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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Gleanings from Chicago Rialto,   pp. 16-17

Page 16

T   "-  'han--- ill I III Cltage th t-rs
du In  11hil un  foril  ight wNill be
IF  a:ried. wvith the( navlantaogo slightly
ill fvor of muoisicil comtoIt. Tie long-
i-tii-lded and  -agerlx  anticipated "Red
Mill" oill open the Grand, whicl has been
nIt-t-tely refurbished  and  is now   a
drai of till decorator's art, August 19,
whln \Iontgomnery and Stone and a large
iast--llostly  girls-will rollick  through
(I lo'1m-erbet muSiial trim II till
tit l th snow flies, 'Ind thenl -I little while
tootie. IBIissio's look is said to sur-
pass anthintig the clever St. Louisin its
donje ticis far, and Herbe 1t's teful lilts
11ve bnl  whistled oni thle thtie tooigfares
and~ ren.Idered onl aristocratic pianlolas inl
hitago and its einvirons for manY 1m1toots
past. Muirsiedl comedy has always prO'"" :1
successful at the Grand, and the Itt
Mill, coming, as it does. with tilt pres-
tig  leostowecl by a       record-breaking rtin,
is certain of ritiging the dramatic bell.
At tile Garrick, Alts. Youn's delightful
play of love and regimentals. The Boys
of Coilpully B . has given place to Ii.
Fraze's production of a former La Sal--
top-notcir, The Aanooie   Regent.   T11 -
title part ist being carried by Toby Lyons
Iemmoibered from his uinistilkeale com-
ity  tit lin that short-lived farce. Tit
NOr I tolie. The prima     donna role Owill
the osngli t)oy Bertha Sil k, lpoSisessing it
\oice of' phasing caliber and mnore than
average sweetn0Ss.
The ittic   of the ii  1i  Il 1b rtain1d
at the Illinois lintil the  close  of tit
month and then slmartl people wvill fink
down to the JaIckson Boulevard play-
i tse  to  see Hatti,, T illianlis  inl a  smazrt
tivyiof traoad  t  beati-s. 111 a stillt
I'iirtin- cast of Inowuno excellenoe.
The   Girl Ranger, Gorge     Lideiti I
initial prodtion at tle Auditortiun, oill
lie plied i  displa -t  Sept. 1. and will ht
sliillssing inl its gargeousn5s15  as til
Ledotrer- productions  alwvays  are.  Th<
Iholsl is b-ingi  recruited froint Chitgot
and, a m-etdig to Mr. Ledir at Ititi0-
tude of Gardnlt   City  o-auties will step
from il(t ftmlitt dr1wing rooi to ilt At-e
itoritanl sta,,e to aInno- and sili e forto
'clthlolder's enjo mnlt.  With the great
sliugcitf liho Niililtolh 00 xviiik wvitht
Ilue (Girl I-'in--i  oxill probhaly  coil-
NI elie Whitoeym 'he    Kiligilt  fot  a
ItI  ptot-ceits is 10101ily a1s a gamile oif
p-the-tianolketlof at a Stiliday-school
Pit ie and according to the lolriidings.
ito-ic raxitt o1r Slaxini atd   Ilts a
Iit"  tic  ox~I-tiil  litt   ito  ilte  utro-lo  of
 oalldvertitt Sil mn, a., tli' box ofttice i--
ilts at tilth AWitttx oill ve<rify. icth
isIi-ogo'nsott Iiit pi ltt tilve dtrinedoi
I-it th1e moirtlifil niusinlity shall irunlt Onl
kc the brook Inl a certainl poemr we reald
-iut at school.
\t the Studboiakir The Prince of I'll-
n w1th W   vnew  scelry, n-w  costumes,
I!\\  full  and  nI(\\  girls,  will  hold  forth
uitil thoe coinlin of, \irti(, and the Pixley-
1,i11rs mIusintl n11innge  Will probably
tplicate its former recorid for popularity
--i the lake-brozy pl-yhouse.
.1t thle cool Colonial, Monty Brewster is S
ill endeavoingll  franitically to rid hill]
1 < 1 1)11( <million , anid hlls seilnn
ied by large auidiences-
* * *
Atuse Stahl andl 1 iler inilmitble chara -
Irizltion  oif  thel  largIela ted  Pantricia.
