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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 22-23

Parks and fairs,   p. 23

Page 23

Au ust*1 10. 1907.
EDNA. P. NEUMANN, Jr., President
JNO. C. McCAFFERY, Treasurer
United Stats Tent and Awning Co. ENEDW. R. LITZINGER, Secretary
156:to17West Randolph Street
All Orders Receive Prompt Attention
I            fthes 'l   pa~l  l  Il  m ities,  has  it(-
phasllil< t11 0 Iat  iat has hiithertto been
comi Ii,,        bl0  i  lIt   as all act tle
exhjibitionI  is  C eo LII  p1  - NO tIY
The unrnunt1 & 1 ;la ve shlows have been
plavinlg thrlough lowa,, w ith great success.
h  sho olstill rettains it thrillingclos e
still biioIl'ing 1hilaity and general pleas-
ure.            aea
II. I. Ellis advance man of Pawnee
Bill's wild west, intends lmaking a fight
litill tLie  1aIlial  license  wIicli  is  geller-
all con1sid1I cd Iy sliowinen to be ex-
orbittillt.  l.  Ellis  basis  his  claill  on1
the fLct that Pawnee Bill's exhibition is
not 11 ircu 11, and Consequently cannot be
charged for a cirus licenlse.
The Barnum & ilailey circus narrowly
til.  a ca t1st0pli  1itr Cttokstol,
13111 bli bstxxeekX'lie-iL a 11IlilO 5LtSt'k
the big top at the conilusion of tle
afternoon performliance. The gale lasted
butt a few moments, and the crowd was
little 11o1 than badly frightened.
* * *
Exciting hippoilole contests are the
big feature of tile Notis & ROw' cilcus
tills se'ason. These spectaeles ate always
sltisfying and the Norris & Rowe con-
tests have growNIx  to great proportions.
This year tile young Circus imen are cele-
bratilg their tw'nty years of partnership
tilld itr issuing i IlianlS lllc souvenir to
conenioiorate tile occasion.
A large Comlpany of trained allnimals,
known as Holder's trainod animal show,
has been exhibiting at P1abst Park, M\il-
xaukel, and will Continue there .for two
weeks longer. ()I1e of tt ns1eial Lttrao-
tions is an octette of trained oxen.
* * *
'Tie war betoveen tile   -lagenbeck  &
Wallace and the Forepaugh & Sells Bros.
cirLIStS is proceeding i r'il)Y through-
oilt Indiana. 11atry Earl, tile head press
agent, is inl direct command of the Ilag-
enbeck & Wallace forces, and is carry-
lng oil a spitit,1 aln1u11airi, boh in thn
Foeipaul-Stls  m1n   xon  thie  initial
skirm11ish, but Earl does not intend to say
die, and as a r11suit the local newspapers
are glining many shkels.
Ti1I,0 announcement is nmnde that Bu1f-
falo 1 Iill's XNild West vill not give
stre-I t paiade on the day of 'exhiiition'.
h'lier  are several reasons for this de-
isittn, but th 1principal o11 is found in
the fa1t that horses and ineon give an 1im-
proved performance whlen not compelledl
to parade in the hot sunl or disagreeable
rain for a couple of hours
* *t*
lliaenBro.wi adtheir hgreato
haing,' 1i-en shiowxing througholot Ximoon-
sin with grat success. Tdie sl0V paris
this year 100 arenic anld hlippodrome
feattire acts, an army of IIorses and it
host of performers,
A war is oil between the bill posters
of 'awnee Bill's Wild West and Barnum
& IHailey's circus at Sterling, Ill. The
shows exlibit it that place within ten
days, and the display of Pipet is cOrres-
poiilllgly large xxvitI 1110 resnilts ablot
an even break.
"'\o Brighton  B1ach   for ours. The
Jamtstown exposition is good enough for
the original 101 Halnch Vild west show."
In this brezy we'sternism the big wild
west show announces their intention of
re,maining at the exposition, despite tltoi
rlports to the contrary that have been so
industriously circulated.
T    Daily Reportr, of Wite Plains,
N. Y'., is commlenting on thle Walter T,.
511111 circus, hlad the folloxxing to say:
'A ircus like the Walter L. Main aggro-
gation is a welcome one indeed.     MtY
lain is anl experienced showman, and hs
personally present with th1e Circus. Ther
are two largo rings and a     xplatform  to
the XYalter L. Main shows, making it
possible for any one and every one to
Soo all the performances. 'The featur
of the big circus is the 'Hippodrome Ele-
Plilnts,' intl th  afternoti  attendance
tte moultitude that thronged 'the tent a
thic evening performance.'
