie of the Gaucho   es-
tate stated that teris for a ten-year lease
had been quoted. It is not known just Who
i after Ite property. A promineilt Noh
e theatrical lirm B  solis to lie Willing to
not a ailleto tioase oi the site.
1HITE c'ITY---Offinhach's operettas are
fr in avor with the plagoeis of New
* leans, and thItir selection as a liile to a
weissful stinier sc.son i  was a  happy
soght oi its ptrt of Ninag-i Seiamens.
]: Perichole was the feature last wtk, enil
llt comp   iy also repeated tie Uhtnial
i-ls. The fari ell pe-totrmanclie wtS Otiv-
te.  The  tirl  still  I-lm iii  cl-te  untit
xt Stumr I
Melodrama Makes Hlit.
ItAUPHIfNE -Molodrallia is hlre.  It cut
50~ slit' 1t sieifeitg discharge cOf tie-
i titee Daupiin aid threw the gallery
ts into ssuiu of unadulterated joy. The
ItO tl  eotitiotidlly  pailitei  to  tc
rs" th   atmosphere inside hot, but it
n't a (irciustance to te fever heat of
King and Queen of Gamblers. The im-
rssion after the final curtain wient down
as that the company isill be opuar. Every
-nige member of the  organization   was
thtre ih the  oods."  The ovations ac
red  playeIrs on  opening  performances
nt to  iss tillian Bayer and big Tont
Slay, ihos  work in the new coipal*
Is quite utp to their former standard. J
Burke in lt, lead was good. 'Tihe first
-ange of hill at tih  Dautoine was A De-
late Chance, a stirring sensational dranin.
'RESCENT    o Ilow isg  1 nder  Southern
Iies, wih1 spI-d the Cresc-nt Sunday.
liies lii imustinl rimedy, The Rollicking
l, whilu  wlien last seen lier, at the
l1ane, stairred  Sam  rnard  nd Hl ttie
lt ilams, this season will have Suitz Ed-
tler tho did excellent work in The Sil-
Slipper. Next cotes Yorke & Adams,
lb a nti  show  that is said to celipse-
st Year's successful vehicle Banktiers and
I okers.
fTLANI-The finisii 'tiit iiRitrlt nos
1,lt(its 1ss ic Thu-its-iitu tie, it(,huse
k as fresh as the day it wt as built. Titt
1illd usill o tln  it l house  follot In
it'd !OCeessios biy 'rie Untisre, Cl'stee
ineymoonl, Wilton Lackee, Otis Skinnr.
-e Stahl in  he  Ihoiis Lady and the
it political show, The Man of it, Hour.
1X1RIC-A  strong   vaud ille  till seas
tion at the Lyric to fill in time till the
ial ofthe tBlany Stock Co., it iiith optis  -
tseason Sept. 8. All the acts stere `x-  -
s inally good and made distinct     tilts
ri Weick,  ho possesscs  . nagulificent
itlne voice, Sang ballads with lecasin
I 'sults. 1ils Agnes Maher, the It ish Night-
'ale, offers it original tionologue and hitis
comsedY. A turn which was exceptionalit
ni was put ol by lite Mitchell Sister, a
ri cleer team of sing-rs and Ianers-
Greenwall is Opened.
WEST END--With all tue respect to the
tr nuimbers ont the bill, Harry DeCoe
,I mal withi the tables and chtalis," is
thoul~t qutestion fte feature ofI Drograninte-
.iette, thle shndowgraphist, again nwet with
eor, and Lopez & Lopez, tite Spaie r   in-
-timentalists, iaso mattdi good.
ttanager Walt BinriNi, of the Creeccnt. is
n in tosni, having spent his vacation
New Yk. tie is just now full of remi-
enses -I old GIothmi and  "that dear old
tet Islanud''
The CoinIbla Amuenent compalny held
boards at Elmira Pleasure Grounds tthe
t weeki and preented as creditaice a pro-
tttion as has b-n ston at 11ic ovr-the-
er resert  this  ....umo, .
(Sept. 7, 1907.)
