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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Brief news notes gathered in Chicago,   pp. 15-16

Page 15

The crowd attracted to the Criterion Theatre. Chicago, one niglit recently to witness a performance of the great I Hick nan-Iessey conpan (.Jack
s elCowncoman .   The S 11. ().sign wa. displayed at five minutes to eight on the night in question and nearly 500 people ere turned away.
Evelyn Lynn lft Chicag  last \ xeck
[uj,,in A Pair o)f Country Kids.
James D. Barto wnas    here   front
ene Ytorlk seeral days recently.
W. S. Butterfield, Iate NIchi'an valu-
elille  inagtntte.  wxask l  tho  city  tie
cist pIt orf last xxeek.
Laura Cleaver closed at Chippewa
ll WiH.. xxii itle  Flor1a DeVoss"
tl~it\~ly l~ ctttlCi to Chticatgo.
Harry Girard, atithor of The \as-
ki, is at \rk]- oi a nex c\\Comic opera
clleI iI'he Maid froit Nlandelay.
1 ames H. Bradbury irl tlck ie the
cto illc  toixitl  Girl ait the Lat
* alle, llavi huried his wife -ecently.
Jack Reidy is here, having closed
ith the IFlra DeNoss company at
lxxaua  lFalls, W is., NIat  9.
Ethel West and Louise Willis have
jined liands and are appearing xvith
n1cess ia thxe vaudeville theaters.
1arie Dressler is now appearing inl
Tle Boy and Girl.    She made her
l1rt appearanlce in the play at Phil-
iklplhia oie night last week.
Harry Wolff left last week for Be-
attc. Neb., and opened there Sun-
lay. lie has several xveeks of the
Harry Bond, of Williard &     lioil.
as ill hIre last Week and Joe Wil-
liird appeared ait the Thalia wvith anl-
otlier fellow  in  liisl partner's place.
Clint G. Ford, aatager of Polly of
1ho Circus. x\hich played at Ilaitliond
Stunlax nig'ht. xw ascalling oin Chi-
ixtaik NIxxidxitmornaing.
Vincent WcCarty has taken 1arry
atd  1lac IiThe GIlden Girl It
tile Laili   Stonteretiredifrx ttie
at last Saturday night.
J. M. Clayton will be with one of
xorter J. White . acts which is low
rIhear.singt acre and which will open
exlt Mn1dav.
Lolita Pierce, who \wa vs xvith The
t).000  ealit earlier in the seasont, is
noxW tat Siat-ni  theater doing sou-
Virginia Harned arrived il Chicago
Stunday. She xwill head the stock coi-
ifny engaged for the theater at Sanis
Louis Pincus made a hurried trip to
tiS city utring the week and is said
tn have comlie in the interests of his
bxoking hbureaiu.  Just what he ac-
citmplished could not be learned.
Walter V. Milton, who is ilayiig
the dxennx ith Poili  of the Circus
which is appearing ill the vicilnity of
icago. xas i1 the  city  NIoniday
Ittornin anid paid this office a call.
Harry and Kate Jackson cancelled
two xeeks' vaudeville booking-. and
are now in Chicago where NirS. Jack-
son had ati  operation performed. She
is doing iicely.
Oliver T. Follansbee, of the Itei-
hers of the Bisli Ttlte stock coIt-
laiy has been eigaged to play text
season in Piaul Arnstrong anad Rex
lxcach's farce. Going Some.
fJoseph Weber is btsy orgittzintg
ltur Clima~xeCoi)ialies. Oate if thilt
will comlie to Chicago early next SeI-p
temtber. This play has four charac-
ters. the siallest number   of  any
draina yet successfully produced.
Claude and Fannie Usher felt that
their actl did not go so well as usual
last week at the Miajestic because she
had had soie trouble xith her voice.
They play Pittsburg this week after
w\hicl they will take a rest.
Kingston & Thomas are in Chicago,
having closed with the Star    Show
Girl- at Cincinnati recently. They are
in the olio at the Trocadero this week
nal ill Spend the sutltmer at Eaton
Rapids, Alich.
Nathan Spingold. secretary to Wil-
liamill  Nirr ,is defeldant iln  a  stit for
divaorce, iled in thte Circuit Court by
Rosalinid Weber Spilgold. Statutory
allegations are made the basis for a
Grace Wilson vill altpear xat the
Iliasit Temple xweek after Itext tas a
pirt of the vautdexille  lall.  Her ti
itterouts Chicago frienids hail ail op-
portunity of seeing her at the Majes-
tic la..t week but will probably go
Frank   Orth, of Orth and Ferit.
miourn. the loss of his father. who
died in Philadelphia, _lay 14, at the
age of 82. NIr. Orth xvas inl Grand
Rapiuls, Mich., whei ie received the
sad news. He arrived in Philadelphia
in time for the funeral.
The Goettler Brothers left for their
home in New York City, where they
expect to remain for the suimter.
Charles was manager of The       Girl
t)uestion ald Alphonse held a similar
position with the Western, The Time,
