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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(October 30, 1909)

Moving picture news briefly told,   p. 11

Wilde's great ghost story in vaudeville,   p. 11

Dauphine stock out; theater closes doors,   p. 11

Page 11

0 1
wilmington-A. Hirschman will erect
moving picture theater in this city.
twill be known as the Palace.
Americits-The Bickford moving pic-
ure theater here was destroyed by fire.
Logansport-Tom   Thomas is making
lrangerments to start a moving picture
theater here.
Logausport-\ H.Lindsay willopen
a movig picturetheater.
New Albany-The Grand Amusement
,, will erect a moving picture theater
Brazil-Dr. E. G. Glasgo has purchas-
ed the Nickeldom on West National
trenue of A. E. Kester.
rt. Wayne-George W. Killen is plan-
ning to open a new moving picture
theater here.
Gibson City-The Crystal Palace mov-
ing picture, owned by Mr. Alyea, was
lestroyed by fire.
Carthage-Ralph Davis will engage in
moving picture theater business in
!Js city.
Chicago-George G. Newberry & Co..
have purchased the property at the cor-
ner of Independence place and Forty-
eighth avenue, as a site for a large
auleville theatre.
Springfield-The Dunbar Moving Pic-
ture theater, in this city, was damaged
by fire. Loss is partially covered by
Platt-E. E. Elger, of Gibson City, has
ust opened a moving picture theater in
:.0s city.
Chillicothe-The Dreamland    Co., of
'nis city, contemplates the purchase of
L moving picture theater at Henry, at
an early date, which will beimmediately
Colahoster-William Dickerson & Son,
of this city, have just opened a moving
picture theater here.
Waterloo-John Foley has sold his
movingpicture theater, known as Fairy-
iand, to Geo.Woods.
Parkersburg-Hi. F. Greenfield, for-
merly of Grundy Center, Iowa,has just
moved here, and will erect a moving
picture theatre.
Newton-M. B. Huckins and W. C.
Barlow have bought the Electric theater
from Mr. Barngrover.
Osage-Bert Ellis is preparing to open
a moving picture theater here.
Lake Mills-Cook & Hildreth will
erect a moving picture theater in the
near future.
Clear Lake-A. R. Martin has pur-
chased  the   Jewell  moving   picture
theater and   contemplates making   a
number of improvements before open-
ing to the public.
Dayton-The Casino Amusement Co.
was granted a license to conduct a mov-
ing picture theater here.
Ft. Scott-M. Henderson, of Atchison,
will erect a moving picture theater in
the near future.
Mansfield-Geo. C. Foster will erect
a moving picture theatre in this city in
the near future.
Boston-The Washburn Realty Trust
Co. will erect a moving picture theatre
at Rutland, Vt., as soon as a suitable
site can be found.
Holyoke-T. W. Cavanaugh will erect
a theater here at an early date for light
vaudeville and moving pictures.
St. Paul-Geo. Benz & Sons have the
contract for the erection of a theater
Virginia-I. S. Mashtachin will open
a moving picture and vaudeville theater
in the near future.
Newyago-The Rhinehart & Wade's
moving picture theater here was dam-
aged by tire.MAY     ND
Delmar-Nennie L. Culver has pur-
chased the interest of Harry L. Ellis
in the moving picture theater.
Baltimore-The moving picture the-
ater owned by the Red Mill Amusement
Co., will be enlarged at an early date.
Butte-The Alcazaar moving picture
theater at this city was damaged by
Nevada-W. DeHaven has purchased
a lalf interest in the Lyric theater in
this city.
St. Louis-The Independence Amuse-
ment company has awarded the contract
for the erection of a moving picture
theater to the Hartmand Constructon
Centralia-C. C. Jennings Is making
arrangements to open a new electric
theater here.
Union-L. J. Fink will erect a moving
picture theater in this city in the near
Carondelet Sta., St. Louis-G. Ber-
meinger is erecting a moving picture
theater at the corner of Michigan and
Robert avenues.
Buffalo-C. Fowler has remodeled the
Harmonia dancing hall into a moving
picture theater with seating capacity of
Buffalo-Samuel Berman will erect a
picture theater here.
Buffalo-A. J. Koch will erect a mov-
ing picture theater at this place.
Leroy-Robert U. Chriswell has sold
his interest in the Theatorium to Lee
Belson and Claude Bailey, of Oakfield.
