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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Gleanings from Chicago Rialto,   pp. 16-17

Shallcross, J. S.
Attractions at Louisville meet with fine patronage,   p. 17

Page 17

latrici (ili1i 5o1iw iie it, 'ooi tle  Spokane Aei if Eagles, ie  being  ti
p zzaz."                              ffmember of the mother Aerie, Seattle,
Wa;sh., No. 1.  lic is sturvived by his
Je Spears, th w'll-kiowni New York  widow, Gene\.ieve,    one  sister  and  a
t,!'iilflclig Inlager, is'tug spellt three  brother.***
weeks oi his farill in lidiatna, is in Chi-
ago en"Igiiig people and promoting the  Charles Ferguson, who for more than
wostot iltes~  of his ittractions. Mr. twenty years witas cornetist at MVi ek r's
" ')(paIl-rs Will asa , celd ii tour IIIs old  theater, (ieid ,Jiiiy 24 at the Chlictig
slIcess, h'Iie Irish Pawnbrokers, and a  Hiomeopathic Hospital of a complication
new pi i, The Irish Senator, in which  of diseases.  Mr. Ferguson   was well
1,john McCabe will star.               known in Masonic circles and    at the
* so *time of his death was excellent high
THo    for  the  Fluffy  Riiffl's  girls  pri es t of St. iclia cltatr 221.
I'lltuy'i' coliiit to tlie Auoliiiin''with  I-ie camne to Cihugo fiontSittnl si-
Theill Girl Maingers to appear for the first ty years ago.
tilme oii ally stage.  W~e kiits noit ss'li
the Flolfy Ruffles girls are, hat be they  A. H. WOOD'S ENTERPRISES.
haIlf as Pretty' anld pert is tue inme,_____
('iicago will suth'iil 'apitulate,.    Soie idea of the magnitude, variety,
5 *                   iand extent of A. 11. Wood's operations in
Jos. -W. Spears is sojlltting in Chi- showdom may be gleaned from the for-
lgo, mawhiiiile assisting it the rehear- inidalle list of attiations and managers
sals of 'lie Irish Senator. The gentle- appended:
an fronm the "ould sod" opens at Iar-  General manager,    Ma tin  Herman;
%ard, Ill., August 24.                 trailing manager,K Jake Isaac' office as-
* C *             sistasnt, Railph 1. Kohn; press relirisen-
H     Wlen Wilton, whose  plrettiess and  tative, A. J. Pollock.  '"I'he King and
liiuffy fr'ks lhit'i' been  the envy  of Queen of the Gamblers,' Fred V. Busey,
Noith Side maiden that frequented  igr. Geo A. Fridit buls,   . nig   'Edna
,i'l 'rV T,111cteps tosaos            fti cIPetth  IypeSwriter," Robert H. Good-
sig1il'1  m i'tltt:  ti  iter  iainty ]'i and  . i,  mgr.;  C.  J.  V.  Roe,  bus.  Ingr.
taIpperl 't the College theater during  lie  Great Express  Robbery,"   Bert
,lilg Itl     ii      i     i        'iHoward, ng.; Joe ldionson, bus. mgr.
tile ensulin'  ison                   "Sinco Nellie W'nt Away," J. K. Rob-
*e *( is                 11Frdorts, magr.; R. E. 1l'itzel, lus. ngir. "A
Eulgen' Miore is buts' rei'i'ri' ng5 Fi'i'i it'i', .1Xrss the, ''otinl.nt "1. F". WXXins-
G. Conrad's  manlty  attractin  whl(ih  Ja. m r; ..               ImIa re c ,u s.  nIlr.
shortly go oni tou. Mr. Moore Will pl.1
OyIN BioN Jack oii the one-night stanis.
lening his sonson September 20. TIl
T1wo Orphains will open Au~gust 17. Th, I1_
two companies of Monte Cristo will opeil
jtt   i'pttebiiIr  1.  0l4o  T eIi  Iliddel
flaid, with Van Mrrel and Coral Ar-
iii  at  the  same  tino
Martin & Eim'ryS Production Of Par-
iftl will open oil September 3 with Jon i
tane Connar,  Virinia  Keiting   and,1
Rtichardson Cotton Ii fthe leading role..
Walt( r Lindsay is engaging people for
his two  oupan ies, The Distilt ILesdl
Alil The ii Over There, boy.   wI
iortly   begin  rehearsals.
