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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Independents claim big southern trade,   p. 4

Page 4

The  Fol  \ itla  il 1 ll bgE ulletin
of  statisties  lu .lieeit s-tuei 1 )  tile
Did You Ever Know
That two litiired and fifty thoutit"-
and (.2-W.000) people \iiit motion plie-
ture theaters in Ne-tv ork City every
week diyt
That live hundred thous~and (500.-
000) peOple visit mlotion picture the-
aters every Siulday?
That there are now only half a,
maliv iOtion Picture theatrrs in1 Neti
York City as there were last Decenti-
That there are six thiusanid (6.00))
lice'nsed  motion  picture  th cltters  ili
the United States and Only twiO thos-
and (2.000) unlieensed?
That there are tow alillost i thuS-
and more licensed theaters   in  the
United States than there were threec
months ago?
That Chicago spends forty thousaiil
dollars ($40,000) a day ini motion pic-
ture theaters?
That Chicago will have at thetire
ct rate of increase, tihe  ilIrei
5t0) tmoetion it ctutre theaters befoie
the cnd of the present year.
That the  mlotionl picture bulsiness ill
the United States reprecsits inveted
capital Of ovecr 11ft. v million dollar,
$50.00000)0) ?
That close to four milliton dollar
($4.000.000) is takel in diilly by the
Motion picture- theaterls Of thle Unlited
That Mexico. Central and    South
Amrerica. anll( Ilana Canal Zone and
Callada ls have liulimerou.s and pro1- '
perouls motion picture theaters?
That the Hloard of Censorship I;L,
examined  aloill st  Ifty  (50)  mile,  <>1
tilm Iin the exhibition roomis of the
,Motionl Pictulre P~atenits Co.?
That when  you look at one rcel .t
average le'gth you see albilt fttie-
teei (14) separate pictures every'see-
ald, anld about seventeen  thoilt nt(d
(17000) pictures all told
That by a simple arrangemencit Ill(,
tio  t picture theaters imay  be kept
brightly lighted withoit in the lei:t
degree damaging the picture" oil 11r<
screen ?
That thle light theater is onIe of 1h1C
miost desirable changes that call he
mnade toward the elevation of the mo-
tion picture business?
That a light theater almost wipe-'
out the chances of panlicn and is tle
surest possible check to rowdyism.
That tire ullaccident insuraice con
now  le  prttcue  fti'  ally  id  ill  li-
Dii~e onktitit' liiil_ ttli'littt'
Ing facts?
Logansport Film Mad.
Lopans~port, lInd., NIl1\ 1 1.
Ioganlsport i getting to be a real
mloving picture town. We now have
the Nelson with   moving    pictures,
the Boroadway and    the Ark. The
Ivrieitoving picture house, formerly
tie ('rvt-'tl. lhts been purchased bi'
Air. ('iie-<ctt and is beig uremodeled
andI titted till ni modern style. li ad-
dititttteto these movingpieture ioscs
anthler  ha~s beeti added. AIess rs
Krotz and Rife have just completel
finishing a room here for moving pic-
tures to be known as    the  Grand.
They have all the conveniences of a
modern picture theater, and  opened
yesterday to packed houses. All are
giving change of pictures nightly and
Logatisoort is  catching  on to the
moving nicture business. As an added
feature to  his vaudeville show last
week, Earl Sipe of the Broadway the-
ater, gave a double set of films. Mr.
Sipe says the more picture houses the
merier. All are   doing a thriving
Police Want Manager.
Winnipeg, Tla.,   ay 16.
The local police are   out oii the
hunt for Ilarold Knowland, ex-iall-
ager of the Crescent theater at Port-
age la Prairie, who is alleged to have
left his theater behind togetlier with a
big stack of unpaid bills-MATHER.
More Than One Hundred Houses Being Supplied by One Exchange
of New Orleans and Exhibitors Have Big Increase.
Netiw  Irle n i a.,  lay  1l.
That thle independent mloving pic-
ture service is a tremendous success
ill the South is shown iy even the
liot casual glance over this territrv.
XIl of the    independents' forces inl
Lutisiaiia,  ilsissippi, Texas. Ala-
laila. Arkanaits, Tennessee and other
southern  states report phienlomenal
1lsiiess  with  an  oitlok  for  al  un-
reit c    -d-nted prosperou t uninwr.
.\ .\  O)rleans,  is  w\ith< t   ut   thle
motuviie  eicture cetiter of the South
and conditiolns here retlect thoe pre-
vailing elsewhere. Hlowever, the re-
ports oil tile at ierlian Fichtethe-gs
Dixic 1'ilmi Coimpail's offices il the
Mtisn     lnche blildiig gixes a tirst-
hanld idea of how indevendenl(,lt picture s
have vont the soiuthern couitry. "Thie
independent pictitre's have been extra-
ordinarily  'uccc' ftul,"  said  ir.  I ich-
tenhberg,_, N\1h'  inll dtis  to  beting  the
head  (of  the(  1)ixi(  1Eilin  Comlpanv,
The loving cup to be presented by the Actor's Society of Amnrica
to<     the tiit      th  re at  t nib r  of  votes  for  b iintg  the
Itl-c a d the  1--t  (It  itj
If it htave I Int vet vted, ait it, mw. The Actor' Societv of Amlier-
