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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Buckwalter, H. H.
Is Maude Fealy married? Report booms her as star,   p. 13

Campton, R. V.
Managers and players on Great White Way are busy,   p. 13

Rialto gossip,   p. 13

Page 13

August 10, 1907.
Denverites Think Story is a Clever Advertising Scheme -In- Preparations For Openings Under Way Everywhere- Notes
teresting Theatrical Comment.               of the Friars--Professional Gossip.
BY H. H. BUCKWALTER.                            BY R. V. CAMPTON.
Ihenvler 1IIrenni of
it. I1. Rliiikwilter. Rep.
TIlIli. -ie-lititf tle vi-k in De-er
tl,.i-icall c-i-liswas fte aiuOMIiie-
Inent of the    secret weddilig  Of
lau id IFaly to Hgi I. Siirwin,ia
lie writer of tlii Repiuliiaii.  I am  iii-
ableli ltI wluliil" it is a i-lever l)ilt of
llt-wsliilir idv,-rtisiiig for thle Inii-l-ad:-
%ertis-iiNatiude oriiiit. buit tiia loca~l pa-
irsliiae been filled vith the liarrowing
etailsof what Maidi didi and what Mar-
garet Feay did and   whiat they   wore
iind wilat they said iuntil Toin   Long,
Mrs. Eitch's lusibaninallyh 1ad to raise
liis ante and offer Mad,, $1.000 for one
week instead of the  cry muih less figure
lie had planned.
As a box Office attactilil Miss Fealy
wiiil be worth $1,000 for one consecutive
week in Denver, for pe-opli will see her
from  cnriosity and not for her acting.
i miy opinion some adertising was nec-
u-sary. but it seems too had to sacrifice
a good. hard-working  oung man on the
aliar of mere-iirlc pliic-itY. Slier-win
is ti-soilu if Aiiiy Sueiii ciaitefamous
itit l  micnc  cir-lis  ci tie oier side.
ills father is also in the profession, and
IIIe young manil was for a season ahead
'if Jan Kubelik.
Denounces Newspaper Men.
Wlieni the wedding of Mdiss Fealy was
uIntioiiciii to Mrs. Margaret Fealy she
proimptly said "me che-ild." threw    up
linds and likewise a buIIIici of hysteri-
cal fits :aI got in some very effective
il-unciationis  of the  newspaper man.
Sigir IHaffaelo  Cavallo, her husband.
likewise got rid of a lot of talk about
'sneak", "cur", "wholp", and the like
and then got out of town before Sherwin
-iuld flid him. Maude announced that
tl marriage was only "oil probation" and
ater wroe a letter sayilg that she would
not see ieri husband for a year and was
already longing for a divorce, probably
heeause  the engageient   with a   real
molny attachment was      for only   one
hi myi opinion, if Maude Fealy could
;t as xxell is her mother ctin wxork the
iiewspapir men the young woman would
c asily ihe the successor of Mary Ander-
Sensation at Colorado Springs.
Colorido Springs also furnishes a thea-
Iileal  seiisation  this  week.  Laura
Mathews, who was in the Brown of Har-
ard i-nmipany at the Studebaker, Chi-
uago, for a few weeks, was either mur-
ilcred or committed suicide in a lonely
phee iII the miountains near the foot of
Pike's Peak.  The day of the inquest
Ailios R. Reumibaugxh, who posed as a
iilitary iiain. committed suicide rather
han t-stify before  the coroner.  The
lames of a number     of very   wealthy
-liisterpoi-ol i are linked with the young
Aeomianis affair and ti- iatter promises
to be as snsation for the daily press for
sometimii- to come. 'I'lie-- ineral impres-
Siol is that the show girl made a mis-
tlke in helieving that the affection of
Soile Of the millionaires was the real
thing aiii shie simnIv shot herself when
she rcalized that she was only a toy.
'[le Ringlings-made a big clean-up in
Ienver ex in the wek. 'I'he xeath r
uisaril off inst long eiioughi for ftica-n
ias eit to be built anId wipei oiut. but
at the four peformalOnes about 70.000
Pr5son1s iaid*for seats. It was aiusing
I, riad the "roasts" ill th paper Oni id
lY Tininiii ainid Bollils. oxwners of the
Sells-Fl-t sxows. Tulnimen is a prettv
b'road fiIxow but liexx was not wid eniough
to see ani opposition show  follow  lim
into Dnxer andi get tle big coii.i- t-
-iontallx  woriii  comi  from  TWichita,
KAnslis, salyiii- that Willie Sells laid at-
taiCiied the Sells-Floto ticko-t wagon on
;I claim for ,000 for b-ck salry and
tihei s of his iamie. etc. When Willie
cots thiat $-i000 lie will have more gray
lairs than hi now Owns.
