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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Patents company proposes ordinance,   p. 8

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( harle, I'ole Will openl a necw thle-
;it.rittolat Nepii Uth.
1tarles A. pli ' ta., purchased
the  Elite at Florence, S. C.
a\';ters antd QuitIly Will open a new
theaturit' m  at Greenville, S. C.
Roy E. West has purchased     the
Iijou at Warren, A1inn.
Al. C. Stewart hasi btought the Prin-
cess at Warrenburg, Mo.
The Elco theater has opened at
Ely-, Minni.
F. G. Sherratt Will open a new
moving   picture theater at Ifuron,
S, D.
A. K. Morris and Karl Snyder have
purchased  the  Electric at Lenox,
J. Al. Rutkowski Will erect a mov-
iitg picture theater at 11i Broadway,
Buffalo, N. Y.
J. W. Gleiti lots sold the Bijoul
D1relt atFreont,Nh., tothe Clark
B-rothers of'iWalnttIova.
James S. Kerr and R. V. Braxvicv
will Opena novngpictiuretheater it
Wiuistxii-Saiem. 1 N. C.
The   Theatoriutt   at   Marshall.
Texas, Will have   vattdeville attrac
tions ill addition to pictures.
Thomas White and J. i1. itie xvill
opei i electric theater at St. John-,
1ial Lewis and C. E. Rice have
h)(,uight a moving picture theater at
Petosky, Mich.
Moving   pictures Will occupy the
Einiglisli theater at Indianapolis atti
tile Taylor opera house ill Trentoii,
N. J., beginning niext Monday.
iEugene aiil Harry   Freutid  Will
erect a   moving    picture theater at
Cherokee street and Ohio avenie, in
St. Louis. to cost $9,000.
ilartiard  and  Orth  played  th
InTiique at Mankato, Minn., the firsi
half of this Week and the Two Cole-
mans Were the     attraction at the
The beaittifl liew Princess theater.
Diuhbuque, Iowa, is iearing comipie
tiol. It is  considered one of tl-
linest  nmovilig  pictiure  tlhaters  il thc
West, is  :it  hv  112  feet  it  size. silmall
baleixy nld ielitttmi sizei sta'e foo
lighit v\aluxeville  acts:  four  iressing
meansW Mnd all upl-to-date aCCeanun1Oda
tions  throughout the  hItse. h'll
froit is of White Veriont imtarble. :;
feet  ill height  aid  will be  a Ilaze  of
light,  all over.  Williaml  L.  Boradley.
also owner of the Graid opera holuec.
is the oNeier atd  manager, hildin'.
tile  itex\\  house  at  a  cost  oif  $ 2. o0
The Prinicess Will openl to the puiblic
ealy  inl the  summller.
Ruerup Is Wondering.
Mankato. Mlin., April r I
Wondring-that's what     J o'. 11
Retirup, proprietor of tite Wonderlai I
5 and 10 ceit theater is doing right ntmi
Soie two months ago, Mr. Ruerup re
ceived a circular from  the Marsiall
Slide Co., 721 Main  street, (entire third
floor) Kansas City, Mo., quoting har-
gain prices oni annotncenilt slides. Mr.
Ruerup checked off the ones lie would
like to have-eleven in all and sent
on ai order accompanied by a check
for $1.65. the price quoted  being  15
cents each in small lots.  Then M 1r.
Ruerup waited. He waited some more,
but the slides did not arrive. Finally le
wrote the Marshall concern two or
three times but received no reply. His
check. with the endorsement of the
Marshall company was returned by his
bank with the word  "paid"  stamped
across its face  A Kansas City bank
sent a messenger to the offices of the
Marshall Slide company and finally
found one gentleman in. This ian said
Mr. Rucrip's slides had gone forward.
But where are they now? Mr. Ruerup
is Wondering. Was lie "done?"   The
proprietor of Wonderland wonders.-
Get Palace, Boston.
Boston, Mass., April 27.
The Palace theater has been leased
by Chas. Waldron to the Automatic
Vaudeville Company of New York for
a term of years. It Vill he exclusively
a vaudeville and mioving picture house.
Scheme to Avoid Panics is Offered By the Film Combination to the
City Fathers of New York.
The Mo)tionl Picture Patents Comn-
xlixy has issued the f11ixiilg hillIe-
"Chester Beecroft, represettiltg the
AI otioti  Pictitre  1atents  Coupany,
which liceises over live thousand pic-
ture theaters, had a conference with
Mayor    AlcClellain  aid  Francis V.
)liver, chief of the license bureaut of
\:il \\ ork Nc tcrda\ ;twrI1-oi.
colored liht' alt a cardbIard shield,
and it i, likely that within the next
fexw   daiv  til light theater will be
independents Get Moline concern.
'Ioline, Ill., Apilt l
1V'. F. Adler, of Moline, a partner in ttte
audtte, H. A. Wolfe and J. C. Woolf, of
(iteserg  ov nxdecidedto incorporate i
tlieixitrtxose of manuifacturinlgttienewx'ait-
tomati- moving picture machine built by
Mr. diii. Aler, Wonolf & \olfe will be
11-  I Inn  mit  they -iive s-curel Lngo
.Lrthurluralitan. on iit of the lunique- Film anmd  on mtonConnyl oIf
this city, is one of the best knownvix men in the loc-al field. So suctessful has his
company been that it was recently foiced to greatlv enlarge its quarters. It has
gained a reputationi foir squai-e dealing which hIas coitilbilted illiteth to its inqiies-
tionable success.
