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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 3, 1909)

Raver, Harry Rush
Film men of future will profit by past,   pp. 22-24

Page 23

;I vww                                                                                                .Ii
Moving Picture
of the
E xchange
Which tries to palm off shoddy films purported to
be International product and which also acts as
An Agent
for the Duper.
Many moving picture exhibitors may have labored under the impression that they
have been receiving International Films for the past six weeks whereas our
First Release Was Not Made Until March 22nd.
It has come to our knowledge that certain so called Independent Film Exchanges
have imposed upon exhibitors, placing the International Projecting and Producing Com-
pany in a false position. This savors of a Trick of the Trust and is a condition
which we aim to eliminate.
The Exhibitor Must Get What He Pays For.
To insure being supplied with International Films, the pick of the European product
imported by our Company, exhibitors are urgently requested to send us a list of the
subjects furnished them by the Independent excanges.
Exhibitors need no longer be intimidated by threats of the Trust to put them out of busi-
ness. It is not necessary to sign any Trust agreement or to pay any weekly royalty.
Be Independent-Don't Be Bluffed By the Trust
Exchanges handling our product can supply the finest mo'ing pictures in the World.
We Have No Agents and No Exclusive Exchanges.
id Nol
' oI,
A f9
~e~B1 0
Film Exchanges communicate with us at once.
April 5th.
All communications confidential.
International Projecting and Producing Company
Schiller Building..........CHICAGO
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