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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Brief news notes gathered in Chicago,   p. 10

About people who are now in Chicago,   p. 10

Page 10

Thomas W. Ryley Here.
Thoinas W. Ryley, manager of The
Queen of the Mtoulin Rouge, waS in
Chicago last week.
Playing Kansas City.
After ending the regular season, The
Time, the Place and the Girl company
was held together and is filling this
week at the Grand at Kansas City,
where the musical comedy scored a big
success earlier in the season.
Ingram Succeeds Hanks.
"Doc" John Ingrain, who has been
connected with the show business for
years, and in recent years agent for the
Hagenbeck-Wallace show, has succeed-
ed R. A. Hanks as advertising manager
of the National.
Matinee Every Day.
Buster Brown will give daily inati-
ncIs at the National next week and
Harry Hopping has been kept bulsy
this week springing all sorts of adver-
isngtocallattention to the change of
policy. Mr. Hopping is one of the best
known agents in the country and until
bie camelin therewivasnoadvance uan
who could Put ill) the talk necessary
to secure this departure.
Woodward's Wants.
0. 1). Woodward, who vas here last
week for the meeting of the Stock The-
ater Managers' Association, said: "We
want the plays released by the authors
for all the managers that want them.
As it is, an author will offer a play to
managers, and if this and that manager
cannot pay his price, he can't have it.
Under the new plan the association will
offer an atithor, say $5,000 or $8,000 for
a play, and all the members can have
The Honeymooners.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Rice were here
several lays last week on their honey-
moon, having been united in marriage
at Hancock, Mich., April 14. They left
Chicago April 23 for the east and ex-
pect to arrive at Calumet, Mich., this
week. Mr. Rice is manager of The
Grand at Calumet, and the bride was
before her marriage Miss Bertha Rut-
tenserg, of that city.
Joins the Missouri Girl.
Hlarry Jackson left the city last week
to join The Missouri Girl.
Joins a Circus.
Walter Clifford left Chicago last week
to join the advance of the Hagenbeck-
Wallace circus at Logausport, Ind.
Jolly Tramp Doing Well.
John Coninor anld Johi  Harptritt
have out a company called A Jolly
Tramp, which is doing well. They wiill
play Canada this suimmier. There are
only five acting people but the perform-
ance is said to be very good.
Minstrel to Go Out.
Milt J. Reynold's New York Aliii-
strels will open the season under can-
vas at a point ncar Chicago on May 15.
The company is inov being engaged.
H. J.  alace will be business manager
ct ile etcrpri~t.
Lyman Twins in Town.
The Lvnian Tvins coipany passed
through Chicago Monday iorning eis
route to Elgin.  The company    will
close the season at Merrill, W\is., on
May 6.
Trixie Friganza in Vaudeville.
Trixie Frig;anza will appear at the
Majestic and other Chicago vatideville
theaters i May. She will be here when
her case comes ip against an autoimo-
bile company, which she has sued for
damages. Last fall she was injured in
an automobile accident and still bears
the scars on her head. Miss Friganza
sued for $50,000 damages and the con-
paiiy has recently offered to compro-
use for $5,000, but she refused.
May Go With Shuberts.
The N'v York Herald says that the
'Misses Cecil McLean and   Florence
Holbrook have been enigaged by the
Messrs. Shubert." The Herald is pre-
sumed to refer to Cecil Lean and Flor-
ence Holbrook, a team  well kiown in
Chicago but by no means enjoying a
national reputation.  Lean andl Hol-
brook have been laying off the iost of
the time receitly but are playing the
omii iss in NewA ork thi  week.
Opens at Marlowe.
Th'e( National opera comipany opens
at the Marlowt Alinletda sv, la .
End Drawing Near.
Next week will be tile last but one of
the season at the Bush Teiple. The
bill will be  Remico a dil  Juliet.
Clarence Sterling a Caller.
Clarcisce Sterlin, whIso pla\ys the char-
ecter  part  with  th  Lyiiian  lw'  tis ti
seasoin, was a Ct'llr iMondaY.
Mrs. Hopping Ill.
iarry S. Hopping left Chicago this
week for Lawton. Okla., where M\lrs.
iiopping  is ill, having  triuble iwitlh  her
With Lyman Twins.
Hlarry W\olff, who wvas with John R.
Andrews' A Breezv Tiie earlier in 1ie
seasui   I is now playiig tle Dutch part
\\vilThel Lvian Twiiss.
Country Maid's Finish.
A Counutrv .aid, Melvillt B ' Ray-
niond's  'rodti ction,  closed  the  easiSon
at Carroll, Iowa, April 1, and the ia-
jsrity  of t  snii bers  f the  c niupalny
got to Chicago cisc way osr ainother.
Business got very bad at the last anuld
tile agent was only a few davs ahead,
making it iipossible to reiglin out to
Italian Actor Coming.
