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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Dyer advocates liberal Sunday,   p. 6

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"Doc" Krone Gets AnotherScoop on
Fight Films and is After the
Langdon-Ketchel Scrap.
John  **l)oc-  Krone, L hica   pI t-
ing titan and referee, inow hqviiy ill-
tcrested in tle llovilng picture bust-
Ies'S, has added i aIother' feature 'lii
to his list of feature attractions.
KrOlnI ha, just cIosied a cotract with
Jinunly   Coff roth1,  premlier  light
promoter of tle COuntitry, for the
exclusive   right   to  exhibhit  the
iOtioni  pictures  of   the   Iattling
Neixon-Packey     M c Farland   light-
xxecight  championship  tight  which
will be fought at Coffrothl' Niiont
'street areia ill Colia California, on
July 5.  pndhi., connectionis with
thle uming picture busines wh']enl he
secured the exclusive hookinxg right,
for the Gotch-IHackensclunidt \wrest-
ling  match  picture.   Ie followed
these by securing thie exclusive right,
to tie Septenber ΒΆ1 Gans-Nelson iight
filmns and theni trav\led  to  L,01don1,
England. \iire i' scurcd tel sit"
of the Joilnny\ SiuiI ers-Jiniiy lrit
Not cottent witi the pictures ofi
these lights , Krone is negotiating w\ith
Tomli  McCarey of L-os Angeles for
the picture., of the Langford-Ketchel
light.  le holds .in Option oi the
right to take the motion picturcs of
the Johnsou-Ketchel fight  iich xill
he fought at Colima oi October 12
and also oil the pictures ofi a Jeffries-
Johnson light shoulI this battle ever
The Chicago Film     Exchange are
interested with Jii Krone   aill Ilii
aght pictures.
New Patents Company Bulletin.
New York, April 27.
The Patentts compilalny Ias issued
the(  following  builletinl:
"When you see lOtion photograpihv
ill Operation. ftourtecin separate pic-
tures  pass  your eye each secoid.
There are from one to three 'stbjcct&'
oi a'reel tie average length Of which
is one thousand feet. A IHloard of Cen-
sorihip. formed of representatives of
tihe ti  iciientei ad iiantfaCttIrCs, PiO-
ple's Institute, Society for the Prc-
xeiitiont of Crime. BIlald Of Eiucationt,
Church societies. etc.. vis every new
ilm before it is   released  to the
licensed exhibitors, of xvhich there are
live thousand iin the Utnited States.
TwO hundred thiusaid feet of     11lm
has already been approved.
"A new system    has  been devid
xhereIV theaters canl ie kept briihtlix
lighted during the picture show. Ail
licensed theaters will he made light.
"Cleai pictures, clean light theaters.
cheaii aduissioin-the aintisimett of
the iasses-a bootn to children and
the lahoring  classes, requiring less
labOr to operate and   paying higher
wxages for such iahor thant xiy o)ti]
tur>i ot aiuseent  the nitiot pic-
turi is the idcal Stiday recreation.
"'The tired ilinds Of tired bodies re-
quire diversion aid  amuirisementt  at
least once a week. This is tlot a
theory ini sociology but a proved and
Obviotus  condition. The   rest  that
comes front aiusmint i., necessary
in the  creatioll and mi aintenance of
moral health. TO     decrease aiise-
imient i to increase crime.
"Ask the voters if they xxait Siun-
dayx amttusc'mcntt."
M iincapolis.,  1iii.,  April  2-.
For  tile  first  time  in  tile  theatrical
history  Of  Aiintieapolis  it  is  likely
that there will not he a theater dark
in this citx this suntuier.
Tie Iyric and  the  Metropolitan
xxill be the hoe COf stock companies
as usual and  every other house icre
wxill be ill the vatideVilIC ranks.
The AMile' w\ill oht clos  this slim-
imier accxrding to  present ;airraltge-
licits.  'I'he'  UtTiquei',  tile  Irilcess,
and the Gent, showing xatuleville  it
popular prices xxill all keel their
dOoriiu  opel itt order to keep tp with
the procession. -BIARNES
Head of the Motion Picture Patents Company Addrsses Mass Meeting
in Favor of Sabbath Freedom.
Netw Yrk. April 21.
