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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(October 30, 1909)

Live news topics of the week,   pp. 18-21

Page 18

October 3,10,
Cook Discovered the North Pole
and the profession have discovered the real song hit'of the year
Anybody can sing this song. Great for single, duet, sister act, trio, quartette, sextette, black
face, white [face, musical act, soubrette, minstrel, burlesque, musical comedy, dumb act,
sketch; in fact this song is great for any kind of an act. Send for this Natural Song Hit
of the Year to-day. Do it now. Don't postpone writing until tomorrow. Be one of the
first to sing this sensation. Published in 7 keys by
Music Co., HARRY L. NEWMAN, "a"n.Opera House,Chicago, Illinois
(Please mention Show World when writing.)
Little Rock-Charles T. Taylor, for-
mer manager of the Capital theater,
will return to Little Rock November 2
from New York, where ie has been for
some time. It is not known here what
Mr. Taylor intends to do.
Van Buren-King's Theater, in this
city, was partially destroyed by fire.
The origin of the fire Is unknown.
The loss is estimated at $3,000. The Bitt-
ner Dramatic company had just put
its baggage in the    theater, prepar-
atory to aweek's engagement, when the
firewasdiscovered, and all the baggage
was s          aved.
Little Rock-Aftera precariousaexist-
ence tse Majestic theater in this city
has closed its doors.  Manager Pike
tried stoc   shows for several weeks
and finding that the patronage was
not sufficient to meet expenses, lie next
tried vaudeville for three weets.
This was even more disastrous. At-
tachments poured and the boxoffice re-
ceipts were held to pay back salaries.
Manager Pike was game and ueld on
to the last ditch althtough he claimed
to have lost every cent he possessed.
It is understood his musical instru-
ments, used by tre numusical Pikes;'
were sent out of the city just three
hours before they were to be attached.
No doubt tle Pikes will resume their
act on theroadafter an experience that
will make trem    sadder and wiser.
La unta-La Junta Rink opened for
the season October 18. The interior of
the rint Ias been repainted and deco-
rated in an artistic manner; te floor
has also been revamped and is in fine
condition. A Iarge number of skaters
and spectatorswere present. SamuelE.
Beyhemer is again inchuarge of the rink,
Heis very popular withall t   skaters.
and under his management the rink will
undoubtedly uave as large a patronage
as it did last season.
C. W. Wonderley is now sole owner
oftheElectric theater, as e hassecur-
ed fole interest owned by   Mrs. C. H.
Adkins. This is a popular niacel show
and has had a good business since it
opened more than two years ago. The
La Junta theater masoagement recently
changed from H. H. Bourne, to S. Dun-
kin, who is giving vaudevil e   i con-
nection  with  moving   pictures, other
than onregular roadshow nights. Busi-
New Haven-A small panic was nar-
rowly averted during a performance of
"The Round Up," at the Grand last
week,whren "Frank," the star horse, re-
fused to budge, chokcing tirepassage that
leads onto the stage, and causing what
promised to be a stampede among thre
other hrorses. Quickc work on the part
of the experienced hrorsemen with the
shuow only seemed to increase the trou-
ble, until the arrival of Manager Hend-
ricks, of the Grand, whose arrival
caused Frank to meander meekly onto
the stage in Clue nickc of time. The re-
port is current thatManager Hendricks
has signed as Breenclue Buster with the
Two Bills.-WO ODIN.
San Diego-The proposed ordinance
introduced hy City Attorney Andrews,
which, if adopted, would close practi-
cally every theater in the city, including
the Garrick, was taken up for consider-
ation by thre common council at the
comnmittee of tire whole mueeting. The
iet' ,e  wxas voted downa
Hill City-Fire of unknown origin at
Hill City today destroyed the theater
and three other buildings.
Jacksonville-R. M. Feltus, in charge
of the Barnum & Bailey advertising car
No. 2 was here recently billing the
town.  The Duval theater, under the
management of James B. Delcher has
more attractions booKed than ever be-
Athens-The Sells-Floto circus gave
two performances lure. Although there
had been, for several days previous,
handbills scattered  around town cal-
culated to   injure the show, the tents
were packed atbothperformances. The
Sells-Flute circus  is by far the best
that has ever been seen in Athens. It
is a clean show from   start to finish
and all the actsexcellently carried ount.