"Tle Patents company is anxiouis
to have this city so frame its licenses
as to compel the picture theaters to
be kept   light, dlurig and between
''AIr. Beecroft stated that lie had
perfected a system  of lighting that
allows the house lights to be left full
oi without affecting the pictures ini
the least.
"Ie argues that the light theater
would eliminate the   possibility  of
panic and the   offensive conduct of
degenerates  who   sometimes   take
advaitage of the darkness.
"With the pictures approved by the
Censorship Board, and the theaters
light and safe, the picture show is
the ideal amusement of the masses,
and we ask the co-operation of the
aithorities in our effort to make the
theaters light," said Mr. Beecroft
"Both the Mayor and Mr. Oliver
expressed approval of the    scheme
which consists of amiber and green
tuaiters ini the inew Odd Fellows building.
These quarters Will be used as factory
sales and display rooms. Incorporation
Iaeris will be sought soon and will prob-
ablt)y be taken out by May 1 with a cax-
italization of $10,000.
Ai order has been received for one liiun-
Gred of the machines, to be delivered by
August 1, showing that the machine has
been well received among amusement peo-
ple, although there has been no advertis-
ing done is yet.
The machI ine is Mr. Adler's ivention
and is opierated by electricity. This does
awvay with tite necessity of ai 'operator
and is said to hae been successfullY test-
e miny ties before any monix nas
spt uttn ttxitsliaufeture. 'thbe'conmli-
aiice has been tiid at the 'audette and
found a success in every way.
ti  nmakers feet luci pleased at get-
ting oii time side of the fIdepenidents aiid
ate determined to aid them all they can in
their figtht against the combination. Mr.
Adler eants to sell tis interest in the
\'andette pootaindbilliard halt and devote
all of his time to the new machine.-J. R.
. Climax at Daly's.
The Cliiax, the short cast playx whlich
caught oil at    special matinees   at
Veber's theater in New York, is now
at Daly's, where it i  expected to have
a prosperous run.
l"iurt's theat(er ill Tled1as faliled ti
drawx as~ a liixxlug piturte andxtail'.lu
x ill-,houtse and is now rk1.
The house is owned Ib   Stair & Ha%
lin, who shortly after the new rea:
leased it to the United Aininseient
c   lpalnly of Ohio which converted the
theater into a moving picture hose.
The playhouse is to be remodeled an
renovated (iring the stinner and will
le opened next fall. Just what form oi
amiiseieut w\ill he installed there Ia
not been determined. It is probabr.
1oixever, that the name of the theater
\will be changed and that Iigil-class
vaideville Will e ) givent.
Portland, Ore., April 26.
The nickelodians will receie harI
rap" ifthe oraiance whichhasbeer
framed up atdrecommended to the city
council for iroteetiotily tlefire rut-
ilittee and executive iboardl shouild fi
passed. Childrennder 16;years offag.
will not be permitted to attend nickelo-
lians unless accompanied by parents or
,iardians. In addition to this, all suchi
-hows will have to he conldIcted inl
practically fire-proof buildings, teplet
with exits, wide aisles, etc. 'his ili
he a severe blow to this clas of sho
-hops and it is believed that many will
he forced to close their doors, owin to
lie shabbily constructed buildings tha t
inany of them are qmuartered I\LAR
The Hastings Show.
Tlhte Iastilg, show is playinig its
ial week at Ciciunxati and will close
thre Saturday    tight. IHarry Hast-
lngs stated to al inlterviewer that thli
had been a fair season with his sioiw,
ot that it by io meaiis camte up til
ihe standard of former years. "I be-
heve," he said, "that all vestige of li
-lumip will be goe before the open-
ing of the next season. The park
husiness this suirmmer will no doih!
uitt a final crimp ini the stringellc
ilk, and the public will be in positio
cough up its good imaoncy 1or a
>d   entertailmenit liv Aultust ol
ptember. My wife atid I are hot1
e out and glad for a rc"t. W
ill take a good 1af dlig the ibt
i.ather and I hope w\e will boti he
i trim for the opening in the fall
It tiay be remarked in pasing tihat
Ilastings' show    deerved  il  rank
;itong the best of its kind this sea-
un.   The     olio  wa   particiularly
-trong; ini fact, the hill which lie ot-
eid lit  the  Star and Garter la't
reek contained such    headliners a
Mildred Ilora, Howard and Leivi
( iiimpbell and   B1trady, Daisv 11a-
cnirt, lle. Aida and1(  Alaniie Ren-
iitoi. Daisy IHarcourt, aloie. 1a-
worth the price of adiission. Mi
tred Flora was a     m1(ost proonuct l
hit, while Alamic Reniiiigton's ''icks
lire unquestionably the   best in ti
Of the biriesque itself, the iale:
membership overpowered the female
in quality of voice. The women werc
decidedly stridett in their songs. Ti
scenic  effects  vere  execIlent anti
many novelties were siccessfully in
troduced.-\W.    .
Fireproof Film Co. Started.
New York, .\pril 27
A company has been organizedad
incorporated here, for the purpose o
fireproofing celluloid picture filtm. It
tscalled the Aerican Film Fireproo-
itig Company and it Will Ise the lia
toni formilae. A factory is now beixv n
established at Hoboken N. J., and
expected to he in operation about tIe
middle of May.     Those interested ill
the comipany are H. W. Mattoli i
Burnstein and A. B. Carrick._WAL
Spring Carnival.
San Antonio, Texas, April 2.
The San Antonio Spring Carniv "i`
a big success.    The Great Laclnitl
IHIippodromle shows and the Will I'
Parker shows furnished tle allitsetel
e N.

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