Fraink L. i)yer, president of the
AMOtion Picture Patents mlinpanly and
vice-president and gecral manager
of the   Exdisxn Maniutfacturing coml-
paniy. addressed a large gathering of
people which had bce called together
by tihe Liberal StnidaV League at Car-
negie hall tO-day.
()wing to his high pOsition in the
wvOrld of amltuments. his advocacy of
a liberal Stulday carries a degree of
wcight which should atgur well for
the success of the imovemelit.
Air. Dyer saiii:
''iTc times change, and we change
with theii. Every age has its special
long a, it applies to identical coldi-
"W\'e honor the principles of by-
gone generations. They stispeided as
far -s possiible, all labor antd amuse-
nients. Doing so they created a day
of   rest that pcrfcectly supplied tihe
lants of their own peculiar and par-
ticular cOntditions.
"'iheir pursuits xerc more or less
agriculttiral, competition was not as
keen. Thc modern appil-lications  of
clectricitv, the mile a iiinutc travel,
ti-ic  honking  autonobile  and    the
thousand aid one     riervc taxiig ini-
ventions that have comie along inl the
van of progress. were neither known,
FRANK L. DYER, President of the Motion Picture Patents Co.
neecds and it-;   peCial  produlcts: it,
special diseases, and its special remue-
lies.  As  it is  xith  tihe  physical, so  is
it xith the social life. The great law
of d emlanid and supply is ever regni-
Inted and adjusted by the law of nla-
tural comlipeinsationi.  Evolution  has
brought about aI change inl thle human
Organlisml, so that thle appendix which
WaS Once a useful part of a great sy-
temn is lowx'. so to speak a dead ind.
iid siiubject to attacks Of i disease
calld apinlliciti, xhiicih  Was  tlln-
knoxin to ourt forefathers.    Surg'ry'
Ilas advanced to imeet tihe Inew coll-
ditionl.  To-day   sur-cons    perform
oeratiolls that  Our toretaticis did
nlOt neced and neverl dreamed Of. Snr-
-cry hias changed to serc   clanigicd
Social Life Changed.
"A\nd   sO  with   Our   s'cial life:
c'h:xig'es of cqual xOlder haxe cOime'
about. and our social surlgeonls,    to
imiect  conditionxis  that  xw'crc  iever
kiixoxn before, must    use discretion
that \,iis never used before.
"What was gmxI enough for outr
for  futlr   is  gxxdi el-il1ich  for  it'  al
ice'dcd loliir missed -yv theI: but Iixnowx
with   all these   acc'leratin.   time-
ecOnomiiizinig.  distractinig,  wearing.,
teariig though ieces'ary, accoimpanii-
ment to our b)risk and gidy ipaced
life Of to-da'. We ieed a    d We   e-
iand a diffrent observance of this
da' of rest.
Demands of the Masses.
"''ThlOusands  uponi  thousands    of
mtein. w'om-iCII aid childriC  nowx\' labor
six daxs fron carly morii till after
dark iin the close coniiiiiemtent Of fac-
tories. stores and sweat Shops. This-
and, of both sixes after a hard dav'
xwOrk, spidl their exenuiigs inl iight
-chools. Alasses of foreigners, earl-
a   scanitx  bread fee, aire to he
foiund ill schlls at Iight "ttudyiIg
the lagnguagt c of  their Icxx\\ aIptcd
'-rc these and such a, these to he
turicd out into the street, to xxander
uninterested, uninuitsed. tillill tructed
xiii their oli  holida y   In had xweather
are they to he compelled to remain
xithii their crampeI apartients with
no ciange and lio relief betw    n the
six days slaingl iii' :iandi thil' "i\ (INN-
"laxinig to Liniji lmorri
K  l lI h ,]I f(tii-iu  thait  Oiniy  iil Iiiifl
xnidi aniniiug  recreation \ilI affol x
keel) thi nuiiiii titd hody lit to CxxI.
xwith  tile  fearful  trainl  of  tie  purstuit
of livelihood.
-A Certain amioIInt of auiemnIu~t
is as iiecc'sary to  ioral halth ai
,IepI is to physical, atd '1 Sunax
is the Only day oi xxlich theasse'
are free to seek alusemen-it, it is im-
perative that such amuiliiiit be pro-
VidCd oln that day and   iIctioniedI bt
the awx.
