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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment,   pp. 28ii-29

Page 28ii

August 10, 1907.
fessiotnal frienuds in New
reminded of an engagem
some seasons ago in on
towns of that state. At
ance she was the recipien
liouquet, which, oddly e
ways a mixture of expen
and common dandelions,
able fun was had by the
the supposed "rube admi
accident, however, Miss
conversing with some sma
that they had been sendi
Much surprised, she inqui
got the blossoms, but co
isfactory reply. They told
would take a walk with t
show her the spot and sh
other bouquet. She took
was horrified at being led
lully kept cemetery!
* * *
Saw a symphony in gre
by a suit case and a
dash for the Twentieth C
aweek, Th    symphoi
ltarraantile dlash was
s'ugh for me to earn t
wsay to fulfill United
i germents-. ,,
hdiiiMcGrail isabettet
ii-  a ball player. Bec
I'' 1iaded by some friend
is team, which was mate
it Washington Park. Th
irtus at the bat the crow
Mlae, drive out along one,'
.John struck out.  At tb
shIouted. "Wh11y didn't yot
Johun's indignant voice re
this reply, "How can I h
pitcher bends 'em!"
Victor Hugo, the astute
Cedar Rapids, la., claim
was a visitor at the office
rn Vaudeville Managers'
week arranging bookings
Joseph Golden, the mono
ly concluded a sticcessful
ie r vaudeville, and is mo
1 hoking on the Sul
iiutofor aseason onl th
The 5-Banta Bros-5 hav
I  Iowland & Clifford for
u-it Company and will
ilitmbers of that attracti
cliing season.
The Thompson Entertai
'lever artists, were theI
ion presented by the Ft
t'lative Company at Log
List week.
The contract has been
vaudeville house at Molin
',ave a seating capacity of
1e completed by Nov. 1.
by Charles Berkell of D
Norman Freidenwald of R
The two best known v
igers in I owa Fred Duch
Miines and Vi ctor Htugo
ids. will each have new
fall. With new Majestics
the theater-goers of Iow
the best bookings in vaud
A. J. Shrimp. nanager o
theater, Rockford, Ill., w
iacity business has been
the S. R. 0. sign much in
tiler and Shelton are hea
E. M. Vernelo. who rce
a critical operation, is res
the physicians in attendan
lie, has a good chance for
isat the Frances Willard
lk was taken when he wa
a severe liver complaint,
tion declared imperative.
wuas in Wyoming at the t
seltuently notified.
* * *
IHarris and. Zanpa are
1iw act by Jack Burnett
hine. It is a comedy pla
if the vicissitudes of acto
eil towns. Both are w
Siters  ns have secure
i Ii - fr the sketch.
* * *
Irooks and Clark will g
l   'r part of August unde
nio-nt  of  Alf.  T. W ilton.
a team   thirty-four week
ilayed thirt-two weeks o
ilie big circuits.
The PFtst Stock Comipa
PROFE               A                   OMMENT                MOVING PICTURE SHOW?
s visiting pro- km    lod its Stuinnwr seasion last Sat-
Hampshire, is   urd  a"lt. It Will repen in the fall
ent she played  TVitI a capable organization.
e of the large    E. J. Carpenter's    Eastern   Crippi,                     IF YOU CONTEMPLATE OPENING A
every perform- Creek   Company    opened  at the High
t of a beautiful Streettheater, Columbus,0., July27.tin         MOVINGPI     U S   W   IT        BETOYOURADVANTAGE
nogh ws  l-der    great  difficulty.  The  musicians        MVN       ICURE  SHOWV IT ILLB         OYU        DATG
tough, was al-  struck a short time before curtain time,
sive cut flowers and as the strong feature of the show                                                    DOINGSO
etc. Consider- is its melodies, the situation was momen-                     TOUCNSULTUS
company over tarily perplexing, but the members of the
rer."  Quite by  cast finally decided to dispense with the
Tricey, while orchestra and play a lone hand, with en-
11 boys, learned  viable results. Added to this the cori-
ng the flowers. pany had been billed for Monday night
red where they  and the opening performance was givetn
uld get no sat- Saturday, but despite all obstacles a                  Ve co-operate with our patrons.
