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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Combined synopsis and criticism of films recently released,   pp. 8-9

Page 9

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This is a tinted  drama of South
nerica, with the people in the pictur-
equegarb of that country. it is not
pto the usual standard of the Pathe
tferings, but it has tie merit of novel-
A cow puncher discovers an in-
iu stealing a goat. He gives him   a
sound beating, and the Indian swears
Iengeance. One day while out riding
with is sweetheart, lie is waylaid and
Insle captive by the Indians, and things
lookprettyhad for im, until his sweet-
henrt discovers the Indian chief's daugh-
ter, and has her taken into custody, and
held as a hostage until her sweetheart
is released. The villainous Indian tries
to kill the lover, but is prevented by a
Ishot fired by tine young woman in the
case, andtespool-drama endswith ti e
ttsstemrae.There is considerable
action in the piece, but it looks too
tuch like a frane-up for tie camera.
Te photography is fairly good.
lie we have a striving after comic
cha,,ts,wIithllittie succe.s  An indolent
f,1i1opicksupiailetter wich a tierson
--otsne colt5Cluec hais itonped.  The
l etter is tfrot an attotrney infornitug
tit alarge fortuneias been leftto the
one addressed. The impecunious fellow,
goes to the attorney and claimis the
I lritage, and Proceeds to use thle credit
allowed him in a lavish style. By and
y htile real heir arrine  oti tc e see
anathe bogus hir takes to lisa heels,
thile the attorneys who have carelessly
allowed the legacy to go to the wrong
person, are compelled to pay all the debts
accumlnated by the scalp. Tie film is
good from a photographic standpoint,
but does not elicit much laughter. As
presented before an average audience on
inday afternoon, it created but mild
ierst, and little if any merriment.
THE SENORITA, Drama, Seli:-
Wihy this story is called Senorita, is
not quite plain. It might hane been
called almost anything else. The story
has to do wit a young American, who
is saved from death, from  thirst and
starvation in the lexican desert by a
Alexcan girl and her lover. Taken into
the Mexican home, ie makes love to the
girl, although ie is married. ie writes
a note to a friend stating that the girl
loves him, and that although    lie is
Inarried, ie intends to fool her.  This
better falling into the proper hands at
tei proper time, reveals everything, just
as tie villain and the girl are riding
iay. There is an attempted stabbing,
rea theetdoftestory,swheredAlexi-
ean,wiooves telady from adistance,
seeks to kill the American, but finally
te latter rides away with a scowl on
tis face, and the real Mexican   lover
clasps his sweetheart in his arms. Tine
photography is bad, and there is an
obvious striving for effect in the story.
Drama, Urban-Eclipse.
Tinis is a legend told in forceful ac-
tioi and in pictures of clearness and
Power. The scenic backgrounds are ar-
tistic, and taken from old castles in
France, so that they are more than
usually picturesque. The legend shows
agirl carried awaytby awildman. Her
screams attract  the  attention  of a
knignt riding through the woods, and
lie rescues her from a frightful fate.
The girl loves the knight, but the next
day discovers that lie is in love with
a woman of high degree. She wanders
toiachurch yardinthe night,eand there
the devil appears and tempts her. He
tells her that if she will sacrifice the
lives of her father, mother and broth-
ers she may enjoy the love of the knight
for one year, when she must give her-
self into tine power of the devil.  She
consents, and the devil makes a violin
from the bodies of her family, andwhen
setplays upon this, she wins the love
fthe knight. Finally the devil comes
to claim the girl, and then her relatives
appear to her in ghostly form, thus
showing the working of a guilty con-
science. The dissolving views in this
Picture are particularly well done, and
the tale is fantastically beautiful. The
story is quite clear, the photography al-
most flawless, and the film is of a high
DON  QUIXOTE, Comedy-Drama, Gau-
In this film we have a fascinating
tniject, taken from the realm of litera-
tre. We have the characters     from
Cervante's novel put into motion under
very fortuitous circumstances, and the
reslt is a film that holds the attention,
aiuses, instructs and pleases. The pho-
tumaphy is clear and distinct, the cos-
tining richiandohistorically correct, and
the acting in good.  Here we see the
mournful hero of this Spanish master-
piece in numerous scenes, and In sev-
ral situations, and so well portrayed
that it appeals, not only to those fa-
miliar with the story, but to those who
us get a first glimpse of the great
Scenic, Pathe
glips thif silent draia, we   catch  a
impse o  the brutal sport of buffalo
racing in a portion of Asia Minor. The
picture is tinted, and the photography
is good. There is much action in it. Its
chief value is to show that our prize
fighting and horse racing civilization is
still but a little removed from the semi-
savages and their so-called sports. The
-enes sho the natives of Aladoera, en-
gaged in racing half wild    buffaloes
tiiugn snvampy country until they fail
exhausted, or nearly so, at the goal.
