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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

"Two-Bill" show draws well at Riverview,   p. 12

Page 12

Engagement at the Exposition Began Wednesday, and If
Extra Seats Had Not Been Arranged for, It
Would Have Been a Turnaway
A report from the Campbell Broth-
ers' show says that ithas had more
opposition than ever before and the
correspondent insists that the show
has come out of the fray with flying
colors. Some correspondents seem to
think that the show was not being
billed as heavily as usual in Canada,
but the fact remains (according to
this correspondent) that business was
away ahead of last year, and "our op-
position friends realized that we were
there any old time" is added. "The
second tour of the show through Can-
ada was a more profitable one than the
first from every point of view. With a
bigger and much better show than
ever before, living up to what the
advertising claims, satisfaction on be-
half of the natives was heard every
place, and the newspapers were also
generous to the show in praise," con-
tinues the correspondent.
"Weather has been the cause for
light business experienced at some
points; nothing else could hurt the
reputation left up there last year. The
tour opened at Winnipeg, June 12,
playing five weeks to the day, and
closing at Milestone, Sask., July 10."
The feature acts with the show in-
clude the Renellos, in their forward
somersault on a bicycle; the Lamy
Brothers, in their aerial return and
casting and acrobatic acts; Avollon
troupe of wire walkers and acrobats;
the Hursley troupe of acrobats; Orrin
Hollis, Cecil Lowande, Everett Cran-
dell and Melvin (Pinkey) Hollis,
bareback riders; Mizuma troupe of five
Japanese; Morales Trio in their hor-
izontal bar and aerial acts; Donahugh
& Hamilton, barrel jumpers and com-
.edy acrobats; Lohta troupe of acro-
bats and aerialists; Arthur Forbes
and Gus Lind, foot jugglers and un-
supported  ladder acts; Delzar &
Hwatacz, in a novelty act; Parmalee,
-eccentric table act; Fred Biggs in
wire act, and the clowns are Ed
Allen, W. E. Donahugh, Lew Hamil-
ton, Buck Reger, Chas. Barnella, Win
Wallace, Chas. Barnett, Jas. Duval,
Dick Pinkney, Lee Parmalee, Roy
Barnes, W. E. David and Raleigh Wil-
on, principal.
The Gollmar Brothers' will play
Avoca, Iowa, Aug. 26, but did not ar-
nounce the date until the Barnum &
Bailey show exhibited at Atlantic on
Wednesday of this week.
The Cole Brothers' show applied
for a date at Chickasha, Okla., but
they may give up the idea of making
the town when they learn that the
Barnum show will appear there on
Oct. 9. Still-you never can tell.
The Yankee Robinson show played
to capacity business at Minot, N. D.,
July 9.
The correspondent of this paper at
Spokane, Wash., estimate that 24,000
people saw the Hagenbeck-Wallace
show at that place and pronounces
it the "best circus that has been out
here." He speaks of the trained ani-
mals as the "big feature."
It is understood that several of the
railroad contractors who have called
at the general office of the Illinois
Central office have received a shock
at the increased cost of hauls on that
line. This road has always carried
shows cheap and as a result it has had
plenty of business. Several of the
shows are said to have "blowed"
their contemplated routes on this ac-
Church Aids Circus.
Dode Fisk's show will play Kil-
bourn, Wis., Aug. 2. under the aus-
pices of the Presbvterian society.
Do You Remember-
When Harry Potter and "Bill" Rice
Thad the Bostoc-Ferari show?
The lot at Riverview is a fine one.
It is grassy and level. The trees have
been cut down and the stumps re-
The "Two-Bill" management was
prepared for big crowds and extra
seats had been arranged for. If it
had not been for this, there would
have been a turn-away Wednesday
The performance this year is remark-
ably good. The combination of the
two shows results in a wild west and
far east entertainment which has
never before been equaled. The far
east number is perhaps the best in
the show and never before have so
many startling acts been seen at one
time with an attraction of this kind.
A peculiar code of ethics prevails in the circus world. It is con-
sidered very bad form for a circus agent to boost himself in print while
it is a custom to laud his own work in private. The press agent who
introduces his own name in every story he writes is now almost extinct,
and the more capable ones often request the editors of newspapers to
refrain from even mentioning the fact that he has had a visitor, fearing
criticism in this regard.
In line with this unwritten law of the circus world, one or two
agents have attempted to secure the promise of those connected with
The Show World that no boost would be given them in these columns.
Peculiarly such a suggestion was entirely unneeded as this paper never
had any intention of boosting the agents who made the request and
did not then nor does it now feel that they are entitled to words of
Those readers who have followed the treatment of circus matters
in these columns have no doubt discovered that The Show World is
edited in The Show World office, and agents are beginning to tumble
to the fact that it is not easy to get The Show World to say what they
want it to say.
When a circus agent, a circus proprietor or a show itself is boosted
in The Show World it is because the individual or the enterprise is
worthy of commendation.
All the taffy which has been dealt out since Barnum first entered
the business would not secure two lines of praise in these columns for
anyone who is undeserving. IT IS MERIT WHICH COUNTS with
this paper and hot air is wafted from the office by a sixteen-horsepower
fan, which has caused a current to pass over the Masonic Temple which
is compared to the Gulf stream, and often raises the mariners' ball
a' top the building, to the consternation of those who would regulate
their timepieces. An agent's estimate of himself counts no more with
this paper than his claims in regard to the enterprise he represents.