Pawnee Bill is Coming.
Pawn  ill anii  his Iug \hild West
Aow is slated for nIi uarly visit to Colo-
rado and it gos without saving that
alacity business will be his pr-ize.
CatCgiulo and his italian Ulin is still
t it      k. As a    smooth   manager
hel choalier is qiite glossy. IHe lade
a propoition tii the park   -oard, it is
said. thalt if he was given, a contract
i'Or ex  season hi,' would call his hiand
'Gargiul,,5 l-ii-n haiud' and the city
ixluild g-t a -vat aioinit of Iulvertis-
idH firomii it. Jlii ho, Den-ivir is to be
nothrtiedas ;IIn Italiai conimunity does,
1ur apiiar. bil th  proposition  was
Wire  downi al   th  hand will go to
thCiii, MO., ihout the middle of the
ionith and give the Misollrians a chance
te, ahIIld thle atiii iit and hoiiorable
xxorks if tiii mcic iniasters. G1aigiihi
lliixvex  it)  i iieiiii gi~  the  pubilic''  aiii
hot ill ilaiing pui)OiIlar music that might
fi,nii his cal-s huy hiring whistled next
iix bux the xiii,,ii puiicii Delivor pceople
Ni-  cidl allaOiliatii enoigh to desent
blI niu ,ILCatit lic an Italian  ban
l<iinoad so the cro (Is (Iiin't show any
'ih Ellih  Bo-cii, mansagiment at
laniia i  I le -h  ann r itff'es  thint  liss
l'ii-iiiotas xxiii lie 1pu1 ohl again for a
ihii- \\'jIIs \ocithunill-, liuses Cixy aii,
si-i' ,  hi-is'  l Gi-e iffi'ii  tiiiis  tle
lii-nver piuilic has foigottin andi might
he iindicedI to "vindicate"-c  the move later
in) the  season.  Mo-iwhile  John  C.
I"Isher,t xhowa osiiiiei  iieped a fihe
, ,ciii 1cmake i-omicifiii MixssIPiixemiand
ii- realhy clever company, is doing the
hig business of the town. It seems al-
o st iiicin 0i ciat (iring micisiiinmer
lii 111111lth0 capacity of tie lug 'ao
Opera House should hi sold out before
the cuitain rings up.
rImprovements in the Orpheum.
Manaer A. C. Carson. who has been
spending his vacation at the Hotel Colo-
raio, Glenwood Springs, returned to the
citya couiiliof days agcand looked over
fte.improvements ii the Oupieurmhouse.
This theater has iei thoroughly oxer-
hauled and redecorated and many sub-
stantial improvenents made nIi both
sides oft he curtainh1ine. StagetManager
Seth Baiiley xwill have abocut fte, same
crew as last scasoii and the money end
will be looked after bI Max Fabish, who
will leave the Sells-Floto ticket wagon
next Thursday. Martin ieck as well as
F. D. Henderson and Martin Lehman, of
Kansas City, are expected to be here at
the opening Aug. 19.
Denver friends of James Curran. the
onlxy billposter ini the world. were much
pleased with the cimplimientary notice he
got in THE SHOW      WORLD a couple
w-ks ago. Curran is one of the biggest
and broadest men in the business and
while he sometimes has the usual little
differences with people incident to any
business, the matters are alwavs closed
with friendly feeling on both sides. and
"Jii's" worst enemies would fight for
iiin at any time. I once heard a remark
ibout Curani that struck me as cover-
ing the xwhole matter.  "Ie's awfully
good to his oldi mother" was the strong-
est boost I ever heard for any man and
it Was appropriate in "Tim's" case.
'i'he motioni picture business all through
the state is developing into a craze that
will soon exceed the fad stage. The 5-
cnt and diie houses all report big busi-
ness. although some of them   are two
years behind in film  as well as flicker
selection. But the people are hungry for
eliap, clean amusement amid they would
patronize a dozen more such houses in
Denver alone. The big film hit of the
week was Selig's "Roller Skate Craze."
a film that is not only very good techni-
cclly, but cuite appropriate at this time.
New Roller Skating Rink.
Denver will soon have a roller rink
costini alf a million dollars and built so
that if iiecessary it can be converted into
a  in auditorium. The walls and most of
fithe interior work indicate opening about
the first of September. The rink covers
about a quarter of a block and will seat
possibly 4.000 people with proper equip-
in- it.
Kathcrine Grey, who was booked for
the senson at Elitch's Gardens, will prob-
ably gle way for a week to Maude
Fely, just before the close of the sea-
Soi. Provided, of course. Miss Fealy's
rec-lit advertising  campaign does not
fiash  into  I catastrophe.
