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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Moving picture news briefly told,   pp. 19-[21]

Page 19

LictleRck-   mIo ing picture show
Lirtcteo ainand lourth streets,
thelcrne-ed 'ole tine ago ,il I
deli \\ti and the room  is bei  r 
l-olfor a tutisic store. The Iace
n     t er, it is said, after com-
nAll t ainoving picttires and grapho
sons were introduced last winl
,atrans seintgl  preferring  pic
r  eloie  wiich  is  similar, it  is  said,
BrXpIiences elsewhere.
Modesto--li ls  sold tie Glory
,<yr here to rs11. Alargaret F. Dile
Elgin-Elgins stringent "blue laws,'
iting the showing of any moving
lire in the Watch city on Sunday
pit those of a sacred nature, has
uled in a decrease of the week's
it5Iitt Frlnk ittielen's tlIco Elginx
0t,s andla cait in the 'xilges of fite
i1 theatrical king's employes and
hytultimately bring about barring the
,os onSunday. A tenl per cent re-
,etion in the wages of the employes
Mr. Thielen's three Elgin theaters,
eStar. Temle and Opera house, was
pucred in a personal letter from the
'er on Sunday, the cut going into ef-
et nimediately, and will last until an
rese is hown in the wek's receipts.
Ilhe Otunday lullrenage continues to
Crem as at present, Mir. Thielen
r     o cloe down the theaters.
oatcIsland-'hie Lyric theater which
a. lesltroyed bc fire last season  is
inig reuilt and will reopen at an early
,It as a moving picture house, under
t ianagenent of iarvey Fulton, for-
erl of the Star theater at Dubuque,
Dixon Charles Plein has commenced
nrtion of a new moving picture
M's here,
Quincy-Cass McCurdy is making ar-
rla-wnts to open a moving picture
Lavana-M, C. Hood is making ar-
I n1 Itslto open a new moving pic-
Belvidere-". F. Pitts of Pekin, Ill.,
Istaken over the Lyric theater, and
il oei for business on   Saturday
flernoon, when a matinee will be given.
[r. Pitts has been running a moving
ire show at Pekin for some years
iiwill Low rllove xith his family to
Belvidere. He states that he will make
a number of improvemnents in the in-
teror of rite Lyric.
Rockford-George B. Pect, George M.
Gtt is and George C. Sackett have been
granted a license to incorporate the
George Amusement Company. They will
put a company on the road to produce
St. Elmo, opening at Kenosha November
6. The company will be seen here later.
Osage-Bert Ellis is having plans
prepared for opening a moving picture
theater in this city.
Leon-J. D. Lexvis, of Ogden, has
opened a new moving picture theater
Waterloo-J. L. McClinton has pur-
chased the picture theater from Sheriff
Shores in this city. .
Iowa Falls-R. M. Harrington, who
opened the Orpheum theater here a few
monthsago, has soldou to G.e .Hohle,
of Sexxard, Nebi., who tas taken posses-
sion. The theater has been closed for
several days and is undergoing a number
of changes and improvements and will
be opened about Nov. 1 by the new
management. Mr. Harrington has done
a nice business, but disposes of his in-
terests here in order to go west in
hopes of benefiting his wife's health.
Westmoreland-HI. AM. Pomercy will
open a moving picture theater in this
city in the iear future.
Baltimore-The Great Wizard Moving
Picture and Vaudeville theater has just
been opened.
Carondelet  (Station  St. Louis)-C.
Berneinger will erect a $5,000 moving
picture theater in this city.
St. Joseph-Fred Cosman is making
arrangements to open a new    moving
picture theater in this city.
Macon-Steve    Weisenborn   contem-
plates the opening of a moving iicture
theater here.
Liberty-Hatfield Brothers have sold
the Electric tleati-r on East Kansas
street to 11. E. hill antiRoy Hayes.
Elk Rapids-lerold Spring and Willie
'rawxforl lie puirchased the picture
showti of ]I. F. Silver and liave taken
po S S (s,ion .
Bad Axe-O. E. Gilman has sold a
half interest in his moving picture
theater liere to Matt Roggenback, of
Harbor Beach, Mich.
Newaygo-The Rinehardt & Wade's
moving picture theater here was de-
stroyed by fire.