Wmi. T. Gaskell, formerly maag  Iois
the Peopli'  fa'itial  intalle i
bu'sy  liIvada s   looking  afte r  the  int I-
irts of The Originl Co'n, which Ill
willurol Cr mp tiN' RowoStil  & Cliffo d
The los of h onpaly B, with John
ihirr'ymlor, and Josephine Drake, closed-,1
its su csflenag,emlent at the khakli-
'('lthed Garrick  oktst  Saturday.  Last
Frlida y ev-ening fanls were installed all
nerthe( houise 'when the Cubs and New
York G:imits were the guests of the Ilmn
4 leent. Company B will probably re--
tuitt lator in the season w ith the samne
The sumimer stock company at the ,
'l'Otidelr  theater  is  now  in  its  twelftil
kof ae i    , v sicessful season, which
prcle .112led dspitean tmilspheical
,)lh'taiis  AXi olioi  if  in t  is  h~eluig  loii
`eited Which includs Chapman and Nel-
oni, acimba;ts; Harry  larvey. singing  ;tid
iuming  coml'dinni; James  Iluss,,  in  il
il kiatliuisoni; Currt n  a d  Miltion I oill
l-medy nkth    nd The Deluge. The
stack-comipanly conitributed Bulrley-Hfurle\,
N    one-act  lIIettia, with Nat  Fielhi,
its Curleyt IIiarr Harvey, Leo Kendal,
1arrie Sitz, ald Irene Gregg enacting
11e  priniill  rles.  At  present  there  is
ln unnaiitII flsow in process of rehearsal
1t Ille  rI'lal''lder  that  is  novel  in  tie
liN of i lurlesilue perforlmtnce in that
it still he1 tout Ohl tie musical eon'uoe'     ej IA/I.E /i CEE.
ttlvi Wit> tbi acts at id t" Deligeo T
ast, not Sot completed, includes Nat
ields, Carie Seitz. treine Gregg, Itarry            NEW   STARS AT THE
Iarsey  1so  Kendal, Chooceetai it
twiny-two girls. It will open at Colum-
Ills.  Slitmb   2. and  uManager' Toin- "A Chorus Girl's Luck in New York,"
lsn  mii111ses to make it one of the  Fred Fleck, nigr.; Frank  Barry, bus,.
't stos on the eastern whoeel.       mgr.   Coiet 9," Louis Katz, mgr.
* * *                   Matt Nasier, bus. mgr. "The Gambler
WX'illina Frederick Peters and A. G. of the West," Al. Rich, mgr.; Joseph
Ilelamiater hai'e written special songs for Heyiner, bus. mgr. "Chinatown Charlie,"
niXltor JoneS. Toby Claude and Pauline  Dave Potier, nigr.  Dave Altman, bus.
lilu and ia\-( placed them for publica-  igr. "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Mod-
t11 With Md. Witiark &  Sons, New    el," Johni Polton, mgr.; Harry Bryant,
)'ork. iiey I, also elgaged on a one- bus. mgr. "Broadway After Dark," War-
t musical playlet for Tilliam Norris,  ren B. Irons, mgr.; Frank E. Freeman,
* * *                   Ills. imgr. "Bertha, the Sewing Machine
"His Worst Enemy,"   a   teiperance  Girl." No. 1, Ralph Harlan, mgr.; Sam
melodrma still st'rt the season of 1907-  Feidler, btus. mgr. "Bertia. the Sewing
ithit four colllplnies playing it. Til- Machine Girl," No. 2, Willian Watson,
bill Fredericki  Peter  has  composed .ngr.; Albert Kauffman, bus. mgr. "The
ftlt] incidental music for the lay   TXire Tappers," Harry Lewis, mgr.; Rob-
'*ort Brown, bus. imgr. "The Hebrew De-
('il   Ml                           to'tive," John T. Pearsall, mgr.; Louis
1aDi C   iatha   rittei  a tlid IHiltoi, bs, mgr. n"Tony1 the Bootblack,'
ria foi C:tIteilti (tiiiiiltiSS Wtithi Wh'ich'  XXalter Fessler. mngr,; Alextinder Heron,
0 still essay :in earl.\ flight into the  bus. ngr. "The Land of Cotton," Jef-
* * * day.              ferson Howard, mgr.; George Monroe,
iigi e al  Mit are ''hazing a Fieshi- lus. ngr. "Secrets of ithe Police," Frank
iot Ni'      FeHt       a Freh-y lurner, ingr; Howrd Tl3u'r, bus, mgr.