Istill packing Powers' :11 to  w ill stiy
Irl until tih'  lst of AlIguit wte stIl-
mins ookings wvill compel The Choruls
I tly to gixe wy    to  Tile tlxtpocrites.
Inother L'a SZIle( long-ruinner, The Isle
Spice, wvill inanigurate the( fall sea-
n it ili  Grott Nortliort and will tarry
refor at weekc before taking to thle
it. For lovers of tinklY tunes, bright
mcs, ain Irtty maits. Chicago certain-
will pro\,,, a iiven for some time to
Whenl The    Y i1o' Rtgent    departs
i   fotililit utilt, th  ittratio prio
-it, opttoitutIf Ot-e re-gultat setisoon at
he uotrrick vith  Virginia  Ilit hiled  ito
l. renioia, will ie AVill Block's
pendution of Comning Thro' tte Rye.
AVlhen The sirl Halg'rs is produced
.It t11  Aiitorhiin, Arthui -Weld will
witl the baton orix'  1t1- purveyors of
* * *
x-tot--:ul  sioliist t  thi-  ttisnouinvek  that-
<- 11 this we tk is Miss lo-ina Julian, who
ihas lit-i singing leading roles in light
tilti-ra-, ilnd is ,'-aid to possess a soprano
utiit If exclilent   range, particularly
adaptedl tol open air re(tuiremnents. Ca rl
inge tnd his orchestra ire still playing
themtselves into tute hearts of lovers of
o usic.mi ouxi
"Chiago as 'i producing center" would
tol       l a  o  titt for it log tartile just
itoxN-li-C-Is, jutlit-itg frtm tite- htustle and
tirne if rehesal that is taking plate at
ill i1thi- l t.  Over at the Whitney
there are four compniiilues of A  Knight
for a Da it pro( is of formation, oxhile
it its cnunterprt, tth- ta Salle, "The
Girl Question" is ueing rapidly   hitppoed
into slit.TJoseph flowird has -tomie in
frm  iarrison, Mich.. and is busily en-
ooed in the production oif lis new mou-
sical comedy. "Ilie Flower of the Ranch,"
thoat the Askii-Singer company will send
in  tie  roiid  itt  .111 ixll 'ward"t-et  I hs
O   Nivit-t0ifi ill Oht tu-lt itlg ioles. At thle
1h1inois, Mtsi. Domiglty is picking and
c-hoositng the niciiers of the many Man
of tilth Ifoir companies that will tour
Wit ite BroihIourmst success tdutritig tihe
io-mlilc sesoil  tid forwarding them  to
New York with strict instructions to keep
their Chicago origint a heavy secret
Five hours a dii are spent  in practice
by thet Garden Ciry Trio, who are with
'"Tfli  Aslterious Biorglar" this season.
Atalter Sousa, a brother of John Phil-
'Ito Sousa, was accidentally electroetuted
in AWashington, D. C., last oveek. While
ilulthing some electrical repairs in it drug
store thelra blizo sioden1  flashed uplo
In ttOh  el  ititi  fet-l  to  tite,  floor.
i) t0i wats ttlilost intiliallitolls.
ThI I Road  to  Yesterday, vith  Aliss
Alinnie Duipree. will go ono a tour after
Srotn ii New YNork of almost 300 tights'
Siaith Trux. late leading womoan of
the Players' Stock Company at the Bush
Temple,  Ias -losed hletr seasit  at St.
Paul and wlill soon dtpart for New York.
to comtence rthi-:irsals for 'I'ie Spider's
1e0, inl which she 01ill be starred  in
-iininwtin with Atrt Denham. I, -Tnlin
"'II.  TF I  itsphitl  - \  \  ill  tipll  it
o    ititIlaiL  or-  lmnlin,  -N  Y., ear    Itt
Dave Cliiford, who has the leading
iomedy role in The Trustbusters, Kil-
my & Britton's new   miusital farce, has
.Oined the company for rehearsals after
ioncluding a slicessful suimier sojourn
it:  vaudeville.
1tlle Gold has been re-igaged to play
1le role of Desdemona in The Ham Tree,
Alilntyre & Heath's last year's success.
De Wolf Hopper and Marguerite Clark
will take to the road next fall in Happy-
land, but will return to New York in
the spring, when Mr. Hopper will le seen
in a new production.
The engagement of The Motor Girl,
tt. new girl and musical comedy that was
to have opened at Weber's on Sept. 14,
lilts been indefinitely postponed.