Tine film closes with views showing tine
distribution of prizes to the men who
rode in the races. It is exciting.
In this story we are shonvn tine coin-
cast, tnennveen the actor wino is called
upon to portray agrand character on the
stnage, and then go out into real life, an
imipecunnious person.  Tine comned y i n
tinis is not hiarious, but it is vite
true to life, and is quietly humorous.
'Phe opening picture reveals the in-
terior of a theater, where tie player,
dressed in tine spangled garments of
Louiis XIV dines sumptuously from
oold  plate, and  a  little  later  is  seen  in
a sort of Pittsburg Joe restaurant, eat-
ing a sandwich. Next we see a hero,
nvno does wonders in vanquishing a
whole host of villains on the stage, anti
aiftervards is whipped by a stage Inand],
after the mimic curtain has descended.
The poor little orphan who begs in the
play, is seen to dine in a costly cafe
in another picture, and tie great finan-
cier inranothner scene, is foutnd,nwhenntue
leaves tine stage, to be in arrears with
Iis landlady, and unable to pay, so is
thronvt out. Tine story is cleverly co i-
ceived, and tine photography is clear.
In this film we have a fairly good
story bunglingly presented. The stage
management of the picture is bad, and
there are many crudities in its presenta-
tion. It is the story of a miser, who
loans money to a man who has a pretty
daughter. The man is unable to pay,
so the miser demands the girl. She is
given to h1 and has to give up her
lover-. Finally tine lover comes to tite
home of the miser and sees the young
wife stealthily. He is caught there and
hides in a blind passageway. The miser
discovers his presence, and brings in
some masons who wall him in. While
the miser is maltreating his wife, the
yinving lover breaks through tine door
indtie masonry, and teold man is at-
lacked by heart disease and expires. The
masonry in this piece, is so palpably ar-
ranged to be pushed over, that it is
nomical, and he ay theold armor falls
and comes near hurting te actors in
the drama, lends another touch of hu-
nor. What purports to be a      near-
tragedy becomes a comedy in this in-
stance,  Howvever, the  film  elicited
stormy applause in one of te outlying
inovitig picture theaters Sunday.
SEA, Drama, Biograph:-
This is a silent drama of tinrequited
love. The title is taken from a line in
Tosti's famous song "Good Bye," andis
not a good one, or all appropriate. It
is a story of fisher-folk, homely, but
dramatic. A fisher girl is loved by two
fishermen. One is loved in turn, and
the other repulsed. The one who is
loved, goes away with the fishing fleet.
sees another pretty face, forgets the
girl ie has left behind, marries, and
never realizes the havoc ie has wrought
in the heart and mind of the simple
fisher girl he has left. The repulsed
lover, is always faithful, always true,
but he pleads in vain. The girl pines
arnd goes into a decline, and after six
years, as she is on her death bed, the
recreantnman returns with his wife and
child, and is met by the faithful lover
who compelshim to go to te deathbed.
of the girl andmakeiherbelieve that he
has returned to fulfill his vow. Told
badly, the story does not make a very
strong appeal, but presented with a
wealth of scenery and with good actors
it is a most effective and striking film.
The photography is clear, the action
fine, and it may be set down ag one of
tfie high-class films of the past fort-
Drama, Lubin:-
This is the rather trite story of a
miser, who threatens to turn an old
woman and    her daughter into   the
streets, unless the daughter consents
to marry him. To save her mother
from starvation, she decides to wed the
miser, and is aboutto goup the hurch
steps for the ceremony, when her soldier
lover, who has returned from the wars,
saves the day, and the miser is thwarted.
The story is well pictured and is fairly
Licensed Subjects
interesting, while not strikingI
it has many good points, an
told. Upon its first present
week, the scene where tine
foiled drew applause and exc
of satisfaction from a large
made up of the usual afternoo
of one of tie big moving pictu
ini tine loop district.
