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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

Picture houses reap harvest in New York,   pp. 24-26

Page 26

July17,1909.         Ju
(Continued from page 18.)
Grace Larue's new dance will be
entitled "A Call of the Past."
George Walker, manager of the
Hancock Opera I-louse, Austin, Texas,
has arrived in New York to look
after his bookings for next season.
John C. Rice and Sallie Cohan are
vacationing at Shappacuse Point.
Willa Holt Wakefield has purchased
a homne at Long Branch with five
acres of ground surrounding it and
has had it transformed into an old
colonial home. Owing to the fact
that there are no other lights in the
house except candlesticks, the cot-
tage is known as the House of a
Thousand Candles.
Al Fields and Dave Lewis are at
Atlantic City resting until their regu-
lar season opens, which will com-
mencei n September over Wm. Mor-
ris's time, booked by Barney Beyers.
McWaters and Tison are expected
at the American Music Hall very
Phil Nash says he went on a fish-
ing trip Sunday and got a boat load
of fish. When asked as to the dimen-
sions of the boat he very complacent-
ly replied, "About one foot long."
Kara, the Juggler, is booked with
William Morris for next season.
Harry Holman arrived in New York
this week, looking for a show for
next season for some vaudeville book-
ing. Harry is working alone again
and is doing white face.
George Lashwood, the Beau Brum-
mel of the Strand of London, and
Bransby Williams, in characteriza-
tions from Dickens, who was seen
here season before last, are recent
acquisitions of the Win. Morris cir-
Severn, the pantomimist who is on
the continent, writes that he will visit
America again next season playing the
Morris time.
The Reading Sisters are resting this
week in New York, but open next
week at Shady Lake Park, Orange
Lake, Newbrg, to follow
Anjie Norton, the famous authoress
of the team of Nicholson & Norton,
who invented tile expression "Get a
man on his back and he's a cinch,'
has been detected writing a play,
which, at the present time, is name-
less, for the reason that there are
some things that you cannot even
say in print. At any rate, Miss Nor-
ton has not found a name for this
child of her brain, and certainly if it's
as bad as that, who wants to be God-
mother to it?
Al Woods is using his "Queen of
the Secret Seven" company as the
official opener of many of his houses
this season. It opens the National
theater, Philadelphia, July 31, the
Holliday  street thleater, Baltimore.
Atgust 8, also tle Columbiatheater,
Newark, N. J., August 23.     Mr.
Woods also expects to play this piece
the opening week of several of his
other houses. . . . ..A  Working-
mans Wife" opens at the Academy
of Music, Washington, D. C., on
August 2 under the direction of Al
Woods. . . . The Amphion theater
will be under the management of A.
H. Woods.
Fanny Hatfield, who was for years
identified with a posing act called
"The Three Adonises," has discarded
her statuary act and taken up comedy.
She is presenting an act called "Our
New Butler," and is assisted by Eddie
La Rose and Eddie Bryant. The act
Edward F. Rush, of Weber and Rush, has just returned from Eng-
land, having been there since April 10, looking for novelties and nego-
tiating to form a circuit of burlesque theaters in England operated on
the same lines as those in America. He was successful in securing the
co-operation of the English managers, but owing to the fact that so
many of the artists in England hold long contracts for the various
houses, it will retard the proceedings to some degree for an indefinite
period. However, some of thevaudeville contracts can  eutilized for
burlesque aniplaced in the olio, tht facilitating matters tosome extent.
Some ofttcl ookings for the Weber and Rush housesa cas follows:
The Pon Tonts, 'which -will include the following acts: Joy and
