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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 3, 1909)

Missouri breeze, vol. 4, no. 13,   p. [7]

Page [7]

F~anVo.4G HICAGO, APHIL2, 1909                                                                   No .13
E. E. Meredith, Editor.
(Office under tre editor's hat.)
i(Tile object of The Breeze is to enter-
.n5 witlolt making its readers fighting
:T circusis here.
David Belasco produced  The Easiest
aty and is iot ashamed.
Mot Singer says he means to engage
Ile show business more extensively
il ver next season.
-lots mainufactured while you wait!
\s tnirnt the Chicago opera house
dailiesLCallalit at the Whitney are
L 1I'  oak thlvii Ox'iei.
liiln Von Tilzer and  Emnia   Carus
ud   itaIree at to their relative im-
151Craut tile unris show lastxx'eek and
I Cius 'Cis off the bill for several
lomaces. -
. .lorg, of the Morgan Lithograph
n ittended the benefit for the
witty fOr the I'revention of Cruelty to
AilstI l ttie Gradopera house recet-
.tlit the goa work might prosper
. Jdi$25 fori rL ose Soldito him by abeau-
iful ioung lady who is interested in the
Ale of dumb brutes.
Leroy Young holds the record for rapid
rkiueeoit. Il  left Chicagoo n a Fi-
l miigriceitly, billed four toxxns,
h . e il a iatinee at oie of thet, and
11lark tihe city Saturday mighit. To
se managers who have had experience
Mi ctrid work in advance it is hardly
ssily to add that the show has closed.
Astory is going the rounds concerning
n.arger Sitner of the North Avenue the-
.who is said to have the reputation
loding ics irrespertix 'of their merit.
\ Iilie isseentCoing (txvin rte cetiter
I of the theater there is said to be
u grounds for uneasiness ationg the
foriers. In one instance recently lie
'eiered the sad blow in these words: "I
lake you shut."
Some love-lorn stage  door  Johnnies
e iroud the theater at Butler, Pa.,
sli tlt ighit [ssr 'Elie Ioya. Chef playedi
etiigttithet.might iirss the Chorus
til tieir ood  gkdos. 'ltey fougit
lie's tieatr the Stage door1 timd wvete
diiiild together like sheep  when  the
iu [ut next. Going tits on the stage
I girls poured five buckets of cold
tl roile Ieads atthe vaitig mcisiers
Iie tlir ador is said to have been cooled
ill nemarkiltaly short thrie.
'i li to the Hi-ah closed the sea-
"ill uddenly at coriia, ill., last Saturday
11hslt anld while the show  business is
nwn to be bad this Season it is hard
Helleve treerist Llt there was only
t' ithide  mioi'ug the members of the
Ilt ilnc Wh1et the enil came. The state-
ult comes firom  a  source, however,
ahii ratli h.ilr be douted. In order
Itl thetwoieni of the niicompany might
me ti Clicago tie manager of the the-
"Iaethem $3 each for railroad fare.
ltsl IE Cort0  formerly Mabelle Gil-
m'iti iltouined before sailing abroad last
kli t site meant to found a school
'iiraatic air in New York. It will be
I i Door If hoth sexes and will not
ni hae Mrt Corey's financial aid but
till desote ier time to the manufac-
if litors and sctresses. Mrs. Corey
ablliannounced her plans long before
iiaition of the school lest some one
rligit jump in ahead of her and es-
Iii s1i ai institution. She need not
sad any uneasiness on this score!
ailt a time there must have been at
lotseryOof tle Friars in New York
atrdaynight iwhei a "cook house
Washeld in honor of Louis E.
general advanrce Manager for Buf-
ndt sloshPhawnee Bill's Wild West,
- la broiypress representative of
ngIn Irother' Cirrus, John M. Burke,
gtteral space stealer for Col. William  F.
oit Friar Governor  Willard   D.
aereformed circus press agent!
t ard Was a work of art and
adotest ith Cartoons of those lon-
le, dlwn by Ryan Valker.