In this story, two lovers
a ball in the days of George
to win a wager, a young lov
guise of a tipsy butler, cot
Younng uvonnan in the case, ti
minuet with him, before
strikes 12, Thne young nvoma
eritigtne hoax, turns tine tabi
u-cry neatly. and the story en
comiendy. Tine costunnes are pi
anrid tine film is fairly intere
though the comedy is not of
that anppealed to the general
viewing it this week in on
dovn-town moving picture t
Here une have a story that
the ordinary, with a splend
background, often badly pho
A young American, of ad
spirit, sails to the south se
shipwrecked on a lonely island
pens that a Spanish recluse
daughter and some natives
the island. The American
loves he Spanish beauty, who
loved by a native chief, aind
ised in marriage to him. TI
the struggle between the two
session of the girl, and finall
age cihief and his companions
American and hang him hea
down the side of a steep cliff
is left to die. A ship comin
at the opportune moment, res
and the story ends happily
lovers get on board the ship
away, taking the Spanish fa
them. Thisstoryis unusual, a
tains several thrills. It is a pi
holds the attention closely a
with close attention at the in
down-town audience.
On this spool there is told
of a Gibsonesque girl who g
seaside and is pestered by lov
sorts and conditions. Some of
romantic, some are silly, som
timental, and some are simply
Sine, is uinable to escape them
maid suggests that she defor
and appear in a bathing suit.
her limbs and feet until sh
to have a bad attack of dro
elephantiasis, and when she d
the boardwalk, she drives al
away, but one man, who t
beautifl face is compcnsatto
.supposed deformity. Later on,
appears in her bathing suit as
is, tine other men all perfo
denoting chagrin. It is a film
tured and contains several go
A youth loves a girl. Her
had a birthday, and one of th
is a shotgun. He is very f
and is constantly handling
young man attempts to kiss
and she goes to tell her fa
enters the room with the gu
young man thinks he is ab
shot, so he makes a hasty and
exit. The youth encounters
several times, and each time
has the gun in his hand, so
man flees. The story is funny
well pictured. It caused much
this week in one of the loo
moving picture theaters, and
nerit  of   calling  out  co
graph, descriptive.
This is a film that has cre
little sensation in the movit
wnorld, for the reason that Mi
man is widely advertised as I
most perfect form of any
the stage. The pictures show
lorman in her daily physical
attired in her famous black t
also in swimming andodiving f
phnotography is, in most moste
clear and good, and the filn
merit of attracting large an
men. At its release, Tuesda
viewed by an audience of dc
the noon hour in one of the 1
town picture houses, where it
ed the closest attention. It is
This film gives us "blue M
a new guise. The maid, wh
neglects hir washing to spoon with her
lover. Tine little child of the house-
hold, finding the kitchen empty, proceeds
to a little washing on her own account.
She puts her Teddy bear, the cat and
numerous articles in the tub and pro-
coeds to have a good time. Finally
she overturns the tub and makes a
pretty mess. The lady of the house
returning, finds tine house in a mess,
and punishes the child by sending her
to bed. There, the tot has a dream, in
y original,  which the cat and the Teddy bear hale
d is well   her into court, and she is badly fright-
ation this  ened. The film is interesting and humor-
villain is  ous, and is well photographed. It is
lanations  a good comedy filler, especially in a
audience  neighborhood theater, where many wom-
in clientele en attend.
re houses  THE WITCHES CAVERN, Selig, Dream.
In this funicaegood, imaginativemelo-
Comedy:   dlrama.n is presented with fine scenery
quarrel at  and with good actors.    Tine pictures
an    were taken in tine mountains where
- l~ad  thnere are cataracts, rapids and other
er, in the  features that add to the effectiveness
mpels the   of the film. It appears that a man
thdance a   and his young daughter, witi several
tine clock  compatniotns are on a hunting trip in
n, discor-  the moutains. Tney go away one day
es auin h  atod leanc tine  girl in charge of the
Sfa       cap, While aay, a il unitted per-
cturesque,  son, more like a beast than a man, ar-
usting, at-  rives and frighntens tine girl mnearly into
*tine .sort  mysteries.  She runs aunay, and then
avidienice  followys an exciting chnase through the
oof the    wvoods, wvhen  tine  wvild  man  finally
heaters.    catches her and drags her away through
rama:-      tne rocks and trees, Soon, tie wild
matin's motner, a wnitch, discovcrs the
is out of  pair, and after beating the son, takes
id scenic  the girl to her cavern in the mountains.