A number of the acts deserve special
mention, among which are: The Ruhoda
Royal Troupe of High School Horses,
The sNelson Family, The Armour Team
of Grays, The Iron Jaw   hutterfly act
of Cle LaTell and Ellell Sisters, and
theflyingactofTreNelsons. Allthese
huigh class performances go to makneup
one of the best circuses that has ever
visited this part of the country.  The
equipment of Clue entire show is new,
which adds wonderfully to te appear-
ance of the parade and to the wiole
show. F. L. Purcell, press agent for
the show,says that inevery town they
have been in tey have heard nothing
but praise for the entire show. T e
show  was well advertised throughout
thesurrounding country andtihe crowds
who flocked to Athens saw wht they
came to see, a good show.-KELLY.
Mason City.-"Tue Girl From tire U.
S. A." played at the Wilson thteater
Saturday  to excellent business. H. N.
Newell, proprietor of the airdome open-
ed lastwee wit abill inclueingJohn
Sullivan and 9is sparring partner Jake
Kilrain but 'uas again closed owing
o the coldweather. Theintention was
to continue the winter season with
vatdeville, but owing to the inability
to provide proper heating arrangements
te idea was abandoned and ce house
will undoubtedly be dar     E during Cle
ensuing  season.  Arthur &   Heffner,
managers of the Bijon continue to do
S. Rt. 0. business withi motion pictures
and Sullivan & Considine's vaudeville
and are planning an enlargement of
their seating capacity to huandle the
enormous patronage wrich pire house
uas been favored with-H.V. B.
Evansville-The Servant In the House,
with Tyrone Power as the leading man,
luad good business at Clue \Vells-Bijou,
October 18 and 19. S. Miller Kent, 24,
in 'A Dry Town." Also Irad good busi-
ness. The Orpheum, under Clue man-
agement of Chras Sw eeton is doing a
nice business. On the 22nd, Mr. Sweet-
on arranged a minstrel show composed
of local talent and it was a credit to
luis undertaking.-OBERDORFER.
Wabash-H-arter's New Threater is to
be the name of Harter's opera huouse,
as Wabash knows it according to Earl
Clauve. wiho announces that he has
leased the play house. He states that
Clue new house will be opened October
28.  He will run burlesque from   St.
Louis, Chicago and Indianapolis and
promises first class plays. Later on he
wrill also have vausdeville,.
Logansport-This city is certainly
getting its share of shows. It's either
a solid week of repertoire or a week
of one night stands.   Both theatres
are doing the same thing.    Manager
Sipe of the Broadway has had four
straight weeks of repertoire and has a
few more weeks to follow. Manager
Smythe of the Nelson, has resigned and
Air. Maxwell, late of the Maxwell-Hall
stock company has taken charge. The
Nelson had the Blue Mouse, Oct. 21,
and played to a large audience. Miss
Deyo as Cle Blue Mouse and ia    Pal-
mer, as Mrs. Lewellyn, were exceedingly
good. From this at traction it looks like
the Nelson was going to get some of
the Shubert productions. Jesse Morgan
hias opened the old Lyric with vaude-
ville. Tire theater was originally one
of the Amon's Crystal theaters. Mor-
gan is again calling it the crystal.-
Richmond-Tue new Murray theatre,
of the Sun & Murray vaudeville circuit
had an auspicious opening in this city
last    e  i     o.
Washington -    W"ashington's  new
asnunsemient place, the Majestic theater,'
opened for she first time with a mat-
inee last week.
Peru-The first real sign of the close
of the season of the Hagenbeck-Wallace
shows became apparent Saturday night,
when advance car No. 1, in chrarge of
Al Osborne, arrived in tis city over
the Lake Erie from the south, taving
closed at Dyersburg, Tenn., which is
the final stand of the season for the
circus. Mr. Osborne was accompanied
to Peru by his crew of fifteen men, some
of whom have remained in the city
while others have departed for their
homes in various parts of the country.
Mr. Osborne left for Chicago.
Bill car No. 2 follows a week behind
car No. 1 and will arrive in Peru next
Saturday night. No. 2 is in charge of
Foster Burns. The circus season will
end in about two weeks and the prop-
erty will arrive in the city about the
12th of November to go into winter
Vincennes-Dewy Campbell, who has
very successfully managed the Airdome
at Washington, Ind., for the past year,
has left for Joplin. Mbo., where ie will
manage a vaudeville theatre under the
auspices of the Hlodgkins circuit.-
Urbana-Low Dockotader's minstrels
willappear atwthe Illinois next Monday
evening and the Urbana Commercial
club and ladies will attend in a body.