R        ittLAI theater-goers are ont tilt toes
ith expectatny regarding the numer-
ous attractions swhich are coming to
the coast, and this vinter will see one tf
the greatest thercical sasons in the his-
toiy of San Frncisco. Sitoce the late un-
lileaatne-s (April 1, 1906) most compan-
ies cut this city out of their itineraries;
and wse good naturedly tooc what was giv-
In us by the mitanagers of the playhouses;
I it now it is quite iftirent, as ire are more
bettledi atid  ractically  -covered hoti in
ialth and business and coneqteitly the
thIreatial field is also chang& to ouch tin
extet, that se can  once more enjoy the
Nciy talent iin ile countly. The until-
trous theaters are doing well this wteek, and
t:ill laubtltss continue to do so thrioughout
th-, now Season.
At   te Van Ness, Broadhurst's dramta,
The Man of the licour, is doing a big busi-
 nslacied houses nightly, titl1 all intdi-
orbitns pinht to a retorel etui. Tliis the
second wteek, at the end of sehich wSe isill
1ave In tile Bishop's Carriage, stith Jessie
Busiley in the star part of Naice Olden.
Miss Bushley's acting seas much enjoyed
here last season, wrhell ste andI the play
a ppeaIced at the Colonial.
Good Bill at Orpheuim.
The OrpliOuni's lead this ieek is Hloudini,
-he ianu-cuff king of the wtoeld. It is need-
less for I, to miake aiy commient onl lou-
!ini's performance as te is too well RinwI
ii thatrical etcie, rnd it kiarvel it his
G sh N   D eliglitfo o seni  nuiter is
lhe   ishiaL' Drettt, tplayed by U. IBantia-
ti and Copany. th e     t i tig  orn-
telitinas,  tt th e Scteic 0tiasormatOiont is
xIItisite. Two other   tiNw numbers are The
lialZers, clever acribats  id Lecona Thur-
I t-, assisted by four pickanninies.   The
l d-overs at  Fotet tos andi his musical
o  oa great hit last veek), Mile. Martha,
smil' suborsand Fred Ray & Co. A beau-
tiol itosin1g picture is giveI  this t ele,
slioving a torpedo ilotillia in full actin.
Denis O'Sullivan, after a successful weel
in A rral- Na-Pogue, changed his programin
Stith Moiiiiy evening's performance to Peg-
gy AIhuree, which will be followed in turn
te'xt week by Tli Shaughian.
The new bill at the Centrial for the weel'
is -aved From Shai;  ile the other tiel-
odramia house, the Novelty, has When Wom-
en Love. Both attractions are doing well
Special Moving Pictures.
The Davis continues itith Vaudeill p) e-
foritaneo  aftre<ion rti  -nliigs    The
mtiot iprominti-e aiietisid numtbier is, ape-
cial Moving Pietures of the     oas-N lson
'i e CIutes Amusement Park is drawing
ei crowds weck-inds. This place swill be
lith  scene of many gala gatherings , w heili
tIh, Grand Operai Co., opens a  tit Chuttes
Ii-cire cit Spiltemer. I e openig toot-
IitiiiiiO  still be Wed-neisday tsriti, Setpt.
t1, wito Needles Aida.
11h1e Prites fToater did not open as
Sott 0as taticiiatied, but thiern tenA its
dones to the 1101lie Sacurdiay evenling Ang.
The Elks Local No. 3 bought out t1he
Orphoui for Thuirsday evening, and a great
tinme was had.
TOPEKA, Sept. 7-The Majestic Theater,
tinder brilliant auspices and imuch enthusi-
asni, inaugurated at season  of advanced
audeville Sept. 1. The bill in its entirety
i    nludes  The  ''ignarielly  Duo, Kathryn
lElate, Baker & Robinson, Karle iumiel,
Felix Adler, Leo & Chapian, Prof. Cal-
kins' Orchestra and the Majestiscope.
fle real opening of the regular theat-
rical season of 1907-S took place when
the Grand opene    Friday night, Sept. 6.
with Three of I U.   Coming, Yankee Re-
gent, Spt. S; Dasid Corson, 9-10; Miss
Pocahontas Opera Conany, 11; Billie Kr-
Stod's Minstrels, 12-13, Trust Busters. 14;
anderbilt Cupi, 15.
IThe  Novelty, a  new  moving  picture
house, opened Aug. 31 in the old location
recently vacated by the vaudeville house
oearing the satae nanme; buaineas good.
Vinewsood Park continues to draw the
crowds.  The present season to datq has
beaten III records.  That the   retialning
ieekles will keep up the pace of attendance
ondc popularity goes without saying.