Olive May. remombered from Arizona,
was recntly married to) John AV. Al-
l-aug,,i JI. atod tile t\lx-l tire Pas-sinig
thoi1 honoo  at tol < Brando, At-
lantic IHighlands.
T. IM. Lear -. ronowned as the editor of
the Bush Temple "Players," has moved
his nItres and penates to the College
theater, where ie will probably occupy
Itis spillre  moments Iit etws No010'i s-ocur1iing
press   representation,  lY   isstuing  an
equally clever folio.
The second offering tt tilt' College the-
liter o-ill lie J <oot I. J-llt's sth- of
tipsy-turvy  psyc-huologx, Thte Admiluabtlo
Crihton.  whih   will hut- remmmb1tered
from  iTlliam  Giillete  presentation.
'h'ite Chorus tady is going "nh-wx xI
from Itetrc  Rost Staih1t tiond l her cotort of
t)eauties that malk(, ttte second  tout an
oiularndelightt xill dt  lit August I
'tIlt  noxt  Oltili 1Ol  to ])lt1  to-Oh  at
Powers oxill be Tlo 1Hpoirit-s, the-  plny
loxy  HiIry  Arthurn .Inns  that csed
such a    furore in New York last s-ason
and cliiif aiong the iast will be Doris
1Kan, a.Chitco girl and a descendant of
tit fiamuouis tiagedian,- 1iho will be seen
in ani engennue role.
William 11. Critno will have a ply by
hiou,  tIt is tis vutit-lu' fur next yar.
''The  tti-  flol  coittlohiu-ul  is  Tme
P-Nthu n toitu  OTto wo0 Siu". whhI  for
genorl olie cttomois ttil ilriollw xit
Forty-five Minutes from   Broadway and
tery Little Faust and very Much Mar-
-rife----According to tie' t'ontract the
play is to le delivered Sept. 1. and will
haNte its initial prot1ion at Power's one
month later.
When Artie is disclosed for thuie first
time at the Studebker, instead of being
ishi'lred t  yiour sout bY :1 hanlght  uni-
August 10,1907.
Foremost Exponents of ffodern Amusements.
No. 5.
19                                                       1/ 1-9 A  OPR
rAUTO7                                                WE
il the field of press exploitation few naies are better known than tiuit
of 'T'liomas Prior, publicity agent of Riverview Park, Chicago. A-r. Prior is a
tootimo of origiull ides, force, perseverance and energy, and is highly popular
ill press  and  1usiness circles.
I  rmt  I   nit I- I to L  e nlgi
.iit-                g oo I  I 3    hgO~j
wroiall rlirtited "romo the churns oft
rurrent attractions at the tlhiters. T
innovation in the way of isliers will
but one of miany novel mtethods to1s
used to exploit Aioc'si nxew comdy. Law--
rence Wheat wvill havei the titl role in
the drama which is now t)(itig rehiearse
at the Garrick theater, New York, al
the support    cast will include Josep
Sparks, tilttin IFarIigan, Lois France
Clarke, VirgiiniMa  ilton ane Loise Grisel
* * *
'The  Time, the Plae and the cirl.
which opened at thle Wallack August
tad a very successful try-out at Newport
tile week before it was Subjected to tim
first-nighters' blase stare. and acordiry
to the loca  press, ran xery smnootl.
AWilliam Rock, who has lon   been asso-
-iited with Chicago successes, is to fl
faturedt next year in a new musical pl
i-alled The Top o' tle World. Ill pro-
duti-tion is to be made by 11he Siuberts.
inlAnna Laughlin Willhav ilhe leadilg
feminineir-otit, whii-  Litw Jlitsill ti,
cotmtprany vwill lie John M1iVc-igh, Joh 1.
(Gilti-it,  Katoteen  Cliffrd, atl Ilan-r
tti-leigo. 'Thle pt-ima dnia irsit-will Il
sou'g by Miss Dorel, a sister of Julia
A rthIu lr.
* * *
Richard Finnegan, who assists 0. L
}all  int the theatrical reviews of t]
Clhicago Journal. was recently tiarrieiI
Miss Lucille Adans.