A sell out is assured. The club attends
one attraction each year, paying for the
tickets out of tre treasury. fGirls"
will be flue attraction of Clue following
Champaign-Howard Engert, a mem-
ber of The Merry Widow company,
which appeared at the Walker, Monday
evening, fainted during the performance
and is now a patient at Shurtz Bros.'
sanitarium. He recently submitted to
an operation for appendicitis and resum-
ed work too soon. Nothing serious is
Marion-There is scarcely a day that
some advance agent is not in tre city
figuring with Manager Roland or Man-
ager Clark for dates for some attraction.
Last nighrt Mercer Bros. presented at
flue New Roland the "Cry Baby," to
large business.-JENKINS.
Rock Island-Harvey Fulton, former
nmnnager of le Star theater at Dubuque
has arrived in the city to take charge
of the Lyric theater here. He i ac-
companied by his wife and daughter
The Lyric here is controlled by the
same company that operates the Star
at Dubuque.
a elvidere-F. F. Pitts of Pekin, Ill
has taken over theLyric theaterin his
city and will open for business on Sat-
urday afternoon, when a matinee will
be given.
Danville-It was notthefirstVisi
at least one of the members of the Blue
Mouse company to Danville whent
troupe  reached   here, Oct. 12. 1Mns
Wright, oneofthecast and Whoreh
band  controls an interest inthepla
has visited here severaltiaras, herpar
ents formerly residing here. Abole
years ago her father, who wasaen to
ber of the Soldiers' Home, died her
and her mother, who resided near the
Home in Oakawn, passed away seril
afterward. Mrs. -Wright uad not vited n
Danvile since the burialiofermother
uintil last week.
Mattoon-Craig &Craig, as attorn5e
forHenley &Hug   As, recently filed
against   Nathan   Stein f the Lyrt:
theater, and his former partnerMtrri
Fleckles of Chicago.
The suit isfor$200 frlegal services
Early in the summer Stein&leluler
desired to close their partaership and
engaged Henley&    Hgh est oatheDidit
the  business.   Fleckles sold ek  thi
share in the buoskiness to annthergay
here, the deal being closedin-Cligton
When Henley & Hughes finished their
work the theatrical man, itis alleged
refused to pay them for their serics,
hence the   Suit.
Deputy SheriffAye secured service th
Stein.           IA
G urlington-At ue     Grand  Ope l
huse, Geneva Harris,, a former Bu-
lington girl, scored as Grace Lyr'iu
the politician's daughter, in "The
tri Leader-rs George PekOfCi
cago, wife of George Peck, thehookinA
agent for the ChamberlatHaingtvs
circuit of theaters, is v   Hsiting atlan
ager   . S. Scovill s ho  se-The ooti
force of tie Lyric eter now ensiel
of Manager J.    . Daly;Walter J.R esu
an experienced machinue operator; ls'
Ruth     Ewing, pianist, foruetly  the
Grand Opera house and Miss    dsiet
Anderson casuier.     Indepedea t fimgrs
are drawing big crowds at the Lyri
and  the people are goingtild uerin
dependent pictures. "The Sheriff'sing
was agreat success."TheTrappers"2
Pate colored film  with five celerated
French actors, was offered to eod0er
tendanc   at "ThePalace" this week-A
short tine ago y'our correspontdent "I"
ited in Peoria, 111l He found amdr
rington. of the Grand, and Hene Sad-
meyer, Jr.,' of tireMajestic doingPros
porous buisiness-Tre house force of
Clue Majestic consdsts of thtefodiowent
H. Sandnueyer, Jr., manag ,er RoyBil.,
treasurer; c. J. Isob, assistant tresur-
or; Mrs. Mlarsters, press service; An-
tonlo    Dinufrin,   musical   director
Charles Morgenstern, stage mnager:
Lou   Morgenstern, properties'    moilta
McLinden, electrician; T.- Sboa, rah
doorman;    James   Listen,  advetising
agent;   H. Famres, gallery   doorOanl
J. Moran, house offcer; toe heto
house   fireman;  Norton  FowDer esli
ushuer; J. Bayles, doorman;,r Ls~
Bakcer. Iluouse physicia~n. Bookings all
made hy the Stair & Haviincict.-
UMNBERGER.                       hv
Lemars-Morton     and Cajacebi hv
leased thre opera house in this city

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