k  Reily misdirected a letter when
I    ent time for Two Married Men
eiv'e6d a repil  ftor Osco, Ill. The
1  9ot the s'pI   stated that that
\hour A  a lalf miles from the
oad as onle storeo, a good boar ding
nd a sill IIll which rents for
Sight. Th   mnalger thinks a
to 1( dox Well there. Ie concludes
Ii 'Ii  "INow if you want to come
Io e, and lt us know and send out
P ourt bills and we will put theta
teir, e  ouittr and put it in tie ,a_
hvilile  tti
0ausrs,  Jsing  to  Impersonate Harry
nes DaY, stid to le a Chicago
'i:. >  'Iili n  irom  i1I sItig'  f  a
lit\  cit thibter at  iet,  1.,  by tvetoy
husky members of thle Aincient Order of
-libernians. It was necessary, according
to the newspaper reports, to call the ps-
lice before order was restored. Cries of
"Get the hook" did not appear to phase
the alleged comedian and he did not leave
tle stageuntil the members of the order
wvere in a threatening mood. After this
it will be recessary for actors to label
their imitations.  In this case Day was
imitating Harry Lauder and the Irishmen
took offense because they thought he was
burlesquing their race.
Olga Nethersole is interested in every
movement for the benefit of humanity, if
she is really so active in reform as the
newspapers represent her tobe. In Ohio
she entered the war against tuberculosis,
providing column after column of read-
ing matter. In Illinois she attacked the
child labor law which provides that chl-
dren cannot appear- on thre stage. If site
goes to Missouri she will probably take
one side or the other in regard to the
measure aimed at the theater trust. While
in Chicago she is sure to express her
views oi local option which has divided
many an Indiana family against itself.
Should site go to West Virginia site will
find splendid nIateliii on tie coal mine
situation for it is said that the coal op-
erators are stronger than the state and it
is impossible to convict mine men who
violate tie laws.
Life with a Circus.
WYhen things go right,
A circus life
Is out of sight,
But when it rains
Or snows,
Or blows,
Tbe man xviwo deigns
To smile, well knows
11e hides a grouch-
That lie's morose.
Worry and weather
Taken together
When they connive
Suttice to drive
A man insane.
T1e piattering rain
And drizzliig snoiix,
And hvlen wanteing
To and fro
The miuddy lots-
And dampened cots,
Drive you from the lot afar,
To ti10 shelter if the Privilege ar.
Henry B. Harris:--"I have iever pro-
duced aii unclean play, nor to I ever ex-
pect to. It is the good plays, the plays
which are clean and pure in' tendency,
that make theme ney."
Margaret Illington:-'I have nothing to
say regaiding iny separation froin  Mr.
Froliian. Everything seems to have been
printed that Nas ieCessary, and too much.
I Cc say no More itooutiLt
* * *
Rose Stahl:--"I recently came back
from a 15,000 mile jatunt to the Pacific
coast, and let me tell you that there's no
scenery or climate anywhere in the world
as beautiful and as grand as that blessed
coast from Los Angeles up to British CO-
lumbia. That's the Heart Land, out there.
They don't like you-they love you, and
xihen they love you they tell you so.'
George C. Tyler:-"If the young Aer-
ican who aspires to get his play produced
will send a paragraph instead of a port-
folio to the theatrical manager lie will in-
crease his chances a thousand per cent.
No manager can afford the time to read
the manuscripts that are sent him. If he
did lie could do nothing else. We receive
at the office of Lielder & Co. never fewer
than twenty manuscripts a week. It is a
physical impossibility for the head of a
producing firm  to read all these words.
The mai who sends an idea io the imni
wio gets action.'
Theater Going is Stylish.
(San Francisco Bulletin.)
Every one goes to the theater nowadays.
Every one discusses what he or she sees.