ItNCOLN, Sept. 7-The Nebraska State
'air, 2-6, brings with i t many special at-
ractions.  At the Oliver will appear the
tyinat Twins and   W~est's Minstrels.  At
the Lyric ant exceptionally strong bill of
vaudeville  will be  the feature.  At the
yNmarket the Patterson Carnival Com-
pany is drawing large crowds. At the Au-
ditoriumo wrestling matches are going oti.
At the Elite, 1Vonderland and Joyo and all
he other smaller theaters large crowd,
are gathering to see the extra strong bill
of mooviing pictures.  Barnum   &  Bailey's
-ircus was a main feature Sept. 7-C. P.
SIOUX FALLS, Sept. 7-Majestic (H. C.
itoltoes, manager)-The    Three    livards,
cometly sketch: Campbell &    tull,, danc-
ing; Margaret Grayce, comedienne; moving
picture; business good.
Now Theater (Sam Bear. nanager).-A
Woman of Mystery, Sept. 2, to fair busi-
Dreamland.-Movsing   pictures,  business
Bijo.-Moving pictures, business good.-
Sept. 7, 1907.)
ARGE crhowds have prevailed this holi-
da   s teek for the people of the mid-
dle northwest, and the Twin Cities-
St. Paul and Minneapolis, is the Mecca for
many thousands of pleasurc-seekers.
The -Minnesota State Fair-the greatest
State fair in the history of the state or the
country, Opened Monday, Sept. I, ith an
attandan e of 100,00 , which ecipsed any
ptre-ious atteallbee rtor0s  Dan   Patch,
the sworld's faimous p     was tie draving
card for itle opening day. Aside flomt the
excelleit racing card uonitrl  by the iliatl-
ageietit, there is an excelent piograi of
platform  and aerial acts to ie seei   tice
tlily, among lii .t s 01ile falious Jackson
eailyhi of leliy and trick boh yclists ala-
th- Whirling Dervishies, anl ontte of Arab-
lan acrobats,   iii 1atlaudits.  The Zamora
Ioamrily, aetitl aitists, are pleasing. w lihs
& 11asan, ciamou   acrobats and Shields &
lingers, laot msatiplinar, ate iell tre-
retieud.  Ainelig  ile  icee--taiiig  aunti
breati-abating  festuires  are    Daredevil
Dougsterly'S bilitde for Life into a ficry pit,
and jean olin itelttzan in a tirilling h5igh-
trir e t. Tni evelilige pifornumu con-
eludes with Gegory'o Siege of Jericho.
In aa ddiitioi to tile lmierous amitusemtteit
aut etcing leiiatri-s latore the stands, The
Bike has its usual itOtings of thirty Side-
shotS, all uncountable  number of morry-
go-tuotnts, terris whIe-elo, etc., all of wisiiei
tend to please tile iast throngs of ptair-t
sucIers.  The mansagera of tie Stupoendous
fair ar entitled to lite many contplintents
tily at rec-iving.
lies atd his urchiestral Band, assisted
by a Chlous of o00 mixed  oics, ale pleas-
ing thousaisids st tile Auditositiu  by the
-nidition of the  Aunerienna.
Olcott at the Metropolitan'
ChuLtory 0lcott is celi this season in L
tsr\ iristi-ronanic draliL enitted U'Neill
of Derr. Mr. 0lcutt has lost noune of his
old-time popularity   witn tlt Clientele of
tioe  Metroplitan-to say   nothing  of th
itintoll  girls,  His \ehicle tis year gives
hln the Usual oppoItuIIitn, Lo cusplay his
ttrnluc iabililts as Ltne rtiasnling iero and is
eutiiet-ntl5           tiSing  11t ails tout  liew
sungs rin pleasiig efflt.  lretsster's SMil-
leulls still b next \wee S attuatLion at this
oneater, followed  li ose Stahl in  The
tharus Lady.
'file Orpniurin is onering an exceptionally
gtuo  bill this wecek.  lie Colonial Selette
present a noel  mlusial and singing act.
'he Great Iernar, ine leing of Malionettes,
pre.3enlt, an; amIIusing and skilfuit act, and
the Carletatlis, --Pte" Laker, Murphy
& F   srancs andr tile Teddy Trio arc all goed.
lt Kuiodromtte eluses tile bill itih a series
of noel and entertaining imoving pictures.