Incompetent agents need not fear that The Show World will em-
barrass them with fulsome praise. Press agents need not fear that they
will be played up more prominently than the show they represent.
The Show World knows what it wants to print, and it prints it.
Those who deserve praise receive praise. Those who deserve censure
do not get their just deserts, but they fail to receive stick after stick of
mushy, sickening, ridiculous, fatuous praise which they do not deserve.
That the reading public likes The Show World policy there is no
reasonable doubt.
DUBUQUE, Iowa, July 14.-Elmer
Walters, the press agent with the
Parker Carnival company and his
family, playing here this week, has
met many of his old friends in this
city. Mrs. Walters and Elmer, Jr.
(Byron) are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Will A. Haas at their summer home,
below Dubuque on the Mississippi
river. Mr. Haas, who was at one
time advance and press agent for one
of Elmer's road companies, has for
the past five seasons been press agent
for Jake Rosenthal in Dubuque. Haas
did all the advance press work for
the coming of the carnival to Du-
Mamie Francis Injured.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., July 13.-
In making the dive with California
Frank's Wild West, July 9, Mamie
Francis' horse turned to one side, hit-
ting her in the face and breaking her
California Frank writes from Phila-
delphia that he is turning away peo-
ple every night at Philadelphia. He
opened there July 5 to a moderate
house but says business has picked up
until he cannot accommodate the
throngs. Mamie Francis and her div-
ing horses, Mlle. Somerville and her
dancing horse, Princess Wenona, Bee
Gray, Lorett's donkeys and other acts
make up the show.
Big Business.
NEW BRIGHTON, Pa., July 6.-
The Ringling Brothers played to ca-
pacity twice here July 5. In the after-
noon it was necessary to quit sell-
ing tickets.
Attractions Rehearsing.
Two Shubert attractions have gone
into rehearsal recently. One is "The
Witching Hour," with John Mason,
and the other is "Mlle. Mischief," with
The "Two-Bill" show, after four
successful days opposite White City,
moved over to Riverview this week
and the opening performances on the
North Side engagement indicate a
very profitable stay.
The taking of a show of this mag-
nitude inside the grounds of an ex-
position of the Riverview order is un-
usual and there is probably no other
park in the world which would have
been considered in this connection. If
the engagement is successful (and it
looks now like it would be) it will
open up the way for other tented en-
terprises to come to Riverview and
will start other parks to securing big
attractions some time during the sum-
July 17, 1909.
PEORIA, Ill., July 12.-Lone Bill's
Wild West is still at AlFresco park
and the show includes: Cowboys-
Lone Bill, Joe Smith, Rusty Wright,
Slim Allen, Reckless Barney, Mexican
Jose, Dakota Max, Rattlesnake Pete,
Pacas, Texas.    Cowgirls - Prairie
Rose, bucking horse rider; Mountain
Lilly, Montana Nellie, White Wings,
Twinkling Feet, Princess Chinquilla;
Zapataras and wife, rifle shots; San-
dow and wife, fancy bag punching and
rope twirling; Bardwell and wife.
Gongales and wife. Concert people-
Chief Wm. Sitting Bull and tribe of
ten Sioux Indians; Prof. Quaklio and
his cowboy band, fourteen in number.
The show carries thirty head of
horses and four wild steers. Dr.
Spencer is veterinary surgeon. Whit-
ney Millbrook is boss canvas man;
Red Armstrong has charge of the
catering department and C. F. Rhodes
is manager.
New Act at Dreamland.
NEW YORK, July 14.-One of the
newest sensations in arenic acts was
introduced in the Greater Dreamland
free circus by the Scott Brothers,
which is a combination wire and
acrobatic act. After a series of dar-
ing ground and lofty feats, the broth
ers loop the loop, not on bicycles or
any   contrivance,  but  themselves
alone, making the upside-down run
and finishing with a somersault leap.
The act created such a furore that
Manager Gumpertz repeated it at
both performances. Other now acts
are the Raschettas trio, equilibrists;
the four Everetts, hand balancing, and
the Fondalier troupe of six men in
an acrobatic act with two young
women playing various musical in-
struments, while dancing on a slack
wire. Ouika Meers made her reap-
pearance in a new equestrian act and
the Ryan Brothers showed a new
comedy bar act. Ten other acts are
on the bill-WELLS HAWKS.
Where the Ringlings Are.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ringling, son
Robert and daughter Miss Hester,
have arrived at Naples and will tour
southern Europe.  They visited west-
ern Europe on a previous trip. Al
Ringling is occupying his summer
home at Mirror lake, Henry it at
home in Baraboo, Otto is with the
Barnum & Bailey show, Alfred T. is
with the Ringling show, and John is
in Chicago.
Robert S. Connor, of the Ringling
Brothers' show, and Maletta King of
Baraboo, Wis., were united in mar-
riage at Kokomo, Ind., July 12. The
bride is now in Baraboo.
F. W. McIntosh is in charge of the
advance with the Campbell Brothers'
show. The No. 1 car has fourteen
men and is in charge of Tromas F.
Ford. The second car has ten men
and is in charge of Emory F. Proffit.
The opposition brigade is composed
of F. Carmichael, agent; Phil Lewis,
James R. Cox, and John L. Loveland,
billposters, and Parker B. Campbell,
special agent. These statements are
made by men connected with the ad-
The third sudden death in the Chi-
cago theatrical colony within a few
weeks carried away "Van" Barrett,
who was laid to rest Thursday after-
noon. Death was the result of an at-
tack of apoplexy. He was about fifty
years of age and was born in the
business. His father, "Cockey" Bar-
rett, is remembered by those who re-
call the actors of fifty years ago.
"Van" Barrett was married and is
survived by a wife and mother, of
whom he was the sole support.
Otis Skinner's New Play.
The title of the new play for Otis
Skinner will be "Your Humble Serv-

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