tographed.  Before leaving  tie camp, the   girl
venturous  dropped a note to her father, and the
as and is   hunting party, returning, soon take up
. It hap-  the search, and finally  discover the
and his   cavern. only to find it demerted. They
reside on   continue the search and rescue the girl.
meets and   Tine seenic features are splendid, and
is in turn  there are several thrills in the story.
is prom-   Its a goodmelodrama, and an evening
en comes  audience in a loop district theater this
for pos-  week, gave it the closest attention.
y the say-  A BACHELOR'S LOVE AFFAIR, Com-
take the    edy-Drama, Essanay.
where oe    In this film a pretty story of a bache-
g in sight   or and his love that comes too late, Is
cues him,   depicted in clear photographs with some
when the    little skill in pantomime. The hero, a
and sail  bachelor, is asked to take care of his
ther witl friend's "baby," who is in reality a girl
nd itcon-   of 17 years. The bachelor falls in love
cture that  with the young miss, and all goes fairly
nd meets vell until his nephew appears on the
nds ofea    scene. The nephew loves the girl, and
she loves him, and the bachelor Is in-
clined to haye a broken heart for a
Biograph,  time, but thinks better ofIt, and gives
the happy pair a big check for a wed-
eling present. There are several good
the story  laughs in the film, and some little
ers to the  pathos. It is bound to be popular with
er of all  the average audience, for as the old say-
taem are   ing has it: "All the world loves a lover."
e are sea-
ludicrous.  BRAVE WOMEN OF '76, War Drama,
until her    Lubia.
-m herself    This is a story of the revolutionary
She pads   war,  ith ludicrous backgrounds of
e appears   modern buildings.  It shows a little
psy, or of  band of determined women, who attempt
isports on  to stop the advance of the Hessians on
I of them   their village. There is plenty of action
hinks her   in the story, and it might have been
n for her  mane very effective with proper set-
when s-e  linings.
shereall'   MYSTIC MELODIES, Mystery Sketch,
rm  antics    Gacamont.
well pic-
od laughs.    This is a colored film of the Imagina-
tive sort. It is the story of how beau-
Biograph,  tiful music may awaken dreams. A
young artist at a piano in a garret plays
faand soon his bare room is filled with
aterhas   luxury, his wife's gown changes into
o presents  rich silks and velvet, and for a time he
nd of it,  revels in wealth and comfort, only to
it.  The   have it fade when the melody    dies.
the girl.  The picturing is effective and the film
ether. He has a pledsing pathetic tinge.
a and the
out to be   THE WARRIOR'S SACRIFICE, Drama,
ludicrous    Gaumont.
the father    Here we have a story in ten different
the father  sections, each section being an art study
the young   in itself. The story, in brief, is of a
andit is   poor ferryman's daughter in love with
mriment   and loved by a soldier. The soldier
p district  goes away to war and     is wounded.
Ihad tine  Word is brought back that he is dead,
nsiderable  and she weds a wealthy young land-
lord. The soldier returns later to find
AN, Vita-   his sweetheart married. He sings old
love songs under her window, and a
duel is begun between te husband and
ated some   the soldier, which is stopped by the
g picture  young wife, who indicates that she will
ss Keller-  be true to her husband.   The soldier
naving the  then engages in a fierce fight in defense
woman on     of the city gate and is killed.  The
Miss Kel-   photography is excellent in this; the
exercises,  story is well told, and the scenic back-
ights, and  ground is unusual and beautiful. It is
a story filled aith action, and is bound
noes, very  tonc a popular film.
has the
y, it was     BOAT, Topical, Urban-Eclipse.
rks during    Shows the workings of the marvelous
arge down   craft, said to be the fastest in the world.
command-    The boat is seen cutting through the
a popular  water at a high rate of thirty-five knbts
an hour. The powerful 800-horsepower
raph, co-   engines are dispayed, and  the film
comes to a non-el climax with the eamn-
era on board the boat. This is a very
onday" in  interesting topical film, with excellent
o Is lazy,  photography.

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