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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Patrick, Warren A.
Pat-chats: pertinent paragraphs personal and professional,   p. 20

Gordon, Jack
Stageland: stories of the past and present,   p. 20

Page 20

August 10, 1907.
The Show World Publishing Co,
WARREN A. PATRICK, General Director
ALIUST FROEBEL, Business Manager
61 Grand Opera House Building
87 South Clark Street
Lt,   it   as  .so01-cii o  ittiii  tutIln-  25.
1  ,  at th Pf,  ostonice  at  Chiicago.  Illinois,
undr it- not I Iongress of March 3, 1879.
All conimunicalions to the Editorial or Business
tlpartment should be addressed to The Show
t'tiblhiit t('o.
Payable in Advance.
Year  ......--- . -....- - -.......- -.. ............$4.00
S ix  M ontiIh s  ...................................  2.00
t r   M i ths  .................................  1.00
Foreign subscriptins it.i extra per year.
'Iat, supii  it' to,- ('ll tern News Coin-
Isuit, tdett-t-tt Omfies, ChIicago.
Fift 1- 11,t pr l~im  Ig u  measure. Whole
ig- '  t00;  hialf  Ias  -  'o ;  quarter  iagi,
its  i If   r.-s-ional  iards  suim itted  out
'Tht lat firmits of 0tot-i SIOV WORLD
oe  at  oon 'very Monday. Clients are
t   Il I I  rward their advertising copy as
earIty as posible each week to insure best
positior  and dhistlat inu succeeding issue
TiE   0 SHOW WORL.D is Issued Tuesday of
eatih stoek atid datedi Saturday.
'ttE Situ'XX' X'00lli  is  ,)ell  to  all  train.,
anf now- stand's thr~oughoeut the U tnited State,;
am I (Ianada, wihare supplied by the Wes t -
I it News company. of chicago, and its
IratI-tits.  Failtuire to st-out-, THE  SHOW
fOhD     rio  these  sources should  be
i otitd to the general offices of this pub-
Nwiis-dealers are requestel to place orders
"it, the  tesit-rut Nt-its Compitany or its
All rmeittances to THE SHOW     WORLD
shiiulid II iade by Postoffice or exutress
ptuey ottor to registered letter adIressei or
imaitO payttito to 'The- Shsow W.orld P'ubolishing
The Editor will not be responsible for the
Ititur  of unsolicited  moanusoripts, but if
stamps art' inclosel they will be returned to
orrespondents if found unavailable.
Copies of each issue of THE SHOW
WOR.D    will be kept on file at the
following   hotels  in   L4irope  where
they  iay    be   found    by   visiting
Hotel  Excelsior  ...............Rome
Eiysee Palace, Grand Hotel.
Continental Hotel..........Paris
Cecil  Hotel ................... London
Shephards    Hotel...............Cairo
Hotel  Bristol............-----    erlin
Hotel   Bristol .............  . --- Vienna
Hotel Hungaria .......... Buda Pesth
Bertolinas' Hotel........        Nraples
Hotel Cecial ............i braltar
Hotel St. Antoine .......Antwerp
Grand   Hotel .................. Venice
Reading Room, Casino.. Monte Carlo
Grand Hotel du Louvre.. .Marseilles
Tunisia Palace Hotel.... .....Tunis
Palace Hotel..........Constantinople
National   Hotel .............. Lucerne
Hotel Royal, Credit Lyo-
naise   ...................... N ice
Iti his plea for rest for actors ot the
Shbi1atli.  published  in  TIE    SHOW
'fOtr,) August 3, Bishop Samiuel Fil-
ltws of Chicago Proved himself to be a
sincere friend to the largo aruty of pro-
fossional people, toany of whot doubtless
harbor tte thope that tOtto Sundatitty-closing
law wtlih -t ishop Ftllows so earnestly
nvoeatos may not oily be enacted by
oery stato inl itht' I'nIion, but he univr-
iT  in  ito  t01 i.  
,-I' ing  1t  ist  at  tt it  -ne,  tr   it  hai  he
uli, place of amuSeenItIt ill te t'tiited:
Soates were closed Sundays.  ntold athu 1-
Santdts wito now  spend t OtI IeI  S a1)1)totItI
evenings at the theater, park, music litl
or other places of amousement would be
I-eprived of perhaps their best sourc of
enjytn , while tle   owneis  of tt
mtiusenent resorts affected would suffei
no insignificant financial loss. But, ilI
tt other hand, tte professional ptopl',
whio at-c forced to toil datily for their
blrad   ouIlr have the rest to which they
i-e entitled by the law of God and oature
oin one day of act week, the sane as
toilers in other fields of human endeavr I
to close every plter of anouseiet itt
lit- countr'y by tto operation of a utivt-
sal law wtould be in the nature of a rev-
olution not easil' accomplished.   It is
not so ntich because the managers of
ptlaes of Public amtnuseient desire to
k-ip them open Sundays for monetary
gain, that the Sabbath is Violated. but,
as Bishop Fallows points ott, it is itain-
ly because the American peopl want no
restritiOns placed upott their 'i'asontable
ittsire to  aiuse  themselves as  they
please regardless of tite, date or playe.