Th  Majstic is oliing the best bill since
its airth t fti  iecks uack.  Ilitfrow &
Jensin in Thu Secona Mr. Fiddle are eln-
tUriling ad  u-lint olne bill. St. IlentfroI
is a 1e'I       1 St.ittii l aur und is popular. Hi
Ioli \\antI, ccitliutlsttl maunu ot tile old
School it applauled to itI eo. St. Julian,
.iii  I tpou-hist, Motn' is st-sll reeived.
IT'e Bahsarn Stiatgraphic Artists please,
M1elodrnia at the Grand.
"Young 1luffalu  King of the  ild West,"
it blood and titunder, cain lightning and
.iatling litaney prouitiOln in all that its
natme imtplicO, is pling to capacity at the
Grand.   file piece is webI staged with lots
of cowas-bus, buocking aronehos, Indians and
The New    Century Girls are holding the
bat-ids at the Star this week.     That the
ualilite" has not "done" the fail- properly
iwitlout pailg a vsit to this theater before
his di.arture for lioeu  ind backe to thoe
ploue-1iandIes is seitiid lsy the fact that the
S. R. U. sign is hung out long hrfote rite
oicestra has begun its primary overturo at
each perforiantce. The bitt is exceptionally
good and rhe olio is Strang and entertain-
The Nindsor Novelty & Electric theater is
playing to S. B. 0. at its seven pelforuIm-
tites a day.
Tile Lric, Crystal Family and     Unilue
theaters aire playing to capacity and pleas-
ing vast throngs of pleasure-secekers with
interesting molving  ctures.
KOKOMO, Sept. 7.-Sipo Theater (Geo.
Spe, igr.)-Al Martin's Uncle Tou, Sept.
2; to capacity. Manager Sipe continues his
tu'dsill to good sized audienceo. Htolmes
& Waldren were added to the bill.
liiabra (John Barned, nigr)-Rowland
&1 Clifford's Thornus and Orange Blossoms,
Aug. 31. business fair.
Crystal (James Mix)-This little play-
liouse closed for repairs. -Will open Sept.
21 with advanced vaudeville.
Pah   (Harry T. Smith,    mtgr.)-Kilties
Iiand, Sept. S. Advance sale big. All con-
iessions doing big. Carnival shortly.
The five cent theater has gone out of
business, leaving this city without a live
,-eut theater.-HARRY T. SMITH.
VALPARAISO, Sept.       C-The    American-
Stoclk Company opened a week's engage-
ilent here last Monda   nist, gootd com-
pany, Jak Waborton being the hit of the
comlansiti; sle sale of seats for the entire
wtcck are all talcen.
The Porter County Fair opens this weee
and tile outlook now is that Nalparaiso will
enjoy one of the best county falus it has
esver had.   hite much-talked-of automobile
race, hav been called off.
The Valparaiso Chautauqua      closed  for
this year Sunday evening. The Rev. 'V. A.
Sunday gave an address Sunday afternoon
vhich  more    than  pleased   his  hearers.
They have already sold over 1,000 season
tickets for next sear and have forty-three
tents engaged   inl  uli.e-EO(     E   Pt.
l1'T    I t hit-ll
(Sept. 7, 1907)
D    I'VOTEES of outdoor amusements re-
gret the closing of the Forrest Park
summer   theater for   1907.  Little
ItRk has seen some very clever shows put
oi at this pathe this summer, among them
being the Payton Sisters, who scored a hit.
We also had some very clever light Oerac
the first part of the season, which also
took well. The season just closed has been
a successful one, his iatter of talent, but
the box-office receipts fell off from  the
usutal patronage. Some of the attractions
are still running and ai    doing a good
busines  estpecially ile Circle Siting, un-
rcer the management of R. M. Jones, who
is representing the Dixie Amusement Com-
Pany. Mr. Jones has many friends it Lit-
tlie Rtoc. Mr. Petty, manager of rite Fig-
rue 8, ithich is controlled by a Pittsburg
company, has also made many friends here,
and the Figure 8 is doing a fine business.
Southern Play Well Acted.
The Capitol theater opened its doors for
the season of 10c-190s last Monday night,
when the attraction, The Sweetest Girl in
Dixie, had the boards. Mis Freda Sleno-
tons, all Ariranisas girl, is to he doubly
congratulated oin siting so good a south-
ernl play, and also oil acting the part of
Barbara loward so effectively. The play
is typicalt  southern, and  in  writing it
Miss Slemntons made the role of Aunt Car-
olinc the best of rite whole cast. It was
taken by Miss Ella Grosjean, and she has
the fullest appreciation of its requirements.