Antonio  Maiori, liii  ltalisns  actor, will
appear at the Acadeiv next iseek, re-
Isainsing at that house until Stuiday.
May 9. He will present a repertoire of
plays. liamlet and Othello are among
Maiori's greatest achievemsents, aid al-
though lie works is his native language
his  interpretations, it  is  said,  are  so
forceful and convincing, that they are as
readily intelligible to English-speaking
people. The supporting coiipany coi-
prises talent who are as well kinovn ini
the Italian capitol as. in New York:
and the repertoire will consist of the
follo'wing: Hamlet, -Monte Cristo. Da-
rand Strength  of Conscience, Kean.
Louis XI., The Outlaw, Merchant of
Venice, 'W-ife of Claudio, Othello, La
Tosca Rtipe Torpea Yespri Sicilians.
La Cicb-di- ic  .
Change in Cast.
'hoe  h(li  .'.f Catspaw open s at thieiStuoil,
baker next Smlisav ight, fie stii pa-
ers wvill be seen withi the organizatin.
The netwcoeisci   are nml   rehlsarsin
with thle coipaiv. They are: Then-
clore Babcock, Jaines \\'ilson. Philip
Smiallev, -Maude Turner Gordon ail
Marv    asn
In Wyoming Next.
In      m      which has miiadl  a big
hit over the Stair & Flavlin circuit thi
season, returns to Chicago sicxt wcck
aind will appear at the Alhiamibra. Lee
Parvin a(ance representatie, is ii the
city this week and is doing iuch tn
create ani interest in the eiigagentil.
IIn Wyomuing is a conisistent imielodramia
and is ver wtell spokenl of evcrvhIlere.
Season a Success.
''e grnl<d st1crse tiio   a, i a  great
,suct'tss. 'Ii tsota I ecziptt'for the ts
weeks were $200.000. As a result of thi
yeai' s uisususal suscces it has been ass-
nontii'ed that next year Chicago will get
tile ctroposslitaneip comispaIy or three and
perhaps fotir weeks.    Csltracis haee
bien signed for the sen si       < t )jien
-\tril 4, t910. AIMtti le lss()iiig Iii's-
torniance Suilasy cveninig. the gransd
tera siiigcr leien it Pittsuirg, iuI
thetv iitearc's AMoidayi sind  Isiessls\
Froms Pittsburg the weut to Neiw Yok
Ilere tiey. gsave one performiance anI
then disban5lded for tle seasonl
Receives Fine Offer.
Wh'Isile Augusta Glose was phying ill
Chicago a few weeks since, the personi-
al representative of Annie Ru sell hap-
pened to see lier, and was so lun
pleased xxith her xvork that hce has of-
fered her a  engageient as support to
Miss Russell is her nev pla\, H uisbanl.
which she is to produce early next fall.
Aliss Glose is noiw iin vaudeville, icitlh
bookings far ahead, and her intentions
is to produce quite ass abiliitious sketch
next season. WA'hile the acceptance of
Aliss Russell's offer wold necessitate
a radical change in her planii, she i0
sasi  to be giving it serious considera-
lion   Miss Glose hail her training uinl-
der Charles Frohmsan in straight comi-
eli. and inl Klaw & Erlansger's produic-
tions  Inl  mu1s1ical comedy~l
William A. Brady spolt seral slyss
this week at French Lick.
Fern & Orth are laying off in Chi-
cagos this week and go to Fountain
Ferry park iii Louisville next week.
Pearl Golding will leave the last of
this week for Monticello, Ill., where
she will spend the sumlier imonths.
Joe Callis was down to Peru, hid.,
sie say last week and will join the
Elks in that city on May 6.
Andrew   Bergland, who was with
the Two 'Merry Tramps, is in Chicago
for a brief stay
Jake Vedder, who has been piiotiig
tile' Two Merry Tramps, is in Chicago
for a brief stay.
Harry Dull is in Chicago for a brief
stay. lie expects to leave Saturday
of this week for hiis ioise in Detroit.
Al Denier, iwho    wxvas  wvith  The
Flower of tle Ranch, is laying off
for a time in Chicigo.
Mabel McCain is laving off here this
week, having appeared at St. Louis
last xvcek.
James Lackaye will ilay the title
role in A Gentleman from M\ississippi
ncxt season. William A. Brady ci-
gaged hims this veck
A. H. Van   Buren,   io was iith
'Fle Greast Joihsn Gsssmts, xwill be as
isseisslsr isf the sicii- sttock cispassy
at Saiss Simcilipirk this sililiser.
Otto Koerner, who bad a pleasant
season wxith ile Flower of the Ranch.
is ins the city taking in scisme new
M. A. Mosely is ini the city being
inltiedI with tht :ime I     SIic-
tact-sihii will le Ccn  r tlhs Seattle
William Lemle, who imnaisgled Fred
G. Conrad's Monte Cristo during the
season of 190--08, has bought a iov-
ing picture theater at 670 West Van
Buren street.
