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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

Revell, Nellie
New York personals,   p. 18

Page 18

18                       THE SHOW WORLD                      lix 1 1j09
Howard and Olive, the refined sing
ing and talking act, are now in New
York and will shortly resume vaude-
ville engagements.
Harry Cowley, who last season was
comedian with "The Rejuvenation of
Aunt Mary." enters vaudeville in a
neer sketchhyLouis    eslyn, carry
iug special scenery andla company ot
three. Al Sutherland handles the act.
Louis Weslyn has pust completed
a new sketch for Frank J. Otto and
Lola Merrill. Mr. Otto was formerly
of the team of Carlin and Otto and
Lola Merrillisa sister of Mrs. Geor
Cohan's. The skit is entitled "After
the S       soer."
Callan and Smith have dissolved
partnership. The dancing team just
concludled a successful tour over the
Sulliva", and Considine circuit.
Manning and    Dixon, who were
playing Matthews and Ashley's act
"A Smash-up in   Chinatown," have
dissolved partnership.
Virqknia Grant is just concluding
her successful tour on the Sullivan
and Considine circuit
Grant Gardner and Marie Stoddard
arrived last week fromaParis, and will
play some parks and a short circuit
for Morris, after which they will sail
for Europe for three months, two of
those will be at the Alhambra, Lon-
Ed Gallagher will bring his mili-
tary travesty "The Battle of Bay
Rum," to the Pacific coast in August.
Mr. Gallagher has elaborated on his
act with a number of new novelties
for its initial Western tour. Their
route is over the Sullivan and Con-
sidine circuit.
Mlle. Rialta in her posing novelty,
"The Artist's Dream," is meeting with
tremendous success, over the Sullivan
and Considine circuit. Miss Rialta
played Portland last week, and the
local newspapers praised her offering
highly. She is booked over the Ma-
jectic circuit following her Western
La Petite Fred Grandt, the big
manager, opened a theater of his own
on July 4 at Clausen Point, N. Y.,
and is doing a fine business.
Nellie Fallon, the young lady with
the Schenectady (that's near Auburn)
hair, while riding on a breezy street
car the other day lost her cluster of
Hepner curls. Will Fox found it and
now uses it for a wig.
King and Roltair are at the Brigh-
ton Beach Music ITall next week.
Mary Hampton & Co., Harvey and
Lee, Five Musical Spillers, George
Yeoman, Irene Lee and Candy Kids
and Menetekal will soon   tour the
Pantages circuit, most of them open-
ing July 19 at Spokane.
Fernanda Eliscu has been engaged
by Henry B. Harris for the character
ofAnnie Jeffries in "The Third De-
Nellie Burt, the character come-
dienne, will open at Winnipeg on Au-
gust 23d on the Sullivan and Con-
sidine circuit.
Laura Buckley in her protean mono-
logue, is just finishing a sucessful
season on the United Time. She will
open on September 5 on the Orpheum
*  circuit.
Adelaide Herrmann & Co. are at
the Fifth Avenue theater week of
July 12. She has inpreparation and
willshortly producea newactonen-
tirely different lines.
Dora Pelletier, assisted by Charles
Mcssineer, have just returned from a
season in the South where they met
with great success.
The Henry Brothers sailed for
South America July 2. They     are
booked for thirteen weeks through
Percy Fkles.
Jack Sheehan opens at Neberg this
week for Henry Meyerhoff.
The Overing Trio, well-known as
juvenil' entertainers, are now playing
the parks, booked over the United
Violetta & Olds are in New York
enjoying a well deserved rest. After
seeing the sights and visiting their
numerous friends for a few week.
they will accept some of the many
offers which were found waiting herc
for them for next season's engage-
Harry DenCoeis one of the recent
recruits from thewiest.
Johnny Collins is on his vacation
and is going to Chicago to visit rela-
tives and friends. Cupid please copy.
Frank Tate is in New York on a
protracted business visitand expects
to return to St. Louis the latter part
of the week.
Sam McKee's many friends regret
to learn of his indisposition,hbut hope
thathle willsoonhbeas good asnew
andl"on the joh" again, soon.
The Two Francescas are in New
York and are negotiating for a magic
show for the coming season. They
have placed an order for new paper
with Ackerman-Quigley Lithograph-
ing Company.
Marshal Wilder writes from Lon-
don that he has postponed his return
to America on account of large offers
irom  managers there, but that Mrs.
Wilder sailed July 14. arriving In
New York July 21. Mr. Wilder will
follow her in August. He says it is
cold enough there for a fire all the
time, but Marsh is such a joker we
can't believe it.
Beauvais Maridor & Co. have ju-t
returned from New Orleans and arec
expecting contracts from the Unitel
Wilfred and Lottie have arrived in
town and he is following the prevail-
ing custom of changing the name of
the act. He will be known as Adonis.
the Great. Henry French is handling
the act.
Lew Goldberg, manager of the
Grand Theater in Joliet, Ill., sailed
July 14 on the Mauretania for a six
weeks' tour abroad.
George Pierce, who is now located
permanently in the office of the White
Rats, says it is lots better than look-
ing for "next week."
Leslie Hunt has left the sanitarium
in Stamford. Conn., and is at Dan
Sherman's farm, Central Park, on
Long Island.
Gordon and Marks are resting in
New York and visiting friends, but
expect to return west in the fall.
Lawrence and Harrington have
just concluded twenty-five successful
weeks and are enjoying a rest at their
home in the city.
The Langdons have just secured
contracts through Joe Woods' office
for twenty weeks.
The American Newsboys have
changed the title of their quartette
act and now call it the Standard
Four. They are considering an offer
to play return dates over the Sulli-
van and Considine circuit.
Dorothy Drew, singing comedienne
in vaudeville, is now contemplating
an offer of musical comedy for next
Cecele Hobson and Boys, just in
from Chicago, will be seen in her
novelty singing act in vaudeville about
New York in the near future.
Alfred Latell, the jester and animal
impersonator, has been engaged by
Lee Shubert to appear with Eddie
Foy in his forthcoming production
nextseason. Mr. Latellhasjust ar-
rived fromn England, having been
featured there with Joseph Hart's
"Polly Pickles Co." His last appear-
ance in America was with Messrs.
Shubert's "Babes in the Woods"
company, in which he appeared as
co-star with Fred Walton.
Al Hayman met with a severe auto-
mobile accident during the past week
at Parkville, Brooklyn.
Rev. Father Ducey, pastor of St.
Leo's Church on Twenty-eighth street,
affectionately called "The Little Fa-
ther of the Stage," is seriously ill at
St. James, L. I.
(Continued on page 26.)
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