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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Vaudeville,   pp. 18-19

Page 18

-. I
August    . 1907.
I~ll  xcellnt  blls   it  thw  imude-
Nille  it o es,   eirtts  of  iew  Itt'-
W     aters to be devoted to this enter-
Llitwnt and arrangements in progress
_:i te opening of tiue hayiarket and
lie new  Olyapic, there was much to
ungage the attention of vaudevillians in
Iitago last week. In advance of thie
ipeniiug of the active season l1nd thie x-
u,rorditlary doiand for acts all along the
lilte, it Was : lively week at the various
ooking othees about town.
ihe bill at ths aijestic theater  tas
Iii110(1ll> clexer ini malkeuph anid i'eiuci-
ttii. It Was opened by tle Dalys in a
ukit entitled Kitty and thie Cop and was
ilite acceptable. Plankleb, a   comedy
(lay modeler whose work is deserving
ttf praise, got several laughs by his skill-
itl manipulation of clay. Hlis modeling
h Ituffalo Bill and Uncle Sam especially
I aptured the faincy of the audience.
Bessie Crawford, Who possesses a good
voice and no little beauty and personal
Iharni. Was received Nvith fervor and was
Iitpelled to respond to aun ciore. Miett
itih his edcuite dtogs got many a hand.
ils canintos are rma'rkable in many re-
citects and their performance was worth
'uilg far to set.
one of the daintiest bits oi the bill
tas tle doll ie't of Edna Campbell and
Miolihe   all, two gnaceful and pretty girls.
'The French cdoll bit was clever and the
lancing of hfle ingenucs caught the fancy
,of the 'udience. The acrobatic perform-
inc ie of the Balzers, vich followed, was
'efined and the extremely difficult acro-
),tice feats wvith wxhich their acts abound-
d 'on itp cated aiithatsse.
Acs A\Vliltelutad, late of (lie Capt. Care- Conipanx, x'oui tue faxtor of his hear-
ars by somi capitah bullesehue imitations
tild e1csitationls. WX'hitehead's mobihe face
i- uis inalin stock in trathe and it will
itto his fortune in vaudeville.
neiii' of the neatest musical comedy
t' seenH !in C-hicaigo fi manty moonis is
s11 of tie Freierick Brothers. sup
tied by Jessie Burns. They play all
arts of instruments, from the cornet to
t tin can, and their execution is artistic
io a degree. The act is embellished by
-1110 clever comedy aid many of the
I  are new. Judging fronm the recep-
accorded the -et last week, the trio
ire to become popular in Chiago.
Ie three Constantine Sisters, whirl-
,  dancers and high kickers, evoluted
it the stage in a bewildering manner
i thei  Erui'fulI g>itions evokei tap-
uappl.ttnse. The O'Meei's Sisters,
pi e'tty ine. artistic high xvine Per-
,'ixoee wli li-tt> priaise. Thc'ir feat
i nil  on a hitdde'r onii slack wxire,
,,,x eedinutly ciTicut  ohs, was sicil-
1i In dons. Olive Vail, vet-cluatming to
aiiigo audiences, sang How Many Have
ITold that To? with good effect, and
response from the box where a man
- it the chorns dit. her, proved a sur-
ive, to this audience.
The act of Rose Coghlan, reviewed
w Nhere by Charles Kenmore, folloxxed.
1e   cane Al Carleton. (le thinnestn a
'll eaithi, wvlo comuplainicd ei the aitience
that some fellow Iua tied a horse to
lhm, xvhiile a fat woiian in a street can
*hid sat doxn tuiu hiin in the belief
that hue 'was a cracki iii the seat. Carle-
ton is a primie favorite here and his act
wxenit Nvell.
wnie headliners on the bill were the
ight members of tile Jackson family,
famouls cyclists.  Thlue performance of
fithe Jacksons' is oie of the most remark-
able ever seen on the vaudeville stage
and their manipulation of the bicycle
aniazed tic audience. The up-ending of
tandems and riding oil one wheel is a
feat easily accomplished by these won-
derful cyclists. The double whirl by two
of the Jacksons, by the aid of the han-
dlebar of a machine in swift motion,
evoked vociferous applause.
The Kinodrome pictures were of un-
isual interest. The chase after a mo-
torist in France. a comic subject, pro-
xoked laiue'hter. 'le bill throughout re-
ilects crediit upon tihe management.