(Vi- lig'lt. Fo  'iatste      'Fallen by' the Way'side,'' Robert Mor-
t         t      t- ton, mstgr.,               Harry   Austin, bus. mgr.
'Ruled off the Turf,' Archie Sheehan,
ingr.; Al. Nolan, bus. mgr.
Deaths in the Profession.
G,1tiilumG  Baker  tie well known   Paul Anderson, who has been playing
Fmlltl5,i i. autiior iid producer (of Baker in stock on the weest side during the
. 'ldield It Ins Iomie in Spokane, sunmer. will go with Rowland & Clif-
i     Jul  2 . of cotnptIon. aged  ford's "Phantom Detective" this season,
ton Mss, utaker was born int Bos-                  ***
ifoni1w1 his  arits iiiriati'id to  Richardson Cotton and his wife, Jane
ls dntinc t  was sert 'oung. H  Hampton, will go with Messrs. Martin
Frandc'fio  wN ith theatrials in San  & Emitery's "'Parsifal'' this selsoni. Mr.
'5 manager', stage  managerCottoi will play Anforts, the king.
Excellent Offerings at Fontaine Ferry Park White City Draws
Crowds Personal Gossip.
it'ISVILIA, Aug t. -Excieptionally
Lgoodi o~fferings at Fontaine Ferry
Park serve to draw    lig crowds,
Manager Reichian is doing the correct
thing and his efforts to please the people
are being rewarded, the bill for the cur-
rent week is made up of stellar attra-
tions. Ye Coloninal Sextette are maxing
a big hit and as all extra free attrac-
tion  Miss  Emila  Partridge, late  of
Sousa's band, is pleasing them.    The
Iand conierts given by Harry Cook's
Military iMd is well received. Mr. Cook
is considered one of thi best conductors
in the country and his efforts are amply
White  City  is loing I lit el  e,"r  s ince
(,ol. .john  Wmuslenl  lssumedl  the  oltalage- !
N  ' 'llto,  Chicago.
ltlent, and big dividends lire being paid
theIi stockholders. The m1any free attrae-
tions and various amusement devices
iraw  the people. Alaric Rolfson, the
Psychic Wonmder, is still a sterling card.
The Meier Family of Aquatic marvels, do
soie astounding feats in the water. The
Three Jacksons, niovlty bag punchers,
and LaCrandall on the bounding ws'ire,
go to make up a very clever bill, which
is offered free to the patrons of the park.
Prof. Ricca's Band makes their farewell
appearance Aug. 3.
The Crystal Theater is presenting some-
thing entirely new  to the patrons of
neoving picture shows, and the place is
crowded  daily. Chas. Tassem  is the
manager, Harry Hughes has charge of
the front and Thos. Corrigan, so well
known to the stage, is singing illustrated
Dreamland, the Market street electric
theater, is dong a good business. Mr.
Simons, the manager, has entirely refitted
the place that thet ncreasing audiences
(,ilt be acconimtodateid.
The Coliseum swimming pool is meet-
ing with success. Attractions are pre-
sented nightly, and the management con-
template booking water shows in the near
Goes to McCauley's.
Wallace Hamilton, for many years in
the box offite at the Avenue and Masonic
theaters as treasurer, goes to McCauley's
this season. Mr. Hamilton is well and
favorably known to every theater Patron
in the city. wlie amiong the profession
lie has m1any friends, who will be glad
to learn of his behig appointeud treasurer
atnd asssistit lalilis t of  cCaltoy's he-
offeis to Mir IfiiiiiltI,  efiole tnt It sa
only recently that he decie  to clhanget
Mr. Hamilton is consliered one of thi
Most successful tlheaitrical m1en in the
South and Col. M    iiiuley is to be col-
gratulatd upoll securing hiie.
Natiello and his Iand aie booked for
StIl extended eligaci  lient at White City,
tenit  g 11il'thext ss'ck. TI'li' 11111i has
been meeting With rei t   it'ess in the
North an1d coms wt'll recoimended1
AshiPmient of aminials has been re-
(eied by Dr.i', JinIlister at his training
burin 'Theis slli      play the houses
Ilobby Nolan is here visiting reltitives.
It is said that Mr. Nolan wtill be -with Al.
G. Field this season.
Col. A. C. Shiw has returied froi New
York and is prephring his houses foi' an
'Nrly opening.
