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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 13, 1909)

Combined synopsis and criticism of films recently released,   pp. 8-9

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*, .>T  TE  SHADOW, Drama, Vita-
Vpi   ed story of a child who
nipiensberries and is brought
nearte it. eThe fight for lib
teageny of the parents during the
iee physicians are working over the
child, hields thet interest closely. Not
such of a plot but the incident is
,wec loadled. Veryeffective picture in
 1neighborhood theater.
Vistretory of two urchins who daub
. .weet stuff on their grandfather's face
and draw the attention of flies to him,
nd whe also spread sticky fly paper
about  roomwhere he gets all tangled
upjil. There are several good hearty
aughs in the story, which is well pre-
SThechief figure in this film is a man
who preaches peace with such strenu-
osity that he gets into all manner of
fights. He is finally driven to armor as
his only means of protection. He ad-
dresses a street crowd on peace and is
mobbed, and has several other exciting
experiences. Rather laughable, but a
little farfetched.
THE ROBBER DUKE, Historical, Ur-
This is a drama of the days of the
"good king" Henry IV of France. This
film is said to be based on an actual
incident in the reign of this monarch,
and is pictured in what purports to be
the costumes of the period. It is rather
exciting, and contains some little in-
terest. The story has to do with a
certain Duke of lerigny, who oppresses
the peasants and who defies the mes-
sengers sent by the king to remonstrate
with him. The king finally rides by and
he attends to the case in person, with
the result that the peasants get their
rights and the bad duke is  made to
slink away. The scenes are sometimes
a little awkwardly arranged, and the
story is rather lengthily drawn out.
ic, Urban-Eclipse:
This is a close view, taken of the
coast of the southwest of France during
rough weather. It is an effective filler.
The photography is excellent.
This story is built upon the super-
stition that thirteen at the table is bad
luck. A hostess finds that owing to
the absence of one of her guests that
she has the fatal thirteen at table. She
sends upstairs, and the poor poet is
invited. Then the other guest arrives
and the poet is put out. Another guest
shows up, and the old uncle is sent out*
There are then twelve at the table and
the poet plans with the uncle to re-
turn and thus make fourteen at the
table. He succeeds, and the story ends
happily. There is plenty of action In
that story and it is well enacted. It is
highly amusing,
In this we have a clown who dreams
a dream in which he sees himself in
all sorts of predicaments. He loves a
lass, but there is another lover, a rich
old man. As the rich lover is making
love, the clown falls asleep and dreams
that lie kills and robs his rival, and
is haled into court.  The story Is a
pretty one, and it is presented in col-
ors, and with some little novelty. Rath-
er amusing.
EAT YOUR SOUP, Comedy, Pathe:
This amusing film shows the efforts
of a doting father and a fond mother
to get their petted and pampered child
to eat soup. The child  refuses, and
many odd incidents are introduced. It
is a fairly funny film, with bad photog-
raphy at times to mar it. It Is a far-
fetched affair. but then it is farcical,
so these faults may be condoned.
Comedy arising from the exchange of
two bundles. A bust Is supposed to be
delivered to the general on his birth-
day, but drunken messengers meet and
a watermelon Is finally delivered to the
isoldier. The story has been done bet-
Iter in America by another firm.   The
I photography is bad and the story Is
lumsily put at times.
THE PRODIGAL SON, Biblical, Pathe:
This is a new treatment of a back-
neyed subject. It is colored, but the
tinting has not been done carefully and
It has a botched appearance. The bib-
lical story of the prodigal son has been
followed pretty closely, although the
Opening scenes are Imaginary upon the
Part of whoever wrote the scenario. It
Is a popular subject, but Is not remark-
ably newor novel. It is a studio pic-
tare withonlyone open air scene.
A dramatic story, fairly well told, but
Improbable in some features.  An ar-
tf stops in a village and amuses him-
e fbymaking love to a village maid.
aned villagelover looks on and is madly
dlInsanelyjealous. After being worst-
edna fight he plans vengeance.     He
catches the artist out In  the  woods,
to  s himtoatree and allows the snow
tp cover him, trusting that he   may
freeze to death. Some schoolboys let
alose from their tasks go by, and snow-
ball the supposed snowman and dis-
graphy is not always clear, but the in-
cidents in the story are well brought
out, and tihe views are interesting to
an averageaudien. It is not thead
tains much interest for those who love
ani mals.