There wnas anl abundance of hard work
<one by t1ue performers at the Chicago
Opera Ttise lhast week. T1uc bill was
in  Some respects deficient. but as a
Whole Pr'o'v   'ijoYable.  The drunken
sketch, The Morning After, in wihih
('lurles  A      &  Co. appeared, was
absurd and impossible enough to pi-ovoke
laughter. The comedy' at timies was, pain-
f111N fored, while the jokes, for the
greilter p )art, were mossy with age. All
inter'esting featuc' of ite sketih was the
nt''ig pi'ture interpolation showig a
s tieet,  Ctbu  polie'hilli  anduth  c  uu'glai'y.
This mtade a hit With the audience.
I'wo ially high class numbers were
xiven, both musical.   Leonora  Kirwin
hresented a very pretty singing act, in
which she sat ill a swing and sang:
"Don't You tant to Swing With Ale" in
M. sxx nt Iti'l  w-ll-h'tilu i i io' .  For  an
1 11( 1->r I   h :I  f:11t  h iintionl  of  M hI
Ilit(  siigiII  I  W ' ldi  if  I  ( 'tIlhi,  1I t  I
Canit Bcei s I III  Xl iti  ' xlIxic   tit , sso I
ill anl eccitlic costume. S1te was wxItxill-
ly applauded. The other musied       auni-l
her of note was offered by tlit Royal
Musical Five, composed of Edwaid       X:
MAyer, Inte    Julius C    Ae, Niolo
Alex C. ½A.   ii xe iolin  F. W. Aleyeci
ccllio, and Miss lielen E. Meyer, iiezzo
Soprano. TIhese performers Were ieally
excellcnt, Miss Meyer singing the Inter-
mezzo in good style, and     EdwaiI  V.
Meyer playing an obligato oh tle f1ute
admirably.   Their   concerted   numbers
xxer'e alsoi alauditied.
A capital exlibitn of lasso throwing
was offered by Slicilds &   Rogers, and
the Spectators marveled at the reiiiark-
able dexterity of the pair. Another fair,
number was the singing of the Original
Boothlack Quartette-Brouillette, Adams,
Weber and Hayes.      WVhile their voices
were quite untrained, they aiused by
their antics and odd refrains. Ii fact,
Brouillette was by   no   means a    bad
Malart's Dog and Monkey Show        has
been    before the public so long and ac-
clptably that it is almost superfluous
to praise it, but Mr. Macart is always
springing something new    on the public
with  his 'mionks'' and   that helps to
keel) interest alive.
Coming to the real strenuosity of the
show, it must be accoided to Count De-
Butz and Brother, the bicycle experts.
These elever men do such Ia variety of
diticult stunts oin their wheels that the
spectator  fairly  gets  dizzy  watching
them.   They do about all oii a wheel
that the ordinary acrobat does oil the
The Bedonin Arabs-eight of 'em-are
attlers efoat treribl  i mote I  fles'anor-
ta  the  itiagepeson  aould ii ros-
sitle. aurd they  do it witront a let-i
e'ery minte thed are Oii tie stage
e fes of stregtli are ad Jo Cderfl
'oed tia  the s o' 'iti decided strei-
tme'r anefoemers that  iit a f ot-
in    imptression wa'ere oaylor & Green,
Fimziniice &    Kiiou, Profesct AXise,
the erayo  mai; Edadad MaayAo Hood-
IWarairt irl caiecnd c  o Jte tarsoll.
iinedia .
madt, bt aot least.  ias the   iiio-
iuoi, ii exce.eit moing aictiute show
itiind: '''[e Hoailein iritl his Laove,
cotnsistinig of it dozeni or iiore scenes-
IIiinig, mysterious, aiu trigie.
rangek ck miaiiage   the vande-ill
slioxx xx'ici'l was g'ix't'i by tllc Oxx'ciltsilt
end    P at LaIn ihiest. A stage was btilt
eul tile  lixx' nd wc  al  t'iiiited  'a'iti
sceeryan  light cffects. An extraiordi-
n ai     g wd Iill  kins prserie. whic's
inlused Bra     rk. iI Wiisoei, Brt Srn',
¶iT'e 'Thie To1'iirettncs. Alaixelus Hilttons,
Iharka t Sisteis aill Victor Kriuersu
Mande Rock'ell, operatic Prima donna,
maiiie her reapceace as a Specil fea-
title at 'White City. Chicago, Jul> 2D, anid
xxil eails there fori t of tthlae of tin
Sullivan and Considine circuit, has adc-
el the Ne  tiiert tleter at mitntsurg.
]Itel thieir' ittng elili if houses. T'hiis
beltifi nin   f vatexille hiouite xil n i
its iititl lox ftr  Omlic favou Sept. 2.