Frank Wiilliams, of the Mary Anderson,
is getting tead5 for the opening and with
ihe attractions iooked, looks for a lee-
ord-breaking saISIOn,              rc
Clarence laruad, known to everybody'
Is "Doc." hias  itolil of all the coines-
sions at the biI Ali(isonville, Ky., faiir,
Alr. B1arnard is loi'ati'il at tile 'XXiiite City,
IlouisVille, sthIerie Ile hats seviral interests
Allen Given a Surprise.
Heywood Allon, tile popular annonlicer
atd director generl at X'hite Cit', was
'ireeably surprised this week by thle va-
>1(us emploNees of that popular resort.
MyN ufer  te varousO  s's herg
li)sl Air, Allen wsas ctalled to tile big
'.1 ge in tie cel0er of the park, and in a
fot antd aipproriate speech, Larry' Ger-
ro presented himl' with a cantifLrl da-
"iitand ring of tile T. M. A. order. Mr
llin IhId jIst been initiated into tr.ii
ltao, a111a esponded to the prese'atio
ilaPropiate style,
etneta, kiow  as the Qtueen of Paln-
jets, vito itas been connected will, some
of the largest Parks in this country, and
who for the past season has been at
White City, lhas been doing a pheion-
inal business. Miss Venneta also hts t
liing concession at this place, ant oNiiill
Ith  sason (loses will be many doniI~lrs
tme goodr
Manager Reichian, of Fontaine Frry
5 getting his uptown house inhi sipe to
a'rlyaopening. ' 'eillsas been a good sea-
,,Il  at  Foitaine  1'errs'  and1  tile, S'rlils
'ttractions ha'e besi liberally tition-
ized                       m yparn
I trendllitch1ell ha~s the swing at l\,,ite
1s and is 11111ing good. Mr. Mlit-hll
I is  a  s''r  expiss,  riahiii  ol lli
welkmi ItxielisiVe machine and is
srlisi to th mainl\ park people.
1e1thie f   ftinotis ponies and dogs
it i'lo'rt ll rtunit TWhite City.
res  icehada fie weks'run at this
"Baby Mary" Is Booked.
1 ;rey Emirie has booked hiis little
'lighter "Baby Marl" over the, westells
'i lit. Mr. Emrio 'hall to cancel con-
sii'able eastern tite owitig to the de-
ilis oIeI thii western iit    n.
Juno AtcLanghlit, ws'lo has I1we 'llsc~-
l1cted witl tile local houses for many
eirs, will go to McCauley's theater again
us season.
'T. AM. A. Local No. 8 has initiated over
fot  new men.lbers in the past month.
'ie local is in a flourishing condition
id shortly Will have a building of its
n'n. Lorrn  Gerro, John Siveri, James
micaeson and Toin  Siverli are popular
1ndters and   offcers, who know how to
hl' aid boom   things.
At. Eullore Ailes, late of the Yankee
Council Co., util of the Henry Savage
foriws is back in the city. Mr. Miles is
pteos a deputy sheriff here, but contell-
phates going East in ile fall.
Critic's Song Makes Hit.
Charles Hamilton Musgrove, trciutil
critic on one of the paperos le, allma ii-
'identaly writer of piular sugs, tills
scored a big hit wtithi his latest coipo-
sition "Polly." This son has ha a con
in tie Sout, anil it is no   eig unsei
byv tho singers with piet1i(e sho uss.
D. mnto. Ds gformerly well known oil
thiminstel stane ' is perianentl' located
practtiioners here s one of the leading
Er. Latse ,Nthe well known dramati
critic, leftfor Nesw Yiiikths t'm', s'lei'i
Ie will be connecte ovith the Klas wher
Erlanger  syndint 1vt th Lase ans
mriade more tlan a lioal repuhatheo in the
field of dramatic critieisi.  uasing  it-
ten a successful piny entitled "f Stud
Is tie Kinfferi A ir. Lawshe Iiad sev-
oral f   ane ofners for it, but accepted that
of Kiass' ausi Erlanger. as Insuring thu'
best production. It silt be produce  the
coming seasop.
Elbert KennY is visiting  Is friends in
Nes AtliiN,  iii. ai. Kenny closed a
surksfthrtsto jand hi 11 ss'it \'' for Nts
X'i'  S i IN'  tio  Ail  his  I'itliu'
1~jAugUSt 10, 1907.
1%1j ug~s 10,1907
it o  1

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