New York-Benj. F. Hudson is pre-
paring plans for remodeling northwest
corner of Bowery and Bayard street
into a moving picture theater by Fred-
erick W. Whitridge.
Redbank-Ryan & Evans have rented
the Birdsall building and will install
a moving picture theater.
Paterson-The Paterson Show com-
pany has purchased the moving picture
theater in this city.
Exeter-Emory Yates is making ar-
rangements to start a moving picture
show here.
Omaha-According to the present
plans, C. C. Collins will be local man-
ager of the new Morris theater, which
is to be built in this city.
Socorro-Frank Whitehouse of Dem-
ing will open a moving picture and
vaudeville show here.
Daming-FrankWhitehouse has sold
his interest in the electric theater here
to his partner, Frank Barb.
"The Picture of Dorian Grey" Will Find Its Way to the Var- Walter [Baldwin and Henry Greenwall Decide to Give Up
iety Stage-Interesting Minneapolis Theatrical News.  Resident Company Venture.
, CO rO
I darte
son" this week, to be followed by "A
Bachelor's Romance."
Current features at the different
vaudeville houses include the Curzon
Sisters, at the Orpheum; Hill and Syl-
viany. at the Unique, and Charles J.
Burkhardt and Company at the Miles.
The new Eastern Wheel burlesque
house, The Gayety, will open November
6, under the management of S. R. Sl-
Evansville House Started.
EVANSVILLE, Ind., Oct. 26.-During
the past week Edward Raymond laid the
first brick for the new Majestic which
is to be completed by Christmas day.
While laying the brick an old gray-
haired man stood by and told how he
had helped build the old mill which
some five years ago had been changed
into a theater. The old gentleman said:
"The old canal ran by this place in the
early fifties, when 1 helped build the
mill, and now it is in the center of the
city, and I had the pleasure of seeing
Mr. Raymond lay the first brick for his
new undertaking."-OBERDORFER.
NEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 25.-Man-
ager Henry Greenwall and Walter S.
Baldwin, of the Dauphine theater, closed
its doors Saturday night and this ends
the short season of stock of the Dau-
phine  Stock  company.    "Everything
possible has been done for this theater
and we have given the theater-goers the
best company and plays the market
affords, but it is my opinion that New
Orleans does not want stock," remarked
Henry Greenwall. "Not even at popu-
lar prices. Never in the history of the-
atricals has such a company and such
productions been given the public at
such ridiculously low prices. I can't
figure it out except as I said before that
New Orleans is tired of stock. "The
Octoroon" is a play that should draw
well and we have spared no expense on
the production or cheapened it in any
way. We gave the patrons the same
elaborate production this week that they
had during the season."
Walter Baldwin talked on the same
lines and said it was very dishearten-
ing to work as they had done this sea-
son at the Dauphine and then get such
small recognition from the public.
"Every member of my company has
come to love New Orleans and it was
quite a disappointment to them to have
to close so early," said Mr. Baldwin.-
Suit Aganst a Zoo.
SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 28.-A bill
to foreclose on notes aggregating nearly
$19,000 against C. N. McWilliams and
Charles McLaughlin, represepting the
Illinois State Zoo Amusement company,
has been filed in the Sangamon county
circuit court by Ralph N. Baker of
Springfield. Baker furnished the lum-
her for the buildings and claims $6,400
is yet due. In addition it is said the
corporation is unable to meet notes for
$12,000 due A. L. Converse from whom
the site was purchased. Much stock
was sold throughout the state and the
park is fairly well equipped but as it
is not reached by the street car lines
never drew crowds. The officers ex-
press belief that the obligations will be
New Rock Island House.
ROCK ISLAND, Ill., Oct. 27.-Rock
Island will have a new fifty thousand
dollar theater. The location has been
secured and plans completed. The build-
ings i to beanofficebuilding, the thea-
ter alone to cost $50,000, tobe built un-
der the direction of D. L. Hughes. It
is claimed on good authority in Rock