Lawrence A. Coever has succeeded
Forrest 11uffi ill The Alaskan at the
Great Northern. Mr. Huff left for
Washington to join the Aborn opera
Margaret Pitt will open in vaude-
ville next week in her sketch, The
Burlesque Girl, and will be assisted
by Raymond Whitaker, late of the
Calumet stock in South Chicago.
Charles E. Huntington, who was
with the National opera company for
its road tour, is spending a few weeks
at his home in Chicago. lie will not
be svith  the  organization when  it
opens at the -Marlowe next onday.
Louise Willis is in Chicago again,
being vith The Candy Kid, which is
at the National.   As the company
closes Saturday she will remain here
some timie before leaving to accept ia
position with a suimier stock.
Ruth Shepley, -who is appearin at
Ilic'Grasdsili A\ GentlemsanfrtsisiMis-
sissippsi, had little stage experience
unitil tisis season. Ltast fasll shse xwas
in the cast of All for a Girl in whicls
Douglas Fairbanks was put forward
as a star.
Harry Askin has decided to give
the new musical comedy being writ-
Isil 1'r John .  oun, lt s iiil titi
Lo.  It  will be  tlhs  shoirtext  title  ct
sprung oi tile public. ()ther isinics
consiuered were: The .\borigii, 'l'lTe
American and lunky McGee.
Harry Stone is now playinsg tIle
principal coiedyx role in The GoHen
Girl at the La Salle. succeeding Harrx'
Tiphe. Mr. Stone is well known i u
Chicago, having plaed John Barry-
nmore'srole i A   Stubborn Ciidereliss
foraI shorttuime.
Charles Bernard will move his of-
icetr cnt0   Rectorl buildisg, to 00)
illie sa b    ftildiigil ta  . lie
"i lave a suite of trce rooi  tt
iimself and tesc'xhoctii xiilllie
tlse office of the Asssciate Imllpost-
ers as well as the Billposter's Supply
Arthur Searles and Bob George,
who are appeariig ini vauldexillt ill a
sketch The Cheeky Messenger, are
laying off here this Week and will play
Champaigni next wi'eek. ''hey were to
have played Ale0iiie and Clintoi this
week but Willian Ahsorris took   tile
houses which forced time cancel'fltiol
of the acts alreAdy booked.
Frankie Drew, who closed with Tih 'l
Flower' osftme Raumch last Stiuidsx' r'e-
ceived hunidredsof fulemiotmes iiiI tilt
seassis. Tl'ie AWheliig Iiitc'ilieCicer
sai lr ce tly:  '<rsi iiit ill  the  ast
ass'tise floxx'er' is "rtaiskie Dress, ashis-
cinmating little actress said  a clever
comsediesne.  It is a new   class of
character for her, hut she appears to
advantage ill it. Her work is con-
spicuous aind stands out proinsently."
Herman Lieb, \\t, , pl- \!    ayeii
Druimile  ill  The  Si  s. 51 r .  Tan-"_
queiray at the Bus~h Temple last wveek
is said to havt beel   l with AiMrs. Pat-
rick Campbell whenh s he tmilsred thi
country ini that play and his sterlits
pertrs ance Iclib we   sit si   A
Campbell durisg her    entire stay in,
this coulltr. The program swiihis
siIn  tile  f-or  i relnce  it  this  office
shosi  that Edgar Kent ws \   playingsi
that Part.
Adelaide Keim ps);ive a resusirkalh
l     1ie   i r t esis ttiis o i ai l i l T'Ie Sc
id Aimr. Tanqueriy     at  th    ' sli11
Temple last week. The play is ole
which tets the    bility of isn actress
ad Aliss    Kieui's   work wsi   comii-
mended by all who    itiessed her per-
forimncc.  Oi Fridex' isight of last
week the attendance ais oilIx fair hilt
Aiss Keim held her audieice shrcu1sI
th     t fuss acts aid  her wrk its this
scene whcre Allean  tus    e  pat
was especially igo-li
Jay Quigley will ope  a stock coml-
pally at the L ceuil theater ill Iuihisili
oin fiuic 7. ald hasis ellga'ed a Vere
't5ron'Ig comlupany.i  Ala'ire Nelsoin. 11u
leadiniug wisoiaii it  the P~coples, andis
Ridiscv Raisis lsudisigI missi fit tilli
sue 11esater. vil! lesd Air. Qigleys
coumiliis.  Iite'is comishctemit playser'
iwill cosmpohse ft' siigfiiiizstiosii  Alt'
Qiisaly wvas a ieiier isf thle stocek
at Duluth last season and kinows tth
city well.  He will ope wsith Vhen
Knighthood was in Flower and will
preseit ;I isumuber of plyIse which have
beensesn but a few tillce ill stock.

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