Manager F. AI. DeWis. of the    onidert
toruc last  eon   loing oue  Chicago's
luills'mei Markls.    ifre     ruiiurnig
iorle Mr.XWiiks 'ill akeist oer ticog
the citl.i
Ale tionaes former' of the borinai
Siituers forchast fuiu  Big Ottt  t
lit)v cubs tH a ell s d  il tuedv Bei'
acnl Ieirtll. g'etoera1   iaQager of ft
Sullhau made Cosine cicuit whii is
nlpittin  Chia  o, leTft lt DAillna
fovr nla toear   pet ago ng al fe songs forl
1t  t li g  tf  t' le x'  e'i ilit  h pls p In
that  tity.  Fr ' cmn  tial,  Air. t in'oln
Wxill ,jtuuune ,v teo Dli'i'' ini tlie intecrest
AXibii  Matcik..'itsited  ii>  AhNiithlri,
AXuliiv. is tit-seiltiug his 011o' act Ctrn-
uly, 'Flet i-h'elotr utind Tilt aiid, onl tha
IKtit-hrttctoi' i'ireliti.
'lit' A''esterui  'Xniuti'xill' Ali't'il'  As-
s'oe'aticli  hiavxe ext'lldeti thueir  biooking
deparlttmen'lt ii> oipliliug allt'actionis ancl
led'1arers for ChiaiiidlilllS'.
L~ast 'xv'eh iAlnyor Busse's office iu the
Citx' Hll wxas temlpcorarily tiurned iinto
it 'onilctrt hllI. Theii Cti(o>'o Quartet of
eOlmalId. matde fainuiis itue wx'hirlxxinde
tiitipaian of Aha>',r .laiiuc  C. Dauhtinaii
t)*(it aI year agot. sanug at fi'xx souies for
I:1111  I U  knI I  g; I t   t nI I:1  wa  pr<1t ;ld  1   1I i" l
A'Hi! . in testigato  j'  In ta i 'app d d
wal t  ile  m\ayor  andl  other  , ity  unlicialS-
'in I     I Tel is com pose(i  of Dave F.
Sir, C. F Gay, teoie F. Allen and
\\illiam  JIihn. 'Tiey ale oil tieir way
I  hit Jiiliestoxxn Ixposition and wi1l
1turn i i durnig ti  full. iheY lave
1 tietid eridig  i  ts withi tio West
II Vi aideuilie \Iincl'i  Associatioil lICi
 ng' and i ilb  seiin oni the Circuit
lt  as'1uintiol  iuing  the  fall.
1. onald Iind Louie have just finished
tOijtlit'uin 1an1d linterstate circuits and
1b owed- next seso     y The Western
\ uldejIlle Malmles' \Ssoeiationl.
Tii originail American Newsboys Quar-
I'tlt ie in their thirt -sixth consecutive
\N ('ik and eXpe(t to Iil lifty-two weeks
helore they takle alay off.
Cora leckxwith, the  clever divir and
oricK siwiminr, itis been booked by the
Aiiselil it LooltihingAssociationifor Luna
Miath tica go. iliis iiig act is one of
the malny tiht is under the exclusive
ianaiigemn t of Jake Rosenthal, of Du-
* * *
t ec t   . CIlark, secretary  of the
NothAest in \\isconsin state fair; C. S.
\'is l \Iie, sirctaiy of La Crosse, \Wis.,
nai . inii G. K. Barton, president of tiie
cidai iIpids carniial, phiced contracts
fIi attiations att their coiming fairs with
tile Westorn Vnudeville Managers' Asso-
* * *
Chas. At. Jacobs, singing and talking
comediii, who was with Gorton's miml-
strls last season, will hereafter    be
khonii its iJule Jacobs, 'Kiing Pinu of
Cotn Shouters."
The   Winnipeg   Industrial Exhibition
placed its attraction contract withi the
\Vetern \naidexille Managers' Associa-
tion folr tIh following acts: Eight Bedouin
Alabs, Onetti asters, l31rzello and AMil-
lay. Stoietrsailt Auto, Onlawx Trio lit1
.leanl and Marie Weitzmann.
I  *  *
Lola ITalnes has been engaged to play
Samantli, in Q2uiney Adais Sawyer next
Tit attrations furnished byi the West-
erni XVliiicxillo Al'il'I'ers' Assotciation for
tile AliIIesota stiite Iain iin'od 'i'-lie Six
01(.5i'tiS.l-oxx'i's i(itgs and ponies,
Je1Call( MidAarie XWitzmtnn. Alaizello aad
Malloy, Jacksoi Family of Eight Cyclists
and Wiis and Hassan.