Island that Klaw & Erlanger are back
of the project, and that it will be an-
other stronghold for the trust in the tri-
License Is Raised.
SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 20.-An or-
dinance raised the license feefor mov-
ing picturetshows whichacharge 10 cents
admission to $500 a Year Is being pre-
pared by the city attorney at the re-
quest of the council.   Shows which
charge 5 cents will pay $100 a year.
This Is the result of several managers
raising their prices during the state
Chance for a Name.
SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Oct. 28.-Mildred
park formerly a semi-pleasure ground
whichi booked mild attractions, Is now
under control of the city park board,
and a prize for a name typical of the
capital city has been offered.-MADI-
Portsmouth-The Orphium Theater Is
the name of a new moving picture
theater now under course of construc-
Dayton-L. A. Herman has just open-
ed a moving picture theater at McClure
and Richard streets.
Covington-Jack Thomas will erect a
moving picture theater in this city in
the near future.
E. Liverpool-The Laurel Hollow
Pearl Co. will erect a moving picture
and vaudeville theater in this city at
an early date.
Portland-S. Calvin Hailig will erect
a theater in this city in the near future.
Philadelphia-N. J. Hayes is preparing
to erect a moving picture theater at
Broad street and Erie avenue. Jacob
Naschold has completed the plans and
specifications for a  moving  picture
theater on Fifty-second street. Fess-
mier & Son have been awarded the con-
tract to erect a moving picture theater
on Germantown avenue, for Dr. Geo. F.
Steumpig. The Girard Avenue Real
Estate Co. will erect a large moving
picture theater in Third street, below
Girard avenue.
Chattanooga-Manager Neal, of the
Lyric moving picture theater, has de-
cided to make extensive improvements
to the structure.
Brigham City-J. B. Ellis, of Ogden,
will engage in the moving picture thea-
ter business in this city in the near
Granite Falls-W. W. Robe has open-
ed an electric theater here.
Sheridan-Walter V. Newlin has pur-
chased a half interest in the Pastime
Milwaukee-The Clybourn Street Mov-
ing Picture Theater, here, was damaged
by fire.
Fond du Lac-The Royal Theater Co.
will improve their moving picture thea-
ter at an early date.
I0   MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 28.-It Is an-
i nounced here that Templar Saxe, the
lowell-known writer, is at work putting
n Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian
0  Grey" into vaudeville form for the Or-
pheum circuit. This story is considered
in some quarters as the greatest ghost
story ever penned.
This city is enjoying the unusual ad-
vantage of having two first-class dtrac-
tions this week with the original New
Yrk casts-"The Third Degree" and
"The Witching Hour."
d   Visiting artists and managers are al-
ways surprised at the continuous large
business done by the Unique theater
t, here. It has been a big money maker
for Owner J. E. Rogers and the S. &
C. people ever since it was opened, in
spite of continually increasing compe-
Ida Rubenstein, niece of Anton Ruben-
stein, the composer, will be seen here
'oon at the Orpheu , having been so-
E  cured for that circu  byMorris Meyer-
James J. Morton, an Orpheum     fa-
orite, secured $2000 for one week in
1New Tork recently, playing several
Shouses at the same time and making
ightappearances daily.
i Carrie De Marhas cancelled herfor-
gn contracts and will be seen here at
he Orheum after filling a few eastern
engagemets               fw   aser
ilarrison Booth Thompson, the young
Minneapolis actor has made good as the
Duke of Suffolk in "Henry VIII,"1 with
Addison Maderia, the former Minne-
5polis musician has written a vaude-
ville Playlet clled "The Other Man."
iInitial Production was given recently
by Mr. Maderia andh  s son atthe Fifth
Avenue theater, New York.
srIk Ranchd he well-known    local
tgwriterand T   M. A., has written
lIWO new songs which are being Pub-
ed by the Miller Publishing com-
anidarehaving a good sale.
RSNeill tccnpn
,J essare  Stock Company, at the Prin-
eutting on "Pudd'nhead Wil-
-ri-IE                  THE WORLD'S
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