George Spink antd Stella Shxxtxx
were iot married as anoiouiced
TH- F SLIOW    WORL) last week,;
though they iad sccturcd     lice
B-oth wece reticent about th niatt
and xould  make   tto statementf
\1rs. IFrieda  Reinhardit and  rii
'vcly Campbell, mecibers of the Ri
ley and Wxods company xxich playe
at the Gayety last week, indtilged in
a light at their hotel last Moiidx
night after the stow. and inl police
court Thursday. Mrs, C aipbell xa-
fined $10 and costs for her part in tih
performance, having knocked out her
Oppollelit xith a watir pitcher.
The G(elorge K. Spoor tillxg pic-
turles,  Will be  thle  attractionl at 1the (:1
inial for tile tmmerli  a nc    The
closing bill at thi i house i Nierel
MairN Ann. MaNiager Howell hias aii-
notuicei that itock wvill coitie ai
the Colonlial nlext season, w\ith) possi-
bly sone other attraction,.
The Gayety Closed last weeLk with]
the Riley   and  WAd      ihw. Ih
house xwill be dark all uinmer aii
xxill reopel  the  xeek  of lth  tate fairl
Joe Weber'     Nwcx York  omitipanu
\xill begin a six weeks nilgagemInc-it
it Olientangy park    ilay :I xiayinx
somic Of hii  New   York 1ucx'-es-
Iidianola park has siginx  xxith th
National I 'ark   NaIx   r   Associ-
tio n,  wh o  \\ ill  hook  its  t raction,
fli the scasxi  J. J. N\x  nf Ni-
Yoxrk, wiho x'as inl Coltuibuii  Satirdia
anld  ccrcd tht cOntret   -ilxi tII
Ltina park, Cleveland, and I  ua park.
Scranton,  Pa.,  ia  als'  - ied  col-
tracts xith the aSociatiol.
hlii  Southern  theater closes tihe'
seasonl Wednesday night w\ithi Mont1-
gxiery and Stone ini The RxI Niill.
The Smiart Set is the cloinge attric-
tioll  at  the  igii  Street  tlhiat'r  Ion-
day. Tuesday and Wedneda'.
Gus Lambrir    xild aniialshox
opils a txwo xxcks' cugag'emit il
Columbus April 3,0 inl a roomi xui-
Hiigh street. The show will tihen ta'e
the road tuder caivas.
Ohio iicorporatiois: The 'li-i p ir
Theater coimpanxy, Toledo. $10,000, bt
Frank L. AMlhillanid ad ixthers.-
G R  F.   - - -- - --
Rosenthal to Manage Park.
I)tiibuqute,  Ioxa,  oopril 25
Jake Rxxseritiiai hast-foutiid  tixxjh
accoroigtx   titioritatixe Iiix its, fli
if the ainounceiieit just imad is true.
L. 1). Mathes has secured thi enter-
prising manager to take cL-rc of it
mlanllinoth theater nlowN ill Courlse at
coxstruction at Union Park :ii whichl
xxill proialy bIe thie leading attrac-
tiol  at  that  ileasuire  ICsOrt  thc  Coll-
ing season . Rosenthal xill iae iloth-
ing to do xw'ithi tie iiianageme1111 of tihi
park, but will devote himlIf exclus-
ively to the theater. Roenithal xxa
ii Ciicago recently . xhiicrc ie madie
a   bookiig  arrangement   xxith tle
Westerin Vaudeville Maianaleri' Asso-
ciatioln to furnish him  act.  Baii
anid orchestras xxill ie uised    to var
the theater programii.
Sothern Denies Report.
New N'oxrk, ril 24
E. II. Sotherin ias xxwired to this cito
deinyingu thie report that ie xwoxuld sev-i
conilectixns with the Shberts next sea
son and would  go out iutder the mani
ageient of Klaw & Erlaiig-i  in1 f't
ie points out that lie has b-icci  r soe1c
tille  past  his  onIl  imianager  ;n! tih:
Lee Shubert has acted as ,)rt of Li
tiess  icipresentative  for  hiix.  in  xhichl
apneity  tihe  latter  x\ill  pr  b 1)b[xiy  Coil
txinl --ANLTE-R
May 1,19(g.
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