Rogcis and Esvans have been engaged
to lai Principal part, and present thir
iiox'el specialty xxotli ie and Barton's
Rose ]Jill Company, for the coming sea-
Forntinelle, the electric marvel, is being
featued ti the J. W. Gorman circuit
of parks.
larr1 Ind Flla Gray are heading one of
l Tostiii  J  ItFliii's  Suiiimer comlpaiilos
ns tt outhien titi' FlYi  i'ii'c'it of paiks.
li1e shlow incluIdes E(kioff and Gor-
o, tlrr   Xugust I('xield, Reed's airo-
1tat', tt'rlcii andi XWisiy aiid] Norris.
Barneyx Ittieiiilul is siluneriig ill Clii-
eitgot xx111 his ptarents. He leacs Sepit.
01 ti t'ike chiarge' cif Rotsenithal's N'aode-
FrdI  E. Erishaw  and   wife, Gypsy
Catton, have joined WV. F. Mann's Aloon-
sliner's Daughter Co., to dto the soubrette
d tramp pats.* * *
May WXairt  1uid her Eight Dresden dolls
liixi'l  btoketi fin tlie Klaxv iiid Enl-
illge l litlit's. Miss Wird opens her sea-
Fyou Sept. 2.
'I'li, bill at the Maijestic for the Week
t August 12 Will iinle Aiie Selig-
ntrail,  liit  'illiaii  Bi''ainwell,  O'l-I aiia
Sin MAstu-1Kt'ilel' &  Conipan, Barth-
ildiit  C'illiiitIms. 1Taxxtioriie &1  Btirt,
, F'x'Is Xviis ians i Kiamer &  lellelaire,
Iitoothlck  Quartette.  Jimmy    Lucas,
1i-oitmBri'rr. Prof. 1ise, and Frankie
n Mlaruhe
th'le Chicago Opera House inimbersthe
following:  Suinny  South, Constantine
Sisties. :Clhinka  &  Company, Minnie
IKalnlinin  Aristrong  &  Claik. Olive
vail, Surazall & Razall, Mills & 3 Beclh-
er, Inuess & Rtan. and Chris Lane.
*  *  *
,Timit WNceklx' Hrald of AtMancliester la.
Amiit'rica's  inallest  representative  of
pr ofessiona~l newcspaperdomi, says  that
Daxitl   iteliler, formerly of that city,
has been mlade meanaLger of at Sioux City
lieater  deitedl exllsivily to vaude-
ville Tli  new thelattr Will b  known as
111c. Orphoulm.  t  *  *
Ar"'ltI. I uddy departed taisweck
tor Indiaiapiolis, wliere she Will soon
lien   n ingaieinit "it the Grand with
!.er, tr)iIpeIII of  trained  turtles.
Oe of i th(old Dust Twins is a late
:tldition to liii tilic foice at te West-
ern   Al        ssociatio        S tt Banks,
1trsl  aNlltln oiliftee st>niiners and is
tboiun1d to beco1e I slining light in the
amllus`Dment business *
F'ideric  Thompison's  production  of
rexvstr' M11s with the same cv-
er cast and splendid siorin Sci'ne. has
]r isset  tn fiftieth ptrformatnce at the
, a wle  1  1111  (to  1,l 1Iormancew,  still  reI-
,ti tX  ibi t il**  ii itintsilig F s
x ii wa 1i   nil  liit  I  its  I iirtnlier.  E"
ward AlmleIS and MaryLI  Hiyanl Still retil
th' rolaces at the lieaid of the iompan
and besido s   fthe  regul ar matinees.
inilmbt  of special pttftrmances are b'.
ilng arranged each wek.
Another letliit fron  the ''gi" aI
likew~isel  aiitiiii  pl.lte  1(ii.
able to find at dram'la for hor particularl
talents, lilda Spong Will go into vaud
ville wiitli  skieci called Kit.
'I'he Ori'inal Anerican NwNsbo, Qui-
tette Laiid, Ford, Geliriner, and GicI
-leive re sic'nedt with the Phantom I)-
te'tive for next season. The Quaittl
Will b a feature valituxil  nit. Hery
Fink, the popular leirw    ndian , tii ha
aiso  Signed  with  til 'lilll.m1  to  la
thle principal comedy , nI
to. H. Wales has asSimted the mat-
ageient of the opera house at Laalk,
Ill. Air. 1X'les will present his opeii
till Sepit. 1.