Not to be "up" in your stage talk is as
bad a social blunder as ready-made
clothes. It is only the elevated craniums
of this modern world of hurry who will
sit steaily through three hours of his-
tory, or sociology, or politics, or even flie-
tion if offered in printed form. But any
ote will do it at the theater. In Bar-
num's words, "youxe got 'emil where you
want 'em."
Every man should be his own fool
(From various sources.)
When Gus Koenig made cigars?
TVien Pete Lang was in opera?!
When Vic iugo was a musician.
Vhen Grant Laferty was a grip?
TVhen Fred Nathan owned ti auto?
Vhen Jack Sainpolis drove a cab?
When Max Weber welcomed a pass?
When Lee Shubert was a bootblack?
When Elita Proctor Otis camped out?
When Spencer Charters was an actor?
When E. C. Wilson sold lightning rods?
Wthen May Buickley was first mircied?
When Olga Nethersole was a governess?
'When Harry Farley had out Railroad
When Gerald Griffin was with Patti
When Melville B. Raymond played the
WThe M. E. Rice had out The Fireian's
W\'hen Tom  uenry managed McFadden's
Vhen Jane Coombs played in the Bleak
\ W1en Tom Wise drove a coach in Cal-
When Laurette Tivlor was in stock at
When E. H. Calvert made his last trip
When "Pop" Tracy sold Brown's Iron
Vlie  Jack  Holland was a minstrel
Vhen Max Wilson sold papers in Phil-
\Vien Ifelen Reiner was wvith Tie City
W\'ien Sam  Harris made a book at Con-
ey Island?
hVIen Ethel Lovey sold gloves in San
1V siou Gus weiniierg was with Ite Hop-
titis stock?
VIient Fergus MlcCcIskir weighed under
220 pounds?
When Charlie Zeiss gave HIarry Kell'\
a scarf pin?
'When Lottie Briscoe played with M1s-
oe Rankin?
When Gus Schlesinger sold tickets in
V/hen Punch Wheeler first commenced
spring jokes?
XVhuen Ieon TWashiburi had a minstrel
oraniizatio ?
When Francis McGinn played Shakes-
peatean roles?
Vhen Varren B. Emerson represented
Lillian Russell?
1Vhcon Augusta Glose was  with   The
Liberty Belles?
TVhien Nance O'Neill was with the Land
of the Living?
When Ted Griffin played the juvenile
role in Thelma?
When Harry Bryan was ahead of The
Banker's Child?
When Ed Anderson opened thie season
inMomence, Ill.?
When Bill Kibbleand Will Junker were
with Al G. Field?
When Al Phillips was wish Lincoln J.
Carter's Tornado?
When the Missouri Girl Sundayed at
Buchanan, Mich.?
When A. A. Reeves was with the Fore-
paugh-Sells Show?
Vhen Sid. Toler sang illustrated songs
with Corse Payton?
When -lugh Cameron carried a spear
with James O'Neill?
Vhen Lee Shubert's father asked for
a pass at Syracuse?
When Arthur J. Gillespie was with the
California Minstrels?
When John R. Andrew was vith Beach
& Bowers Minstrels?
When Earl Burgess was a resident of
Missouri Valley, Iowa?
TVhen   "Toddy"   Van  Brocklin first
joined A Breezy Time?
Wh'ien Frank lowe Jr. had a success
with one of his shows?
When Eddie Harte was general agent
for Singer's U. T. C.?
When Harry Jordan was a clerk in a
Vashington, D. C., hotel?
When George Fawcett plyoed Jefferson
iHunter in The Silver Girl?
When larry McRae Webster pilyed
.otn Dill in East Lvnno?
WIheI GretsenlI-  Iltrnaii played Litile
Eva at the Bush Temple?
When Dec Gardror wus agent for Ben
\'sarnier's Comedy Coiiiliiiy?
Vhen Will S. Collier was manager of
Collier & Gould's Minstrels?
Vhen  Henrietta  Crosman starred in
Ten Nights in a Bar Room?
When Dick Little managed the Marie
Sanger Burlesque Company?