THE   THREE   HISSES, Comedy, Edi-
BY WILL REED DUNROY                                    Caolyn Wells, the humorist wrote the
story for the silent drama, and it ought
cover a real man underneath. The man   A DUEL IN MIDAIR, Drama, Edison:       to be funny, but it is not. It is a
is rescued and then hides until the vil-  Modern story faked in part from  a  hallowefe story with very little point
lager comes to gloat, and then they    studio. It is melodramatic in style, and  and little or no fun. The hero of the
fight, and the villager is tossed over  were the thrilling scenes not so palpa-  story steals a kiss from apretty little
a precipice. The story is well told, but  bly of the studio it would be much more  girl, afterhe has assisted her chauffeur
the way the snow piles up around the   effective. It is the story of rival lovers  in putting  to rights her automobile.
man tied to the tree is not at all true  who struggle for the hand of a young  This is not funny. Later the two are
to nature or life. The scenes in the   woman in the working world. The men    guests in the same house,and there,dis-
woods during a snowstorm are especially  are steel workers, and the hero is seen  guised as a maid the girl meets the
beautiful, however, and more than make  working on a beam on a skyscraper.    young man, and he kisses her again.
up for any discrepancies in other par-  Thetvillaintstealsout onthe beam, and  When she takes a mirror and goes out
ticulars.                              a struggle takes place while the actors  in the moonlight and walks backward
COPS ON A STRIKE, Comedy, Pathse:      are supposed to be suspended in mid-   to find the man she is to marry, the
This is a French subject, of the :x-  air. The hero sticks to the beam, but  young man bobs up again, and gets the
travagant order. The police of Paris   the villain falls to the ground below and  third kiss which is the charm, and he
or some    French city, go on a strike  is fatally injured. He tells the police  wins the girl's heart. The story is
and the superintendent of police goe,  that the hero pushed him off, and the  enlivened with Hallowe'en scenes, where
to the prison andasks the prisoners to  hero is put in prison. Just before he  children bob for apples and all that.
go outa   o and policeduty. They arrest  expires the villain tells the truth, and  If it is a comedy, it is a little too
the regulars and there is a big scrim-  the hero clasps the girl in the case in  high over the heads of the people who
mage. There is much fun in the film    his arms, and the story ends happily   witnessed it last Friday.
although  the  photography  is  poor:  for all but the villain, who dies. Good  THE GIRL SCOUT, Drama, Kalem:-
Causes some little laughter,           film for working sections of any city.   This is another story of the Boer war.
Biooltea:rBILL, THE BILLPOSTER, Comedy, Ed-       The film teems with a large number of
THE RESTORATION, Drama, Biograph:        ison:                                actors, is full of action, and is stirring
This is another clear, well enacted    A billposter of bibulous habits has  in its appeal. The photography is not
and effective film from the Biograph stu-  a dream in which the posters come to  at all times of the best, but the story
dio. It is fairly well divided between  life. Rather amusing and fairly well  is fairly well told. It is a well-known
interior and exterior views, and the peo-  pictured.                          fact that women and girls donned male
ple who take part in it are well dressed  THE  CATTLE  THIEVES, Dramatic,     attire and went to war in the great
and do some very good pantomime work.    Kalem:                               struggle between the Boers and the
Briefly, the story has to do with a young  This story  introduces  the famous  British. It is also well known that the
couple who quarrel, and a young wife   Northwest Mounted Police. The story    Canadian army helped in the struggle,
who tries to patch up the quarrel. The  is badly told, and the cattle stealing  and this picture has to do with the
husband, seeing the wife with the young  episode is funny. Pierre, a half-breed,  Canadian contingent of the army. Cam-
man, suspects that all is not well, and  insults one of the girls in the camp and  eron, is the hero, and he is captured and
finally, when the real sweetheart, with  is repulsed and punished. He steals  taken to the Boer laager, where he
his wife's lace shawl over her head, is  some cattle, and the mounted police take  meets Neltze, the little Boer scout, who
found in a darkened room    with the   after him and his gang. There is a     in male attire has been doing good serv-
young lover, and an encounter takes    battle and some little excitement. It  ive. The laager is attacked while he
place in which the husband floors the  is too clearly a frame-up and lacks nat-  is in camp, and he spikes the cannon,
lover, and goes out thinking he has    ural sequence. There is plenty of ac-  just in time to allow his men to capture
killed him, the husband's mind    be-  tion in the story, but it is not always  the camp. Of course Neltze loves him
comes affected, and he wanders about in  well placed.                         and she is saved. Later on the girl is
a demented state; and not until the scene  LET BYGONES BE BYGONES, Drama,     made a captive of love, and the story
of the encounter is re-enacted is the    Lubin:                               ends happily. There are numerous good
man's mind restored to its normal con-   This is another one of those ex-con-  and effective scenes in the piece, with
dition. The story is well told.        vict stories. It is a palpable steal from  horses and men in a wild jumble of ac-
THE STAGE DRIVER, Drama, Selig:        the famous scene between Jean Vaijean  tion. It commanded the close attention
A western subject, well presented, well  and the bishop in Victor Hugo's "Les  of a large audience upon its release
photographed and full of action, with  Miserables," with modern and Ameri-    Friday.
