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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Gathered along the Chicago Rialto,   p. 17

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Where competition is keen the BEST wins out. Competition is keen
in the Motion Picture Business, and the LICENSED EXCHANGES give
the BEST service. The best costs you about the same as the worst.
The LICENSED SERVICE delivers on time exactly what you need.
MOT80O              FIFTH         AVENUE,        NEW YORK
`raniik R. Tate. of, St. Louis, wvas
in Chicago this week oI business.
Carl Laerninlc took a flying trip to
\ew York last Tuesday.
Joh Stockdale, well known in Chi-
Cao illim circles, is nlow  connected
eith the Globe Film  Service.
,dlax Alillian is ip at Waukegan for
N  thie silumer. le is reported to be
atcliig more than his share of fish.
Mrs. Eddie Leonard wsas formerly
liss Russel. of the teani of Irtullo
aii Russel.
Pihrvnette Ogden left the city this
wuek for St. Louis where she will be
prima don1na of a tiusical organiza-
tioi at \Vest End Heights.
Jarnes J. Corbett, who comes to the
A.merican Music Hall next week, be-
tilsan1 engagcment abroad at Dublin,
Ireilnd, on  Jtily  5.
Edinta Waqllace Hopper goes to St.
1   1uis next week where she will begin
Ja 1 season of light opera at     )eliar
Garden .
Tyler and Berton have just re-
ceiel their portable floor in order
iat tiey imay present their act ini
)u1stin Farin  wsent fromt Chicago
to New York in his automobile. ac-
comitpanied by  his  secretary,  1'red
Roger  libof arrived in town this
wcek and will have a twelve weeks'
layoff. He will summer at Wauke-
lot   o
eil ,
n iii
minstrel show at Aslury Park in July.
The company, according to report,
will comprise sixty people.
The lush Temnle theater will offer
The Servant in the House, with Ty-
rone Power the week of May 31, aid
later The Fanily and- Mater will be
H. Hunt, of Pegg & Hunt, who are
going to open an airdoine at F'lint,
M0ich., ivas here this week arranging
for his bookings and buying seats.
The airdomie will open June 7.
20lose Oppenheimer, of Spokane,
Wasli.. who is interested in several
S. & C. ventures, vas in Chicago sev-
eral days this week, leaving Thurs-
The Empire at Grand Forks has
switched from the Morris coluiin to
the Sullivan & Considine column. The
liew%' bookings appear it that house
next week.
If. C. Thearle. manager of Paine's
Pyrotechnic Company, has returned
to Chicago after closing contracts to
install fireworks at the Seattle expo-
Bob Fowler, of Fargo, N. D., was
here last week in consultation with
Pail Gondron, of the Sullivan and
Considine offices. 1le stated that bus-
iness v-was excellent at his theater for
the time of year.
D. Jack Bondy, who w-as here on his
way east, stopped long enough to
book some big Sullivan & Considine
acts for the Majestic at St. Paul.
among them The Ladies' Symphony
Orchestra of 22 pieces.
Iip Elbert. manager of the Unique
at  Des  M iies.  Ia..  \\-;s  here  this
week engaging people for a stock
company and got his tips in regard to
who was useful and who ornamental
only from tie S. & C. office.
The Coliseum rink, of Rochelle, Ill.,
a rink of the improved order, is closed
for the season and will play vaudeville
and moving pictures during the hot
months, opening the first of October
with roller skating and professional
When the Star and Garter is taken
Over next week for seven davs of
vaudeville the chief associates of
Jamiies J. Jeffries on the bill will be
Shean and Warren George W. Day,
Keough and Francis, Besnah and Mil-
ler, lrown and Hodges, Ethel Kirk
and Jarvis and Mlartyln.
Marvelous McIntosh opened at the
Star theater at Rochelle, Ill., this week
where lie vas a headliner with his
automobile act.  Gracie Ayers, the
little girl wonder. is to do tearn work
with the "Marvelous One. and those
who know say that this combination
will make a hit anywhere produced.
Thomas Moss, of South lend, Ind.,
called at the S. & C. offices this week
and arranged for the   booking   of
Spring Brook park. which will open
on Sunrday, 'May 30. Patil Goudron
will send iini iany open air attrac-
tions, iicluding a high diver, a balloon
ascelisionist and a loop-the-loop act.