* * *
The Hageibeck &   Wallace circus re
cently played a most successful ongage
ment in Big Rapids, M1ic1. The trainot
animal acts were the imost approciatt'I
by tile local pleasure-s'ekers, and tihi
funny clowns furnished amusement fo
Tlie report was spread last week thia
John Robinson, tle owlnerl, of the grea
Join Robinsoiv shtx'. Zis1       tilil
Witih  thle  reti'tOi'0  'f  /1,1  l l i) ', t- ti'4
purlase of the( property lid out by tite
late Jolt  Alexander Dotwie. Robinson is
it the head of manly conceris and it is
possible thLat the city founded by Dowic
xxill be secured for tile use of tile differ-
olt Companies.        *
it would appear that there is absolutely
no foundationlitr tile Wilely CirCIlate
rnil~ot that Mall. Jallies WX. Biley~ Ilii
Offered to dispose of her holdings in the
lialilnLli & Bailey shows to the Itilnglilng
Clifford Succeeds Wheeler.
J. E. Cliffold. a well-kInown wvestell
nwSaier m1 alt snowlial, lts 0een
ltle'    1   Irlress rereltSenttivLie- of tile
,ig  0ils-oto1  Stiuws,  to   succueo
ue       \\te \ 'teler, I ecolty I esgled. As
iII1 IIheeler is one 0 tile oltest and
"lost wxtely expellnd 01 all tile cir-
neS 1teStgo<nts, it woul s   hu a rate
11L l   k  tO  -\11'.  tilftlto a  0ity  that  tile
owneIS ot tile bilg   ais-Fito    ahows
,0elected lim1  .r so nllilioltant a post.
.xnd tile Dust ovidenee tilat ile 11as made
good "re tile CO1u1111S alld oinnlullS oLi
cuts aldI notices tills snow has beent gien1
LIoligo  1olot, i1an1SuS, UlailolL at
ie     11lal   101n  Itory.
a    eit    h4(  11Owspa e I) al  unu aILIIi  tI  Su(CceSS-
ulii Linentelilt lmainagel'. le wts tile ISt
pealS unt contietihg agent oi 'Itie ()tto
rJIL itto Inwl n e IMS adequtIlyI tilled
tio posmitans of City editr 1n1    n1ewS
ditor tor tie Leiver Post. th-rue ling
;iinillted to his pielit position ile wls
ito' pless igent laik witiLi t  show.
Farmers Ride in Autos.
What do you think of the airogance
of  Sunil  woi'liln  ats  1itlttlis  a  tarielr  to
fling his giruden truck to town overy
uay lit a    u automlooile: -'ntes J. E
I itfoid, gIIerl lress IprSetaIIitixC of
t  Big behs-t'eto Shows. 
\ot ly one, but three sucIh ftnllners,
to rn  peIsonal knowledge and obserl-
t o  lite 1no tile licillity Of lutchinson,
10810 11 goes oIl to State.
a\t ts.,  lilL1015 liit Nstern Kansas
ale 1ndcig ill auittilablits now,'' Mt, Clif-
10d s letter goes oil to state, "and they
11\C Ill 11ouSiS lk, iewltort nuilliolaires,
xi th el~etei- Iglits, luot d iold nxat 1
scoer e tli iuluxuvryoti<1 modernly
''AtI l alI tills ill xxstitlli 1115llas--only
a f-w yols Lago, thIe Most deSpOilsed 'see-
ti nit of tI mtliddl west.
"In thIe not  ley distant days west-
ern Kanisats wits mutch akin too tile great
Arnilii Disirt, wIhI Goldlield, Tono-
lh and Rh   lite now Ilourish. Only the Amleilan Desert is still a desert,
while 1misuis blossoms like a llowo'ergar-
'''Ilicre is nowV all tile Witter you need
aid I the CultivA'tiiOll 0f sugrilt beets his
leVolutiolliztd this Section of tile coun-
ti '. Lan1d thait sold for $2 and $5 tin
ntere less thni  tell yearls  g o cannot
1W bought ot I10, $550 aind $i0 today.
"We thouiglht Nt'vlllda V was going some
wiien  Colrihld. Tnopilt and  tiyolite
dalt's $1 flor genial adission, $2 and
,3 for reserved seits and 25 cents for
pink limona1d1'; witIt automobiles $75 a
day, 1a1, li-tm iand eggs $1.51, but com-
nitlatilv spllin' tile 1111slit ie' prospei-
itx' of I-ittusits is ,Its til) rinakatile as
the spectacul1ar methods of tle western
gold C'ampls.