'rlis being admitted, it is not the Iman-
ager then. who is to be wholly blaied
for the evils attending unrestricted Sitn-
day amiusements, but tt, popli     who
ilemand and will find the means of satis-
Iting their craving for enjoyment, ito
matter wIat tle law  may dio in the
Premiiises. It follows, therefore. that a
ititrsal Sunday closing campaign, to
be su-cssfl, tmust be based upon thte
pinciple of education of tt, masses o
tHe imonal and Physical benefits to le de-
iVo-d frot tto universal operation of a
,ot1lo~tht clIosing labw.
We'e  itt,  ngers of various places
of itius-itnet throughout the countttry to
ti.t as a unit in the matter of closing
ttitr iatos of busintess Sundays, no law
i-njoining such a course would be ineces-
sary of enaotitent. But in the comipeti-
tion which rules ito this as in all other
businesses, this ourse, Itowevr desirable
it mttight 1,e, is problematical if not ito-
possible. Meanwhil, professional people
iut contintIe to labor as they have in
tte plist, week itt and week out, vith-
iot ri-aso fromo til. As it notands,
the managers are oe-Iiess itn the prem-
iso-s fmi without iserted action or pil-
ie approval. no relief is possible.
At-tor folk are  not ungrateful, and
while tto agitation in their behalf is
1bei   tontiited i isuch able atd coi-
so-tettiots t-toruileto  ots  Bishiop  Fat-
ltows, their hope of enjoying their Sab-
haths like other people as a Veritable
day of rest will never die, and otte day
it may hue realized. Then Bishop Fal-
lows and thousands of other workers in
the cause of Itinanity will receive the
heartfelt thianks of thousands of worthy
toilers inl whose Ltehalf they tre work-
itng -without tite hope of emnolument or
-eward other than tle tribute of their
own consciences, and the approbation of
those whose interests they aro subser-
o.   ody (although is Ir I--at  !
is Brignaier General) during tt pastto,
weeks has given one of the best exhibi-
tions ever given   under  canvas.   His
etock is unsurpssed and his riders have
never been equalled. A better balanced
and swifter show could not be seen.
Since ie came to othe front as an en-
tertainer he has won tthe admiration off
nearly every nation in    Europe.   The
ionarchis have doffed their hats or tur-
bans and so have the subjects. Cody is
ioe of the conspicuous figures of our
tine, for if ever there was ot,, ie is the
typitt westeri cavadier witl ithei Pih
iif tit, topes anitecedento 10Itiii in tt(
days of the poetic and Picturesque char-
toter of France and England.      Major
Jottn  Burike tias be-en identttifiet  witit
',il' simck  the  ltter's  life iatiti- p1in
Het has aI heart as broad as tire coniti-
nint. Associating almost froim boyhood
with such thetric. aIl  itll s O',,  Rob-
i.rt E. Mtiles. Daove idwoeli, 'Toil) IDo;it
ielly, John Norton. Tom   Davies (th I
fathwr (of linnie Maddern Fisk). and a
S( ore,  of  otlers-  liberal  minided,  svIm I-
5,                         _-
.SIt  In  - ;Ioi,  a  t ioi IIi  n i> m yi- , I n   tlh  toot  that  iis  onition  of
'IiE  SH )\\, \\U l   is  onI  of fo rt-four I p g s inIsted  if forty as announiced
onl the sub-titl age. Anl i1scrt wais nccessitattd at the hour of going to
prtss because of the ever-incr asing demtaind for advertising space, and rathter
than  iepiv  nn ft em<  1 t e ltt-st Onews  int  whic ltthV  are vtitally 1te este
lby subtstitting advei-i-io-tts ttt,-fot. I I tt"' decidtt- to cutttrge "Iitd SHONV
TXORIA) so  that with  the  coming  issu e  it oill toe  not only  tile  largSt  tit Itll
host journal of its class ever Issued in o tt wvorld.