her that if she pleasing performance was given   to  a
hem they would   packed house, and Mr. Carpenter statis
e could get an- that lie has the most efficient Cripple
the walk and   Creek Company in his career.                         If you have already opened one, let us furnish you
into a beauti-                  * * *
Kilroy & Britton's Aristocratic Tramp       your films.     We are in      a position to give you a film
opened at Racine, Wis., August 4, to a             .
en accompanied   well-filled auditorium, and a polished per-   Servicethatissecondtonone.             Sendusyourorderand
nan making a    formance was given.
entury Limited                                          I *   we will prove this to be no idle assertion.
iye was Mabel     Joe1Whitehead late principal comedian
nterruptedilong  of Captain Careless, will play a return
hat s as oni engagement at White City this week                         riteforterms.
BooingOffcewhere his songs, dances and imitations                 W   iefrtrs
of comic opera stars recorded such a big
kigaethit a. short time ago   Fro     hie City
r bookinagents   Mr. W1hitehead will go   to the Lyric,_______________
ently McwsTerre -taute, lad., and thence to Hlan-
s to strengthen
hed for a game  merstetn5.
e first time he   H   LeRoy Broughton, styled the Man
d yelled, "Now  of Mytrwill replace Mr. Sacks, who
but alas poor
is thc   huttch  deserted vaudeville for the elysian fields
hit it, Mac"  of fte, clothing business, in the team of              I    A     O     IL       E     CNG
acediemi  teTw  Facics.Te  racscswilCHICAGO                              FILM         EXCHANGE
it it when the  soontopen an engagement at the Fol
theater.                                                  118-120 Randolph St., CHICAGO, ILL.
The team   of Fox & Duball wish toR
manager that deny the rumor that has spread abrni
s for its own, that they have terminated their partner-
s of the West- ship. The team has just completed sixty
Association last weeks on the best circuits.
for his popular                 * * *
Joseph Lehmann, Miss Florence Cole-
loguist, recent- man and II. Myron Peterson are busy
season ofsum- removing the moth balls from    their act
tw ~   ~ cotFt A   Ioo's Wisdomn, and announce that
livan-Considine  they areoa    as   cilt.MLu
l"a cosidme Imann further states that the act will bS
e been engaged    The Juggling Burkes are creating a              %\,ctre tIii, olt tirin itI America furlti'.llitg Soong sIlids exclusivclv
their Original sensation at the Victoria theater, in New        reccing 1hw tirst clt lrim all pulisher
be prominent York, with their wonderful club juggling.          Scnd for ourt li t an term  for th  onl  %,t, I tim.
on during the   These youngsters from the west are now
on top and I can swell up with pride           \dli,1tl m . MARINE       SONG      SLIDE       EXCHANGE
ners. a trio of                 * * *                                                       Marine Building, CHICACO, ILL.
feature attm'ac:  The D',rvitle Sisters, famous fencing
imers' Co-op-                                          __working_______steadily______________spite_____of___________
anaville, Wis., girT, arew    gstea        spteof
heat. Judging from some of the salaries
they are quoted as receiving, the bank
let for a new   hook should be about full! Theyesail not
e, 111. It will Europe soon in search of the biggest nov-
1,20 andwill elty act which can be obtained.                    Atention,                            anagers!