''  way add also that nither has the
xxiteIt Or coir  clOp of Kilsas been a
failuri', no the fruit crops of Oklahoma
itil1 ITdialia'Arritai-y  a  total at
''l'ie K-ls-I  x'ii'Lls  were nlearly  at
lhighl-water mark and mlore than fifty
I  r  I l t oif the(  Oklahonult andt(  Indiain  Ter-
lit   ry  ov lrds  have  twoI soA .''
Beli<  in!L I t t  the  tLHouSanIS  'If 1peoplek
tiat contitute, the yearly attenlldlIice Of
11, hig literstlite fai att Sioux Falls,  .Ie
shiouldl halve proper care in the event thiey
becomle ill on the glolunds, the nillage-
ient lis decided to establish all Omer-
gel)  hospital this year, presided ovei
bY a plivsician and with four trainet
, nurses Ill constant attenulance,
t  ITi fait to be held this year at Shen.
1ndtah, la., h11 been billed throughou
a t: rritory of 2,000 miles. The fair manl
ag'ieIlt does not intend to Iide its ligh
inder a bushel biasket.
l 'nler the direction of the lomlinen
1businiess men of tlihe city, and the per
soial nanagemient of Captain Peabody
SIritlildd, Mo., will hold a fall festiva
this your.
t    That the Iowa state failr that opens a
TI  :Iolb > i ll  I"   I~-  ltj  1) nt1 Int1illi  ,\
is the opilion held by those in author-
ity. Many inipiovelments tire binlg maI
onl the( grounds for the(, convnm c (2111aI  '
visitors an~d exhibitors, amlong them   R  OL iI                 K  ET
Ia inallillith log pavillion erected it                T       K
tast of $70,000
0.  *I We have the largest stock in the United States
Armoutr. So. Dak., will be the scene 01
tle,'aiti . Dotuglas t'outiiL) fair, wiith
,ill te Ield o1 Seiut. 4-5-6-7   Th e fi  Orders shipped saie day as received
ituguIs Well to be more prosperous  millt      at the following prices.
2,000 to 26.000......15c per thousand
A new exhibition building, erected at  26000to 50.000...... ..14cperthousand
a cost of $25.000, will be thrown oplen  5o1000 to 100,000 ...... 13c per thousand
when the anllual Tennlesse'' state fir is  0cpthosand
iiatiguiated Se p ct. 23.                   to500,.11  ... 12c hertitotSand
* * *Milliolots.............11cpertousandI
'ho encourage farm r boys who desire                   __lo .....1r__
t college education, but have difficulty iln
acquiiing till' wh'ierewithal, tile  g  On1 'rll tickets  ir unionlaplt oils e
m1n1t of tIl' Iowa state fair will htold ai -e Sendiforsamplesheet.
ilrn and stock judging contest 01 M<>n-
day, Aug. 26. Three prizes ale offered      PARKSUPPLYCO.
it)le fiit b~eing' $200, 131e sicond $100 atd PRiUP            L       O
tl' t<iiI $25. '2lltse prizts will 0  lie-  6244 South Park Ave., Chicago
towed onl the winniing Contestants and
pin'-d to tihcir Credit with tie treasurer
of LIt' Stitte agricultural college.
.\,i-Iatlglients for the Carthage, Ohio
fair. WilChih is to Io lield August 13 to 17
;t cni aring , compilution. During thle past
Il-ihs Ih biings have been rmiodeleld
aind paintcd, muli( Secretary D. L. Samp-
so annunceI'S tlutt a great numnber oIf
rnaiittrious free attractions have been
seured.                                                                -
C rotk Stonl. Milnnesota, is SConlsid "rinlgL
oilntlarging its county fair into a larl-lr
exhibition to be known as thili  Red i I R Iet
Valley Fair.
The Jackson (1ll.) township ninth an -
iltl lI  whith xill o hield at Mlouldt's
Pail,    wlit I    b t2 is to le run on a
different plan than formeri  Of late thIe
fiir has been local, but this y''ar there
Ire many exhibits that all oipen to tile
state and county.
There will be no liquor sold on t3e1
grounds of the West Michigitn state fair
this year.
Plans have alread'    -en made for the
holding of ti fair tt M\asonI, Ohio, this
'ouir. if lielt. it will probably take placox
tiwo or three days ifore the Lebalnon
fair, which lients Sept. 24.
The Belmont County Agricultural So-
-cety is preparing for the greatest ftir
in its Ilistory hIt St. Clairsille, W. Va.,
Aug. 27, 28 and 29.
The question if an agricultural stiret
fair for Anoka, inn., is just now at sUl-
ject of much Comment amo1n11 tIt' hIlst-
Ilss men of that vicinit'  and it is most
proiable that tile fair will be given.