several thrills. The story tells of a  can settings. A convict released goes  THE GAME, Drama, Essanay:
youth who gambles away his money,      to a saloon and gambles away the money   In this story of modern business life,
and then takes to stage robbing as a   the state has given him. He meets the  an attempt has been made to introduce
means of recruiting his lost fortunes.  pastor of a little church, as he is in  a love interest with little success. The
He plans with others to attack his own  desperate circumstances, and is taken  film is a costly one, with numerous ac-
father's stage and rob it of a valuable  into the pastor's home and is befriend-  tors, but the story is not always clearly
express package. The stage robbers are  ed. He steals the golden chalice and is  told. The photography is good. It ap-
foiled and the meeting between   the   caught by some of the villagers, who   pears that a certain brokerage firm, with
father and son is an exciting one. The  recognize the goblet. He is taken be-  two partners is divided over the ques-
final scene shows the court room, with  fore the pastor, who forgives him, and  tion of going in on a big deal. One
the father allowed to act as judge of  he resolves to lead a better life. He  partner thinks he can clean up a cool
what punishment should be meted to     settles down and is seen five years aft-  million, and the other one feels that
his son, and the obdurate father allows  erward, working at an honest trade, and  it will mean ruin. The timid one goes
him to go away to prison. There are    with a wife and child. One of the farm-  by night and removes the securities
numerous very effective scenes in this  ers who knew his past follows him and  from the office safe, in order that he
film, and It is a good, attractive sub-  tells his employers in each place the  may balk the deal. His son discovers
ject with a fine scenic background.    history of his past life, and he is thus  the loss of the securities, and traces
FROM   CABIN BOY TO KING, Melo-        discharged several times. Finally the  them to his father. He pleads to be
drama, Vitagraph:                    pastor comes to his rescue and the man  allowed to play the game once more,
This is a melodramatic film that came  is given a life position with a good  and is finally permitted and he wins
very near getting before the public. Ac-  firm. The pictures are good and the  in an exciting scene in the Chicago
cording to the description sent out, it  story is graphically told. It is a film  wheat pit. The elder members of the
depicts the adventures of a newsboy    that will appeal strongly to audiences  firm then decide to retire, and turn the
who is kidnaped on board a sailing ves-  in sections of cities where there are  business over to the young man, and the
sel, and is put through all sorts of   many workmen.                          story ends with the young man and his
brutal training, and Is even branded on  SEALED INSTRUCTIONS, Drama, Se-      sweetheart in the foreground. A fairly
his flesh with hot Irons. For some rea-  lig:                                 interesting story of Chicago life.
son or other it was allowed to get as    This is a bunglingly told story of an
far as the moving picture houses along  important state document which goes   MANAGER IS FINED FOR
Madison street and was heavily billed  wrong. The scenes are laid about the             SHOWING SACRED FILMS.
there, but that is as far as it got. One  White House, and in Washington. Im-
manager, who had it as a headliner for  portant papers are intrusted by the     MANKATO, Minnesota, Nov. 8.-R. H.