Eddie Clifford. who took Punch Whoel-
cr's place as press manager of the Sells-
Floto Shows, is well known in Denver
where he worked on the daily papers for
some months. Thei lie went out ahead
of the Floto show and graduallx arose
until ie was a real trooper. Then lie
took the management of a new Cort
thbeater but could not stand prosperity
and  the coy glances of the beauties.
After a period of penance he comes back
to thie big tents with much experience
and a desire to settle down and some day
have enough money to buy a circus of
his own. Up to date Clifford's menage-
he experi-nce has been confined to bull
pups and their trainers, but he wanted
to be a social Ihon in Denver-in fact,
was one for a time-so he Is quite at
home around the smell of sawdust.
Peter Menzies, the leader of the Scotch
clans of Colorado, has organized a com-
panv to go on the road next month.
Alrcaily his booklings arc filled for sx-
oral months. TTis idea seems to be quite
go, 110 show being mcad' up of Scotch
musical and other features and ealcu-
latei to get the enthusiastic suport of
the Caledonians all over the land.
N-W   YORIK, August 3.-The city
is enjoying tremendous theatrical
activity just now. The bustle
and fume of managerial preparation
is as chaotic as the maelstrom of a
busy Broadway crossing. Thieate-rs.
scenic studios,agencies, and the actors
themselves are submerged in a wave
of harry that makes the Rialto te-em
with action.  It is plain to be seen
liat the producers lhereaboiit regard
Thespian genius as two-thirds per-
Henry W. Savage is more active this
year than he has been for several
seasons past, and the Savage forces
are working mightily to keep abreast
with  his inspiration.   iHe  formally
opene d his season last wet-k whein
'le Prince of Pilsen inaugurated its
sixth season at Long Branch.      The
P'ixley-Luders success will play at
Ashbury Park and Red Bank and then
it will be on to Chicago.   Raymond
H-itchcock starts his season August 10.
and  The College Widow      opens at
Plainfield, N. J., August 14, after
which it goes on a tour to the coast.
The Merry Widow which has enjoyed
such a sensational vogue across the
tiny will have its American premier
September 23 in one of New York's
numerous dog villages. Madame But-
terfly opens a three weeks' engage-
ment at the Garden theater late in
The Schuberts are not backward in
coming   forward with their produc-
tions, and both Chicago and New York
will have a chance to view much of
their output during the coming season.
Fascinating Flora is still proce-ding
merrily on the joyful course that is
universally the lot of a Casino success.
and will probably hold forth at the
little golden playhouse for some time
to come.
Van Den Berg Returns.
Jose Van den Berg, who has been
properly dubbed the "Hammerstein of
Harlem" since his phenomenal success,
as a grand opera impressario in the West
End theater, returned last week from
the Adirondacks, where lie had gone
only a few days before for a miuch
needed rest. Ie has signed two imem-
hers of the augmented company-Miss
Magda Dahl and Miss Grace Norton.
Miss Norton is a cousin of Madam Nor-
dica and a protege of the great prima
''lie Friars have decided to hold their
next big banquet in honor of Al Hay-
man, oi his return from Europe next
month, before the Itinerant Friars take
to the road. It will be an elaborate af-
fair and it is expected that many of
the leading theatrical producing man-
agers will be present, including Marc
Klaw, Edwin   Booth  Jack. Harry 0.
Sommers, J. Clarence Hyde, Bruce Ed-
wards and A. L,. Jacobs.
Marcus R. Mayer, who is soon to
leave New York for his seventeenth Eu-
ropean tour. has been officially created,
by unanimous vote. the authorized rep-
resentative of the Friars throughout the
United States and the continent of Eu-
Frederick Thompson invited his fellow
Friars to visit Lina Park in a body in
iutomobiles. when all the bands at the
Court of Luna will play the Friars'
"Ii the Land of Bohemia," a musical
fantasy by Sam Tauber. had its first
rerformance on any stage July 20. at
Proctors' theater. Newark. where it is
the head line act in the vaudeville bill
of the week. This Is the second produe-
tion and the first musical piece presented
)iy a new firm of amusement managers.
Samuel H. Wallach and Mr. Tauber, the
authors of the skit. are members of the
Personnel of Company.
The little company presenting "III the
Land of Bohenia" includes a soprano,
three tenors, two basses and a baritone.
One of the tenors sings the role of Count
Parsifal. His name is Thomas DeVass "Y
and the young actor is himself a count.