Instructions  against  hypnotizing
stj'cts and piaciig them  in  store
windows for advertising    purposes
were issued Tuesday by Sergeant
Charles ()'Donnell to Prof. W. Dei-
a1 a hypnotist appearing at a the-
ater it \Vest Sixty-third street and
A\inerry party of jrniiai otlk gatllred it irech Lick, Ind., last
sek and the photographer caught thein at a happy inonent. In the group
ice: \Itk Ianl 'Mr. gJoe Giitesat the left; i. J. Sullivat. tanager of te
Stuodebaker.Ciicago, iti tinecenter; Clatude Robinsott,treasuirer of tneNew
Anisterdam theater in New York at the right; 2lrs. Robinson oil his left,
and lien Rosenthal, superintendent of the Studebaker in the front row-all
by his lonely.
Wcntworth aventue. Several   we--ks
ago the police warned I1eldas, against
hypnotizing young girls. le substi-
tuted boys, and when complaint again
had been nade he hired mnen.
The following strong bill -ill be
offered at the American Music Hall
next wseek: James K. Hackett and
E. Mll. Holland in a sketch. John Le-
Claire. Harvey and, Leroy and
Clayton. Bernardo. J. J. Corbett & Co.,
Carson 1ros., and WVilla Holt \Vake-
Satin Chip and Mary Marble will
headline  the  bill at the  Majestic  the-
ater next week in a intsical dialogue
Called In Old Edan, which was -rit-
teln by Anna Marble (Mrs. Channing
Pollock). In Old Eidarn is a little
Dutch skit, which tells a pretty story
and in iwhich Miss 1arble and Mr.
Chip appear as two Dutch kiddies
swhosc  ill-teiipered  old  uncle is finally
Outwitted by the pair. Songs, dances
and dialogues, which are said to be of
a bright and snappy order, help to
inake this one of the most attractive
of the  recent vaudeville  novelties.
Wim. F. Word, formerly associated
with the Dixie Film Eixchange, of
New Orleans, has arrived im this city,
having been directed to come north
by his physician. Word opened and
managed the Alano, one of the larg-
est of the New Orleans theatoritnius.
le was also one of the original pro-
rnoters of the Johnstown Flood, and
was the original lecturer with that
paioramia at Coney Island and in Ch-
cago. le also took the Passion Play
over the W. V. M. A. titme. While
here N0r. Word has taken charge of
the Swanson theater at Thirty-ninth
and Cottage Grove. where he will
probably remain until October. ths  is
a nlative of this City.
3 Slides. 3 colors,25 words each and direc-
tions for making your own at home with-
out paint for 3c each, for a Dollar Bill.
uN.W  MSIMENSm      mC ,STULN    N,
FILMS FOR SALE ' wenty reels con-
taining Irom  t50 to 1.000 feet $l5.00 ptr reel.
Sem for list  MAYER ILVIMAN, Fulton
liuilling, Pittsburgh. Pa.
Bennett's Theatrical Exchange
Suit 406, 59 Deaborn St., Cor. Randolph, Chicago,
A. Milo Bennett, Mgr. Oldest established exchange
in Chicago. Does more business than most of the oth-
ers combined, in handling plays and placing people.
royalty plays and Book plays. Anything wanted. Send
or Catalogue.Wepleaseothers. Letusdoyourbusiness.
FOR   SALE--1,000 ft. reels of Fil, te-
leased up to Apr. 1. $10 per reel: Edison
machines $35 to $60; new model B gas out-
fits, $30; Pathe's gas outfit, $10  $00 over-
land  living  wagon, $100: now     Optigrapii
machine. $40: 20th    Century (Graphaplio-,
$50. FOR RENT       0000 ft. fim. 2 sets so15
Xlii --- shilni nt 012 , li. Win 1but
1nss ii n lu n, nn       film.
%dl                    AMXUCHANNEGET
s    D'earborn       St., CHICAGO
Boyd park, it Huntington, ]Ind., will
penM Alay 23 with attractions b1 ookedi
through the Sullivan & Considilie of-
Ton Arthur. of Mason City, la..
'Alled at Stllivan & Considine's office
ani iade arrangements to secure at-
tractions for the  Hijou  in  that city.
J. A. Simard was here recently and
gale Sullivan & Considine the book-
ie of tieaters at Fort William. Onlt..
'Fk eiiri. Out.
Eddic  Lcnnard  will  alpen  \\Nhl  his
We can save you money and
ime. Chairs from 50c upward.
15,000 chairs in stock.  Large
assortment toselect from. Quo-
tations by return mail.
Ask for Catalogue No. 306.

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