AMr. Cox, of Streator, Ill., xisited lh
WVestern Vaudev Ile Managtis     Associa-
tion last week to secure bookings fi
his theater in that city.
le Sullivn &  Consitiie ciscuin c-
tellip11ple'o III iig all tileir hittses in iIII,
eant1 1~ Iiddle West Sept. 2.T
C. F. Spnot    stage manager of th
Bijou  thtriI  Wilinipeg, Can., was i
SHOW     WORiLD visitor last Week. li.
Spence wats returning home from tc
convention of the t. A. T. S. E., wxiid
was held at Norfolk.
B. J. Cone, of Coyne & Tinlin, a'-
batic team, met withi a serious acl-
(lcnt at tit open  Iir theater at Die:.-
xxood Paik. Joliet, Ill. In the cOuTse 1:
some of tliiii hiand  alancing work, Y!
Coyne wrenllied the ligaments of iIIs
aii  and ti'y Were unable to conliutd'
tc   iperformIance.  Mr. Coyne's injuv
w\ill prte, cnt the  team  from  fulfillini.
tleir bookings for the next few weeks.
Frank Winters, of Alilwaukee; B. lI
Patrick, of Quincy, Ao.; Frank Hoop'r
of L.a Salle, Ill.; A. J. Schrimp, of Roi-
ford, Ill. and Arthur Htopkins constitit
dto foiciille array cii xiioexills man-
agers that wxiit in Chuicage last wieeki
ftt)rnltulatinlg lauis toi next season.
Rhoda Royal, of the Hagenbock showos
is busily engaed bookmig a big hon
act for vaudttville next season.
Itarr 111rris. of  lilxaukee, has sib-
leased the iGarrick theter in that cit
foir the IulrpoSe of playing the Eastern
het' shows during the coiiing wiiter
hlii Garrick is situated on the old St:I
. E. Jones, of tle Jinels & O'Bricn
eircuit, has opened  a   siaggir roail
louse, to be known its Ye Colonial. It
is sitiatitetd on  X'wlite Fish Bay Rom
Ailaukee. Wis.
Anoig the featurer acts of th Gtectr
arker swils uill lie fo ni the  lt-
iniitis Fiti<r,  a   tuantetie  of g wht t
slgr  in.   repertoire iif Iasis 5015
'lli lie.ltei  of tile act neiilOd thisL,-
Rtix  Biros- Deistlini  )dic  loxx'tli'
Tlie tCrixtal tlieal of Aiilxxaidkeflui>
iiix  il  xxiii  ieui  35  clays  it yearl.  It 1
inxx beiug illt Irtti  it iiiglit after I]
larg t lilinie. ixi' beeii d'isilSt
The Crx'stal has been open all suill""
<ndtile lausiness has been universal
1110ifiN iiig
1. II Pailii pllprit'ter of both t
BiIItI  anil  wontliinid  theaters
Qillctx  AM.   vs   l towxvn last xx'sI
Io1tki ttfile est ittri   flasttheI
altl 'ixililer seasotni
Arthur Demilnlg   biis been rehearsi -
for the past two weeks oat St. Louis I
new 7iroduction whbich will be knowin
A   White 1E11k Biid. The title recal
to mind Frank Daniels' imlmortelle tl
when blackherries are red they aregre
Tllhe pl:y Will iive its prei itat Alt
Ill., Sept. 2.
* * *
Gilroy, laynes and MontgaurY ha
Uepairted from  tll city to sptid til''
xacation at Spring Lake Mtchi Maurl
liaines is at Present rejoicing iI a "To'
opah smile"   Spring; Lake is happy
tle fact that it is also the home of itI
Lyman Twins.
In response to A. J. K. ilti.  for t
xxilrthi ts  tI  Aliss  Lizzi  1lKeenl'
11I'llE  ,HimW  \V4'11LTD woubtd staite tli
Aliss A!eKt''r wls a visittr It thei
tices of t' W'ste'n iadeille Man.aIt-
(rs' Asto'iation lst weelk and that li
present address is to be obtained tile
TV   . .iMDorimott opens at l1II Hown.
theater. Poston, Atass., Oct. '', aiidt
continue to play eastern till.
Bairney First plaved last we'k at t
Eliie theater    Alilwalke   Mr. Fi'
lirs other good   tiie to folie-s
Pope and his Dog played a 1,turnts
gagement at Ait' CixI         Iii
Al E. and Mai      olmalu  wiit o are
a tour of th  world with thi :1(t. l
f  .  titisk.  Sibtiit'.  1lnt  110 i re be!"-

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