Calumet-Red Jacket is likely to have
another moving picture house in the
near future. A well known Green Bay
nan has been in the city looking for a
suitable location and lie has practically
concluded negotiations for tine leasing
of a building on Fifth street. This will
make three emoing picture houses for
Calinet, incltuding the Grand and the
C. S. Sullivan theater.
Eveleth-P. E. Dowling, of this city,
is haviing plans prepared for the erec-
tion of a large theater here.
Red Lake Falls-C. H. Barr has sold
the Bijon theater here to Messrs. Wan-
der & Letniex.
Chisholm-Messrs. Nedry & Gallant
of Deer River, will open a moving pic-
ture theater here.
Buffalo-A. J. Noch wxill crect a one-
story moving picture theater here to
cost $3,500.
Brooklyn- Fran k A. Keeney has sold
the Keeney moving picture theater at
the corner of Fulton street and Grand
avenue to Jamines Madison and Milton
Dayton-C. V. Aloliler has purchased
the Wonderland picture show and has
takenl ossession.
Philadelphia --Chas. E. GeIsclhlager,
will erect. a moving picture theater in
the anear future. Estimated cost, $12,000.
Philadelphia-Carl P. Berger     has
awarded the contract to Geo. Hogg, for
the erection of a moving picture theater
with a seating capacity of 800.
Stroudsburg-Clarence D. Dreher is
planning to build a   moving  picture
thteater in this city.
Philadelphia-J. B. Beaver is having
plans prepared for the erection of a
moving picture theater at 1205 Market
Philadelphia-Johni H. Cordari & Co.
are estimating on plans for a moving
picture thentr at Fifty-second and San-
Man, dear, you don't
know what a really good in-
dependent film service you can get
until you've tried mine! You don't know
what vast improvements have been made in inde-
pendent films! True, there was a time when they
were inferior to the trust stuff. Nobody but a
jassax would deny that. But things are altogether
different now. I'll send you films that you'll swear
are first, second or third run, but they won't cost
first, second or third run prices! Just let me prove
that I am the best as well as the biggest film renter
in the world! My customers are simply wild with
enthusiasm! Write to me!
CHICAGO (196-198 Lake Street)             (111 E. 14th Street) NEW  YORK
te  Operators' Local, No. 145,
Lsut or gne Chicago,
reoat, last la  a dark blue serge
d IHalse  seen at the Sixty-third
lhaLotea elevated station, tagged
button. Kindly mail
oiu souseon    ro. Lindenberger.
 -  . Bro. Friend (the
eiarbon busits' said has gone in
bonuth)siness.  (Oh, you hard
' busy these day  . Bro. Forbes is
Jeish ators'ys trying to organize
't tht spo  union, so he can col-
e     P  B money. ' (How about it,
tts that  arto. Lndenberger  re-
rad     . (A  ate  picture is very
-  ro]water wagon is needed.)
nhave be  (the Big Noise) is
of h    een spending consider-
t   t time around the National
'      athat iaid  he likes the tone
o        (Oh, you Genevieve.)
SA tip: That committee had bel-
ter keep off Ogden avenue. . . . Say,
Ricker (tthe secretary), what is wrong
with that burner? . . . Say, boys,
why pay office rent when we have so
many private sessions? Framing up a
little dirty work?  (Be careful.) . . .
Theater Manager Frank Susemihl says
none but Local 145 boys for his house.
(Hurrah for Frank.) . . . Demand
the label on all penny slot machines.
(Bro. Riner.) " . . Have a red hot?
. . . Say, boys, get busy and sign
that petition. (Committee.) . . . Bro.
Ray, 'tis said, is looking for a job, but
at the same time is praying that he
does not find one. as he is enjoying this
Indian summer in company with Bro.