The steady groVth of THE SHOW WliAl) is a subject of anazed comoent
in amusemin-tt and bunsinss cirlt-S. lI-ginnoing its career less thant two iontis
ago wtih ai issu, of fift-two ptgeS which  nmittedl was tile toost tisnutiful
nagazine ever Published inl this country, I r-solvd I upon; a weekly issue of
twenty-four pages. This S1Ione ploved to b, totill\ itdtlinute and tht,- third
issue was one of thirty-twsto pages. Iheit cant, otI- of thirty-six. anotier of
forty, then one of forty-fotir antd here we ar auamin with another of like size.
What does this growth intdicat? Sirplo thtat ' ,il )IW WORl) is tmking
good everywhert  ind that its oastly irset circtlttion fromn wi-k to week
is convincing advI rtisers that in this journal theyN ha'oe an unsurptassed med-
Im for tt- exploitation of their wares with tt,- certainty of securing the best
A casual glance at the contents of ttis l inumtbr will tonvince any reader
that THE SHOW     VORIAD stands in t class bV itself. Its route lists are Ott,
most complete, wlil its dive-trsifid correspondence is not on lI'tv growing with
tach issue, but is more comnprt iehnsivt, in variety and trcatntttt of news thIan
1oas been hithberto given by anly other atmutsment journal. No journal devoted
to amusements can htop  ior suiccess inlss it publishes all the news and as I
have previously urgtId, tto expwnse sIal be spared byv me to make THE SH1OW
WVORLD the Premier journal of its clASs ttot only in the Variety and scope of
its correspondence, blut its other fedttitus as well.
Int this coonection I desire to }tar, a theart to teart talk with the amuse-
nt,  Potli'.  I  watt titerrt-etiC s i  <-tttt lo t'l-<ts < f  relitthility  itt  every  set  on lof
wvili  Dot  lt'tltt-t' atttrac-ttittns  inoo',rtv,I f  eo, ,tot-tatiitil tonor  totionon  onttil  ts,
terit  praise.  I  vantt  the  lat-st. iotst  and  most  reliable  news  of  interest to
tt, people of tht, anIs,mno-tt world. Tll ', SIltio\ wmIIID proposes to publisth
all t1e news of ittest of tthe dramtna, vaoudvill,. music. opetra, burlesque, min-
strelsy, circus.  summter  P rk, i nival.  str,- i tin  -,oint  fair.  skating  rink
ctlautauua, etc. The putblit-tiont of rout,s specially owill be a feature during
the current seasont. Prof-ssionals are cordtiallv iivitdi ti make the oflices of
TIE SHOW    WORLD thir headquarters when itt Chicago. Mail addressed in
our care will be promnptly forwarded.
The brilliant feature a'rticlos published we,-klo- ill THE, Sti+ (\'OeIIDste
attracting  attentitiot  ot   iC     t     `tticle- , I   avitie  eastern  press
Vaudeville  Itas  bee  tle  sibjet  of  ttltt at  t mnwtt  ittitt"  easerr  to
While tite appeal of Bishop SinoIn  alow. tof h(awt d f  S hIat  r-st fot
tel acto , spublished  ito  tt,  ir tl'  lf hit- it   wekt  A dot ko   toorkt tiscuilo
its  proft-ssitonal  tttd.  a1 go , .iit  itr,S  1'11is , --  Mtttl i l ttks t,-oe-
known Chicago theatried" aIttorny conltribultes a thoulglful USSaly On the \,olt
tion of anmusemnottts wvh-lit h will commmltota itttntimst. Next week Ltouis E. Cooke.
ite of the best knowNV showm1,1enl in , th ounotry. -will contrbt el  xeln
trticle upon thle subj t. _The G'ospel of tRecreationt. which will Ite fouind to ,
entertaining as well as inlstructive.
p   titic stl er c taitale    to ttie
weakneosses of their fetliovo it is littl'
wonder thant tie is lieovedn 1 tall xvbox
-otettst ibtween tios, inen of the past
and those of the tuisis wviho controllti 
theatermt oda .he 'li 'llear fa-itet iari little
fo r Iltioi-  xx NVlienit a'i xxas  i-otit- iorli-
'tose of todtoy -well Iow diffeent
lut roft-ting to   Col. Cod v 'i s  sIhow.
Tciir  ito to ''tolt XX'st-' lilts s>aken
Itaiotts with kings  o  with the chosen
oif tte polite so(iety of E'uropeano Couin-
tries. 11is nait, is John  iaker. He was
brouglt  tip Ott the westeri  fronti1 of
lather and known as Baker's Ranch. It
wIas a station of the "lpony express" and
really  a  stockade. 'Whien   Very votung
ind his oother xished to bring him     to
timle she would not mention "bogie" but
simplyejtilate I .litiotto--- ttle Joht-
1,v grewo itoto onei tit tile tost expert
aitarksmini ever seen. It, coutld and cao
iiake Wiltiarm Tell Ilok like a pair of
<-tsc against a full land.