the day, ran it through once, and then  president to a man, who Is followed by  Billingsley, manager of Wonderland
discovered that he had no permit to run  a villain, who gets them away from him.  10c moving picture theater, was found
it. He said it was a brutal picture,   This villain is the former lover of the  guilty of violating the Sunday law and
anyway, and one that was not fit to be  hero's wife, and he uses old love letters  fined $5 and costs by Judge Comstock
shown In public. Just how it was al-   in making her a party to securing the  in the municipal court this afternoon.
lowed to get as far as it did is not pat-  documents. The story Is not well told,  A stay of 30 days was granted and It
ent. The censors must have nodded.     and it mystifies an audience quite a   is probable that an appeal will be
Even the descriptions sent out by the  little to follow it. The photography Is  taken.
Vitagraph company should have been     fair.                                    Two performances were given atWon-
enough to condemn it before it was put  THE PIGMY    WORLD, Comedy, Gan-      derland on Sunday evening, two weeks
on at all.                               mont:                                ago, the program consisting of biblical
TELLTALE     REFLECTIONS, Comedy,        This subject Is well worked out with  films such as "Saul and David," "The
Gaumont:                             trick photography. It is a picturing   Holy City" and others and sacred songs
Here we have a comedy that is un-    forth of a dream of a man who has      were sung. Manager Billingsley was
usual in many particulars. It employs  evidently been eating Welsh rarebits.  arrested the following day. He retain-
trick photography with good results.   He attempts to enter a cab and it      ed Attorney S. B. Wilson. County At-
We see what is called a hypnotic mir-  shrinks in size until It does not reach  torney W. A. Plymat conducted the pro-
ror, which Is supposed to reveal the   above his shoetops. A railway train    secution. The state introduced the tes-
innermost thoughts of those near It,   shrinks in the same manner, and sev-   timony of a local newspaper reporter
and the result is something ludicrous.  eral other incidents of this order nearly  and Chief of Police Pond, showing that
It is used in a court room to reveal   set him wild, when he finally is seen  the theater had given a performance
the actual criminal in a certain case  tumbling out of his bed. Several good  as alleged, and rested. Attorney Wil-
being tried, and brings about the con-  laughs in it.                         son moved for a dismissal upon the
viction of a murderer; used in a school  A BRIDE AND GROOM'S VISIT TO         ground that the evidence failed to show
room  it shows the culprit who engi-     THE   NEW     YORK    ZOOLOGICAL     that an offense had been committed.
neered a certain prank, and In the home  GARDENS, Topical, Edison:            The court took the motion under ad-
it shows a wife where her husband has    This film, a long one, introduces the  visement and handed down an order this
been, with the result that the husband  notable scenes in the New York zoo-   afternoon denying the motion. The de-
is shown up in a very bad light. The   logical gardens, in a rather Interesting  fense noted an exception and rested.
picturing Is good and the film Is a very  form. A bride and groom  take the   Judge Comstock remarked that after a
good comedy filler,                    trip, and the onlooker Is allowed to   thorough study of the Minnesota "Sun-
VILLAINESS STILL PURSUED HIM,          witness the couple as they travel from  day law" he was convinced that It was
Comedy, Selig:                       cage to cage, and look at the different  very severe in Its restrictions. It is
Trick photography Is here used with  animals. A little touch of human na-   similar to the old Blue Laws except
good results. A man Is pursued by an   ture is Introduced, when the bride and  where modified by recent legislation. He
undesirable woman, who confronts him   groom are separated, and another man   then imposed a fine of $5 and costs
on every turn. He tries to shake hands  shows the bride around a bit and offers  upon Billingsley.
with a man, and he turns Into the ob-  her a treat In the way of a little Ice   Rev. E. H. Willisford, pastor of the
jectionable woman. His cabman also     cream. The groom arrives just as the   First Baptist church, who has been pro-
changes to the woman, and even the     bride Is engaged In partaking of the   minent in the prosecution, was present
horse In the cab fades Into the female  refreshments, and there Is a little scene,  at the proceedings today. The case Is
form. There Is much fun In the film,   which ends with the other man stand-   creating much Interest in this section.
and It Is a very good laugh producer.  ing alone much disgusted. The photo-   -RICHTER.

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