Mulvaney. . ..    Bro. E. C. Smith is
very much pleased with his job in South
Chicago. . . . Those advisory board
meetings are xvarm sessions; the last
Es th
rall fromi 11 p. in. until 5 n. m. Fuqua  seen ithe heavenly twins lately together?
entertained the boys with a spread after  (Menzel and Clifford.) ...  Damon
the meeting. (Yes, he did-not.) ..     andPythias (Forbes andLindenberger),
Say, Bro. Havill, how about you work-  justhaski ro. Fuqus to havea drink Be
ing with that man who has no license   j      a Bougu yo     ae a    to  Be
or card? You had better take this tip  caref-l, Fuqua, you are liable to lose
and make a change before the BigNoise  your coat. . . . Lost or gone astray,
gets busy. . . . Bro. Mitchell of the  or has been picked up by mistake; kind-
Casino Gardens theater has gone on a   ly return to little Moe Cohen. . . .
vacation. lVe wonder when he will re-  The Kentucky colonel (Col. J. C. Forth)
turn. . . . Bro. Clifford  ("Sprock")  has just arrived. . . . Don't back up,
is now pushing a crank. (Frame-up,     boys; get that spot money. . . . Bro.
Sprock.) . . . 'Tis said that Bro.     Gilmore has just arrived with a new
Moore has gone in training for the next  member. George is the landing kid.
meeting, which takes place Thursday,   . . . Oh, you sleepers, wake up; we
Nov. 4, as there is a warm session due.  want to make the 500 mark by the first
. . . Boys, get busy; that annual city  of the year, so get busy. . . . Watch
license fee is about due for 1910. You  out for the announcement that is to
had better keep better hours and save  come soon about that big ball Local 145
those spare nickels, so you will have  is going to run. It is going to be some
that big $10 ready for the city, as they  hop. . . . Damon and Pythias have
need it, you know. . . . Have you      returned. Who is next?
som streets for ite Auditorium Amuse-
ment Co.
Dickinson-E. J. Berry of Glendive is
planning to erect a moving    picture
theater here.
Orange-The Orange theater, owned
by Edgar Holland, was totally de-
stroyed by fire.
Brigham-James G. Ellis of Ogden
'will engage in the moving picture busi-
ness in this city.
Rutland-The ireamland Moving Pic-
ture theater, owned by Arthur H. Smith,
was sold to Chas. S. Fuller, who will
close the place preparatory to improving
same. Arthur H. Smith has sold the
Dreamland moving picture theater to
Charles S. Fuller.
Moundsville--Aslier  T. Lewis  has
purchased a half interest in the Oscar
Aanes Nickelodeon.
Odessa--O. A. Stone has sold his in-
terest in the moving picture show here
to Henry Ratzloff.
Neillsville-iIll Neff has bought the
Electric theater from J. If. Smith and
took possession.
Fond Du Lac-ohlin Iminel has the
contract for the erection of theater, to
cost $500.
Janesville-That the five-cent theater
ordinance which was passed at the last
regular meeting of the common coun-
cil is null and void and will have to be
passed over again is a fact which will
be gently broken to the city fathers
this evening. It appears that the meas-
ure was altered considerably after it
had been given its first and  second
reading, and inasmuch as the changes
were not embodied in an amendment,
the third reading and passage failed to
make any part of the regulation ef-
Goes to Licensed Films.
READ)IN'G Pa., N\ov. 1. The Grand
Opera House has abandoned the inde-
pendent and gone over to the licensed
film service.-STIRL.
Operators of Small Houses in Seattle
Use the Daily Newspapers
to Boom Business.
SEATTLE, Wash., Oct. 31.-Dignified
with the title of "Theatrettes," be-
stowed upon them by local newspapers,
who qualify it with the statement that
"vaudeville motion pictures" are pro-
duced  therein, ten  moving   picture
houses here have been induced to run
ads, in our daily papers, with the un-
derstanding that no suabjects may be
announced and that the ads. will appear
in columns other than those devoted to
amusements. Five of the ten houses
are tinder one management and use
slides to boost the othesr hotises of the
comhination. All are well patronized,
due, doubtless, to Seattle's large float-
ing population.-nOWLEY.
Order of Films Releases
Monday-Lubin, Pathe, Biograph,
Tuesday-Vitagraph, Edison, Gau-
Wednesday-Essanay, Pathe, Ur-
ban, Melies, Gaumont.
Thursday-Selig, Biograph, Lubin.
Friday-Pale. Kalem, Edison.
Saturday-Pathe, Vitagraph, Gan-
Sunday-Pathe (occasionally).
Monday-Imp, I. P. P. Co., Phoo-
Saturday-Great Northern.
l i

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