It will be built                                                 A                               Mar
avenport and     Woods and Ralton, after spending a
ock Island.    pleasant vacation, are back in harnesS                Ilk    anitet of     hedul aild have suite
rehearsing with Al. G. Fields' Greater                OPEN TIM1E late ill AIgut an in Septeiber
audeville man- Minstrels.
anan  at Des     Rogeis ant Mackintosh are presentint
oif Cedar Rap-  their comedy playlet. Out of Sight. 011
theaters this the Bijou circuit. Shortly they will It
in both cities "in sight" around Chicago, as thelir
avwill witness bookings include the Chicago time.
eville.                                                     H      IN           OSVE                  E      INB                 N
The Huegel Brothers spent ashort va-
f the Orpheum   caItion with  their  parents recently at              'ile Band Worth While. The Band that 'Makest lan   A
rites that ca-  Erie, Pa., prior to joining Vogel's Big               Spllendid Concert Organization. 'The Musical Sens-: nt o,
the rule, and  City Minstrels, Erie was lively while                  WhliteCityChicago.KatnsasCit.St.Louisa  1     i
evidence. Fid- the boys were home.                                    Season. 'Iis week Rrugis Park. Omaha. Neb.
dliners on the                  * * *                                 Wireatint urexplse. Address all coinunication s to,
Le Pelletiers are enjoying success wit
ntly underwent their newer act. On the Cheyenne Trail            GEO. S. WOOD, Mgr., care Colonial Theatre, Chicago
ting easily and  They are now en route through Indiana.
ce declare that
recovery. He     George  A. Hunt, socretary, and 1L    Buy BILLPOSTERS' SUPPLIES               MOVING PICTURE BUSINESS
Hospital, where  Zimrielmann, concessionaire, of the Me-  S              l               FROM
s stricken with  Henry County Fair, Woodstock, Ill., illu-                                       growing tr1in'nanuly. Heliable     fir
and an opera- minated 'the general offices of THE        C  HAS.         BERNARD                      i    h re in tho- Li.S.  t   ightnd
His wife, who  SH-OW    WORLD     with  their presence               *    _                          io)nws rih  l good salaries o' sh'rt 'utice'
ime, was sub- Wednesday, July 31. Secretary Hunt de-           Suite 609 Rector Bldg., CHICAGO   OPERATORS' EXCHANGE,120 Randolph St. Chicago
claros that the fair to be held at Wood- Suppilvallbrushes usedivBarnumi&  aile.
stock, August 20 to 30, this year. will ex- Iingitnh Hrts.. Hagenheck-Wa~llacC Shi.. FORSALE-MIRRORS
rehearsing a  cel all previous events arranged by the JoihtHinsonShow.etroros.Showsand
entitled Hotel McHenry County Association.              all billposters who prefer the best brush on For Complete Fun Factory: 18 ,lasses
'let that treats                                         t *  the Inarkt.                       .0xi70, and Electric Sign2i in. Letters
rs playing the   Steve O'Grady will leave St. Louis for                                        . Make meanofer. Sellatasacrifice
ell known per- New York, August 15, to join the Henrv
d the best of Wc Savage forces and willoleupy "1                                   E             Mirrors, care of Sho-w World, Chicago
excecutive position onlthe Eneasaff     Western Dramatic Exchange               iros      caefS'wWldciao
The Madam    13uitterfly Company, which    Mataigcrs santing reliable peop  ite                  One Powers lvinglicltur
o cast the lat- is to open its tour in New York Cit        1Ila                                                         e
the manage-   Sept.70. Mr OGrady's contributions to                                                             Paleris Sri ilt-l  I  um Tomi Boys
Associated as THE    SHOW   WORLD     have attracted          P. J. RIDGE, Manager.                             ingood ceondition. $50: alo
s, they  have   some little attention in amusement cir-                                          other short aid long subjects and Mitur for Mot
f that time on  cles, and we are pleased to announce                                             ing Piturellachtie. OPERATORS' ExHIANGE
that from time to time our readers will NOTICE:-Vaudteville Acts. Sketches. etc.. 120 Randolph Street, Chicago.
be entertained with  contributions from  including Singing, Dancing, Dramatic Art.
ny of Milwau- this facile writer's pen.                 Ietc., Written. Coached and Rehearsed.     Advertise In THE SHOW     TWORLD.
28 ii
- I

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