Edin Melvin as Col. H-loward is the typi-
cal southern gentleman. Harry SMintuin,
always a Conscientious and uainstaking ac-
tor, does well as Ilosward Emery. Richard
Bosanto, in spite of his foreign namte, is
n d negro    omedian as Uncle George,
ansd Mss Slaudesce -DeVers deseres praise
for her excellent character work as Ma-
tilda Martin.
it is announced that Barnum & Bailey's
Circus will visit Little locr Oct. 3.
Good Company, Poor Play.
At the Gayety   theater -Monday   night
The Daughter of Judiea had the boards,
which played to a fai house. The play
in itself was not so satisfactory as the
actors, and it mauy be said that Miss Mar-
guerite Neville, the star, could show her-
Self to better advantage it a better play,
as sho is a very capable actress and was
even better than the audience expected to
see. Her support was fully adequate.
The Little  Rock   Advertising and Bill
Posting Company are doing their share of
outdoor advertising ill Little Rock. Vast
improvements aro lacing perfected in the
way of new sheet-iron boards upon many
ntew and prominent locations and a great
deal of care and tastc is being exercised in
the manner 1aps1 is displayed on       u their
boards. Their niow bill wagons are attract-
ing he great deal of attention and many
tredo of uprais 1tare given th   l for ithe
mannert ill sihieh list  ate hantiug their
busintess.  Jcsse  J.  Sinclatr,  secretary
of bte Aukansas State Bi1 1osters   tl Dis-
ributers' Associatios  i lo  managing the
plant, aitu this it itelf us a guttrantee of
the efficiency of setlvice to the advertising
Moving Picture Circuit.
Slr,. F. Long, representing Crawford Com-
pany, St. Louis, Mo., has purchased the
Theatorium, formerly under the manage-
nent of P. NV. Crawford, of Little Rock,
atnd has overhauled the building and made
it the prettiest little moving picture pal-
are in Little Rock. The management of
this new theater have houses located in
'Topeka, Kan.; Emporia, Kan.; lutchinson,
fio.; Winfld, Rau., and Arkgisas oCity,
Eoo.; four bected hut St. dLouis, SAn, one in
Centralia, Ill., obne it DeSota, Mo., and one
in Little Rock. They also operate the Gay-
ety theater of St. Louis. The management
of this little theater propose to make Lit-
tle Rock their headquarters and establish
houses in all cities of the South.   They
own and operate their own film   exchange,
and the people of Little Rock will now
hare a chanco to see the very best to be
nffered in the moving picture line. They
will show here three reels, giving six sub-
jects, and an illustrated song, being a con-
tinous performanguce.
IHARTFORD, Sept. C-Parson's Theater
(H. C. Parsons, managr).-This       house
opens its season this week with Klase &
Erlanger's vaudeville, Diving Belles.  Top
liners: Hallen &  Fuller, Midgloy &   Car-
lyle, Chas. Kinna. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Fitz-
simmons, Three Ernesto Sisters, The Jug-
gling Mcans, Zay Hiolland and the ani-
mated pictures. Wriehtt Lorimer in The
Quicksands Sept. 9 and 10.
Iartford Opera iouse (H. Hf. Jennings,
nmanager).-Wm. H. Turner in His Terrible
Secreot, Sept. 2-4. Cecil Spooner played to
fine business last week.  Edison's moving
Poll's Theater (S. Z. Poll, manager).-
Vaudeville this wee, with the following
people: Matthews & Ashley, Roland West
&- Co., George Abel, Wilbur Mack & Co.,
.inimoy Lucus, Agnes Maher & Co., Elton
Polo Troue, and the Electrograph.
Luna Park.--Vaudoillo, hand     concerts
and circus, the seenic railroad, moving pic-
tures and songs.
Nickel  Theater.-Moving    pictures  and
MIDDLETON, Sept.      C-The    Middlesex
(H. Engel, mtanager).-County Sheriff, Sept.
2; Brown froot Missouri, 4; Fifty    Miles
from Boston, with George M. Cohan as the
star, 11.
The Nickel (Bullock & Davis, manag-
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