The Benton county (Iowa) fair dates
Ilixe been set fir Sept. 24 to 28, inclu-
e    Last 'earthe.assoeintion11 did not
field at fair,, aind the year before their
attempt was not very successful, but it
is planned to illIke at fair this year one
LIat will le wxorth while.
Lincoiln Coutn  Agricultural Asso-
thol   s cciied IIto 1hld ti I annual
inat ("aion, So. Dak., tills fall. Tht,
I'ilosito to 0old a faii had been liang-
ing fire for slme ta.le
A unique plan of advertising tle Maili-
towo  Coilllty fair. to he fi-ld  Sen. 4
5, 6 and I at Manitowoc  Wis..  t hieo'
aittultet lxy tliethu drcorlIs. '''  thl-
STillid Isal tOdis hiae r)'Il printed and
distributed among the mer11Ihnts of this
city with a retiest that they send them
out to their farmer friends.
'T'he Oconto ColilLI 'XXWI  fal-is ISa11-
t'illliicei  fei'  Seplt.  2.  4,  5   and .  'Thei
lilitigtme'lt 1ptomisis a f-il this yoar (If
proio-sreahibt pidporacti  ontsoig all
1rixioils  exItiihts  '1n1d  'Iitl'ittiolls.
* * *
Eerythiing is fast rounding into shape
for' tie big Copper Country fair, which
is to lie held at tie' AillnIiIrOlme, Hough-
ten, Mich., Sept. 24 to 28.
l'll(, managers of tle Wisconsill state
failt tn  leit             isesiegedi 1inis i 5181'   witl,
aplica~titons foi. Space by- li-hill'l' 0,111-
1lanit's,  til 111 dieintion enseart  that tle
flaiit o f 1907 wxill b'eat' eclrl-lr'alt  ill
t11s particular department.
C. -\'. Eirvee, secretary of tile Dodge
Ci   wnt' Fair Assoiiation, has issued a
list of I tremiliums of over 132I pages, and
los iizes ill nearly all tht      i departments
tve pieen natorially increased. New at-
tI" ainice niave been contractd for and
t1  1907 fair will eclipse all previous
fairs held at Beaver Dal. XVis.
Sixteen blinds from  leadi'ng eities of
\ isc< nsin   il  I",  broughit  to  the  Stitt('
If ou are in the mirkt for a Figure 8,
Scenic Railway or Coaster, Write to us We
o0 itInd aprat W also bld il Con-
tl a'  At presentNe are oprating.
6244 South Park Ave., CHICAGO
If not. vou should ,it acquainted. 1l1
inakesclothcxtoriithltricalpeople.Xi Wheln
vou play in Chicago. give hiin a call and
look over his line. Always the latest pat-
terns,.                 Suite 612,
-Cenral3768 167DearbornSt.
CallMe -Cor. Monroe
WANTED TO         BUY    otig  1I,111
Piceturei M1achie
Fihns, shlort an'd longI -ubjects.  Muslt he inl good
andaitio, 11. I t II"  4Ita  Clark  Street, Chicago
fair. It is planned to have four or five
hands on the grounds every day. The
Si-ge of Moscow, 1t. E. Gregory's big
spectacle, will be the star attraction of
the fair this year.
It has reen di-finitely decided to ulild
ai 'outryIX lair ill Estlierville, lit., this
fill, the last week in Soptember being
the date fixed.
In alddition to the regular agricultural
lispl iy and racing which will be features
of the (irant County (Indiana) fair. See-
ri-tary SupIll has made arrangements with
a  ntunier of   aiusement   enterprises
which wvill furnish pleasure to the visi-
t a      ting of retail merchants. job-
Itoi-S itnd noiinfatillctnes held at Spring-
heold 1i1., last week it was definitely de-
ttermin ii to Iiold a fall festival and car-
nionl in Spiingfield the latter part of
BT tween 4,000 and 5,000 people were
in attendince at the ftlir recently held
at Liike Geneva, Xw'is. The gate receipts,
is we I is tite exhibits. exceeded the ex-
poetation of the plomloters.
'i'le TXhitniy is making preparations
for a    eittong clobr-ation of the two
hunldredlth performiance of the  HnTubell
and Smith triumph. A Knight for a Day
hits outdistanced all of its musical corn-
petitors and given some of the staid
dramatic offerins a severe fright. John
Siaxin and Mabel Hite are still keeping
up their record of not missing a per-
formince and the ice pliant uses the pre-
cribcd three tons daily.
Dan McCoy returned last week from
New York and is now located at the In-
telrnational Theatrical Exchange, Ran-
1anph and Clalk stiets.
Satisfaction Guaranteed

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