Clayton, Eight English Dasics, Smythe antIHartman, Frey and Hawley,
Berg Sisters, O"INalley and Golden, La Minna's Living Art Sttudies,
The "Dainty Duchess" will include the following: Fred Ireland
and company, Lake and Stevenson, McCloud and Bayton, Young Broth-
ers, Sam Mandell and Wade Sisters, Alice Brophy.
The "Parisian Widows" will include: Niblo and Spencer, Wolfe
and Lee, Margic Hilton, Ben Pierce, Julia Sinclair and company, Ben-
nett and Bentley. Mac Rose.
Pacific Coast Amusement Company
Owning and Operating 30 First-Class Vaudeville
Theatres, East, Northwest and West.
at all times         SOLE BOOKING AGENTS:
first-class  PAUL GOUDRON.... ... .  . 67SouthClarkStreet,Chicago
act ofallkinds that can  CHRIS 0. BROWN, 135S8Broadway, Suite 8-9-10, New York City
acts of all                 ARCHIELEVY, AmericanTheatreBuilding,San Francisc Cal.
deliver the goods.          H. L. LEAVIT'r, Sullivan &  Considine Building, Seattle, Wash.
Machines For Sale
Anti-Trust Film Co., 79 South Clark St., Chicao, 111.
is  receiving  complimentary  press
notices everywhere.
Marie Bergere, "The Singing Girl,"
has just returned to New York, after
a successful tour of nine months on
the United time.
Alvin and Verona Verdi open Sep.
tember 15 on the United time.
W. H. Passport, foreign represen-
tative of the Orpheum circuit, sailed
Tuesday for Europe looking for nov-
Oriska Worden's many friends will
be grieved to hear that she has re-
cently been bereaved of her mother.
Dolf and Susie Levino are on a fish-
ing trip in Vest Haven, Conn.
Charles Kenna, nature faker, has
been booked on the Orpheum circuit,
commencing September 15 through
Joe Jackson, the Australian comedy
cyclist, will make his first appearance
in America on August 2 on the Or-
pheum circuit, booked by Pat Casey.
The National Quartette opens on
the Orpheum circuit August 16.
A. 0. Duncan, ventriloquist, is
booked for next season on the United
Max   White's latest production,
"The Girl from  Melody Lane," had
its trial performance at Henderson's
last week. It has been awarded con-
tracts for the Orpheum time com-
mencing October 18, but will play
some United time preceding that.
James F. McDonald singer of Irish
songs, opens September 13 on the
Orpheum circuit.
Jessie Roe, of the Casey Agency, is
spending her vacation at Plum Beach.
Patsey Doyle opens September 13
on the Orpheuin circuit.
Martin Beck is in Chicago, and
when le returns he expects to re-
sume the trip to Europe which he
was compelled to postpone on account
of business complications, and he
hopes to sail Saturday, July 24, ac-
companied by Pat Casey.
Harvey L. Goodall, manai   editor
of the Drovers journal, Chicafgo, and
Louise Manning of New York City,
were married in New, York, Jtuly9.
Lotiise Manning was formerly amem-
ber of the Olympic Music HallStock
company, and their romance started
in Chicago last winter.
Alexander Marks, who did the com-
edy in the Polo-Alda troup has left
the company.
R. H. and P. D. Cochrane, two Chi-
cago boys, are the authors of "You've
Got Me Going, Kid," which is one of
the hits from the Music House of
New Booking Agency.
NEW    YORK, July 12.-Joe Paige
Emith opened an office this week on
the fifth floor of the Long Acre Build-
ing with Reed Albee, son of E. F.
Albee, as an associate.
This beautiful MIOTION PlI(TF lit
THEATE rint iii t imhneart olii-
neapolis (300).000 population); ne 44of
live Intim ijture riwaters ii towe
e t Y; will *(AlI for .*550.04, r "ill..~
th  rot(14; 16. tSK Aumeiam hwat-
V  ~       in tugo. (ir-' (1.45eaeblm . Ieeic~mal
fixtures  inelliiiinig  ('olnloii..  4.te..  I
lectriean-xil (5100++) outairns
Draperies, etc.. ilt tor 550.00.
Park Film Co.
Handling exclusively subjects of
the very best Independent Manu-
facturers. In the market for cus-
tomers who only desire excellent
Gem Theatre Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
t I~
in I

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