When ICol. Ctdv    sov xas in Pris
iit,, itot-itohir  of tto 'T'rri'utto ttot Choasse,
it iltn1 coootssed of tthe iobility and ih,
society im, illionnires of Eulrope. invited
joinnili  liakr to St000 With tthto  1Their
(bits) hotus,' is  oil Otto Islandot it tit,' Sineo
lhey hoe   itop to show this pleian
xo'stirnei Ito  hitle It, know  of shoot-
iIIg.  Ie wis stlut n1ig nio t  1iscover
ttis ty i-u-taitn iiiitt-io  atoo ito a few'
tis 1tir i-xcosiVeo   e politentess.  Xell,
Jiltoey sailed itn With  tt  ottrt  "I'T o
score was thtii-t-iV  birds.   I, pottied
every one   and   vaoiluished  the  Party.
Then the getolemn' enomiurnts kneow
too botnds, neither did thi- enthustsm  of
thle three or four thousand ladies and
gentleient xolot witnessed ito ehi bitioni
Baker was h iildert for anni iute. ali
fibis wxas  tOp.ratttt-t  ty  at pet-itemanti
stepping forward and   presonltill riit
with t Ieivy  gold   mItedt el1otedy
tesiined. Ini Ito i  --ttin jitnioit riie
to  ilyv ttitit ie( hiad iout i-t1o,- to reivei
any inedtl bot th'y insist-, saying too
illt wonl it fairl%  11.. as ait offset. gavo'
01iln atn exhibit inof ,  thtt.tu
tit--  '55 ox-o 00 totti Otit itt, onttitsi-
:,sm-itti t in  oter ait i, \ -ve beell
awarded :1 1,na     gladinfor. They thenr
proesenited himl withali      mm    rhp
oneth t us never been accord-
Itxrry Brown. the former husband of
oo- Lceslie, tite imaginative aind alti-
tiitjtr < xOic xVwitori- oi dramitttic ffair
itt tto, D);i  Nox-s. mttade, e-it g realtI
-tier-ss'-s lt senson     than did C'tne in
Davidoffin mnill b deae ilIIgIn
]Illy of tht itt-e it1- gotes tott agatii
itt0  coming season.    Harry is a joVial
fellow. who    has   broadened   oult witi-
NvI-ti-s- itis -irt Itas tilso grownt noo1
s1,ft anid iisite, w-tile tte forit r Mts
itrown sin(,ce site cavorted ott tle fringe
of Practical stageiand     mid  went int
serihhle upon tthe momtetouoits topie. lik
Iot  otit xVhose 1,o0 is cast ill news-
Piper xtato-to. IIts become totore iireuit-
-ribod itn her Vision. St, never forgets
t fancjitt wirong, whether itt the case at
tt manager who declined to giVi tier anl
eIntotgaigtent or trivial feminine slight-
-efore She adopted tte quill. Take itt
Sitcet'. Aisv  tio  love voutr illiginarl
, itiitti. It oxitt itos you good. I Wottli
1-k-0 to print ant interview ott this phas'
if tie- amiable Arny, with Francis Wil-
.-ont, De -Wolf Hopper and motatty others.
It is  i. iut it is undoubtedlly a fil-
it-lii  ttoat  manyt toti im itI11o wxtstii
Who itve refuset to crook itto kneete
tihe  syndicate   have   been   blacklisted
'1h'ttis re'mindos aooI of as .stoy  A feti
T~i s   aondle andfm in  Wit into thlo
1polland bulildinig, atfterI K. a1ndt E. liall
mov-d froo     ltwent-e-ightjth street. it
hPao tn t  egitite  a e  fitetrtit  onl thi
Iower   steps   takitg  off  Itis  shoe,
aids   zookso"   ejaculated ti  leadity
mitaI. "wIt foir art thou diisting wta
self of thv satndals E------ ig     o-   ti Wear,
ily resplondle(',  mt I amiigoinl' ouhll
Synagogue. and by tmy jeri      a lotay
let aind good Damtascu-is llate. I  aer-
well go right now      -as   later on  pet-
i-Ianci't I Inay pot at fi-otot eat." Ile et-
lilltt  notany othurs.
Lots   of wiseactes    hatve giVtin Bill\
irado   the laugh   for som- year over
It  Stellar carer of his     oif,  Grit
ntrge.    Nowo tte   tabls at'   turnee
Ito- ooeti htor IaT,itto sea-sonti axeli-
hI-gt att -ot's  t-' n-nt I  mor anoth-
to.t  S 1ir   l   i   o -t 1 t- : li -t Al  805
o lnipetitol S        Ii         i  o`
1low         .. e                  al
o um l t .
- -I- I

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