ica is offering a handsome loving cup to the theater in the United States
and Canada which receives the greatest number of votes for having the
cleanest stage and finest dressing rooms.
The contest  vil close June 26, 1909 at 6 p. in., and the cup will be
awarded as soon thereafter as possible. If you have not voted sign the
attached coupon and forward it at once. Any reader of the SHOW\'
WORLD is entitled to avote.
(D ate)  ..........................
Actors' Society of America,
133 West 45th street,
New York City.
In my opinion the (name of theater) ........................
at (name of city and state) ...............................
which is managed by (name of manager) ..........................
has the cleanest stage and the finest dressing rooms of any theater in
the United States or Canada.
(S ig n ed)  .................................
(A dd ress)  ............................
TIlE  SHOW   W  ORI.D  C  upon.              .........................
May22, iqc
Ii the country.S1
Business Increases.
"As a matter of fact,'    coltit
\Ir. Fichtenlberg.   \\e tic till
nishinir independent   itlili,,to aua
thanl  1oo  thcatcrs  inl all part, of  11
South. We have iade it a Iointtl
keep in touch with the innt got
in reciard to   the w\ay their nitro
have received the pictur . I hlve it
iny desk here repoit twhich tell nro
thit nearly all if outr ciitItoer
enjoyed thirty-live to 10ity tpr Curt
ilictrease  since  they  beran tiaking ti e 1
independent filmls.                  11
"I 1inow that I have hid tile saim  t
experience with mv ow     hou se s her  1
Fori instance those tiii gre:t icttr,
The Charte    of   the Itabia  aalr
tid The Last Davs of Pompeii.
which I placed at the Alaino, illeid
that house to capacity for nie strilt
days. MyIv books will show that dur-
inil the hiistory of the house-it wa l
opened seven months ago-no otiel
tilm of any other service ever raii for
iii  ire  tilat  three  days.  Tinhtitill gii
"tile idea of the recelititit titit It
I-een accorded the indepeertlet.
"I iave the enirrespitdenic to hit
tI1at three of the larest imving piii
tire   houses   were ainosit bailniut
tenit they began to   take the idtie
I ciilent service  from  tie. Oie a
Ilhese  houses  is ill) in Teneiiiis
'h'licxy wvere not makini g aly miloey be
nuse   (if  the  fact  that  their  nextt
1nor neighbor vas shot-ing precisel
the sae pictures as they ere. The
public wo-iuld see   one    icttie tntd
\\tenl it read the annoiunceiert that
the same picture would be flaSled i
the other theater it wouli pa's that
titeiter by.
'itt the houses having the inde
pendent service has i variety 1ttd
above all, something different. Iht
is one of the greratet secrets of t
-1uccess of the lourres that tave lirn
up1i twiththe iniludepetts.
Received New Impetus.
"Of cotirse the noving pieture
perniallent  amuitsemenlt  feature.
las come to stay. But the fact te
inains that it was very fortunate int
,cores of houses in the Solutll tat tl
independents invaded    sotitiern ter
tory wheni they did. It tas well to
the houses and for their Iatrois al
.'I have noticed that the clieitel
cil moving picture houses is very citi
l and is very quick to realize tilt
i t  11.  ont  in  that  particular diliion
fthe anitiseltient " (Iv(I.ei  dotelit ii
111 rtaiti that the-,v kitoxeo thaitthe itde-
tiettil itm havebegut to we tA toleir
lEvery day I receive letters tromt
Ipleiasd custoiers coigratiliting, iand
thanlking mie for mIN part in, impilrovin
the class of eitertai mlineit offerel It
houses where a moderate lrice aI
ridilission is charged.
"I felt all alog  that the ileentl
ents would succeed inl the Sout. I
wol t     atta got into tilte
nietit had I not ,beeni cehailiti Aidt
mo   fondest expectations liae bee
Hayman Satisfied at Outlook.
Syracttse, N. y., lalt'4
A. C. Hlayinan, triledent aiid gel-
ceril manager of the tltitg FictPle
Service company, whIichl waiS recenltl
erIanted the tfirst license by the Pat-
nts company since its coisOlidltin.
has announced that his 1irm1 wAillbel`
cated at 427 S. Salina street, occutpt-
ill- the entire secoid floor.      .
Mr. IHrmtitain stated tot a SHO0
V()RLD     represeitativet : t II
coeerred with the     lillill FilhnI
change, the independent oppos itionl
ltis city, aild  feel satislied  thatw eill1
nit le lat each other's throat,buti
rather work it the best of haritonl
The exhibitors in tie territory ca
vassed   liv  tme   seemed Vcl   e  (
pleasedi at the propect of bil"
licensed exchange    eiar ait hanid.
intend to carry a large etkiof
chiles, accessories and suppliest
have been offered the sale gencyk
manv specialties ill tih lisineSa
i\ill have a utiiber of sturprisest
sprilng ion the movin    picture tradei
tot -1t

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