Young DeVassey has a romantic his-
tory, for pressure was brought to bear,
oi him by a proud and influential family
in Austria to induce himi to marry a
young woman of noble family between
whom and DeVasrey there was no af-
fiction. Matters were becoming desper-
ate when the fair countess arranged a
secret meeting with DeVassey and be-
sought him to leave tie country ere they
were forced toi marry. DeVassey, who
was at that time a lieutenant in the
Seventii IHussars, ilicked his Ieels to-
gether, sluted the lady, and said, "I
lie came to this country seven years
ago and although cut off from a paternal
income has always received a generous
allowo-ance fron his mother. le had al-
ways bieen fond of music and his voice
ha d been cultivated in Vienna. This led
iiin iutol usical channels in America.
Articles of agreement has been signed.
providing for the incorporation underthe
laws of the State of New York, of the
Shipman-De lile Company, with a cap-
ital of $150.000.  This corporation has
been formed   yMrs. t-i. C. DeMille, Er-
nest Shipmian and two prominent men
whose names are withheld.     Thle purl-
pose- of this company is to establish
\'iit L~orimer as aprodcing mngr
'Tle first undertaking (if the new com-
pany will be to offer Wright Lorimer
in tis new play, 'The Quickseand,,' an
duciitioinal-psychIological drama by Alicia
RIamsey and Rldolph do Cordova.
Rialto Gossip
Gilbert Marcotte, who lias been in the
east of Me. Bernaidt and Mrs. Fiske,
will lay aside the ''ligit.'' this coining
season to appear in vaudeville with Miss
Hertine Robinson. The Jones' Tin Wed-
ding will be the vehicle used to carry
them over the Sullivan and Considine
l)aniel F. McCoy, the popular manager
of fte, Family' theater. New  York, has
aeon spending the summer with his fam-
llx in Chicago. Mr. McCoy leaves Aug.
12 for New York, where i   will again
loo~k after the interest of- the Sullivan
and Considine circuit in the east.
Campbell-Brady Trio will produce their
new act Sept. 1. at the Orplium theater,
Minneapolis. Minn.
* * *
leawis and Chapin have been engaged
by Joe Oppenheimer for the Fay Foster
Co.. to play parts and introduce their
new act in the olio.
* * *
The roster of the Empire Burlesquers
include Roger Imhof and Corinne. Emma
Weston Johlison and Icklenikv. Connolly
and Klein. Montanilo and Heurl-Falls,
and a big beauty chorus of twenty. V.
It. Hiss, business manager; Lou      II.
Spooler, musical director; George    F.
Lnrned, advance.   The show   opens at
the Empire theater, Chicago, Aug. 10.
* * *-
Miss New York, Jr., will have the fol-
lowving east for the coming season: Dave
Fcrguson and Abo Reynolds. Perry and
Whit-, Davis and Davis, The Musical
Esterbrooks, and  Aipere, the electric
wonder. The business staff include J. H.
Ierk, manager; Harry Rose, agent; Sam
Cooley, musical director, and    Harry
Wiedman, carpenter. The show opens
Aug. 19 at Toronto, Can.
* * *
Abern and Baxter, comedy acrobats,
were compelled to lay off week of July
20, owing to the siiknes-. of Mr. Abern.
They are now back in harness and play-
ing a successful engagement at White
City, Duluth, Minn.
* * *
Hughey Conn and Downey and Willard
open oi the Orplieum circuit Sept 16, at
Salt Lake City. They will present The
Doings of Dr. Louder.
William Singer, manager of the Em-
pire theater, is a very busy manl prepar-
ing for the opening of his house Aug. 10.
The Empire Burlesquers will be the open-
ing attraction.
* * *
Figaro.  aerobatic vase  manipulator,
was a STIOW    WORLD caller. le has
just returned from  a four yeais' tour
in Mexico and is i rout- to New York,
where lhe sails for England to open at
the Hippodrome.
Jack Hoefler, manager of the vaude-
ville theaters in Terre liaito. Ind.. andi
Danville, Ill., passed through Chicago re-
cently. en route hoini  from  a trip to
the Alburta-Saskitahwan countrn. Dur-
ing  his stay in  British Columbia -I-.
Iloefler purchased 160 ners of coal land.
Jack Root, mianager of the Garrick
theater. Binrlington. ia., was a Chicago
visitor  looking  afte-  his  fall bookiiigs.
The Directors of the North Western
Fair at Sterling. Ill.. this year have di-
cided to expend several thousands of dol-
lars for their special attractions. They
have also decided to hold a night fair.
building a light plant with a capacity
of 50,000 incandescent light.
The contract foir the amusements have
1>ein let out to the (Ioneral Amusement
Promotion Company if Cli go. Ill. Thev
agree  to  furnish  th m-ii  withi  fourt.i hid:
class acts and tw-!\. -:

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