Place and the Girl.
John P. Reed laid off inl Chicago
last week after playing two years of
xxes \t x v tu ville  tilmic  xith  xilyi
such laoffs lie himself dcired. lie
is beiig booked for the coming season
by Alf T. Niltol. NIr. Reed has a
beautiful home at Keidalixille, Ind.
Big Otto, who has had his animials
at Selig's plant for six veeks past.
left Tuesday for Cleveland viere lie
has a tenl weeks' engageient. The
iltinials figure in niany pictures Selig
is workiitg oin.  They calmte inl es-
pecially handy for Roosevelt's hunting
Ferrall McKnight played at the Col-
lege tteiater Suiay aught a ve ago,
left the ciiva t 11:)o0 1). i. arrivead ilt
Grand Rapids, Wis., the next day and
xvent ol with A Pair of Country iKids
that night, letter perfect il tie part.
He will join Jay Quigley'shstock com-
party at Duluth next month.
James F. Fulton, "character ino-ti-
loguist.' wIo ha. been playigN WeSt-
ern time for the past two lyears, ar-
rived in Chicago last   ondIatly iorn-
ilg front Lotuisvile. lie niii renttiait
herea fewclays. andpruomiises' al ill-
teresting ailtaotnceIelt regarding his
viSit to  the citx.
Manager Gisel has a beautiful the-
ater at Thirty-irst and Calumet ave-
tine and perfornmers who play there
are enthusiastic il praise of the con-
xeauences and the treatment they re-
ceive. There is hot and cold water
ill cxcry dlressiang room~t aid tite tihe-
ater is clea  nitid renlte il exery
xxv ay.
Clara Lipman xascalled to Chicago
recenttly fly tite death oif her father.
It is. repoirted that site xxill inhterit
$:l00,000.  lefore returningl to New
York site saidl there xwas Ito daiitger
of her retiring from the stage. "Such
a thing hasn't even entered my mind,"
she said. "I am   too wrapped ttp in
ntyv ork to even discuss giving it up
before I have had time for serious re-
Harry Fields, ialiager of the Red-
path Nappanees, will quit acting for
the future as lie will accept a position
with Jake Sternad to stage the Ster-
nad vatideville productions. It is said
that his first xenture in this direction
will be a big "kid" act. The salaries
of the Nappatecs have all been raised
accordint to Sternad. Field's part in
the aet will be taken by George Hill-
Ralph Kettering left Wednesday for
Iake Brady, Ohio, where lie will have
a stuninr stock. TFhe company wvill
leave here Saturday of this week and
the revised list of players includes:
Margaret Pitt, Cyril Courtnav. Dick
IlIarrows, Kate 11arrows, Sybil Jerome,
Frank O. Ireson, Charles D. Brown,
Ralph Ioward, Marie Curran and V.
J. Gallagher. treasurer of the Mar-
lowe for three years past, who will
act inl tile same capacity with the
Yorke and Adams, who appeared in
Chicago for two xceks the past sea-
soinil laying the Poies, closed their
road touar at the Yorkville theater,
Nex  Yrk tity afteroa season of  t
wNeeks. Next year these popular com-
edianis will have a new musical pro-
duction called In Africa, written hy
Aaro>ntn 1ffan. Thelnev shony wil
go into rehearsal July 26.  Ed. E.
)aley xil continue as ianager of the
new company, which will comprise
about 5.) people.
Manager Conderman of the new Ju-
lian theater, located at Belmont and
North Clark, this city, has been offer-
ing a wonderful array of talent to the
Northsiders. This week the bill com-
prises Jas. A. Dunn, Jarvis and Mar-
tin, Josephine Nicintyre, Harry Sping-
old, Tourist Trio and Clivette, aside
frot Several reels of first run pictures.
Air. Condernian states that it is likely
he may discontinue vaudeville during
the hot weather and run pictures only.
The vaudeville is now beinag supplied
>y Morris.
Harry J. Powers, manager of Pow-
ers theater, euphatically denied the
ptublished report that thehusexvasto
lie couverted into a home for stock
coniany producions. Denials that
the Olympic theater xxas to be used
fy "high class" drainas also  were
inade by representatives of Kohl &
Castle, the owners. "Powers' theater
for years has been given over to the
best there is in the drama," said Mr.
Powers. "It will continue as such as
long as I have anything to do with it."
The ruminor was conceived by a New
York dramatic paper which has a
green cover.
Morris After Circuit.
It is stated on good authority that
William Morris, tic., is after an en-
tire circuit of small vaudeville houses
inl the Northwest. As the deal has
not been closed no information as to
xvhat circuit was meant could be ob-

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