When Pilgrim & Elliott's For I-er Sake
discovered one nree, Io  da?
Vlien George Thtompsoit did aL ClOg
dance at Mt. Pleasant, lowa?
When ''Abe" ELIanger and Felix Is-
man hnd a misunderstanding?
When Leo Donnelly fought for the Ilag
in the Spanish-Amerticai war
When Otto Henkel sot agent of oHuolen
Brothers The Denuver Express?
V/luent Iarry Sutherland sold bankrupt
show stock in 1a Crosso, Wis.?
When Vie Woodwxard xvs a car man-
tigerswithiWelsh Brothiers'CiJrcus?
When John and Enma Ray appeaired i
A Hot Old Time at the Academy?
When Charles Burch was with the Ber-
ger Family of Swiss Bell Ringers?
When iCharles Kindt was principal com-
etdiati wihiLee Cralibe's Minstrels?
When Frank E. Foster spent a day
vith tire Hagenbeck-Wallace circus?
Vien The Owl mentioned anyone with-
out conferring the title of "Colonel"?
When Budd Robb was ai usher sit the
Chestnut Street opera house in Philadel-
When Raymond Hitchcock     played  a
1anjo on a Delaware   River  excursion
When Ike Speers was the town cut titu
and manager of the Odeon at Mat-shall-
town, Iowt?
When Frank Schaefer had the candy
stand oil the lot with the H-arris Nickel
Plate Show?
When F. M. Shortridge took a corre-
spoi euie course on "How to become ain
tiivanuce agett'?
\\IeGne Waters made Lottie Bt iscoe
ail Ante Blakeley life ioorrp ineinii-s
,if theNessboysUnion?
The new Victoria theater at Lafaietto,
Ind., will open April 12.
A new $15,000 theater will Ie erected at
518 Walnut street, Des Meoines, towa.
The Voodmen of America will crect a
theater at Baldwin, La,
C. F. Johnson plans the erection of a
theater for negroes at Memphis, Tenn.
A. B. HIoyt will erect a new theater at
Jacksonville, Fla., and has placed  the
plans in the hands of ai architect.
The Sixteenth street theater in Fiisco,
which opened March 22, will be devoted to
a stock company.
The site of the new Dewey at Minne-
altolis has been secured. It will be across
the street from the Gayety, the etstein
xwheel house.
Mabel 1aige has purchased the Orphieum
at .Jacksonville, Fla.
The Majestic at Portsmouth, Ohio, is
iioV under the management of C. J. and
IV. S. Simeral.
Ogden capitalists are active in trying to
secure money for an Orplieum theater in
the Itah city.
Plans for the new theater at La Crosse,
Wis., were turned over to the builders.
Albert L. Wait has purchased the Prin-
cess theater at Marietta, Ohio.
Plans are being prepaied for a new the-
ater it South Winnipeg, Manitoba.
leise & Son's New Crystal theater at
Frankfort, Ky., is being  rebuilt. Frank
Htutchinson is the manager.
The new opera house at McCook, Neh.,
is about completed.
The Gem theater at Mt. Clemens, Mich.,
was badly danaged by fire.
The Princess vaudeville theater at To-
ledo, Ohio, is in the hands of a receiver.
The Miner's c nion theater building at
Lead, S. D., may be remodeled.
The funeral services of the late Mayor
Barney Schmidt, of Muscatine, In., were
conducted in the Family theater. I-e had
been a member of no church and objected
to i church funeral.
Shakespeare Up To Date.
(St. Louis Globe Democrat.)
Te wouldn't at all mind seeing some of
rite Shakespearean plays worked over in
ways to call out troupes of .ancing girls,
tt only to dance and sing, but to forward
tie logical development of the play. Can
anybody give a good reason why Ophelia
could not 1e used for singing and dancing
some light and life, before she dies, into
that gloomy introspective piece of pessi-
mistic ihilosotiy called i-Hamlet?
-OC , -
I -
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i     I'
I'    .1

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