The College theater, devoid o balconi
.m   replite with heauty, will stake it
draiatic bow    Igust 26 when Mana-
Eugene McGillan     will present Florn
Robert's paradoxicallY inm ed drarna, 'I1
Strength of the Aeak, for the delecta-
tion  of North Side theater-goers. Tie
Patrons' Stock Company will ie contented
for tle nonce   vith  three matinees a
week, the odd one to be played oil Thurs-
day.   Further announcement has bee:
heralded forth that James Durkin, Carr
Clarke   TWarde.   Morris MNtitch, Jean
Adair and T. Edward Mcillan will lb
among the players.
* * *
G(orge   Farren, xwho   latterly tori-
nated his engagement at the Bush Tei-
It-, went East last week to conferwith
.\otald Daly ani-nt the' Theater Antoir-
that   Daly   purttoses  to  establish ir
otham.    Later A.I   Farre  will bt -i
on-w in a tabloid dramia tit tit- Atajestic
Tle Marriage of Aillittill \she will
si<o   ttl usltr in the lit,1i- n  -t- *0 at
tlii: EustoItiotlt fiti tdeiI  l-fntatsoi
het   itt-toilait  ti-Olltill  I iiiii L.
Ba-ker. ilt  new imall ger rmiks that
Aliss  K-m's    poptilarity  lits  lread
il-ded the box o'tieo   with rlliests fOr
suit t-sirvations. It is known that Miss
Keim's   fort-         power hit in tit
East was i iatter of nile das' comt-
Jahn C. Rowen has ben re-enigaged ty
the Askin-Singer Comiany      for his old
rolet of E1ti Simpson it The Tints, Plac
aon  Co, tl rl Cotoopl.
Johni Retily' 01ea-ottor of l'ooxsts' fts]-
tetiri i-10e tle  blbie vt-sorrl   front Is
vaction tiwiuig  thle  Thusandt Islanto,
Al. Reidy looks as brown as the pro-
-i-Itiiat ti-iri-. autt lvill at oneat  throwt
hitosi ito  th  1rlelch st dottrlttitO
s0ir     the appitants   for seatigs for
'Tiei Chorts Lady.
El. Stlliottto will tie the ti-sr imanager
at the Studebaker and will assUlme Con-
trtti Iito tor- Cotoing of Til,e rFinte tOf
Pileith. llit- niitats the- ticitg 0ner of
t     ie lake  ftot  home  of oahe stia by
the Dill itoglia Iit- Contners itoatiagoieit.
The cast if Tolaod, an outllit of Ili
Iusy  Sans  Aorris   pla- factor , whic-
tols  ouon recitited in Clicag-o, include
Frank Cusmluan. Jack Dre1slt-, Franf
Irwin. Lillian Dever., Evelrt  Siith al
Clara Sinxartz.
* * *
Ceooators iale    ucli fil swato- at tih'
CrolialtotIs th1 eatter ettirog 1I Iast tent-
night. id   tite reftirbished llls-house I'
now No-itdy for the opening   ltf the fo
Miss 'Iruly Shn0tick whn lis been-
promninly  identified With  Geo"rge 3
Colt-li'si  "plt- s  w ithlllii  sit.  it  i t III
achiev-ed her ambition. SI,, woIll bie t:
leading   'loidv   inl 'T'he  I iov  fti
Itrodhurils11t.  T'omt 10ise  will hIi'livet
stellar role In thle piee, whielh is a i
xaniped   edition   of  Ie   wrion1g Al
'N-g    tioat  early endeavor of TIhe
of the Iour.
''lhoe Ifoineyoonroots is ii ing iliau
lo-wl soltg-poeo from tithe pol f iti
thor. Georgle MI. ('tolatt. It is       I
Anty 011 Fla. and Alt     Ciott does ll
state whether it is to be a     jtctPssOr
The Grand OlId Flag, or no.
Rob),rt Edesonl Ills  mothler \rmerical
p-tto v tilt,  to--at  t- iil it  i'-  ttl
Clisinots  t  iohc  stoy  itis lii I
two West Point cadets w-ho are riva)
inl love. The one is of loltY ixtractiO
and   comopnratilt     wealth    wile ti
t'o0iter is of good famity   t   impover
isi-id.  he'lo  flight over th iirl in t1
case and    o  loses ano  ye    tie elti
finallyI proves Itis vorth to the girl by
I:oroic  self-sacrifice.  and et  convtll
Itional  wtedding  iells  ring olt.
Ettisont pinung in a    e-etd dramiaan'-

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